2007 学年高一英语期中测试卷 学年高一
一,单项选择题(每小题 1 分,共 15 分)
  1. You'd beter your score and see if you have passed the exam. A. add up to A. cheat B. add to B. cheating C. add up C. to cheat B. in order that D. in order to B. what was the matter D. what is the matter B. how excited she was D. she was how excited C. makes C. even though C. both of whom B. in short D. first of all B. lose his neart C. lost mind D. lost his mind D. gets D. even like D. all of whom D. add D. cheat to
  2. He was caught in the exam.
  3. The old man put on his glasses see better. A. for the purpose of C. so as A. what the matter was C. what the matter is A. how she was excited C. how excited was she A. plays A. even if A. two of them B. takes B. as if B. both of them

  4. Mother asked the youngest kid with his toy car.

  5. You can never know when she received our nice birthday presents.

  6. The role TV in our everyday life is very important.
  7. He looked here and there on the floor he had lost something.
  8. He has two sons, work as teachers.
  9. No one believed it, but , Mary did an A on her book report. A. as a matter of fact C. above al A. lose heart

  10. Whatever difficulty he may have, he will never .
  11. It's really an exciting game? Why not us? A. take part in B. join in C. join D. attend

  12. The most important thing is we should notice is the second thing I have said. A. which; that declared he was guilty. A. held; the A. which A. two thousands C. hundred of B. tried; / B. when C. sentenced; / C. whose D. charged; the D. that
  14. We are living in an age many things are done on computers.
  15. Workers built shelters for survivors whose homes had been destroyed. B. tens of thousands of D. hundred of thousand of B. that; that C. which; which D. that; which
  13. The prisoner would be to three years in prison if the court
二,完形填空(每小题 1 分,共 15 分) I shall never forget the day when the earthquake took place. The time was 5:15 in the afternoon and I was driving along the road to __16__ my daughter from school. Our plan was to go __17__ together. I had finished work at about 4 o'clock and then __18__ to the post office. Then I stopped __19__ at a shop in order to get some fresh fruit. We like to have some fruit to eat after our swim. I was driving along a high road on my way to the school. Over my road was another way for cars coming the other way. I was hungry so I put the bag of apples in the seat _20 me and started to eat one. Suddenly I saw the cars in front of me start to move from side to side. I slowed down. Then __21__ started to shake. I didn't know what was happening. __22__ something had gone wrong with my car. I drove __23__ slower. I stopped the car and at the same moment the road fell onto the cars in front of me. I found myself in the dark. I couldn't move. The bottom parts of both my legs and my __24__ were hurting badly and I couldn't move them. All around me was quiet. But below me I could hear shouts and a lot of noise. Then I _25 what had happened. I had been in an earthquake. For about two hours nobody came. Luckily I could __26__ the bag of apples, so at least I had plenty to eat. Then I heard people climbing towards me. A team of people had come to see if any one was under the broken__27__. I called out "I'm here!" I heard a
shout. Soon a stranger climbed to the side of the bridge near my car, "How are you doing?" he asked. "Not too bad," I said, "but my feet and legs __28__ as if they're broken." "We'll have you out of there just as __29__ as we can," he said. They didn't get me out _30 the next morning. I had been in my car for 14 hours.
  16. A. take
  17. A. swimming
  18. A. arrived
  19. A. off
  20. A. before
  21. A. my car
  22. A. Perhaps
  23. A. many
  24. A. feet
  25. A. was told
  26. A. see
  27. A. railway
  28. A. feel
  29. A. fast
  30. A. on B. bring B. shopping B. came B. away B. below B. my hands B. Surely B. more B. arms B. found out B. hold B. road B. look B. easy B. to C. get C. climbing C. got C. over C. beside C. my feet C. Suddenly C. even C. hands C. discovered C. catch C. car C. seem C. soon C. until A Mr Chen living next door to us has a habit of drinking. The best present to him, of course, is wine. Now his eldest son brought him a bottle of Mao Tai. He was glad and drank it up, then wrote "105" on the corner of the trademark(商标) with a pencil, meaning he had already drunk 105 bottles of the famous wine. Two days later, a stranger came and offered to pay 5 yuan for the empty Mao Tai bottle. Mr Chen was pleased and sold it. Several days later, his second son brought him another bottle of Mao Tai. While he was examining and enjoying it, he suddenly found "105" ??the very mark(记号)on it.
  31. The story is mainly about .
D. send D. skating D. gone D. here D. behind D. the road D. Quickly D. a little D. fingers D. remembered D. reach D. trees D. appear D. possible D. after
三,阅读理解(每小题 2 分,共 32 分)
A. two sons of Chen's C. Mr Chen's habit
B. the best wine D. an empty bottle of Mao Tai

