2006 学年度第二学期初三英语练习卷
(完卷时间:100 分钟,答案一律写在答卷纸上)
Part 1
Listening (第一部分 听力)
根据你听到的内容, Ⅰ. Listen and choose the right picture (根据你听到的内容,选出相应的图片 (共 6 分) 根据你听到的内容 选出相应的图片): 共
Ⅱ. Listen to the dialogue and choose the best answer to the question you hear (根据你听到 根据你听到 的对话和问题,选出最恰当的答案): 共 的对话和问题,选出最恰当的答案 (共 10 分)
  7. A) Apples. B) Bananas.
  8. A) Chinese. B) Japanese.
  9. A) johnliang@yahoo.com. C) johnliang@hotmail.com.
  10. A) Dick. B) Judy.
  11. A) 7:
  30. B) 7:
  12. A) At home. B) In a hotel.
  13. A) A waitress. B) A businesswoman.
  14. A) A study. B) A kitchen.
  15. A) Once a month. B) Once a year.
  16. A) To buy a T-shirt. C) To see Uncle Simon.
C) Oranges. D) Pears. C) Americans. D) Germans. B). johnlian@yahoo.com. D) johnlian@hotmail.com. C) Harry. D) Lisa. C) 8:
  00. D) 8:
  10. C) At the theatre. D) In the street. C) A doctor. D) A teacher. C) A bedroom. D) A living room. C) Twice a month. D) Twice a year. B) To buy a tie. D) To go to a mall.
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Ⅲ. Listen to the passage and tell whether the following statements are true or false (判断下列 判断下列 句子是否符合你听到的短文内容, 符合的用" "表示,不符合的用" "表示): 短文内容 句子是否符合你听到的短文内容 符合的用"T"表示,不符合的用"F"表示 (共 7 分) 共
  17. The family went to the forest and had a picnic by a river.
  18. It was a lovely day and they left home in the afternoon.
  19. Tony didn't want to walk through the forest with the others.
  20. Tony took off his shoes because they were too soft.
  21. He liked the tree very much so he put the shoes under it.
  22. Tony's parents and sister helped him look for his shoes.
  23. They couldn't find the shoes because the trees are just the same. Ⅳ. Listen to the dialogue and complete the table (听对话,完成下列表格 (共 7 分) 听对话,完成下列表格): 共
Accident Report Form
When did the accident happen? Where did it happen? How did the accident happen? Who were injured(受伤 受伤)? 受伤 What were they doing at the time of accident? Action(措施 taken 措施) 措施 Date: 22nd Time: (
  25) (
  24) p.m. (
  27) (
  28) the kettle(烧水锅 烧水锅). 烧水锅
  26) Mrs.Turner carelessly They were making
Mrs. Mabel Turner, Miss Sandra Lee
(i) Gave first aid (ii) Called the (
  29) (iii) Sent to the (
Part 2
Vocabulary and Grammar (第二部分 词汇和语法) 第二部分 词汇和语法)
选择最恰当的答案): Ⅴ. Choose the best answer (选择最恰当的答案 (共 20 分) 选择最恰当的答案 共
  31. You are wrong. Shanghai Zoo isn't in east of Shanghai. A) a B) an C) the
  32. My new flat is on the floor in the building. A) three B) thirteen C) third
D) / D) thirty
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  33. The boy can't get up early the morning because he goes to bed late night. A) in; at B) at; in C) in; on D) on; at
  34. From time to time Mrs. Lee comes to help to look after the baby. A) our B) us C) we D) ourselves
  35. With rice at home, they didn't worry about the food. A) a couple of B) a pair of C) pieces of D) plenty of
  36. Were the customers satisfied the company's service? A) with B) from C) for D) through
  37. There are 25 members in the yoga (瑜伽 club. Six of them are boys and are girls. 瑜伽) 瑜伽 A) other B) others C) the other D) the others
  38. In Lily's opinion, Li Ming sings as as Zhou Jielun. A) nice B) well C) good D) fine
  39. Be careful, you will fall from the chair. A) and B) or C) but D) so
  40. Last week he promised to do the work at once. But he hasn't done it. A) yet B) already C) still D) ever
  41. Ask Ben, Jane's best friend. He know her new mobile phone number. A) must B) has to C) used to D) need
  42. You'd better tell your father the truth he comes back. A) until B) though C) so that D) as soon as
  43. When we were children, we swimming together every day in summer. A) go B) went C) will go D) have gone
  44. In order to protect the river we must stop dirty things into it. A) throw B) thrown C) throwing D) to throw
  45. The taxi driver was seriously hurt in the accident and he to the hospital in no time. A) took B) would take C) was taken D) has taken
  46. A: Let's have a surprise party on New Year's Eve. B: A) What a surprise party! B) Well done, isn't it? C) That's a good idea. D) I think so, but I hope not.
