2007 年高二英语上学期期末考试题及答案
从 A,B,C,D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。
  21. ? Have you seen lady's handbag on the counter? I left it here a moment ago. ? What color is bag? We found one really. A. the; a B. a; the C. a; a D. the; the
  22. ? Hi, Jack! Long time no see. How are you? ? Oh, Martin! I you. I'm fine. Let's have a drink, shall we? A. don't recognize B. didn't recognize C. can't recognize D. haven't recognize
  23. ? Would you please tell me more about it? ? Sorry, I can only tell you much. A. that B. such C. very D. too
  24. the rainstorm warning is issued. Very strong wind and heavy rain are tomorrow. A. hoped B. wished C. expected D. waited
  25. Please wait and see we will make for you your own measure. A. how; with B. what; to C. which; for D. when; by
  26. Mary's going to study abroad next year, , for sure, delights everyone. A. who B.that C. this D. which
  27. there was a lot of fun at yesterday's party. You have come, but why didn't you? A. must B. shouldn't C. needn't D. ought to
  28. with the new machine, a search party went into the mountains to find gold. A. Armed; hoping B. Equipped; hoped C. Fixing; to hope D. Carrying; in the hope
  29. One of the boys who my friends very good at English. A. is; are B. is; is C. are; are D. are; is
  30. ? Don't ever be late again. ? . A. Yes, I do B. No, I don't C. No, I won't D. Yes, I promise
  31. Entering the garden, I found it with leaves. A. covering; fallen B. covered; falling C. covering; falling D. covered; fallen
  32. All the universities have duty to their students of the quick development of the scientific world. A. make; known B. have; understood C. keep; informed D. find; involved
  33. Surprisingly, the man always in a worn-out suit finally to be a millionaire.
A. set out B. turned out C. showed up D. converted
  34. ? Mum ,I need a new schoolbag. ? But didn't I buy you three months ago? A. it B. that C. one D. another
  35. He returned home very late yesterday, early this morning. A. or rather B. or else C. rather than D. other than 第二节:完形填空(共 20 小题,每小题
  1.5 满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 3655 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D) 中,选出最佳选项。 Last Tuesday I took my two daughters, aged five and seven, to town by car. It began to rain __36__ so I decided I would leave the children in the __37__ before I rushed into a shop. I warned the girls not to __38__ anything and told them I would be back within a few__39__. Then I locked all the doors and __40__ them happily looking out of the window. I returned to the car in less than five minutes but the girls had __41__! I could hardly believe my __42__. The car doors were __43__ locked, the windows tightly shut and in the back seat __44__ only two coats. Being __40__, I ran to the corner of the street __46__ there was no sign of them. I __47__ up to an old lady nearby and asked __48__ she had seen two small girls but she said No. Feeling quite sick with __49__, I sat on the driver's seat, and tried to stop trembling. Suddenly, I __50__ a merry laugh behind me. I got out of the car, ran round to __51__ the BOOT and there inside were two very red-faced and excited __52__. They had obviously pulled out the back seat, __53__ behind it and then been unable to push the __54__ forward again. With tears in my eyes, I leaned forward and __55__ their ears.
  36. A. heavy B. hard C. hardly D. big
  37. A. car B. bus C. house D. school
  38. A. ask B. eat C. read D. touch
  39. A. hours B. minutes C. seconds D. days
  40. A. had B. made C. left D. let
  41. A. disappeared B. died C. quarrelled D. cried
  42. A. ears B. words C. eyes D. brains
  43. A. too B. again C. already D. still
  44. A. hanged B. put C. had D. were

  45. A. stupid B. proud C. frightened D. pleased
  46. A. where B. which C. that D. when
  47. A. jumped B. rushed C. drove D. flew
  48. A. that B. when C. whether D. how
  49. A. fear B. happiness C. excitement D. anger
  50. A. felt B. smelt C. saw D. heard
  51. A. shut B. repair C. start D. open
  52. A. child B. boys C. women D. girls
  53. A. climbed B. flew C. threw D. landed
  54. A. window B. door C. seat D. BOOT
  55. A. hit B. pulled C. cut D. bit 第三部分:阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分, 满分 40 分) 阅读下列短文, 从每题所给的四个选项( A、B、C、和 D)中, 选出最佳选项。 A the first newspapers were written by hand and put up on walls in public place. The earliest daily newspaper was started in Rome in 59 BC. In the 700's the world's first printed newspaper was published. Europe didn't have a regularly published newspaper until 1609, when one was started in Germany. the first regularly published newspaper in the English language was printed in Amsterdam in 16
  20. In 1621, an English newspaper was started in London and was published once a week. The first daily English newspaper was the Daily Courant (每日新 闻). It came out in March 17
  02. In 1690, Benjamin Harris printed the first American newspaper in Boston. But not long after it was first published, the government stopped the paper. In 1704, John Campbell started The Boston Newsletter (波斯顿新闻通讯), the first newspaper published in the American colonies. By 1760, the colonies had more than thirty daily newspapers. There are now about 1,800 daily papers in the United States. Today, as a group, English language newspapers have the largest circulation (发行量) in the world. But the largest circulation for a newspaper is that of the Japanese newspaper Asahi Dhimbun (朝日新闻). It sells more than eleven million copies every day.

