2008 年 11 月英语二级笔译实务考试试题
Section 1 English-Chinese Translation(英译汉)(60 points) This section consists of two parts: Part A ”Compulsory Translation” and Part B “Optional Translation ” which comprises “Topic 1” and “Topic 2”. Translate the passage in Part A and your choice from the passages in Part B into Chinese. The time for this section is 100 minutes. Part A Compulsory Translation (必译题) (30 points) If a heavy reliance on fossil fuels make a country a climate ogre, then Denmark ? with its thousands of wind turbines sprinkled on the coastlines and at sea ? is living a happy fairy tale. Viewed from the United States or Asia, Denmark is an environmental role model. The country is “ what a global warming solution looks like,” wrote Frances Beinecke, the president of the Natural Resources Defense Council, in a letter to the group last autumn. About one-fifth of the country’s electricity comes from wind, which wind experts say is the highest proportion of any country. But a closer look shows that Denmark is a far cry from a clean-energy paradise. The building of wind turbines has virtually ground to a halt since subsidies were cut back. Meanwhile, compared with others in the European Union, Danes remain above-average emitters of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. For all its wind turbines, a large proportion of the rest of Denmark’s power is generated by plants that burn imported coal. The Danish experience shows how difficult it can be for countries grown rich on fossil fuels to switch to renewable energy sources like wind power. Among the hurdles are fluctuating priorities, the high cost of putting new turbines offshore, concern about public acceptance of large wind turbines and the volatility of the wind itself. “Europe has really led the way,” said Alex Klein, a senior analyst with Emerging Engery Reserch, a consulting firm with offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Some parts of western Denmark derive 100 percent of their peak needs from wind if the breeze is up. Germany and Spain generate more power in absolute terms, but in those countries wind still accounts for a far smaller proportion of the electricity generated. The average for all 27 European Union countries is 3 percent. But the Germans and the Spanish are catching up as Denmark slows down. Of the thousands of megawatts of wind power added last year around the world, only 8 megawatts were installed in Denmark. If higher subsidies had been maintained, Denmark could now be generating close to one-third ? rather than one fifth ? of its electricity from windmills. Part B Optional Translation (二选一题) (30 points) Topic 1 (选择题一) One day in February 1926, an unknown American writer walked out of a New York snowstorm and into history. An important piece of that history is now in danger of being lost forever, caught in the controversy over the U.S. trade embargo against Cuba. The unknown writer was Ernest Hemingway, and the office he walked into was that of Maxwell
Perkins, the most famous American literary editor of his day. It is difficult to conceive ? 80 years and an incandescent literary career later ? the idea of publishing the 26-year-old Hemingway was a big risk. Hemingway had not yet published a novel. Indeed, his only published fiction consisted of a few short stories and poems, mostly in obscure Paris literary journals. Yet Mr. Perkins ? as Hemingway was to call him for years afterwards, even after they had become close friends ? took the risk. On the spot, he offered Hemingway a deal that included a generous US$1,500 advance on an unfinished, unnamed novel that Perkins had not even seen. Hemingway and Perkins began correspondence that lasted for 21 years, until Perkins’s death in 19
  47. A number of those letters are now housed in Cuba, at Finca Vigia, or Lookout Farm, where Hemingway lived longer than anywhere else. But the house is in danger of collapse. It has been called a preservation emergency by experts: It is in such bad shape that the next hurricane could blow it away. A group of Americans is trying to save the house and its contents. Yet the U.S. government won’t let them. The Treasury Department has turned down the Hemingway Preservation Foundation’s application for a license to permit its architects, engineers and consultants to travel to Cuba to research a feasibility study to help the Cubans save Finca Vigia. This denial, which is contrary to the letter and spirit of the law, is being appealed. Topic 2 (选择题二) When it comes to the retail business, Chantal Voisin, an umbrella merchant in Paris, has a theory: When it rains, it pours. One recent Friday afternoon not a single person set foot in Simon, her store on the Boulevard St. Michel. Then, two hours before closing, people started trickling in and she sold more than she had all week. Voisin, who is 61, has been making and selling high-end umbrellas since 19
  58. Her tiny business stands the moods of a fickle public, but she said that if it were not for the store’s reputation, she did not know how she would make it. “Umbrellas alone don’t bring in the bread,” Voisin said, “it’s our name.” Her grandfather opened the store in 1897, when the umbrella was essential to the wardrobe and lifestyle of every young lady or dandy. But if even several decades ago people coordinated their outfits to the last button, today they want one single, all-purpose umbrella. It should be black, and it had better be cheap. Stepping into her store, whose ceiling is vaulted like an open umbrella, one may understand why she considers such fashion sloth a grave offense. Sprouting from baskets and lining the walls, there is such a variety of umbrellas. Some are dark and dignified, and others have ruffles around the rim, folded like bouquets of flowers. The umbrellas run from ?13, or $17, for the most basic to a very large black model with a silvered
