英 语 (江苏卷)
第二部分:英语知识运用(共两节, 满分45分)

  21. We have every reason to believe that 2008 Beijing Olympic Games will be success.
A. / … a B. the … / C. the … a D. a … a

  22. She looks very happy. She have passed the exam.
I guess so. It’s not difficult after all.
A. should B. could C. must D. might

  23. At the end of the meeting, it was announced that an agreement .
A. has been reached B. had been reached
C. has reached D. had reached

  24. Have you some new ideas?
Yeah. I’ll tell you later.
A. come about B. come into C. come up with D. come out with

  25. Choosing the right dictionary depends on you want to use it for.
A. what B. why C. how D. whether

  26. You may not have played very well today, but at least you’ve got through to the next round and .
A. tomorrow never comes B. tomorrow is another day
C. never put off till tomorrow D. there is no tomorrow

  27. you him around the museum yet?
Yes. We had a great time there.
A. Have … shown B. Do … show C. Had … shown D. Did … show

  28. Can I smoke here?
Sorry. We don’t allow here.
A. people smoking B. people smoke C. to smoke D. smoking

  29. With April 18’s railway speedup, highway and air transport will have to compete with service for passengers.
A. good B. better C. best D. the best

  30. He is very popular among his students as he always tries to make them in his lectures.
A. interested B. interesting C. interest D. to interest

  31. My room gets very cold at night.
A. So is mine B. So mine is C. So does mine D. So mine does

  32. “Could we put off the meeting?” she asked.
“.” He answered politely. “This is the only day everyone is available.”
A. Not likely B. Not exactly C. Not nearly D. Not really

  33. He was educated at the local high school, he went on to Beijing University.
A. after which B. after that C. in which D. in that

  34. Do you think that housing price will keep in the years to come?
Sorry, I have no idea.
A. lifting up B. going up C. bringing up D. growing up

  35. My parents have always made me about myself, even when I was twelve.
A. feeling well B. feeling good C. feel well D. feel good
第二节 完型填空(共20小题;每小题
Carolyn Stradley is the founder of C&S Paving Inc. (铺路公司) in Atlanta, USA. In the following account, she recalls the job that challenged her 36 and skill but left her flying high.
“When the Atlanta Airport was under 37 in 1979, we were a new company struggling to make it. National Car Rental wanted to have 2,500 square meters of dirt paved 38 the cars could be on site 39 the airport opened, and the official opening was only ten days away! 40 other local paving company wanted to do the job, 41 it couldn’t be done in such a short time.
“Because we were new and really needed the work, we were 42 to try harder. We gave National Car Rental our offer and 43 our best effort to get the job finished within ten days. We also 44 them that if we failed, they would be no worse off, 45 they had plenty to gain if we succeeded.
“We got the job and immediately went into 46 . Working at night needed lights, so I rented a machine to produce electricity for the site. Our 47 challenge was to keep the rock mixture 48 enough. All the available water wagons (洒水车) were rented out for the airport construction, and we certainly couldn’t afford to buy a new one. 49 , I got a special 50 to rent fire engine hoses (消防水龙带) and connect them to nearby hydrants (消防栓); then I 51 held one of those hoses to 52 down the rock.
“Those ten days were filled with challenges that 53 one creative idea after another. Nine days later, the night before the airport opened, National Car Rental was the 54 company that had cars on the parking lot.
“The key to our success was having the 55 to take on any job and then being creative in our approach to getting it done.”

  36. A. kindness B. patience C. imagination D. experience

  37. A. construction B. repair C. control D. development

  38. A. after B. as C. for D. so

  39. A. while B. since C. where D. when

  40. A. Some B. Any C. No D. Every

  41. A. stating B. reporting C. telling D. warning

  42. A. able B. nervous C. afraid D. willing

  43. A. supported B. promised C. continued D. improved

  44. A. asked B. surprised C. reminded D. demanded

  45. A. though B. but C. as D. unless

  46. A. discussion B. action C. practice D. production

  47. A. next B. first C. past D. previous

  48. A. cold B. wet C. loose D. clean

  49. A. Naturally B. Obviously C. Meanwhile D. Instead

  50. A. excuse B. order C. permit D. reason

  51. A. exactly B. personally C. angrily D. hardly

  52. A. pull B. knock C. hit D. water

  53. A. required B. mixed C. followed D. formed

  54. A. best B. last C. second D. only

  55. A. courage B. interest C. hope D. chance
Su Hua is studying at Cambridge, UK. She has bought a bicycle and is worried about security (安全). Her friend, Kate, found this article and sent it to her.

A lot of crime is against bicycles. About 150,000 bicycles are stolen every year and most are never found. You can prevent this happening by following a few careful steps.
Basic Security
Do not leave your bicycle in out-of-the-way places. Always lock your bicycle when you leave. Secure it to lampposts or trees. Take off smaller parts and take them with you, for example lights and saddles (车座).
Get a good lock. There are many different types in the shops. Buy one that has been tested against attack. Ask for a recommendation from a bike shop.
Security marking your bike can act a deterrent to a thief. It can also help the police find your bicycle. It should be clearly written and include your postcode and your house or flat number. This will provide a simple way to identify your bicycle.
There are a number of companies who will security mark your bicycle for you. They will then put your registration number and personal details on their computer database. Then if your bicycle is found it will be easy to contact you.
Keep a record of the bicycle yourself: its make, model and registration number. You can even take a photograph of it. This will prove the bicycle belongs to you.

