ding [B]therefore
[C]plays [C]Providing [C]excess [C]moreover
[D]performs [D]Furnishing [D]external [D]meanwhile
1997 年
Passage 4 Manpower Inc, with 560,000 workers, is the world's largest temporary employment agency. Every morning, its people 41 into the offices and factories of America, seeking a day's work for a day's pay. One day at a time. 42 industrial giants like General Motors and IBM struggle to survive 43 reducing the number of employees, Manpower, based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is booming. 44 its economy continues to recover, the US is increasingly becoming a nation of part-timers and temporary workers. This "45" work force is the most important 46 in American business today, and it is 47 changing the relationship between people and their jobs. The phenomenon provides a way for companies to remain globally competitive 48 avoiding market cycles and the growing burdens 49 by employment rules, healthcare costs and pension plans. For workers it can mean an end to the security, benefits and sense of 50 that came from being a loyal employee.
  41.[A] swarm
  42.[A] For
  43.[A] from
  44.[A] Even though
  45.[A] durable
  46.[A] approach
  47.[A] instantly
  48.[A] but
  49.[A] imposed
  50.[A] excitement [B] stride [B] Because [B] in [B] Now that [B] disposable [B] flow [B] reversely [B] while [B] restricted [B] conviction [C] separate [C] As [C] on [C] If only [C] available [C] fashion [C] fundamentally [C] and [C] illustrated [C] enthusiasm [D] slip [D] Since [D] by [D] Provided that [D] transferable [D] trend [D] sufficiently [D] whereas [D] confined [D] importance
1998 年
Passage 5 Until recently most historians spoke very critically of the Industrial Revolution. They 41 that in the long run industrialization greatly raised the standard of living for the 42 man. But they insisted that its 43 results during the period from 1750 to 1850 were widespread poverty and misery for the 44 of the English population. 45 contrast, they saw in the preceding hundred years from 1650 to 1750, when England was still a 46 agricultural country, a period of great abundance and prosperity. This view, 47 . is generally thought to be wrong. Specialists 48 history and economics, have 49 two things: that the period from 1650 to 1750 was 50 by great poverty, and that industrialization certainly did not worsen and may have actually improved the conditions for the majority of the populace.
  41.[A] admitted [B] believed [C] claimed [D] predicted
  42.[A] plain [B] average [C] mean [D] normal
  43.[A] momentary [B] prompt [C] instant [D] immediate
  44.[A] bulk [B] host [C] gross [D] magnitude

  45.[A] on
  46.[A] broadly
  47.[A] however
  48.[A] at
  49.[A] manifested
  50.[A] noted
[B] With [B] thoroughly [B] meanwhile [B] in [B] approved [B] impressed
[C] For [C] generally [C] therefore [C] about [C] shown [C] labeled
[D] By [D] completely [D] moreover [D] for [D] speculated [D] marked
1999 年
Passage 6 Industrial safety does not just happen. Companies 41 low accident rates plan their safety programs, work hard to organize them, and continue working to keep them 42 and active. When the work is well done, a 43 of accident-free operations is established 44 time lost due to injuries is kept at a minimum. Successful safety programs may regulations. 47 45 greatly in the emphasis placed on certain aspects of the program. 46 rules or Some place great emphasis on mechanical guarding. Others stress safe work practices by used in every program if maximum results are to be obtained. There can be no question about the value of a safety program. From a financial standpoint alone, safety 48 . The fewer the injury 50 49 . the better the workman's insurance rate. This may mean the difference between operating at or at a loss. [B] in [B] vivid [B] climate [B] how [B] differ [B] aggravating [B] Many [B] turns up [B] reports [B] a benefit [C] on [C] mobile [C] circumstance [C]what [C] shift [C] observing [C] Even [C] pays off [C] declarations [C] an interest [D] with [D] diverse [D] requirement [D] unless [D] distinguish [D] justifying [D] still [D] holds up [D] proclamations [D] a profit
others depend on an emotional appeal to the worker. But, there are certain basic ideas that must be

  41.[A] at
  42.[A] alive
  43.[A] regulation
  44.[A] where
  45.[A] alter
  46.[A] constituting
  47.[A] some
  48.[A] comes off
  49.[A] claims
  50.[A] an advantage
2000 年
Passage 7 If a farmer wishes to succeed, he must try to keep a wide gap between his consumption and his production. He must store a large quantity of grain 41 consuming all his grain immediately. He can continue to support himself and his family 42 he produces a surplus. He must use this surplus in three ways: as seed for sowing, as an insurance 43 the unpredictable effects of bad weather and as a commodity which he must sell in order to 44 old agricultural implements and obtain chemical fertilizers to 45 the soil. He may also need money to construct irrigation 46 and improve his farm in other ways. If no surplus is .available, a farmer cannot be 47 .He must either sell some of his property or 48 extra funds in the form of loans. Naturally he will try to borrow money at a low 49 of interest, but loans of this kind are not 50 obtainable.
  41.[A] other than [B] as well as [C] instead of [D] more than