handle for ?3
  20. Who would spend so much on an umbrella? “I have no idea,” Voisin said. “I ordered it because it was so beautiful.”
With street hawkers selling flimsy foldies outside and shoppers rustling price tags the moment they step inside, Voisin maintains that her products are relevant in a world where few are willing to spend more than ?5 on portable shelter.
“What I stand for: design, quality, creation, composition, the elegance of an umbrella,” she said. “But that’s so fragile.”
Section 英译汉 60 分 必译题 30 分
  1. 如果说过分依赖矿物燃料会使一个国家变成气候恶化的罪魁,那么,丹麦就是生活在幸福的童话中了。 这个国家现有成千上万座风力发电机分布在其海岸及海上。

  2. 在美国人和亚洲人眼中,丹麦是环保的楷模。 保护自然资源委员会主席弗朗西斯 拜内克在去年秋天
写给委员会的信中说, 丹麦“展示了解决全球变暖问题的途径” 。丹麦约有 1/5 的发电量来源于风力, 据风力专家称,这一比例居世界首位。

  3. 仔细观察,就会发现丹麦远非清洁能源的天堂。
  4. 自补贴减少后,修建风力发电机的工作实际上已陷于停顿。 与此同时,和欧盟其他成员国相比,在温



他所消耗的电力仍主要来源于燃烧进口煤炭的发电厂。 丹麦的经验证明,对使用矿物燃料富裕起来的国家而言,改用如风能这样的再生能源会 有多么困难。问题包括关注重点的变化、在海上新建风力发电机的高昂费用、对公众是 否接受大型风力发电机的担心、以及变化无常的风力等等。 没过马萨诸塞州坎布里奇市一家名为“新兴能源研究”的咨询公司的高级分析师亚历克 斯 克莱因说, “欧洲的确处于领先地位” 。 在丹麦西部某些地区,如果风大,风力发电足以百分之百的保证其高峰时的用电量。就 绝对数量而言,德国和西班牙的发电量超过丹麦,但风力发电在其总发电量中所占的比 例却小得多。欧盟 27 个成员国的平均水平是 3%。 当丹麦放慢步伐时,德国人和西班牙人正在赶上来。在去年全球新增的数千兆瓦风电装 机容量中,丹麦只有 8 兆瓦。 如果当时丹麦坚持执行其高补贴政策,他目前的风力发电量就会接近其总发电量的 1/
  3, 而不是现在的 1/
二选一题 30 分 选择题一 1 1926 年 2 月某日, 一位名不见经传的美国作家在纽约冒着暴风雪来到了一个后来将他载入 文学史册的地方。 如今这段历史很重要的一章正濒临永远消失的危险, 因为他陷入了一场有 关美国对古巴实行贸易禁运的争论之中。 2 这位名不见经传的作家就是欧内瓦特 海明威, 他所到之处就是马克思威尔 伯金斯的办公 室,伯金斯是当时美国最著名的文学编辑。 3 80 年过去了,一段辉煌的文学生涯也早已结束。现在很难想象当时决定出版 26 岁的海明 威的作品要冒很大的风险。当时海明威还从未发表过一部小说。实际上,他只发表过几篇短 篇小说和几首诗,而且大多数发表在巴黎几家毫无名气的文学刊物上。 4 然而,伯金斯先生?在此后数年中,海明威一直这样称呼他,甚至在他们成了密友之后也 是如此?还是冒了个这个险。虽然这不他连看都没看过的小说还未写完,书名也未定,但他 当即决定于海明威签约,并慷慨地预付了 1500 美元稿酬。 5 海明威和伯金斯开始了长达 21 年之久的书信往来, 知道 1947 年伯金斯去世为止。 有些信
