英 语

  21.This magazine is very with young people, who like its content and style.
A.familiar B.popular C.similar D.particular

  22.Emergency line opertors must always calm and make sure that they get all the information they need to send help.
A.grow B.appear C.become D.stay

  23.Despite such a big difference in towards what one eats, there is no doubt that people in the west regard the Chinese food as something special.
A.point B.idea C.attitude D.sight

  24.If the firms failed to make enough money, they would .
A.close down B.call off C.turn down D.set off

  25.She devoted herself to her research and it earned her a good reputation in her field.
A.strongly B.extremely C.entirely D.freely

  26.People try to avoid public transportation delays by using their own cars, and this creates further problems.
A.in short B.in case C.in doubt D.in turn

  27.If we can our present difficulties, then everything should be all right.
A.come across B.get over C.come over D.get off

  28.He began to take political science only when he left school.
A.strictly B.truly C.carefully D.seriously

  29.Surely it doesn’matter where the student associations get their money from; what is what they do with it.
A.counts B.applies C.stresses D.functions

  30.Water can absorb and give off a lot of heat without big changes in temperature, thus creating a
A.peaceful B.sensitive C.common D.stable
Many years ago,I owned a service station and roadhouse on the main road between Melbourne and Adelaide.
One very cold,wet night at about 3:30 a.m.,there was a 41 on the front door of our house.A young man,wet from 42 to toe,explained that he had 43 out of petrol about 30 km up the road.He had left his pregnant(怀孕的) wife and his two children 44 at the car and siad that he would hitchhike(搭便车) back.
Once I had 45 a can with petrol,I took him back to his car where his two-year-old and four-year-old children were both 46 ,saying that they were cold.Once the car had started,I suggested that he 47 me back.
Before leaving,I had turned the heater 48 in the roadhouse,so that when we went in,it was nice and 49 .While the little ones played and ran 50 ,I prepared bread and butter for the children,and hot chocolate for the 51 .
It was about 5 a.m. before they 52 .The young fellow asked me how much he 53 me and I told him that the petrol pump(加油泵) had 54 $
  15.He offered to pay “call-out fee”,but I wouldn’t accept it.
About a month later,I received a 55 from Interstate,a large bus company that we had been trying to 56 to stop off at our roadhouse for a long time.It 57 out that the young fellow I had helped was its general manager,the most 58 person in the company.
In his letter,he thanked me again and 59 me that,from then on,all their buses would stop at my service station.In this 60 ,a little bit of kindness was rewarded with a huge amount of benefits.

  41.A.kick B.hit C.beat D.knock

  42.A.finger B.shoulder C.head D.hand

  43.A.driven B.used C.come D.run

  44.A.away B.behind C.over D.out

  45.A.supplied B.poured C.equipped D.filled

  46.A.sleeping B.crying C.quarrelling D.fighting

  47.A.allow B.ring C.lead D.follow

  48.A.on B.off C.in D.over

  49.A.neat B.hot C.warm D.attractive

  50.A.around B.inside C.nearby D.along

  51.A.drivers B.guests C.customers D.adults

  52.A.left B.arrived C.ate D.disappeared

  53.A.gave B.paid C.owed D.offered

  54.A.appeared B.exhibited C.calculated D.shown

  55.A.call B.letter C.check D.notice

  56.A.get B.force C.requite D.hope

  57.A.pointed B.turned C.worked D.found

  58.A.generous B.successful C.serious D.powerful

  59.A.praised B.persuaded C.informed D.convinced

  60.A.lesson B.business C.aspect D.case
Karen,grown up in a very traditional family in the western United States,maintained high moral(道德的) standars throughout her youth..In 1984,at the age of 23,she married Bill.They were blessed with two children,a boy and a girl.
By 1991 their love had deepened,and they were happy.Later that year,Bill developed a white spot on his tongue.He visited a doctor.
One day shortly after that,Bill called Karen to sit beside him.He said with tears in his eyes that he loved her and wanted to live forever with her.The doctor suspected that he had been infected with HIV,the virus that leads to AIDS.
The family was tested.Bill and Karen’s results were positive.Bill had become infected before he met Katen;then he passed the virns on to Karen.The children’s results were negative.Within three years,Bill was dead.“I don’t know how to express what it is like to watch the once handsome man you love and intend to live with forever dying slowly.I cried many nights.He died three months short of ten years of our marriage,”says Karen.Though a doctor told Karen that she would soon follow her husband into death,she is still alive.The infection has progressed to the early stages of AIDS. 易考网络:www.ekaonet.com
Karen is but one of about 30 million people now living with HIV/AIDS,a figure larger than the combined populations of Australia.Ireland and Paraguay.According to one UN report,Africa has 21 million of these victims.By the turn of the century that number could reach 40 million and the disease will bring on the greatest disaster in human history.Of the wold’s sexually active adults aged 15 to 49,1 in 100 has already been infected with HIV.Of these,only 1 in 10 realizes that he or she is infected.In some parts of Africa,25 percent of the adults are infected.
Since the beginning of the spread of AIDS in 1981,about
  11.7 million people have died of it.It is roughly calculated that in 1997 alone,about 2,3 million people died of it.Nevertheless,there are fresh reasons for optimism in the battle against AIDS.During the past few years,there has been a drop in new AIDS cases in wealthy nations.In addition,promising drugs hold out hope of better health and longer life.