  47. When the weather is fine, the old man likes to watch children in the garden. A) play B) to play C) played D) were playing
  48. The reporter asked the pupils . A) how many trees they have planted B) how many trees they had planted C) how many tree have they planted D) how many trees had they planted
  49. The Chinese people first paper in the world.
英语练习卷 第 3 页(共 10 页)
A) invented B) discovered C) found D) designed
  50. He tried to the words on the sign in the dark but he couldn't. A) give out B) make out C) pick out D) put out
Ⅵ. Choose the word or expression which is closest in meaning to the underlined part in each sentence(选择与下列各句中划线部分内容意思相近的单词或短语, A, , , 等表示 B, D (选择与下列各句中划线部分内容意思相近的单词或短语, 用 , C, 等表示): (共 8 分) 共 A) communicate C) take up B) call on E) go over
D) put up

  51. Please raise your hand if you need to ask me questions.
  52. Modern IT helps us to keep in touch with our friends far away easily.
  53. To my surprise, my pen pal in London didn't want me to visit her.
  54. A good student always likes to review lessons in time.
A) come true C) later proved
D) happy
B) thankful E) maybe

  55. Now that it's raining, perhaps they will take a taxi to go there instead of a bus.
  56. Beck is a boy with a strong will. I hope his dream will be realized.
  57. Our project turned out to be an excellent one in the grade.
  58. My father was pleased to see the old lady who used to teach him English.
Ⅶ.Complete the sentences with the given words in their proper forms(用括号中所给单词 ( 的适当形式完成下列句子): 共 的适当形式完成下列句子 (共 8 分)
  59. Something is wrong with my foot. I have to walk . (slow)
  60. His penfriends often give him some advice. (use)
  61. The train will into the tunnel and you won't be able to see it. (appear)
  62. Mary is one of the drivers who often help the local people. (woman)
  63. More and more people realize the of the good environment. (important)
  64. Is English quite different from American English? (Britain)
  65. These songs are familiar to the people. (location)
  66. They wondered whether the was successful. (operate)
英语练习卷 第 4 页(共 10 页)
Ⅷ. Rewrite the following sentences as required(根据所给要求,改写下列句子.每空格限填 (根据所给要求,改写下列句子. 一词): 共 一词 (共 10 分)
  67. Anna does her homework as soon as she gets home in the afternoon. (改为一般疑问句) Anna her homework as soon as she gets home in the afternoon?
  68. The ambulance and the doctors will come here in five minutes. (对划线部分提问) will the ambulance and the doctors come here?
  69. The cakes and the dumplings are very delicious. (改为感叹句) the cakes and the dumplings are!
  70. Sam is taller than any other student in his class. (保持句意基本不变) Sam is student in his class.
  71. It took John a half hour to send these pictures by MSN. (保持句意基本不变) John a half hour these pictures by MSN.
Part 3
Reading and Writing (第三部分 读写) 第三部分 读写)
阅读理解): Ⅸ. Reading comprehension (阅读理解 (共 58 分) 阅读理解 共 A. Complete the following dialogue with proper sentences in the box (选出适当的句子完成下 选出适当的句子完成下 列对话): 列对话 ( 6 分) A) You don't need to tell them everything you do. B) I think you have already made progress. C) I really want to play this game. D) I have invited Daniel to play with us. E) How did you get the new game? F) You'll just have to go without me. G) So you won't really tell a lie. A: Let's play the new game on my computer at my house together after school, shall we? 72 He'll wait for us at the gate. B: But my parents don't let me play computer games until my grades improve. A: Your grades? 73 Come on, Tom. Just one hour. It won't really affect (影响 your 影响) 影响 grades. Why do you have to tell your parents? 74 them. B: But my parents might find out and then I'll be in trouble. A: And we can study at my house after we play. 75 B: No, I shouldn't. I don't want to risk (冒险 it. 冒险) 冒险 What they don't know won't hurt
A: I know you like to play this game very much. Just come with us.