  42.[A] only of [B] much as [C] long before
  43.[A] for [B] against [C] of
  44.[A] replace [B] purchase [C] supplement
  45.[A] enhance [B] mix [C] feed
  46.[A] vessels [B] routes [C] paths
  47.[A] self-confident [B] self-sufficient [C] self-satisfied
  48.[A] search [B] save [C] offer
  49.[A] proportion [B] percentage [C] rate
  50.[A] genuinely [B] obviously [C] presumably [D] frequently
[D] ever since [D] towards [D] dispose [D] raise [D] channels [D] self-restrained [D] seek [D] ratio
2001 年
Passage 7 The government is to ban payments to witnesses by newspapers seeking to buy up people involved in prominent cases 31 the trial of Rosemary West. In a significant 32 of legal controls over the press, Lord Irvine, the Lord Chancellor, will introduce a 33 bill that will propose making payments to witnesses 34 and will strictly control the amount of 35 that can be given to a case 36 a trial begins. In a letter to Gerald Kaufman, chairman of the House of Commons media select committee, Lord Irvine said he 37 with a committee report this year which said that self-regulation did not 38 sufficient control. 39 of the letter came two days after Lord Irvine caused a 40 of media protest when he said the 41 of privacy controls contained in European legislation would be left to judges 42 to Parliament. The Lord Chancellor said introduction of the Human Rights Bill, which 43 the European Convention on Human Rights legally 44 in Britain, laid down that everybody was 45 to privacy and that public figures could go to court to protect themselves and their families. "Press freedoms will be in safe hands 46 our British judges," he said. Witness payments became an 47 after West sentenced to 10 life sentences in 19
  95. Up to 19 witnesses were 48 to have received payments for telling their stories to newspapers. Concerns were raised 49 witnesses might be encouraged to exaggerate their stories in court to 50 guilty verdict.
  31.[A] as to
  32.[A] tightening
  42.[A]better than
  44.[A] binding
  45.[A] authorized
  46.[A] with
  47.[A] impact
  48.[A] stated
  49.[A] what [B] for instance [B] intensifying [B] rough [B] illegal [B] penalty [B] if [B] shared [B] offer [B] Publication [B] rage [B] interoperation [B] other than [B] makes [B] convincing [B] credited [B] to [B] incident [B] remarked [B] when [C] in particular [C] focusing [C] preliminary [C] improbable [C] popularity [C] before [C] complied [C] manifest [C] Printing [C] flare [C] exhibition [C] rather than [C] sets [C] restraining [C] entitled [C] from [C] inference [C] said [C] which [D] such as [D] fastening [D] draft [D] improper [D] peculiarity [D] as [D] agreed [D] indicate [D] Exposure [D] flash [D] demonstration [D] sooner than [D] turns [D] sustaining [D] qualified [D] by [D] issue [D] told [D] that