  32. Mr. Chen sold his empty Mao Tai bottle because . A. he had already drunk the Mao Tai up B. he knew his second son would bring him another C. the price offered was high enough D. he hoped the bottle could be used again
  33. When examining and enjoying the wine sent by his second son, Mr Chen found that . A. the wine was mixed with water B. the wine was nice C. the wine had exceeded(超过)the time limit D. his second son had been cheated
  34. According to the story, who should learn a lesson? A. The stranger C. Mr Chen's eldest son D. No one B People like to talk about "first". They like to remember their first love or their first car. But not all firsts are happy ones. Few people enjoy the firsts that are bad. One of history's bad but important firsts was the first car accident. Cars were still young when it happened. It took place in New York in May, 18
  96. A man from Massachusetts was visiting the city in his new car. At that time, bisycle riders were still trying to get used to the new set of wheels on the road. No one was sure who was at fault (过错)Anyway, a bike and the car collided 相撞) The man on the bike was hurt. The . ( . driver of the car had to stay in prison and wait for the hospital report on the bike rider. It was lucky that the bike rider was not killed. Three years later, another car accident took place. It was again in New York City. A man named Henry Bliss got off a street. He was hit by a passing car. Again, no one was sure just how it happened or who was at fault. The driver of the car was put in prison. Poor Mr. Bliss became the first person to die in the accident.
  35. The article mainly tells us .
B. Mr Chen and his second son
A. to be more careful while crossing the street B. the first man killed in the car accident C. that not all firsts are happy firsts D. that driving cars are dangerous
  36. When the first car accident happened, . A. the car had had a long history B. the bike had had a short history C. there were too many cars in the street D. no one could ride the bicycles very well
  37. After the first car accident the driver was . A. laughed at C. sentenced to death A. a car hit a man on the bike C. a car hie another car B. killed D. sent to prison for a while B. a car hit a bike D. no one was sure who was at fault C Paul and I live in the same building. His room is on the sixth floor but mine is on the fifth. He's very careless and sometimes he gets into trouble. Last Friday afternoon the young man and his friends went to spend the weekend on a wild island. They could swim, fish, play the guitar and sleep in the quiet place at night. They enjoyed themsleves there. On the third morning they decided to get back to the land. But their boat hit a rock and soon went down. With the villagers' help, they swam to the bank. Luckily none of them was hurt. They took a taxi and half an hour later they arrived at our town, but it was two in the night. The young man was hungry and thirsty. He wished to get home as soon as possible. Something was wrong with the lift, so he had to go up the stairs. He stopped by my door and brought out a key. Of course he could not open the door. Half an hour passed but he failed. He became angry and shouted, "I'll cut you down with a knife!" The noise woke me up and I opened the door. I understood at once what was happening and said, "You're trying to open a wrong door, Paul!" "Sorry, I can't agree with you, Charlie!" said the young man, "It's my room,. You're

