2008 届高考英语二轮专项复习单项选择题及详解 6

  1.Not until Dec. 2003 caught by the US soldiers, and it was a great victory for the USA. A. was Saddam Hussein B. Saddam Hussein was D. Saddam Hussein had been
C. had Saddam Hussein been 选 A.
选 A. not until 位于句首时,句子要部分倒装.而时间状语 Dec. 2003 暗示了要用一般过去时,故此只能

  2. Be careful with such things. If you , you'll drop them. A. don't B. aren't C. won't D. do 选 B.本题考查学生运用省略语法的做题能力. 完整的句子为:If you aren't (careful),you'll drop them. 另外,条件状语从句用现在时表将来,所以排除了 won't.
  3. ? Excuse me! ? ? How can I get to the nearest post office? A. Yes? C. What's wrong? B. That's OK. D. Pardon?
选 A.由于 Excuse me 没有说明具体事情,所以就被反问"Yes?" "什么事?"
  4. a fine day, Shenzhou VI will be launched on time according to its planned time. A. Being B. It being C. To be D. It is 选 B.本题考查独立主格结构.前一分句和后一分句在逻辑上存在因果关系,可以排除答案 D.因为前面 的分词的逻辑主语不可能是后面一个分句的逻辑主语,故前一分句要有一个逻辑主语 it 表示天气.
  5. What's the chief of the world this year? I think the Twin- Tower was destroyed. A. business B. matter C. event D. affair 选 C. event 表示比较重要的事件;business 表示一般性的事物,如经营方面的事情或生意等,也可以构 成一定的短语,如 on business, get down to business 等.matter 指一般的需要解决的事情;affair 指重大的国 际,国内事物,经常用复数.
  6. It is waste of time for young men to devote themselves to playing computer games on Internet only for pleasure. A. /; the; / B. the; the; / C. a; the; a D. a; the; / 选 D.前面 a waste of time/money…"为固定短语;中间为 on the Internet,表示特指; 后面为 for pleasure=for fun,为固定短语.
  7. He said, " a long way to school. a long way to go yet before we arrive." A. It is; There is B. There is ; it is C. It is; It is D. There is; There is 选 A.第一空 it 指距离, 第二空 there be 表示在 "存在" .
  8. It will be five years we meet again. A. since B. after C. before D. when 选 C. 该题意为 " 要过五年我们才能再见面" .如果选 A, since 从句中常用动词的过去式,这是个终止动 词表延续的句型.本句句型是 " It will be +时间段+before" 从句. 意为 " 要过多久才…." .
  9. ? Did you scold him for his mistake? ? Yes, but it. A. I'd rather not do B. I'd better not do C. I'd rather not have done D. I'd better have not done
选 C.would rather 接完成式表示对已发生的事情感到自责,具有虚拟的语气,其否定式在 rather 后加 not.
  10. He often keeps English , A. week; tidily B. weekly; orderly C. the week; tidy D. weeks; friendly 选 B.English weekly 指《英语周报》 ,其中 weekly 为名词;keep 意思是"使……处于某种状态" ,故此应 该使用形容词作宾补,结合句意,应该是"他的《英语周报》报纸经常保存的井井有条" .
  11. Thank you for A. having; helping C. taking; to help the trouble B. taking; helping D. having; to help me with the work.
选 C.take the trouble to do 意思是"不辞辛苦地做" .
  12. You may depend A. that C. on it that it won't happen again. B. on that D. on it
选 C.depend on 意思是"依靠" 形式宾语指代后面的 that 从句. ,it
  13. The picture of the park our class. A. called up C. turned up B. reminded D. came up memories of our class's trip last year, when Mr. Smith began to take charge of
选 A.call up 唤起对……的回忆;remind 的用法是 remind sb. of sth..
  14. I suggest that that we should take part in more such activities in future A. which B. as C. that D. than 选 B.当先行词被 such 修饰时,关系代词用 as.
  15. He is as a leader but he hasn't in teaching. we did yesterday.
A. success; many experiences B. a success; much experience C. great success; an experience D. a great success; a lot of experiences 选 B. 抽象名词具体化, 表示具有某种特征的人或事物, 可用作可数名词. She is a success in business but 如: a failure in marriage (她在事业上是个成功者,但在婚姻上是个失败者);experience 作为"经验"解,为不可 数名词.
  16.When he realized the police had seen him, the man A. made up C. made out B. made for D. made off the exit as quickly as possible.
选 B.make for…表示"向某地走去" ;make off 后常接介词,表示"从……跑掉" ;make out 有"看出; 理解;开(收据等);进展;装出"等含义;make up 有"编造;和解;弥补;化装;构成"等含义.
  17. ?What should we pay more attention to if we go north in winter, Mum? ?Nothing much. Take warm clothes the weather is cold. A. as long as C. if B. now that D. in case
选 D.本题主要考查连接词的意义及对句子间的意义,关系的理解.as long as 意思是"只要" ,表示条件; now that 意思是"既然;由于" ,表示原因;if 意思是"如果" ,表示条件;in care 意思是"以防,万一; 免得" ,表示条件.根据句子间的意义及关系可知本题的正确答案选 D.
  18. In the power plant more than of the workers are out strike. 选 A.twelve 的序数词形式为 twelfth;分数表达法中的分子大于 1 时,分母用复数,on strike = 在罢工.