  61.By telling the story of Karen,the author intends to .
A.were people against high risk behaviors
B.stress the importance of medical tests
C.express sympathy for AIDS victims
D.show the consequences of AIDS

  62.The underlined part in Paragraph 1 most probably means “ ”.
A.were lucky in having B.were asked to adopt
C.regretted having D.gave birth to

  63.Bill was suspected of being infected with HIV after .
A.he got married to Karen
B.the family members were tested
C.Karen persuaded him to see the doctor
D.he found something wrong with his tongue

  64.It can be concluded from the passage that .
A.promising drugs will soon stop AIDS
B.the spread of AIDS could be controlled
C.it is hopeless to win the battle against AIDS
D.the death rate of AIDS patients has been reduced
How can a creature weighing over 5 tons and normally taking 150 kilograms of food and 120 liters of water per day survive in a desert environment?
In the southwest African country of Namibia, and the Sahara lands of Mali further north, the desert elephant does just that.
Although not regarded as a separate species from the African elephant, the desert cousin differs in many ways. Their bodies are smaller, to absorb less heat, and their feet are larger for easier walking across sandy surfaces. They are taller, to reach higher branches. They have shorter tusks (象牙), and most importantly, longer trunks to dig for water in riverbeds.
Desert clephants can travel over 70 kilometers in search for feeding grounds and waterholes, and have a larger group of families, They drink only every 3-4 days, and can store water in a “bag” at the back of their throat, which is only used when badly needed. Desert elephants are careful feeders-they seldom root up trees and break fewer branches, and thus maintain what little food sources are available. Yong elephants may even eat the dung (粪便)of the female leader of a group when facing food shortage. 易考网络:www.ekaonet.com
During drought they are unlikely to give birth to their young but with good rains the birthrate will increase greatly. Desert elephants have sand baths, sometimes adding their own urine (尿液) to make them muddy!
As we continue to overheat our weak planet, it can only be hoped that other animal species will adapt as extraordinarily well to change as the desert elephant.

  65. The underlined part in Paragraph 2 means“ ”.
A.remains in the African countries
B.drinks 120 liters of water a day
C.manages to live in desert areas
D.eats 150 kilograms of food daily

  66.Desert elephants are called careful feeders because they .
A.tarely ruin trees
B.drink only every 3-4 days
C.search for food in large groups
D.protect food sources for their young

  67.The author answers the question raised in the first paragraph with .
A.stories and explanation
B.facts and descriptions
C.examples and conclusion
D.evidence and argument

  68.What can be inferred from the last sentence in the passage?
A.Overheating the earth can be stopped.
B.Not all animal species are so adaptable.
C.The planet will become hotter and hotter.
D.Not all animals are as smart as desert elephants.
Almost every child is scared of something, from monsters in the cupboard to dogs in the park. But the fact that such fears are common and normal doesn’t mean they can be taken lightly. Kids experience fears and phobias (恐惧症) much more strongly than adults. And the influence of the fear can be physical as well as psychological (心理的). It can build up so they almost seem scared of everything-a kind of childhood anxiety. Dr. Creswell says:“Your child may always seem to expect the worst to happen and lack confidence in his or her ability to deal with any challenge.”So don’t make the same old mistake of treating them as if they’re silly for boing a“scaredy cat”. Handing the fears is essential.
Children can be born nervous and., if you have such a baby, you’ll tend to prevent them from getting worried. So if they fear dogs, You’ll keep them away from dogs, but in fact that can just confirm to the child that dogs are scary. What is worse, keeping your child away from what they fear can turn that feeling into a phobia. Instead, you should encourage them to get in touch with the thing they fear, in a safe and supportive environment. Dr. Andy Field, a researcher of childhood fears, says:“You should’t force, for example, a dog anxious child to go up to a dog. But you can approach it yourself, show them there is nothing to be afraid of, stroke (抚摸) it, and talk about the dog being friendly. Once your child dares to stroke a dog-one that’s good with children, of course-then you should encourage them to carry on until they feel calmer, and reward them for‘being brave’.”

  69.Children’s fears are usually taken lightly because .
A.they will not develop into phobias
B.their influence is psychological
C.they exist widely in the world
D.they will disappear gradually

  70.If we fail to help children to overcome fears, they will .
A.make the same old mistake
B.overcome them by themselves
C.experience the worst of things
D.grow up lacking self-confidence

  71.According to Dr. Andy Field, if a child is afraid of a cat, parents should .
A.tell the child not to be afraid of it
B.show the child how to approach it
C.keep the child away from it
D.ask the child to stroke it
Over the last 70 years, researchers have been studying happy and unhappy peopke and finally found out ten factors that make a difference. Our feelings of well-being at any moment are determined to a certain degree by genes. However, of all the factors, wealth and age are the top two.
Money can buy a degree of happiness. But once you can afford to feed, clothe and house yourself, each extra dollar makes less and less difference.
Researchers find that, on average, wealthier people are happier. But the link between money and happiness is complex. In the past half-century, average income has sharply inereased in developed countries, yet happiness levels have remained almost the same. Once your basic needs are met, money only seems to increase happiness if you have more than your friends, neighbors and colleagues. 易考网络:www.ekaonet.com
“Dollars buy status, and status makes people feel better,” conclude some experts,



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