  56. the first daily newspaper came out in . A. 59 BC B. 700's C. 1609 D. 1620
  57. the first regular published newspaper in Europe was printed in . A. England B. Germany C. France D. Sweden
  58. the first printed newspaper in America came out in . A. Washington B. New York C. Boston D. New Orleans
  59. Today there are about daily newspaper printed in the United States. A. 1621 B. 1704 C. 1760 D. 1800 B ( , When I was a boy, I belonged to the Boy Scouts 童子军) so I used to go camping every summer, and once something happened which I have never been able to explain. We were camping in a place above a river. After arriving, we all rushed down to the river had a swim. Standing by the river, we noticed that it was surrounded 环绕) cliffs (悬 ( by 崖).If someone wanted to reach the river at this point, he had to walk past our camp. Several days later, the scoutmaster had to he away for a day. That afternoon, we had supper early. We were sitting round the fire, eating and talking, when a man walked past and went down towards the river. We all felt that this man looked very strange, but, because each of us was afraid of looking very stupid, no one said anything. We ate rather slowly, taking as long as possible. After finishing, we collected our plates together so that we could take them to the river where we always washed them. But no one moved towards the river? we stood looking at each other ashamed. Then all shouting at once, we began talking about the man who had walked past us. We aGREed how strange he looked and we wondered what he could be doing by the river. We knew that he could only return by passing through our camp. An hour passed. then one of the boys suggested we should creep (悄悄移动) down by the river so that we could see what the man was doing. Moving very slowly and keeping in the shadow, we crept down towards the bank. One boy climbed a tree so that he could see everything clearly. He called to us that there was no one there, so we ran down to the bank, looking every-where carefully. We could not understand where the man had gone.
When it got dark, we went back to our camp feeling bewildered. We told the scoutmaster what had happened in the evening. Smiling, he doubted that we had seen the man, but finally suggested we go and look again. We did, but there was no one there. Many years have passed, but I still remember it as if it were yesterday. What did we see? I do not know.
  60.the writer in the text mainly tells us . A.the story of his childhood B.a strange camping experience C.about a stranger by the river D.about a good place for camping.
  61.Why did the boys eat their supper slowly? A.they wanted to delay going to the river bank. B.they were sailing for their scoutmaster. C.they had a supper earlier than usual. D.they were taking while eating.
  62.the wordbewilderedin the text probably means . A.ashamed B.nervous C.unable to understand D.eager to know something
  63.the writer still remembers the event because. A.the boys acted foolishly B.the camping place is beautiful C.there has been no explanation for the event D.he particularly enjoyed his camping that summer. C I'm seventeen. I had worked as a box boy at a supermarket in Los Angeles. People came to the counter and you put things in their bags for them. And carried things to their cars. It was hard work. While working, you wear a plate with your name on it. I once met someone I knew years ago. I remembered his name and said,Mr Castle, how are you?We talked about this and that. As he left, he said,I t was nice talking to you, Brett.I felt GREat, he remembered me. then I looked down at my name plate. Oh no. He didn't remember me at all, he just read the name plate. I wish I had putIrvingdown on my name plate. If he'd have said,Oh yes,
Irving, how could I forget you?I'd have been ready for him. There's nothing personal here. the manager and everyone else who were a step above the box boys often shouted orders. you ( .Okay, I'm outside and I put the bags in One of these was: couldn't accept tips 小费) the car. For a lot of people, the natural reaction(反应)is to take a quarter and give it me. I'd say,I'm sorry, I can'tThey'd get angry. When you give someone a tip, you're sort of being polite. You take a quarter and you put it in their hand and you expect them to say,Oh, thanks a lot.When you say,I'm sorry, I can'tthey feel a little put down. They say,No one will know.And they put it in your pocket. You say,I really can'tIt gets to a point where you almost have to hurt a person physically(身体上)to prevent him from tipping you. It was not in aGREement with the story's belief in being friendly. Accepting tips was a friendly thing and made the customer feel good. I just couldn't understand the strangeness of some people's ideas. One lady actually put it in my pocket, got in the car, and drove away. I would have had to throw the quarter at her or eaten it or something. I had decided that one year was enough. Some people needed the job to stay alive and fed. I guess I had the means and could afford to hate it and give it up.
  64.What can be the best title for this text? A.How Hard Life is for Box Boys B.Getting along with Customers C.Why I Gave up My Job D.the Art of Taking Tips
  65.Form the second paragraph, we can infer that. A.the writer didn't like the impersonal part of his job B.with a name plate, people can easily start talking C.Mr Castle mistook Irving for Brett D.Irving was the writer's real name
  66.the box boy refused to accept tips because. A.customers only gave small tips B.some customers had strange ideas about tipping C.the store forbade the box boys to take tips D.he didn't want to fight with the customers
  67.the underlined phraseput downin the third paragraph probably means. A.misunderstood B.defeated C.hateful D.hurt
D During World War II, Polish pilots in GREat Britain were famous for showing off their flying skills. One morning, I was returning from a flight test and made the mistake of beginning my land approach (降落) at too low a speed. Just as I crossed the airfield, something was wrong with my plane and it dropped from 2000 feet onto the landing trip and bounced back (弹起) into the air. I gave it full speed, but the plane leaned onto its left wing, and I was off the runway. In despair, I cut all power and used full right brake (制动闸). The plane turned 180 deGREes back onto the landing trip, tail first. The firm P51 was not damaged. Did you see that plane? a visiting air official said breathlessly. Don't worry, sir, the Air Force commanding officer replied, it's only one of those Polish pilots trying to show off.
  68. the writer of the story was . A. a Polish pilot B. an English official C. a visitor D. an officer
  69. the pilot who flew the plane . A. was showing off his flying skills B. had GREat difficulty in landing the plane C. repaired the plane before landing D. landed on the airfield without difficulty
  70. the plane bounced back into the air because . A. the pilot began his landing approach too late B. the pilot suddenly decided not to land C. something was wrong with the left wing D. it was out of control E Mother Teresa was born in Yugoslavia((南斯拉夫),on August 27,19
  10.She attended the government school near her home until she was eighteen. At that time, some doctors and nurses from Yugoslavia were working in India, and they often wrote to the school about their work. She decided to join them one day. When she le



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