  50.[A] assure
[B] confide
[C] ensure
[D] guarantee
2002 年
Passage 9 Comparisons were drawn between the development of television in the 20th century and the diffusion of printing in the 15th and 16th centuries. Yet much had happened book and in the pictures 27 24 21 . As was discussed before, it was not 23 22 the 19th 25 28 30 century that the newspaper became the dominant pre-electronic up, beginning with transport, the railway, and leading It is important to do so. It is generally recognized, media was not immediately 32 29 , that the introduction of the computer in the early 20th century, 31 by the invention of the integrated circuit during the 1960s,radically changed the process, became " personal" too, as well as They were thought of, like people, 36 . It was within the computer age that the term "information society" began to be widely used to describe the within which we now live. The communications revolution has feel both about place and time, but there have been implications. "Benefits" have been weighed difficult.
  21.[A] between
  22.[A] after
  23.[A] means
  24.[A] process
  25.[A] gathered
  26.[A] on
  27.[A] of
  28.[A] concept
  29.[A] indeed
  30.[A] brought
  31.[A] unless
  32.[A] apparent
  33.[A] institutional
  34.[A] ability
  35.[A] by means of
  36.[A] deeper
  37.[A] context
  38.[A] regarded
  39.[A] competitive
  40.[A] above [B] before [B] by [B] method [B] company [B] speeded [B] out [B] for [B] dimension [B] hence [B] followed [B] since [B] desirable [B] universal [B] capability [B] in terms of [B] fewer [B] range [B] impressed [B] controversial [B] upon [C] since [C] during [C] medium [C] light [C] worked [C] over [C] beyond [C] effect [C] however [C] stimulated [C] lest [C] negative [C] fundamental [C] capacity [C] with regard to [C] nearer [C] scope [C] influenced [C] distracting [C] against [D] later [D] until [D] measure [D] form [D] picked [D] off [D] into [D] perspective [D] therefore [D] characterized [D] although [D] plausible [D] instrumental [D] faculty [D] in line with [D] smaller [D] territory [D] effected [D] irrational [D] with 40 39 38 37 both work and leisure and how we think and 33 35 its impact on the 34 increasing. 26 , following in the wake of the pamphlet and the
of the periodical. It was during the same time that the communications revolution
through the telegraph, the telephone, radio, and motion
the 20th century world of the motor car and the airplane. Not everyone sees that process in
. As time went by, computers became smaller and more powerful, and they , with display becoming sharper and storage generations, with the distance between generations m u c h
views about its economic, political, social and cultural "harmful" outcomes. And generalizations have proved
2003 年
Passage 10 Teachers need to be aware of the emotional, intellectual, and physical changes that young adults experience. And they also need to give serious movement and the 25 23 21 to how they can best 22 such changes. Growing bodies need 24 they are adjusting to their 26 27 by others. to plan . but not just in ways that emphasize competition.
new bodies and a whole host of new intellectual and emotional challenges, teenagers are especially self-conscious and need that comes from achieving success and knowing that their accomplishments are 28 However, the typical teenage lifestyle is already filled with so much competition that it would be activities in which there are more winners than losers, book reviews, provide 30 29
. publishing newsletters with many student-written 31 dynamics. Making
student artwork, and sponsoring book discussion clubs. A variety of small clubs can 32 of some kind of organization
opportunities for leadership, as well as for practice in successful 33 35 38 40 visible in the background. 34 37
friends is extremely important to teenagers, and many shy students need the with a supportive adult should be organized irresponsibility. within their
  21. [A] thought
  22. [A] strengthen
  23. [A] care
  24. [A] if
  25. [A] assistance
  26. [A] claimed
  27. [A] improper
  28. [A] in effect
  29. [A] displaying
  30. [A] durable
  31. [A] group
  32. [A] consent
  33. [A] particularly
  34. [A] similar
  35. [A] if only
  36. [A] everything
  37. [A] off
  38. [A] on the contrary
  39. [A] making
  40. [A] capabilities In these activities, it is important to remember that young teens have without feeling guilty and without letting the other participants
attention spans. A variety of activities 36 else
participants can remain active as long as they want and then go on to they can help students acquire a sense of commitment by 39
. This does not mean that adults must accept for roles that are
and their attention spans and by having clearly stated rules. [B] ideal [B] accommodate [B] nutrition [B] although [B] guidance [B] admired [B] risky [B] as a result [B] describing [B] excessive [B] individual [B] insurance [B] barely [B] long [B] now that [B] anything [B] down [B] on the average [B] standing [B] responsibilities [C] opinion [C] stimulate [C] exercise [C] whereas [C] confidence [C] ignored [C] fair [C] for example [C] creating [C] surplus [C] personnel [C] admission [C] definitely [C] different [C] so that [C] nothing [C] out [C] on the whole [C] planning [C] proficiency [D] advice [D] enhance [D] leisure [D] b


【2009】新东方 考研英语 冲刺班 翻译 唐静 讲义

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   轻松记单词的 50 个记忆口诀 1.马戏团的鹦鹉 马戏团的鹦鹉 年纪) 语言) 经营) 它一岁的 age(年纪 会说人的 language(语言 头脑很懂 manage(经营 年纪 语言 经营 薪水) 笼子) 要求增加 wage(薪水 惹得老板 rage(发怒 ) 把它关进 cage(笼子 薪水 发怒 笼子 2.败家女的生活 败家女的生活 懒惰的) 舒适的) 疯狂的) 天生就很 lazy(懒惰的 生活就爱 cozy(舒适的 上街血拼 crazy(疯狂的 懒惰的 舒适的 疯狂的 不安的) 头晕 ...

八年级英语上册 Unit 4单元测试 人教新目标版

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