英语练习卷 第 5 页(共 10 页)
But I don't want to lose my parents' trust (信任 信任). 信任
A: Relax, Tom. Don't take everything so seriously. B: Sorry, Alan. 77 I'm going home to study. I'll play the game when my grades get better.
B. True or False(判断下列句子是否符合短文内容,符合的用"T"表示,不符合的用"F" 短文内容 (判断下列句子是否符合短文内容,符合的用" "表示,不符合的用" " 表示): 表示 ( 6 分) Hi Sarah, Do you remember me? I'm Judith. I used to live in 15 Dortling Street, just around the corner from you. Just before I left, you gave me your e-mail address but I haven't mailed you before now. When I first left, I went to live with my mother because she was very ill and needed somebody to look after her. It was very difficult to look after her. She often had to go to the doctor. My sister is looking after her now. I was very lucky to get a job in London, and that's where I'm living now. It's very interesting, although it has been very cold this winter. I have a job with a furniture company. The people have been very friendly to me and helped me to feel at home here. Of course I have visited all the main famous places in London like Westminster Abbey(西敏寺 西敏寺), 西敏寺 London Bridge and Buckingham Palace (白金汉宫 It's wonderful to see all the places that we 白金汉宫). 白金汉宫 used to read about and see on TV. I've also been to Paris and seen the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. It's very expensive to have a cup of coffee in a café (咖啡馆 in Paris. You have to pay 咖啡馆) 咖啡馆 just to sit down. That's enough about me. How are you doing? Are you still working at the same company? Are you still living in the same house? I plan to come back for a holiday next month and hope that I can see you then. Please e-mail me and let me know if that is all right with you. Love from Judith
  78. Judith used to be one of Sarah's neighbours.
  79. Judith was very ill and she had to live with her mother.
  80. It was very easy for Judith to get a job in London.
  81. The furniture company is far away from London.
  82. Judith is happy because the people there are friendly to her.
  83. Judith isn't sure if Sarah is still living in the same house. C. Choose the best answer(根据短文内容,选择最恰当的答案 ( 6 分) (根据短文内容,选择最恰当的答案): Ella was left-handed. When she got in the third grade, her marks were extremely poor
英语练习卷 第 6 页(共 10 页)
because her teacher, Miss Mennis, couldn't understand Ella's terrible handwriting(书写,笔迹 书写, 书写 笔迹). Then Miss Mennis forced (强迫 Ella to write with her right hand. She even stood over poor little 强迫) 强迫 Ella and made sure that the pupil wasn't using her left hand. When Ella got in the fourth grade, she had a much younger teacher, Miss Kindred. She gave pupils handwriting exercises. One day, she asked Ella to stay in the classroom after class. Ella thought Miss Kindred was going to punish(惩罚 her because of her bad handwriting. Miss 惩罚) 惩罚 Kindred asked Ella to write a few words with her right hand. Then she made Ella write a few words with her left hand. Ella looked up at her when she finished writing, and the teacher had a warm smile on her face. Miss Kindred gave Ella a writing exercise to take home with a note in an envelope to her father. Ella gave him the note and began doing her homework. Her father watched her while she was writing with her left hand. He praised her, saying she wrote well. Ella became very proud of herself. Ella started to enjoy writing, and her marks improved greatly. Whenever Ella made an A on her paper, Miss Kindred always put a gold star on Ella's spelling paper. When Ella got in the sixth grade she lived with her grandparents. When the grandfather needed a letter to be written, he asked Ella to write it for him. That made Ella feel very good about herself. Ella's grandparents also asked her to write letters for the old neighbours who could not read and write. In high school, the English teacher sometimes asked the students to go to the blackboard to write something. Ella's classmates were surprised to



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