  38. The same point of the two accidents is
entered it by mistake!"
  39. Paul and his friends enjoyed themselves on the island because . A. it was very quiet there C. they could forget all the trouble A. it wasn't his room C. he didn't find the keyhole A. help Paul C. see what happened outside
  42. Which of the following is wrong? A. Paul thought he did right. B. Paul din't know where he lived. C. Paul stopped by a door on the fifth floor. D. Paul thought he had reached the sixth floor. D Arriving in New York There are three airports in New York. When you arrive at one of them, you can take a bus or a taxi to any place in New York. Eating out There are many kinds of food in New York. And you shouldn't eat at mcDonald's every day. There are good restaurants in Little Italy and Chinatown, for example. Hotels There are lots of good hotels in New York. The best is the plaza on the 5th Avenus, but you don't have to spend a lot in the city. There are lots of smaller hotels and the YMCA near the Central Park in great for young people. Public Transport In New York, there's a good bus and subway service. If you are planning to use the subway a lot, you should buy a subway ticket for the journey because it's cheaper. But you don't have to use the public transport ?there are lots of places you can go to on foot, such as the Empire State Building, the 5th Avenue and the Certral Park. New York taxis
B. there were many fish there D. they could do what they wanted B. he oculdn't find the right key D. he was too hungry to do it B. stop Paul making the noise D. call the police station

  40. Paul couldn't open the door because .

  41. Charlie opened the door to .
are a part of the city experience, so you should take at least one taxi during your visit! Places to see There are lots of places to see in New York ?the Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, and so on. You shouldn't go home without climbing the State of Liberty to enjoy the scenery of the city. Shopping Shopping in New York is fun. There are big shops on the 5th Avenue. They are open seven days a week. But be careful when you look at the prices: you have to pay a special 8% tax(税) on everything you buy in New York.
  43. How many kinds of public transport are mentioned in the passage? A. Two. A. $
  08. B. Three. B. $
  80. C. Four. C. $
  18. D. Five. D. $
  44. How much do you have to pay if you buy a book of $ 10 in New York?
  45. When you visit New York, you should . A. do as much shopping as possible B. stay at the best hotel ?the Plaza B. take a taxi whenever you go out D. try Italian or Chinese food

  46. From the passage, we can learn that . A. you should take a bus to travel because it's much cheaper B. New York is not a good place for shopping, fir things are expensive C. people can visit many places of interest in New York on foot D. You're not allowed to go home without climbing the Statue of Liberty 四,单词拼写[根据首要字母填空](每小题 1 分,共 8 分)
  47. He was u when he heard the bad news.
  48. Although many Americams move a lot they still r and understand each other's dialects.
  49. In America a flat is called an a.
  50. Judging from his a, he must be an Australian.
  51. Farther is thankfuk to me for p him to give up Smoking.
  52. He g from Qinghua Vniversity last year.
  53. The f girl was speechless after she saw the terrible scene.
  54. She takes an a part in local politics.
五,根据汉语意思补充句子(每空 1 分,共 15 分) 55,她关心儿子的将来. She her son't future. 56,是我姐姐想出骑自行车沿着河流走的. my sister thought of cycling along the river. to do something, she must do it well. when you are ? 57,一旦她下决心做了,她就一定能做好. Once she 58,遇到麻烦时,你容易丧失信心吗? Do you easily He has
六,书面表达(共 15 分) 根据下列提示,以 An earthquake in China 为题写一篇 100~120 词的短文. 1,1976 年 7 月 28 日深夜,人们正在睡觉,随着一声巨响,成千上万的房屋倒埸,水电被 切断,全城到处是大火和浓烟,几乎全城被毁,75 万人丧生,许多人受伤,还有许多人无家可 归. 2,全国各地的人民全力帮助唐山人民重建家园. 3,今日的唐山比以前更美好.
59,他已经上台十年了,下个月就要离开了. and he will leave office next month.
2007 学年高一英语期中答题卷 学年高一英语期中答题 答题卷
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二,完形填空(每小题 1



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