  56. Which part of the text gives you information on how to lock up your bicycle when you leave it?
A. Locks. B. Marking. C. Registration. D. Basic Security.

  57. The underlined phrase “act as a deterrent to a thief” means .
A. help you recognize your bike
B. help the police find your bicycle
C. stop someone stealing your bicycle
D. stop you worrying about your bike

  58. The article advises you to keep a record of your bicycle .
A. in the bike shop and your computer
B. in the police station and a security company
C. in a security company and your university
D. by yourself and in a security company

  59. The main purpose of this article is .
A. to tell you what to do if your bicycle is stolen
B. to suggest ways of keeping your bicycle safe
C. to give you advice on where to buy a good lock
D. to say why you shouldn’t keep your bicycle in a quiet place
Professor Barry Wellman of the University of Toronto in Canada has invented a term to describe the way many North Americans interact (互动) these days. The term is “networked individualism”. This concept is not easy to understand because the words seem to have opposite meanings. How can we be individuals (个体) and be networked at the same time? You need other people for networks.
Here is what Professor Wellman means. Before the invention of the Internet and e-mail, our social networks included live interactions with relatives, neighbors, and friends. Some of the interaction was by phone, but it was still voice to voice, person to person, in real time.
A recent research study by the Pew Internet and American Life Project showed that for a lot of people, electronic interaction through the computer has replaced this person-to- person interaction. However, a lot of people interviewed for the Pew study say that’s a good thing. Why?
In the past, many people were worried that the Internet isolated (孤立) us and caused us to spend too much time in the imaginary world of the computer. But the Pew study discovered that the opposite is true. The Internet connects us with more real people than expected ? helpful people who can give advice on careers, medical problems, raising children, and choosing a school or college. About 60 million Americans told Pew that the Internet plays an important role in helping them make major life decisions.
Thanks to the computer, we are able to be alone and together with other people ? at the same time!

  60. The underlined phrase “networked individualism” probably means that by using computers people .
A. stick to their own ways no matter what other people say
B. have the rights and freedom to do things of their own interest
C. do things in their own ways and express opinions different from other people
D. are able to keep to themselves but at the same time reach out to other people

  61. According to the Pew study, what do many people rely on to make major life decisions?
A. Networks. B. Friends. C. Phones. D. Parents.

  62. It can be inferred from the Pew study that .
A. people have been separated from each other by using computers
B. the Internet makes people waste a lot of time and feel very lonely
C. the Internet has become a tool for a new kind of social communication
D. a lot of people regard the person-to-person communication as a good thing

  63. Which would be the best title for this passage?
A. We’re Alone on the Internet.
B. We’re Communicating on the Internet.
C. We’re Alone Together on the Internet.
D. We’re in the Imaginary World of the Internet.

Experience the newly opened Grand Canyon (大峡谷) West Skywalk in Colorado. Departing from Grand Canyon’s South Rim by Airplane to Grand Canyon’s West Rim, you will land and take a ground tour to the Skywalk! Walk on air for 70 feet over the edge of Grand Canyon West.
This Skywalk has been open since March 28, 20
  07. Daily visitorship to the Skywalk has been over 4,000 people. Please be patient to enjoy your moment on the Skywalk.
After you have experienced the one and only Grand Canyon Skywalk Glass Bridge, you will return to the Grand Canyon West Airport and take your Airplane for a flight back to the South Rim of the Canyon. This is a tour never to be forgotten as you will have walked on air over the Grand Canyon.
Tour Itinerary (行程)
Tour Duration
  5.7 Hours The Grand Canyon Adventure Skywalk
Flight from Grand Canyon South Rim to Grand Canyon West 1 Hour Experience a bird’s-eye view of the Grand Canyon as you make your way to Grand Canyon West.
Light Lunch at Guano Point at Grand Canyon West 2 Hours You’ll be taken by bus to Guano Point with breathtaking views of the western part of the Grand Canyon where the Calorado River makes its way into Lake Mood. Every table for lunch has a view.
Walk on the World Famous Skywalk
  1.5 Hours Finally you’ll board your bus to Eagle Point, home of the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Now it is time for you to walk on air for 70 feet over the Grand Canyon.
Flight Back to Grand Canyon South Rim
  1.2 Hours After time on the Skywalk, you’ll return to the Grand Canyon West Airport and return to Grand Canyon South Rim in time for dinner and sunset.

  64. This advertisement is for .
A. Grand Canyon West B. Grand Canyon South
C. Grand Canyon D. the Skywalk

  65. The package fee does NOT cover the cost of .

  66. The Grand Canyon Skywalk Bridge is made of glass because .
A. it looks stranger B. it is cheaper to build
C. it looks more beautiful D. it gives you a better view

  67. According to the Tour Itinerary, the route is .
A. South Rim→Guano Point→West Airport→Eagle Point→West Airport→South Rim
B. South Rim→West Airport→Guano Point→Eagle Point→West Airport→South Rim
C. South Rim→West Airport→Eagle Point→Guano Point→West Airport→South Rim
D. South Rim→West Airport→Eagle Point→West Airport→Guano Point→South Rim
? Some scientists claim that we humans are the only living things that are conscious (有意识的) ? we alone are aware that we are thinking.
? No one knows how consciousness works ? it is one of science’s last great mysteries.
? All your thoughts take place in the cerebrum (大脑皮



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