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2007年 在 职 攻 读 硕 士 学 位 全 国 联 考

Part I Dialogue Communication PartⅡ PartⅡVocabulary and Structure PartⅢ PartⅢReading Comprehension Part IV Cloze Test
Part I Section A Dialogue Completion
minutes, (15 minutes,15 points) minutes. points) (20 minutes. points) 10 minutes. (40 minutes.40 points) minutes. (15 minutes.10 points)
(1 Dialogue Communication (15 minutes, 15 points)
Directions: In this section, you will read 5 short incomplete dialogues between two speakers, each followed by four choices marked A, B, C, and D. Choose the answer that best suits the situation to complete the dialogue. Mark your answer on the ANSWER SHEET with a single line through the center. 1 Speaker A: I'm afraid I failed the math exam, Speaker B: A. Oh, yeah C. There now , it's not really that bad, is it? B. No wonder D. No good

  2. Speaker A: I'd like to arrange a meeting to discuss our new plan. Are you free tomorrow? Speaker B: A. I couldn't agree more. B. I'm quite sure of it. C. If only I hadn't had a prior engagement. D. I'm afraid I'm not available until Friday.
  3. SpeakerA: Professor Lee, can I come to see you about my presentation this evening? Speaker B: A. Yes. Is 8 o'clock a convenient time? B. Fine. Please come by Bus No.
  2. C. No. Never mind. D. Oh. That's my pleasure. www.examedu.cn
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  4. Speaker A: Thank you so much for the wonderful dinner. Tom and I really enjoyed it. Speaker B: A. I'm glad you made it. C. I like to share with others. B. You're quite welcome. D. You're always my best friends.

  5. Speaker A: Well, I have to get back to the office now. It's been really nice talking to you. Speaker B: A. Glad to meet you. C. I'll be right back. See you. B. Nice talking to you too. D. You shouldn't leave.
Section B ' Dialogue Comprehension
Directions: In this section, you will read 5 short conversations between a man and a woman. At the end of each conversation there is a question followed by four choices marked A, B, C, and D. Choose the best answer to the question from the four choices given and mark your answer on the ANSWER SHEET with a Single line through the center.
  6. Woman: Are you prepared for the exam tomorrow? Man: Oh, yeah, the exam will be a piece of cake. Question: What does the man mean? A. The woman should take,~e exam. B. The woman shouldn't be concerned. C. He is not worded about the exam. D. He eiijoys taking exams,
  7. Man: David really has an eye for beauty. Woman: You can say that again. Question:~what does the woman mean? A. David has good eyesight. B. She agrees with the man. C. The man should praise David more. D. The man has said too much about David.
  8. Man: Why do you want to move out? You really have a happy life. I do envy you. Woman: You don't know that I have been over-protected by my mother these years. I want to spread my own wings. Question: What does the woman mean? A. She doesn't love her mother.
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B. She wants to be independent. C. She actually envies the man. D. She doesn't like family life,
  9. Woman: Bill, I want to have a few words with you about your performance in class lately. Man: I know I've gone down. I just haven't been studying as muchas I ought to. Question: What is Bill's problem? A. He doesn't like to perform in class. B. He doesn't work hard enough. C. He has gone away lately. D. He feels depressed.
  10. Man: Are you sure Bob and Tim will come to help today? Woman: No problem. They're men of their words. Question: What does the woman want to tell the man? A. Bob and Tim will keep their promise. B. Bob and Tim are good speakers. C. Bob and Tim will be on the woman's side. D. Bob and Tim are very helpful. Part II Vocabulary and Structure (20 minutes, 10 points) Directions: There are 20 incomplete sentences in this section. For each sentence there are 4 choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that best completes the sentence. Mark your answer on the ANSWER SHEET with a single line through the center.
  11. As computer systems become even more sophisticated, those who exploit the technology. A. so too do C. likewise B. as well as D. therefore the methods of

  12. I was annoyed by my friend who came late for our appointment but did not bother to ask how long I A. waited C. have waited B. was waiting D. had been waiting

  13. We debated the advantages and disadvantages of filming famous works intended for the theater. A. absolutely B. conventionally
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C. regularly
D. originally

  14. He said that the medicine the doctor gave him brought A. retreat C. relief B. recovery D. relaxation
to his headache.

  15. Sociologists have long recognized that social tensions are group life. A. average C. normal B. routine D. standard
elements of

  16. In the National Zoo we can find small birds. A. a species of C. a variety of
animals that range from large beasts to
B. a group of D. an amount of

  17. Mary had taken pains to possibly want. A. see C. feel
that her guests had everything they could
B. know D. learn

  18. Most people in the business world were told, when they began their careers, not to let their resume A. expand C. expose one page. B. exceed D. extend

  19. A reply will be sent within the next few days along with A. an honest C. a generous B. an innocent D. a sincere

  20. The destruction of these treasures was a loss for mankind that no amount of money could A. keep up with C. put up with
  21. Long-term use of the drug can B. stand up for D. make up for the patient's personality.
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A. alter C. exchange i
  22. The volleyball team has had five A. successive C. subsequent
  23. A series of attempts the problem. A. to be C. were
B. switch D. substitute
victories in the last three years. B. excessive D. eventual made, he came to a successful solution of
B. had been D. having been 17

  24. Manufacturing is Canada's most important economic activity,
percent of the workforce. A. to engage C. engaging
  25. Her remarks left me wondering A. when C. whether
  26. Caroline could do B. being engaged D. engaged she could have changed so suddenly. B. how D. what but leave although she would have liked to stay
and continue talking with him. A. something C. everything B. anything D. nothing

  27. The boy regretted having spent so much time playing when he A. should have studied C. was to study B. had studied D. must study
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  28. It was during the morning rush hour A. that C. while B. when D. before
the bomb exploded.

