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Part I Writing (30 minutes) Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled Should One Expect a Reward When Doing a Good Deed? You should write at least 150 words following the outline given below.
  3. 有人做好事期望得到回报; 有人认为应该像雷锋那样做好事不图回报; 我的观点。
Should One Expect a Reward When Doing a Good Deed? Part II Reading Comprehension (Skimming and Scanning) (15 minutes) Directions: In this part, you will have 15 minutes to go over the passage quickly and answer the questions on Answer Sheet
  1.For questions 1-4, mark Y (for YES) if the statement agrees with the information given in the passage; N (for NO) if statement contradicts the information given in the passage ;NG (for NOT GIVEN) if the information is not given in the passage. For questions 5-10, complete the sentences with the information given in the passage. Seven Steps to a More Fulfilling Job Many people today find themselves in unfulfilling work situations. In fact, one in four workers is dissatisfied with their current job, according to the recent “Plans for 2004” survey. Their career path may be financially rewarding, but it doesn’t meet their emotional, social or creative needs. They’re stuck, unhappy, and have no idea what to do about it, except move to another job. Mary Lyn Miller, veteran career consultant and founder of the Life and Career Clinic, says that when most people are unhappy about their work, their first thought is to get a different job. Instead, Miller suggests looking at the possibility of a different life. Through her book, 8 Myths of Making a Living, as well as workshops, seminars and personal coaching and consulting, she has helped thousands of dissatisfied workers reassess life and work. Like the way of Zen, which includes understanding of oneself as one really is, Miller encourages job seekers and those dissatisfied with work or life to examine their beliefs about work and recognize that “in many cases your beliefs are what brought you to where you are today.” You may have been raised to think that women were best at nurturing and caring and, therefore, should be teachers and nurses. So that’s what you did. Or, perhaps you were brought up to believe that you should do what your father did, so you have taken over the family business, or become a dentist “just like dad.” If this sounds familiar, it’s probably time to look at the new possibilities for your future. Miller developed a 7-step process to help potential job seekers assess their current
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situation and beliefs, identify their real passion, and start on a journey that allows them to pursue their passion through work. Step 1: Willingness to do something different. Breaking the cycle of doing what you have always done is one of the most difficult tasks for job seekers. Many find it difficult to steer away from a career path or make a change, even if it doesn’t feel right. Miller urges job seekers to open their minds to other possibilities beyond what they are currently doing. Step 2: Commitment to being who you are, not who or what someone wants you to be. Look at the gifts and talents you have and make a commitment to pursue those things that you love most. If you love the social aspects of your job, but are stuck inside an office or “chained to your desk” most of the time, vow to follow your instinct and investigate alternative careers and work that allow you more time to interact with others. Dawn worked as a manager for a large retail clothing store for several years. Though she had advanced within the company, she felt frustrated and longed to be involved with nature and the outdoors. She decided to go to school nights and weekends to pursue her true passion by earning her master’s degree in forestry. She now works in the biotech forestry division of a major paper company. Step 3: Self-definition Miller suggests that once job seekers know who they are, they need to know how to sell themselves. “In the job market, you are a product. And just like a product, you most know the features and benefits that you have to offer a potential client, or employer.” Examine the skills and knowledge that you have identify how they can apply to your desired occupation. Your qualities will exhibit to employers why they should hire you over other candidates. Step 4: Attain a level of self-honoring. Self-honoring or self-love may seem like an odd step for job hunters, but being able to accept yourself, without judgment, helps eliminate insecurities and will make you more self-assured. By accepting who you are ? all your emotions, hopes and dreams, your personality, and your unique way of being ? you’ll project more confidence when networking and talking with potential employers. The power of self-honoring can help to break all the falsehoods you were programmed to believe ? those that made you feel that you were not good enough, or strong enough, or intelligent enough to do what you truly desire. Step 5: Vision. Miller suggests that job seekers develop a vision that embraces the answer to “What do I really want to do?” one should create a solid statement in a dozen or so sentences that describe in detail how they see their life related to work. For instance, the secretary who longs to be an actress describes a life that allows her to express her love of Shakespeare on stage. A real estate agent, attracted to his current job because her loves fixing up old homes, describes buying properties that need a little tender loving care to make them more saleable. Step 6: Appropriate risk. Some philosophers believe that the way to enlightenment comes through facing obstacles and difficulties. Once people discover their passion, many are too scared to
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学英语,练听力,上听力课堂! 学英语,练听力,上听力课堂!
