2008 高考英语复习要点 Unit3-4 B 错误!未找到引用源。 Going Places & Unforgettbale Experiences
本节课计划用 4 节课完成。
语音 拼 写

  1. means n. 方法;途径
  10. effect n. 效果
  19. publish v. 出版

  2. experience n. 经验

  3. equipment n. 设备

  4. successful adj. 成功的
  13. advance v. 前进
  18. destroy v. 毁掉

  5. protect v. 保护
  6. handle v. 处理
  7. consider v. 考虑
  8. benefit n. 利益
  9. particular adj. 特别的
  11. combine v. 合并
  12. unforgettable adj. 不会忘记的
  17. strike v. 敲打
  14. seize v. 抓住
  15. struggle v. 奋斗
  16. fear v. & n. 害怕
  20. naughty adj. 调皮的

语 词

  1.by this means 用此手段
  2. get away from 逃离
  3.on vocation/holiday 度假
  4. watch out 注意,当心
  5. protect sb./sth. from 保护、保卫某人/某物
  6.return to normal 恢复正常
  7. much to one's excitement 令某人非常激动的是
  8.see sb. off 为某人送行
  10. as well as 也、还、而且
  9.on the other hand 另一方面
  11.pull sb. up 把某人往上拽
  12.take place 发生
  14. fight for freedom 为自由而战
  13. get on one's feet 站起来
  15. shake one's hand 摇头
  16.go through 通过、经受、仔细检查
  17. year after year 年复一年 18cut down 砍到
  1. consider v.考虑、认为

consider sth./doing sth. 考虑(做)某事 consider sb./sth .as .../to be .../to have done ...认为某人/物。。。;认为某人做了 。。。 consider +n.+adj. 认为。。。 。。。 consider that-clause 认为。。。 。。。 consider +it+adj.+to do/that-clause considering ...鉴于/考虑到....... take sthinto consideration 考虑某事 All things considered (分词的独立主格结构,一般在句中作状语,用于概括和 总结,相当于 considering everthing /all things,taking everthing /all things into consideration 或 everthing /all things taken into consideration) He does well ,considering(that)he is so young . 鉴于他如此年轻,他可算是表现好。

