2007 年全国大学英语竞赛初赛 C 级听力原题及答案 级听力原题及答案
Part I Listening Comprehension Section A
  1. A. He hasn’t found a suitable one. B. He hasn’t enough money. C. He prefers his old one.
  2. A. In ten minutes. B. In fifteen minutes. C. In twenty minutes.
  3. A. Have dinner with Mary. B. See a film with Mary. C. Do his homework.
  4. A. Rainy. B. Sunny. C. Cloudy.

  5. A. He has to go to the bank. B. He has missed the train. C. His train has been delayed.
  6. A. ?3
  15. Section B
  7. What office is the student looking for? A. Accounting. B. Economic History. C. Economics. B. ? 3
  50. C. ?3

  8. When was the orientation meeting held? A. Yesterday. B. Last Friday. C. A week ago.

  9. What is the rule about attendance at lectures? A. It is optional. B. It is necessary. C. It is difficult to enforce.

  10. How often does the student have to attend tutorials? A. Once every other week. Section C
  11. When did the bomb go off in a popular market in central Baghdad? A. Late in the evening. B. At mid-morning. C. Late in the afternoon. B. Three times a week. C. Once a week.

  12. What’s the purpose of the Amber Alert program? A. To report the number of children missing in the U.S .every year. B. To help find the children who are believed to have been abducted. C. To find out the reasons why children are kidnapped in the U.S.
  13. How many villages have been involved in the inter-communal fighting in Chad? A. Fewer than
  8. B. About
  10. C. Over

  14. What is the best tactic when you’re caught up by a rolling wave of snow? A. To create space around you. B. To outrun the avalanche. C. To leave the ski resort instantly.
  15. What’s the news item mainly talking about? A. Development of medical technology. B. Health care in California. C. Health insurance in the U.S.
  16. How many people did bird flu kill in Indonesia in two weeks? A.
  5. B.
  2. C.

  17. What’s the function of the new drug produced by Pfizer? A. Reducing dogs’ weight. B. Increasing dogs’ appetite. C. Controlling dogs’ population.
  18. What will soon begin in the southern Senegalese towns? A. Planting new agricultural crops. C. Fuel recycling.
  19. When did Ponti begin making films? A. In19
  13. B. In19
  31. C. In19
  38. B. Biofuel production.

  20. What’s the main reason Democrats could regain control of Congress after 12 years? A. Nancy Pelosi has become their leader. B. Americans are dissatisfied with the Iraq war.
C. They support sending more troops to Iraq. Section D Every traveller has a tale to tell about bad driving. These are usually exaggerated (
  21) of life on the main streets of cities where the
motorists are crazy and traffic lights are treated as colourful (
  22). It all happened on a Sunday April morning. I (
  23) my intention to turn left into a side road and paused as the oncoming traffic cleared. But as I drove across the road, an elderly man driving a battered Renault 12 chose to overtake me (
  24) pass on the inside. There was a fearful bang and my car was pushed sideways. I felt groggy and bruised and was taken to hospital in the back seat of a police car. There my spleen was removed. Fortunately, though, my recovery was steady and (
  25) . But that’s not the end of the tale. Yes, I had taken out insurance and it covered my medical expenses, (
  26) while I recovered and my flights home. However, as always, there was a catch to it. I had (
  27) hired my car from a backstreet firm called Kavis that had been recommended by the hotel front desk. I was assured that I had full insurance cover, but Kavis (
  28) my credit card ?800 on the day of the accident. My solicitor took
advice on the form I had signed. Being in a hurry at the time, I hadn’t (
  29) to get it translated. “Mr. Balmer was stupid to sign this document,” it read. I (
  30) with a smile. After all, I am still alive!
答案 1--6 ACBBCB 7--10 CABC 11--20 BBCAB AABCB
  24.rather than




  30.paid up



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