English Qualification Examination Paper For the 2008 Postgraduates of Henan Province (Dec. 27, 20
参考答案 Part I Listening Section A: Section B:
  1. B
  6. B
  9. D
  2. B
  7. C
  3. A
  8. A
  4. A
  5. C

  10. D
  11. A
  14. B 15 A
  3. happier
  4. effect

  12. C
  13. D Section C:
  1. a great deal
  5. character
  8. performances

  2. affect

  6. in one’s dreams
  9. aggressive

  7. wake up
  10. control
Part II. Reading Passage
  16. D
  17. C
  18. B
  19. B
  20.D Passage
  21. B
  22. D
  23. C
  24. A
  25. C Passage
  26. D
  27. D
  28. D
  29. D
  30.C Passage
  31. D
  32. C
  34. B
  35.C Part III. Translation Section A: Translation from English to Chinese 让我们抵制重走老路的诱惑, 避免重新回到令美国政治长期深受毒害的党派纷争和由此 引发的遗憾和不成熟表现。 让我们牢记, 正是伊利诺伊州的一名男子首次将共和党的大旗扛 到了白宫。共和党是建立在自强自立、个人自由以及全民团结的价值观上,这也是我们所有 人都珍视的价值。 虽然民主党今大晚上赢得了巨大的胜利, 但我们是以谦卑的态度和弥合阻 碍我们进步的分歧的决心赢得这场胜利的。
因此,让我们发扬新的爱国精神,树立新的服务意识和责任感,让我们每个人下定决心 全情投入、更加努力地工作,并彼此关爱。在这个国家,我们患难与共。 Section B: Translation from Chinese to English Teachers should provide students with a key to the treasure house of knowledge, not to turn their brains into mere receptacles. Teachers' work is to prompt students to think for themselves and to get hold of knowledge through their own practice or experiment. More importantly, teacher should encourage their students to thrash out problems, to come up with contradictory opinions and to draw conclusions of their own after discussions. In a word, education orientates a person from ignorance to intelligence, from stupidity to wisdom, from barbarity to civility.
Section A:
  1. Mini-talks M: Linda, do you need any help with your luggage? I don’t have to work tomorrow, and I can drive you there if you need. W: No, thanks. I’ll just bring one carry-on and my backpack. And you should go to the gym to have a workout. Q: Where is the woman probably going tomorrow?
  2. W: I can’t decide whether to buy a new car or try to find a second-hand one.? M: If you buy a new one, you’ll probably save money in the long run.? Q: What does the man suggest to the woman?
  3. W: I just bought this coat at a sale. I paid only $240 for it. How do you like it? M: It’s very nice, but my wife bought the same thing for just half the price. Q: How much did the man’s wife pay for her coat?
  4. W: Could we drop by the lab for a minute? I have some experiments running that I need to check on before dinner. M: Sure. I have plenty of time. I’d be interested to see what you’re working on, anyway. Q: What will they do?
  5. W: How do you find your new apartment? M: Well, it’s quite nice really, although I have a hard time getting used to living in a big place. Q: What is the man’s problem? Section B: Passage 1 Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome. I’ m sure we have all heard the expression, “Think Green.” Tonight we are going to talk about ways that we can “Act Green” in our everyday life.? The best place to start, of course, is in the home. Every day, people all over the world are hurting the environment without even knowing it. For example, busy families buy paper napkins and plastic food wrap at the supermarket. This helps them save time on housework, but after these things have been used, what happens to them? They go into the garbage heap. In many places, especially in North America, big cities are running out of places to throw their package. What can we do about it? How can we cut down on garbage? Well, we can start using cloth napkins and cloth towels Passages
instead of paper towels. When we go grocery shopping, we can choose products that are not “over packaged.” For example, last week I bought a package of cookies. The cookies were in a bag. There was a plastic tray inside the bag, and then each cookie was in its own little package on the tray in the bag! That’s over-packaging! We should also take our own bags to the grocery store to carry things in. Questions 6 to 8 are based on the passage you have just heard.
  6. What is the passage mainly about?
  7. What’s the effect of paper napkins and plastic food wrap?
  8. What does the speaker suggest we should do? Passage Two? ? Movies are the most popular form of entertainment for millions of Americans. They go to the movies to escape their normal everyday existence and to experience a life more exciting than their own. They may choose to see a particular film because they like the actors or because they’ve heard the film has a good story. But the main reason why people go to the movies is to escape. They become involved in the lives of the characters in the movie, and for two hours, they forget all about their own problems. They are in a dream world where things often appear to be more romantic and beautiful than in real life. The biggest “dream factories” are in Hollywood, the capital of the film industry. Each year, Hollywood studios make hundreds of movies that are shown all over the world. American movies are popular because they tell interesting stories and they are well-made. They provide the public with heroes who do things the average person would like to do but often can’t. People have to cope with many problems and frustrations in real life, so they feel encouraged when they see the “good guys” win in the movies. Questions 9 to 11 are based on the passage you have just heard.
  9. What’s the main reason for Americans to go to the movies?
  10. How do people usually respond when they are watching movies?
  11. Why are American movies so popular? Passage 3 Doctors have known for a long time that extremely loud noises can cause hearing damage or loss. The noise can be the sound of a jet airplane or machines in factories or loud music or other common sounds found at home and at work. A person only needs to hear the noise for little more than one second to be affected. An American scientist has found that using aspirin can increase the temporary hearing loss or damage from loud noise. He did an experiment using a number of male students at a university, who all had normal hearing. He gave them different amounts of aspirin for different periods of time. He had them listen to loud noise for a couple of seconds, then, he tested their hearing ability. He found that students who were given four grams of aspirin a day for two days suffered much greater temporary hearing loss than those who did not use aspirin. The hearing loss was about two times as great. The scientist said millions of persons in the United States use much larger amounts of aspirin than were used in the study. He said these persons face a serious danger of suffering hearing loss from loud noise. Questions 12-15 are based on the passage you have just heard.

  12. What have doctors already known about extremely loud noise?
  13. What does the passage mainly tell us?
  14. What was one of the things the scientist did to all the students during the experiment?
  15. What can be inferred from the scientist’s experiment? Section C: Spot Dictation In the past 20 years, scientists have learnt(S
  1) a great deal about sleep and dreams. They have discovered, for example, that sleep and dreams (S
  2) affect the way people feel. A good night sleep, generally, makes a person (S
  3) happier in the morning. Dreams also have a strong (S
  4) effect on the moods of people. However, who appears in a dream is more important than what happens.? Every person has a special dream (S
  5) character. If the special character appears in dreams, people are happier after sleeping. If there are many people (S
  6) in one’s dreams, this has a good effect. A person will (S
  7) wake up happier.? The moods of people affect their (S
  8) performances throughout the day. The level of one’s moods rises and falls during the day. The less sleepy the people are, the better they perform, and usually they are more friendly, more (S
  9) aggressive, and more clear thinking.? Some day scientists hope to manipulate sleep in order to (S
  10) control the way people feel and perform.?


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