do anything about it. Instead, they do nothing. With this step, job seekers should assess what they are willing to give up, or risk, in pursuit of their dream. For one working mom, that meant taking night classes to learn new computer-aided design skills, while still earning a salary and keeping her day job. For someone else, it may mean quitting his or her job, taking out loan and going back to school full time. You’ll move one step closer to your ideal work life if you identify how much risk you are willing to take and the sacrifices you are willing to make. Step 7: Action. Some teachers of philosophy describe action in this way, “If one wants to get to the top of a mountain, just sitting at the foot thinking about it will not bring one there. It is by making the effort of climbing up the mountain, step by step, that eventually the summit is reached.” All too often, it is the lack of action that ultimately holds people back from attaining their ideals. Creating a plan and taking it one step at a time can lead to new and different job opportunities. Job-hunting tasks gain added meaning as you sense their importance in your quest for a more meaningful work life. The plan can include researching industries and occupations, talking to people who are in your desired area of work, taking classes, or accepting volunteer work in your targeted field. Each of these steps will lead you on a journey to a happier and more rewarding work life. After all, it is the journey, not the destination, that is most important. 注意:此部分试题请在答题卡 1 上作答。
  1. According to the recent “Plans for 2004” survey, most people are unhappy with their current jobs.
  3. Mary Lyn Miller’s job is to advise people on their life and career. Mary Lyn Miller herself was once quite dissatisfied with her own work.

  4. Many people find it difficult to make up their minds whether to change their career path .
  5. According to Mary Lyn Miller, people considering changing their careers should commit themselves to the pursuit of .
  6. In the job market, job seekers need to know how to sell themselves like .
  7. During an interview with potential employers, self-honoring or self-love may help a job seeker to show .
  8. Mary Lyn Miller suggests that a job seeker develop a vision that answers the question “”
  9. Many people are too scared to pursue their dreams because they are unwilling to .
  10. What ultimately holds people back from attaining their ideals is . Part III Listening Comprehension (35 minutes) Section A
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Directions: In this section, you will hear 8 short conversations and 2 long conversations. At the end of each conversation, one or more questions will be asked about what said. Both the conversation and the questions will be spoken only once. After each question there will be a pause. During the pause, you must read the four choices marked A) B) C) and D), and decide which is the best answer. Then mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the centre. 注意:此部分试题请在答题卡 2 上作答。
  11. A) Surfing the net. B) Watching a talk show. C) Packing a birthday gift. D) Shopping at a jewelry store.
  12. A) He enjoys finding fault with exams. B) He is sure of his success in the exam. C) He doesn’t know if he can do well in the exam. D) He used to get straight A’s in the exams he took.
  13. A) The man is generous with his good comments on people. B) The woman is unsure if there will be peace in the world. C) The woman is doubtful about newspaper stories. D) The man is quite optimistic about human nature.
  14. A) Study for some profession. B) Attend a medical school. C) Stay in business. D) Sell his shop.
  15. A) More money. B) Fair treatment. C) A college education. D) Shorter work hours.
  16. A) She was exhausted from her trip. B) She missed the comforts of home. C) She was impressed by Mexican food. D) She will not go to Mexico again.
  17. A) Cheer herself up a bit. B) Find a more suitable job. C) Seek professional advice. D) Take a psychology course.
  18. A) He dresses more formally now. B) What he wears does not match his position. C) He has ignored his friends since graduation. D) He failed to do well at college. Questions 19 to 22 are based on the conversation you have just heard.
  19. A) To go sightseeing. B) To have meetings.
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C) To promote a new champagne. D) To join in a training program.
  20. A) It can reduce the number of passenger complaints. B) It can make air travel more entertaining. C) It can cut down the expenses for air travel. D) It can lessen the discomfort caused by air travel.
  21. A) Took balanced meals with champagne. B) Ate vegetables and fruit only. C) Refrained from fish or meat. D) Avoided eating rich food.
  22. A) Many of them found it difficult to exercise on a plane. B) Many of them were concerned with their well-being. C) Not many of them chose to do what she did. D) Not many of them understood the program. Questions 23 to 25 are based on the conversation you have just heard.
  23. A) At a fair. B) At a cafeteria. C) In a computer lab. D) In a shopping mall.
  24. A) The latest computer technology. B) The organizing of an exhibition. C) The purchasing of some equipment. D) The dramatic changes in the job market.
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  25. A) Data collection. B) Training consultancy. C) Corporate management. D) Information processing. Section B Directions: In this section, you will hear 3 short passages. At the end of each passage, you will hear some questions. Both the passage and the questions will be spoken only once. After you hear a question, you must choose the best answer from the four choice marked A) B) C) and D). Then mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the centre. 注意:此部分试题请在答题卡 2 上作答。 Passage One Questions 26 to 28 are based on the passage you have just heard.
  26. A) Improve themselves. B) Get rid of empty dreams. C) Follow the cultural tradition. D) Attempt something impossibl
  27. A) By finding sufficient support for implementation. B) By taking into account their own ability to change. C) By constantly keeping in mind their ultimate goals. D) By making detailed plans and carrying them out.
  28. A) To show people how to get their lives back to normal. B) To show how difficult it is for people to lose weight. C) To remind people to check the calories on food bags. D) To illustrate how easily people abandon their goals. Passage Two Questi



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