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浙江省 2007 年 7 月高等教育自学考试
请将答案填在答题纸相应位置上 Part I. Vocabulary (20%) Directions: There are 20 incomplete sentences in this section. For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose one answer that best completes the sentence. Then write the answer on the ANSWER SHEET.
  1. The blow knocked him unconscious and it was several minutes before he . A. came off C. came out B. came in D. came to

  2. The light suddenly and they were left in the dark. A. went out C. went over B. went off D. went by

  3. When the building was completed, the boss the laborers. A. paid for C. paid to B. paid off D. paid up

  4. With the economy of the country going strong, the mood is one of optimism. A. presiding C. floating B. circulating D. prevailing

  5. The Americans George Washington as the father of their country. A. look up to C. look on B. look back D. look into

  6. Impatient drivers who habitually are bound to cause an accident sooner or later. A. cut across C. cut in B. cut off D. cut back

  7. The police found that the house and a quantity of jewelry stolen. A. had been broken up C. had been broken in B. had broken up D. had been broken into

  8. The town was surrounded, but the citizens until help at last came. A. held up C. held out for B. held on D. held out

  9. I am afraid my grandfather's health will not be able to this dramatic change of weather. A. stand up for C. stand up to B. stand for D. stand by

  10. He had always been the way Ruth looked, and had never once paid her a compliment. A. oblivious to C. wary of B. guilty of D. subject to

  11. During the Long March the Red Army men often had to tree bark and grass.
A. live by C. live for
B. live with D. live on

  12. In former times, people suffering from an infectious disease were until they were better, to save infecting the rest of the village. A. put apart C. put out B. put down D. put aside

  13. The sound of seagulls me to my childhood holidays at the seaside. A. carried . . . away C. carried . . . back B. carried . . . on D. carried . . . off

  14. He thought of the prospect of continuing hardship that might him. A. lie behind C. lie over B. lie ahead of D. lie down under

  15. Whatever their technical knowledge may be, adult students have a good deal of practical experience: they greatly resent being . A. talked over C. talked into B. talked round D. talked down to

  16. Public interest in the shipwreck has been by the great success of the film Titanic. A. revived C. revised B. survived D. revolted

  17. When he rose to a position of responsibility he a number of his former associates. A. cast back C. cast over B. cast off D. cast up

  18. Always a clever diplomat, he one potential enemy of his country against another, so he kept them divided. A. played out C. played off B. played on D. played about

  19. I'm holding something that a potato. A. feels for C. feels like B. feels up to D. feels towards

  20. Jack and Ann again. They have not been on speaking terms for at least two weeks. A. fell out C. fell away Part II. Cloze (10%) Directions: There are 20 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that best fits into the passage and write it on the ANSWER SHEET. The Earth has a force that 21 time, and we take it 23 things toward itself. We call this force gravity. This is something we live 22 all the B. fell apart D. fell off
granted and 24 ever think about it. But it is the most important factor in rocket operation and
must be overcome if we are to get anywhere in space, or off the ground at all. 25 the throwing of a ball as an example. The 26 the ball is thrown, the faster and higher it will go. What is the secret?
Its speed. If we 27
throw the ball hard enough it would go up and up forever and never come down. The speed 28
it would have to be thrown to do this is 29 speed 30 to escape completely 31
as escape speed. Of course, we cannot throw a ball hard enough because the
the Earth's gravity is seven miles per second, or over twenty-five thousand miles per hour. 33 further power is needed. A rocket aimed 34 the Moon,
Once escape speed has been 32 by a spacecraft,
for 35 , will "coast" (滑行) the rest of the way because the Earth's.
36 cannot then pull it back, and there is no air
resistance in space to slow it down. This "coasting" is known as "free fall. " That does not mean the rocket is falling down 37 the Earth but that it is traveling 38 in space without the aid of power, 39 a bicycle coasting downhill. fuel to provide powered flight all the
Free fall is an important feature of space travel: it would be impossible to carry 40 time.
  21. A. pulls C. forces
  22. A. on C. with
  23. A. as C. to
  24. A. fairly C. occasionally
  25. A. Make C. Take
  26. A. hard C. hardest
  27. A. shall C. can
  28. A. at C. with
  29. A. called C. spoken
  30. A. require C. requiring
  31. A. from C. beyond
  32. A. traveled C. reached
  33. A. no C. none
  34. A. toward C. for B. pushes D. sticks B. off D. without B. for D. by B. frequently D. hardly B. Look D. Get B. harder D. better B. will D. could B. on D. in B. referred D. known B. to require D. required B. away D. beneath B. flew D. arrived B. not D. nothing B. at D. into