  2.means n.方式、方法(单复数形式相同)
by ...means 用。。。 。。。方式/方法 =in a ...way /manner 用。。方式 。 =with a ...method 用。。方法 。 by means of =by 借用、使用 by all means 一定、务必
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by no means 决不、并没有(放于句首要倒装)
  3.protect vt.保护 protect sb./sth.from /against 使......免受......(损害) under the protection of 在.......的保护下 拓展比较 defend ...from /against ..保卫......免于...... guard ....from /against ...保护......免于 prevent/stop sb. (from)doing sth .=keep sb. From doing sth.阻止某人做某事 keep sb. Doing sth. 使某人不停的做某事
  4.watch v.& n.观看、注视 watch out 当心,注意(单独使用) =look out /take care /be careful watch out for 当心、小心(接宾语) ,watch out of 朝......外面看 keep watch for 等待、等候 , keep a close watch on 密切注意 watch it 当心、小心 ,Watch over 照看、 be on the watch for 小心警戒 拓展比较 keep an eye on 留意、监视、照看 keep one's eyes open for 留意、警惕
  5.normal n. & adj.正常(的) a normal university 师范大学 above /below normal 高于/低于常态 get sth.back to normal 使.......恢复正常 normal body temperature 正常体温
  6.off adv.& prep.脱离、离开 see sb. off =send sb. off 为某人送行 fall off 跌落 ,cut off 切断(电源;道路等) ;打断(谈话) go off 变质、爆炸、突然发出声音; (暖气等)失灵 take off (飞机)起飞;脱下(衣服等) ;流行;成功 拓展比较 see sb. Out 送某人到门口 show sb. Around 带某人参观.......
  7.well adj. & adv.好 as well 也(用于肯定句,放句尾) =also ;too ;neither (用于否定式) may /might as well 还是......好 as well as 而且;既.......也....(强调前者) =not only... but also...(强调后者) as well (adj.) as 身体一样好
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as (adv.) as 做的一样好
  8.strike vt.& n.打;击;敲;罢工 strike sb./sth. 击打(突然的一次性打击) strike a match 擦火柴 strike twelve 敲响 12 点钟 。 It strike sb.that ...突然想起。。 be struck by 被......所打动;被......所迷住 go on a strike 罢工 拓展比较 hit sb./sth.打中;击中 beat sb. /sth. (连续)击打 beat sb. In the match 比赛中打败某人 knock at /on the door 敲门 knock down 撞到、拆除
  9.fun n.有趣的事(不可数) have fun 痛快的玩 for fun =for pleasure 闹着玩儿的 make fun of =laugh at 取笑...... 拓展比较 play a joke on sb. 开某人的玩笑 put on a funny play 上演滑稽剧 play a trick on sb. 捉弄某人
  10.fight v. & n.战斗
fight for 为....而战 fight with 和.......一起战斗;与.... 作战 fight against 与.......作战 fight a battle against 打一场反对....的战役 fight over =argue over 为.......而争吵 拓展比较 struggle with /against 与.......作斗争 struggle for 为.......而奋斗 struggle to do sth. 努力做某事
  11.feet n(foot 的复数形式)脚;英尺 get on one's feet 站住脚;站起来 struggle to one's feet 挣扎着站起来 rise to one's feet 站起;起身 jump to one's feet 跳起来 take to one's feet 走开 bring someone to one's feet 扶起某人 go home on foot 步行回家 at the foot of 在.......脚下/末尾
  12.instead adv. 代替 Take one's class instead 替某人上课 instead of =in place of =take the place of 代替
  13.used to do sth.过去常常做某事(现在不再做了) would do sth (现在可能还在做某事) be used to do sth. 被用来做某事 be /get used to (doing )sth. 习惯于做某事=be in the habit of put ...to use =make use of 使用、利用 in use 在使用者
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be of use to sb.=be useful to sb. 对某人有用 It is no use doing 做........是没用的
  14.go through 的用法 go through 通过、穿过、经历或遭受(困难等) ;仔细检查;浏览,翻阅 go through with 完成;把.......进行到底 see through 看穿 ; 看透 be through with 完成 all through 一直;始终
  1.Hiking is easy to do and doesn't have to be very expensive . Be +adj. +to 不定式(主动形式) ,形容词常为 easy difficult ,hard ,fit ,pleasant , 等。例如; English is easy to learn .
  2.As with hiking ,you should always think about your safety . as with =as is the case with 正如......一样 as with =as to =as for 至于
  3.Flora heard somebody shouting .she looked around and see jeff running . 感官动词 see,hear,watch ,feel ,notice ,observe 及使易动词 let, make, have 后接复 合宾语时,其中的宾语补足语通常有三种形式 n; (
  1)用不带 to 的不定式(let 和 have 一般不用于被动语态,其他动词用于被 动语态时,不定式前必须带 to ) (
  2)用现在分词做宾补,表示宾语正在进行的动作。 (
  4.Before she could move ,she heard a loud noise 还没来得及动身,她就听到了很大的噪音。 Before+时间状语从句,意为“在........之前;还没来得及。" It was (not) long before +一般过去时。意为“才,就” It will (not) be long before +一般现在时。意为“才,就” It is /has been 3years since +一般过去时。意为“有多久了” 如:it wasn't long before he came here .他没过多久就回来了。 It will be two months before she came back .
  5......and ot was fun to see the monkey eat from his hand . 用 it 作形式主语的句型: It is...+不定式/v.-ing/从句 It is +said /reported/suggested/believed+that clause It seems /appears +that clause It makes no difference +clause ,.......没有影响 It+matters /happens +clause 名词的用法(重点是同义词辨析)

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