  29. I've attached my contact information in the recommendation letter have further questions. A. for good C. for fear B. in order D. in case to

  30. The boss realized the importance of qualified staff, and urged all participate in the training seminar. A. concerning C. concerned B. the concerning D. the concerned
Part III Reading Comprehension (40 minutes, 40 points)
Direetions: There are 4 passages in this part. Each of the passages is followed by 5 questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are 4 choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the best one and mark your answer on the ANSWER SHEET with a single line through the center.
Passage One
It's a typical Snoopy card: cheerful message, bright colors, though a little yellow and faded now. Though I've received fancier, more expensive cards over the years, this is the only one I've saved. One summer, it spoke volumes to me. I received it during the first June I faced as a widow to raise two teenage daughters alone. In all the emotional confusion of this sudden single parenthood, I was overwhelmed with, of all things, the simplest housework: leaky taps, oil changes, even barbeques (烧烤). Those had always been my husband's jobs. I was embarrassed every time I hit my thumb with a hammer or couldn't get the lawnmower (割草机) started. My uncertain attempts only fueled the fear inside me: How could I be both a father and mother to my girls? Clearly, I lacked the tools and skills. On this particular morning, my girls pushed me into the living room to see s.omething. (I prayed it wasn't another repair job.) The "something" turned out to be an envelope and several wrapped bundles on the carpet. My puzzlement must have been plain as I gazed from the colorful packages to my daughters' bright faces. "Go ahead! Open them!" they urged. As I unwrapped the packages, I discovered a small barbecue grill (烧烤架) and all the necessary objects including a green kitchen
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glove with a frog pattern on it. "But why?" I asked. "Happy Father's Day!" they shouted together. "Morns don't get presents on Father's Day," I protested. "You forgot to open the card," Jane reminded. I pulled it from the envelOpe. There sat Snoopy, on top of his dog house, merrily wishing me a Happy Father's Day. "Because," the girls said, "you've been a father and mother to us. Why shouldn't you be
remembered on Father's Day?"
As I fought back tears, I realized they were right. I wanted to bea "professional" dad, who had the latest tools and knew all the tricks of the trade. The girls only wanted a parent they could count on to be there, day after day, performing repeatedly the maintenance tasks of basic care and love. The girls are grown now, and they still send meFather's Day cards, but none of those cards means as much to me as that,first one. Its simple message told me being a great parent didn't require any special tools at all -just a willing worker.
  31. By "it spoke volumes to me," (Para.
  1) the mother in the story means the card
A. made her feel important B. aroused great sorrowiia her C. brought her pleasant feelings D. conveyed significant meanings to her
  32. After her husband's death, the mother found it was the hardest to A. handle the emotional shock B. face the terrible loneliness C. keep harmony of the family D. fulfill a male role in the house

  33. What puzzled the mother when her daughters asked her to see something one morning? A. It was not another repair job this time. B. Both of her daughters looked excited. C. She got gifts at that time of the year. D. The bundles on the floor were wrapped.
  34. The girls gave their mother a barbecue set probably because A. it was what their mother wanted
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B. it was a proper Father,s Day gift C. barbecue was their favorite food D. they wanted their mother to barbecue
  35. Which of the following statements is true about the first Father's Day card? A. It showed the girls' appreciation for their mother's love. B. It praised the mother as a professional dad. C. Its fancy design impressed the mother most. D. It made the mother eager to get the latest tools.
Passage Two
"Clean your plate!" and "Be a member of the clean-plate club!" Just about every kid in the US has heard this from a parent or grandparent. Often, it's accompanied by an appeal: "Just think about those starving orphans (孤儿) in Africa!" Sure, we should be grateful for every bite of food. Unfortunately, many people in the US take a few too many bites. Instead of saying "clean the plate," perhaps we should , save some food for tomorrow. According to news reportsl US restaurants are partly to blame for the growing bellies (肚子 ). A waiter puts~aplate of food in front of each customer, with two to four times the amount recommended by the government, according to a USA Today story. Americans traditionally associate quantity with value and most restaurants try to give them that. They serve large portions to stand apart from competitors and to give the customers value. They prefer to have customers complain about too much food rather than too little. Barbara Rolls, a nutrition professor at Pennsylvania State University, told USA Today that restaurant portion sizes began to grow in the 1970s, the same time that the American waistline began to expand. Health experts have tried to get many restaurants to serve smaller portions. Now, apparently, some customers are calling for this too. A restaurant industry trade magazine reported last month that 57 percent of more than 4,000 people surveyed believed restaurants serve portions that are too large; 23 percent had no opinion; 20 percent disagreed. But a closer look at the survey indicates that many Americans who can't afford fine dining still prefer large portions. Seventy percent of those earning at least $150,000 per year prefer smaller portions; but only 45 percent of those earning less than $25,000 want smaller. It's not that working class Americans don't want to eat healthy. It's just that, after
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long hours at low-paying jobs, getting less on their plate hardly seems like a good deal. They live from paycheck to paycheck, happy to save a little money for next year's Christmas presents.
  36. By saying "Be



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