  35. A. an example C. instant
  36. A. gravity C. resistance
  37. A. through C. towards
  38. A. openly C. carelessly
  39. A. as C. like
  40. A. much C. lots of Part III. Reading Comprehension (40%)
B. an instance D. instance B. mass D. speed B. onto D. above B. freely D. quickly B. as if D. unlike B. many D. enough
Directions: There are four passages in this part. Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Read each passage carefully and decide on the best answer. Then write the answer on the ANSWER SHEET. Passage One Before the 1500's, the western plains of North America were dominated by farmers. One group, the Mandans, lived in the upper Missouri River country, primarily in present-day North Dakota. They had large villages of houses built close together. The tight arrangement enabled the Mandans to protect themselves more easily from the attacks of others who might seek to obtain some of food these highly capable farmers stored from one year to the next. The women had primary responsibility for the fields. They had to exercise considerable skill to produce the desired results, for their northern location meant fleeting growing seasons. Winter often lingered; autumn could be ushered in by severe frost. For good measure, during the spring and summer, drought, heat, hail, grasshoppers, and other frustrations might await the wary grower. Under such conditions, Mandan women had to grow maize capable of weathering adversity. They began as early as it appeared feasible to do so in the spring, clearing the land, using fire to clear stubble from the fields and then planting. From this point until the first green corn could be harvested, the crop required labor and vigilance. Harvesting proceeded in two stages. In August the Mandans picked a smaller amount of crop before it had matured fully. This green corn was boiled, dried, and shelled, with some of the maize slated for immediate consumption and the rest stored in animal-skin bags. Later in the fall, the people picked the rest of the corn. They saved the best of the harvest for seeds or for trade, with the remainder eaten right away or stored for later use in underground reserves. With appropriate banking of the extra food, the Mandans protect themselves against the disaster of crop failure and accompanying hunger. The women planted another staple, squash, about the first of June, and harvested it near the time of the green corn harvest. They picked it, dried it, and strung the slices before they stored them. Once again, they saved the seed from the best of the year's crop. The Mandans also grew sunflowers and tobacco; the latter was the particular task of the old men.
  41. The Mandans build their houses close together in order to . A. guard their supplies of food B. protect themselves against the weather
C. allow more room for growing corn
D. share farming implements

  42. Why does the author believe that the Mandans were skilled farmers? A. They developed effective fertilizers. B. They developed new varieties of corn. C. They could grow crops in most types of soil. D. They could grow crops despite adverse weather.
  43. Which of the following processes does the author imply was done by both men and women? A. Clearing fields C. Harvesting corn. B. Planting corn. D. Harvesting squash.

  44. According to the passage, the Mandans preserve their food by . A. smoking C. freezing B. drying D. squash

  45. Which of the following crops was cultivated primarily by men? A. Corn. C. Sunflower. B. Squash. D. Tobacco. Passage Two We've already pushed the world oceans close to?and in some cases, past?their natural limits, according to a recently released report on the state of our oceans by the World Watch Institute. The increasing number of citizen groups, businesses and governments taking an active interest in slowing down the destruction and pollution of the ocean is encouraging, says senior researcher and author Anne Platt McGinn, citing a host of efforts already under way:
  1. Unilever, which controls 20 percent of the whitefish market in Europe and US, has agreed to buy only fish caught and produced in an environmentally sustainable manner.
  2. Volunteers in the Philippines, Thailand, India and Ecuador are replanting mangrove areas to repair earlier damage from shrimp farming.
  3. In northern Sulawesi, citizens have cleared coral reefs of harmful invasive species.
  4. The United States and Canada have each banned oil drilling on large portions of their continental shelves. On the downside, Safeguarding the Health of Oceans says that seven out of ten commercial fish species are fully or overexploited, and even worse, many of their spawning grounds have been cleared to make room for shrimp ponds, golf courses and beach resorts. Habitat degradation, resulting from development, agricultural run off, sewage pollution and destructive fishing practices has led to a tripling in the number of poisonous algal species identified by scientists, increasing fish kills, beach closures, and economic losses. The impact on the economy is significant. People obtain an average of 16 percent of their animal protein from fish, and people in developing countries are extremely dependent on reef fisheries for both food and income. Tourism accounts for a large piece of coastline economies and medicines are being found in reef ecosystems every day. Even toothpaste and ice cream depend on the gel-forming properties of brown algae. The problems facing the oceans are legion: the marine conservation community is fragmented, bans on destructive activities are routinely ignored, too many regulatory organizations have a development-first mindset and enforcement and oversight are ineffective, if not altogether lacking. Oceans need to be protected locally, nationally and internationally, according to McGinn. Right now, the United Nations
General Assembly spends just one day a year covering issues that affect more than half of the planet. The report suggests that a tax of one tenth of one percent on industrial and recreational ocean activities would generate $500 million a year, more than five times the annual budgets of the International Maritime Organization and the Fisheries Department of the U. N. Food and Agriculture Organization. However, the most productive areas of the ocean are under national jurisdiction and 80 percent of oceanic pollution originates on land. This means that addressing global marine issues requires strong national and local policies. Problems remain far from resolved.
  46. The word "sustainable" in Paragraph 2 is closest in meaning to . A. maintainable C. understandable B. reasonable D. respectable

  47. What's the probable relationship between mangrove growing and shrimp farming in the Philippines? A. The growth of mangroves kept shrimps from reproducing. B. Large areas of mangroves were damaged because of shrimp farming. C. Mangroves helped shrimps grow fast. D. Shrimp farming gave rise to rapid growth of mangroves.
  48. Which of the following statements is not the result of destructive fishing practices? A. Seventy percent commercial fish species are over exploited. B. Many of fishes' spawning grounds have been destroyed. C. Economic losses are on the increase. D. Each country has already taken measures to ban destructive activities.
  49. What will happen if an organization takes a development?first attitude in environmental context? A. It will take strong measures to prevent oceans from being further polluted. B. It is going to exploit the oceanic resources first regardless of environmental protection. C. It will not ignore bans on destructive activities. D. It will not place development above other factors.
  50. We can infer from the passage that . A. problems at the international level continue to be difficult to resolve B. all countries are going to impose taxes o



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