  19. I remember A. when B. how
the factory owed a small workshop and two machines. C. whether D. what
选 A.该题考查 when 引导的宾语从句.句意为"我记得曾经这个工厂只有一个小车间和两台机器" ,只有 when 指时间.
  20. ?I would like to buy an expensive camera. ?Well, we have several models A. to choose from C. to be chosen B. to choose D. for choice .
选 A.B,C 有较大干扰性.根据上文"buy an expensive camera" ,可以得知服务员在此让"我"从 several models 中选一款.to choose from 在此意为 to choose one from several models.本句中 to choose from 似乎没 有逻辑主句,然而本句相当于 We have several models for you to choose from.
  1. In America, car is popular means of transportation. A. the; a B. a; the C. the; the D. the; / 选 A.本题考查冠词用法. 可数名词 car 前加定冠词表示类指;means 意思是"方式;方法"单复数同形.
  2. ?How long have you been in this office? ?Just a few minutes. My cousins A. have walked C. walked B. had walked D. have been walking here together with me.
选 C.本题主要考查动词时态交际中的应用.根据 here together with me 可知,是表弟来里的行为发生在过 去某一时间,因此本题的正确答案选 C.
  3. Every boy and every girl pleased when they saw Shenzhou VI was sent up to space. A. is B. was C. are D. were 选 B.由 and 连接的并列单数主语前如果分别有 each, every, no 等修饰,谓语动词用单数形式.
  4. I thought no use talking with him. was a waste of time. A. there…There C. there…It B. it…It D. it…There
选 B.前空 it 作形式宾语,后空 it 指"与他交谈"这回事.
  5. If you don't study hard, you'll regret, you? A. won't B. don't C. will D. do 选 A.由主句 you'll regret 确定.
  6. ?I'm thinking of losing weight these days. ?Oh, you A. will be out of your mind. You're 50 kilograms at the most! B. should C. may D. must
选 D.本题考查情态动词的用法.由下句 "you're 50 kilograms at the most"可以推断出来,由此可知, "你 还减肥,你肯定是(must be)疯了. "
  7. makes our school proud is more than 80% of the students have been admitted to key universities. A. What…because C. That…what B. What…that D. That…because
选 B.主语从句缺主语用 what;表语从句句意完整用 that.
  8. There is a cup on the table. A. nice new big plastic C. nice big new plastic B. new plastic big nice D. new nice plastic big
选 C.本题考查形容词排列顺序:描绘性形容词→大小→新旧→材料
  9. Yang Liwei spent the whole evening talking about the things and persons none of us has ever heard of
in CCTV station. A. which B. who C. whom D. that 选 D. 当先行词同时出现人和物时,只能用 that 指代.
  10. In the traffic accident, his father came close to A. be killed C. kill B. being killed D. killing .
选 B.come close to 意为"几乎,差不多" ,后面接动词的-ing 形式,根据题意应用其被动形式.
  11. In the school where I study English . A. is there C. is taught B. has no good teachers D. is the most beautiful
选 C.in the school where I study 是地点状语,English is taught.是句子的主句.
  12. The girl spent as much time as she her lessons. A. could going over C. went them over B. could go over D. went over
选 A. as much time as she could 是 spent 的宾语;going over 是 in 的宾语,in 被省略了.
  13. , he cannot solve the word puzzle. A. Hard although he tried B. He tried hard although C. However hard he tried D. As he tried hard 选 C.although 从句不倒装,as 从句要倒装.
  14. Please don't run far. A. much B. more C. that D. fairly 选 C.that 是副词, 意为 "那样; 那么", fairly 意为 " 相当" , 在此与句意不符合; much 一般不修饰形 容词, 副词; fast 的比较级为 faster, 而不是 more fast.

  15. my finishing reading the novel, you shall have it immediately. A. On B. At C. For D. With 选 A.on doing sth. 意思是"刚一……就……" ,相当于 as soon as/ 调和 the moment 引导的从句.
  16. ? I told you that he would come to see you. ? Actually I had little doubt it was true. A. whether B. that C. since D. if 选 B. little doubt 表示"不怀疑" ,要用 that 来引导宾语从句.而 whether, if 为同类项,表示"是否" ,经 常用于肯定句中.
  17. Jack, to be here at 8 o'clock. A. is sure C. will be sure B. is sure that D. be sure
选 D.带有呼语的祈使句.
  18.Only as an interpreter how important it was to practise speaking English. A. when did I work…I realized B. when did I work…did I realize C. when I work…did I realize D. when I worked…did I realize 选 D.主句倒装,从句不倒装.
  19. ? Is this Mr. White's office, Mary?
? Yes, . A. that's all right C. after you B. it doesn't matter D. please yourself
选 C. "after you!" "您先请! "根据语境,C 正确.
  20. Fei Junlong's wife and his child to see him off before the launch, but they failed because of the rules. A. hope B. had hoped supposed/intended 等 C. have hoped D. were hope 选 B . had hoped 表 示 " 原 希 望 … … " 经 常 使 用 于 该 结 构 的 还 有 : had thought/ wanted/planned/ ,



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