2007 年中考英语复习非选择题(四)JEFCBOOK II Units 15-26 请看清题目再动笔, OK!
I. 单句改错:指出错(多词\、缺词∧、错词) ,并在右边横线上 写出改正后的词(2x10 )
  1. In the USA , people eat a lot of beef . So can we .
  2. Either my father or my mother cook dinner on weekdays .
  3. Well , eat this medicine three times a day .
  4. She didn’t feel like eat anything .
  5. Sooner or later , you’ll find it anywhere .
  6. To his surprised , he found the girl was blind .
  7. He also liked to play jokes to his friends .
  8. The man upstairs came home from work late as usually .
  9. Mrs Jones’ house robbed last night .
  10. Suddenly a woman shouted , “ Please make a room for me .”
II. 同义句改写:每空限填一词,并使原意不变(2x
  1. I was fed up with what he said . I was not what he said .

  2. Did you enjoy yourselves at the party ? Did you a good at the party ?
  3. Brian spends several hours reading books about biology every day . It Brian several hours to books about biology every
day .
  4. Lily doesn’t want to go alone . Lucy doesn’t , either . Lily Lucy wants to go alone .
  5. My little brother is too young to look after himself . My little brother isn’t old to care of himself .
III. 补全对话:每空限填一词(2x
  10) (BIIU18P
  16) (D=Doctor M=Mike)
M: Good morning, doctor. D: Good morning. Sit down, please. What’s your (
  1), young man? M: This morning I had a (
  2) in my head. D: How are you feeling now? M: I’m feeling even (
  3) , and I keep feeling dizzy(晕眩). D: Did you (
  4) your temperature? M: Yes. But I didn’t have a fever. D: What did you have for breakfast? M: Oh, I had nothing. I didn’t feel like (
  5) anything. D: Did you go to bed early last night? M: No, I had to finish an important plan for my company. I didn’t go to bed (
  6) late into the night. D: I’m afraid you work too (
  7) .
M: What should I do? D: It’s nothing(
  8) . M: Should I take some(
  9)? D: No, just have a good(
  10). You will soon be all right. M: Thank you very much, doctor.
IV. 短文填空:根据其内容和所给首字母在空白处填入一个适当的词 (2x
  10) (BIIU22P
  37) Mr.Hu stood at the finishing line. All the runners g ready to run. All the students began to shout loudly. A the end of the first lap, Li Lei quickly passed the stick o to Jim. But Yu Yan c up with Jim. They were neck and neck .The other runners were far behind. On the third lap, the Class Two runner d his stick on the ground when he was passing the stick on to the third runner. The Class 4 runner f and h his legs. But he went on r. At last Li Tao f Class 3 was first past the finishing line. Class 3 w.
  15) 仔细观察下面的四幅图画,假如你是图中的那个女孩,请你根据 图画中所表达 的内容,用英语写一篇 60?80 字的日记,描述当天发生的事情(假定 图中的那个男
孩叫 Jim),日记开头已给出。(给出部分不计字数)

Saturday June 5,2004 Early in the morning Mum and Dad went out to visit their friends . Only grandpa and I stayed at home . Suddenly grandpa fell
down 附加题
用方框中所给词的适当形式填空, 使短文正确、 通顺。 每词限用一次。 (1x
  10) but go cool bad one sports easy walk child kind What’s the coolest kind of transportation (交通工具) for middle school students back from the winter holidays? A racing bike? A car? No, it’s a special 1 of shoe called Heelys (暴走鞋). Heelys look just like shoes, but they have a wheel hidden in the heel (鞋跟). 3 , kids can “fly” around in them. 4_ ,” said Wu Peng, a boy who wore
common 2 So instead of
“Wearing Heelys is fun and them on his 5
day back at No.6 Middle School in Beijing. Wu Peng 6 .
said he loves the shoes so much that he wears them wherever he
Sometimes he even follows his parents’ car to the supermarket in his Heelys! Other students think these are very cool, 7 some haven’t 8 have
been so lucky with their Heelys. It’s reported that some fallen down while using these shoes, and some have been hurt.
“Heelys wheels are on the heels of the shoes, so it’s
9 to
fall,” said Liu Rui, a doctor at the Hong Kong International Medical Clinic, Beijing. “Even 10 ” Liu said, “Wearing Heelys for a long
time could stop young people from developing their ankles(脚踝) and legs.”
Dear , 友情提醒:所有的题目都完成了吗? 从头至尾都检查过了 吗? 有疑问的深思熟虑了吗?
2006 年中考英语复习非选择题(四)JEFCBOOK II Units 15-26 ANSWERS I. 单句改错: (2x
  1. can do eating
  5. anywhere somewhere
  6. surprised surprise
  7. play
  2. cook cooks
  3. eat take
  4. eat
jokes to play jokes on
  8. usually usual
  9. robbed was robbed
  10. a room room
II. 同义句改写: (2x
  1. interested in enough take
  2. have time
  3. takes read
  4. Neither nor
III. 补全对话: (2x
  1. trouble
  6. until
  2. pain
  7. hard
  3. worse
  8. serious
  4. take
  9. medicine
  5. eating
IV. 短文填空: (2x
  5. dropped

  6. fell

  7. hurt

9 .from

  15) Saturday June 5,2004 Early in the morning Mum and Dad went out to visit their friends . Only grandpa and I stayed at home . Suddenly grandpa fell down and broke his leg . I couldn’t move him. So I ran to my neighbour , Jim for help . Jim was busy working on the computer when I went into his house . After I told him what happened , he hurried to my home , carried my grandpa on his back . Then we took a taxi to the hospital . Jim helped me look after grandpa until my parents arrived . When my parents thanked him , Jim just said , “It’s my pleasure .”
附加题 2004 年福州市中考
  1. kind
  6. follows
  2. sports
  7. but
  3. walking
  8. children
  9. easy
  5. first
  10. worse


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