件现保存在古巴的芬卡维基亚?意思是“?望农场”?的一所住宅里,这是海明威居住时间 最长的地方。 6 但是现在这所房子濒临倒塌。专家们称之为务须保护的建筑,因为他的状况极差,再来一 次飓风就会把它刮倒。 7 一些美国人正设法抢救这所房子和内部的东西。但是,美国政府却加以阻挠。海明威保护 基金会曾申请准许其建筑师、 工程师及顾问赴古巴进行可行性研究, 以便协助古巴人抢救? 望农场。这一申请遭到美国财政部的拒绝。这违背了法律的条文和精神,有关人士正为此而 上诉。
选择题二 1 说情零售业,巴黎一家三点的老板尚塔尔 瓦暂有她自己的一套理论:不雨则已,一雨倾 盆。 2 他在圣米歇尔大街经营一家名叫西蒙的伞店。不久前的一个星期五,整个下午,店内无人 光顾。然而,馆门前两小时顾客纷纷而来,那天她卖掉的伞比她一周卖得还多。 3 现年 61 岁的瓦赞从 1958 年起就制作并出售高档伞。 他的小店经受了顾客品位不断变化的 考验。不过她说要不是伞店的声誉好,她不知怎样才能坚持下来。 4 “光靠卖伞是难以糊口的” ,瓦赞说。 “靠的是我们的名气” 。 5 这三点是他祖父 1897 年开办的, 当时在每一位千金小姐或公子哥儿的服饰和生活方式中, 伞是必不可少的。 6 但是,如果说几十年前人们讲究装束搭配细致入微,今天人们就只需要一把多用伞。这伞 是要黑色的,最好还要便宜一些。 7 走进西蒙伞店, 你救护明白店主威什么对时下的不讲究如此反感。 三点那半圆形的天花板 就像一张开的伞,店内品种繁多,有的伞插在篮子里,有的挂在周围的墙上:深色的显得庄 重,镶花边的合起来像一捧捧花束。 8 店里一般的伞起家 13 欧元,合 17 美元。一把特大的、装有镀银柄的黑伞标价则高达 320 欧元。 9 谁肯花这么多钱买把伞呢? “我不知道, ”瓦赞说。 “因为它太漂亮了,我就订了货” 。 10 尽管街上的小贩在外面兜售劣质折叠伞,尽管顾客们一进门就翻看价签,瓦赞依然认为 她的产品还是有销路的,虽然现在极少数人肯买超过 5 欧元的伞。 11 “我将就伞的设计、质量、创意、材料和品位, ”瓦赞说。 “不过这不太容易了” 。
Section 2 Chinese-English Translation (汉译英) This section consists of two parts: Part A “Compulsory Translation” and Part B “Optional Translation” which comprises “Topic 1” and “Topic 2”. Translate the passage in Part A and your choice from the passages in Part B into English. The time for this section is 80 minutes. Part A Compulsory Translation (必已题) 20 points 中国已经提前进入老龄化社会。 虽然养老问题是世界各国目前面临的共同问题, 但对中 国这样一个人口庞大,人均国内生产总值偏低的发展中国家来说,养老负担尤为繁重。 据统计, 发达国家出现人口老化问题时, 其人均国内生产总值已达到 5000 至 1 万美元。 而中国 1999 年进入老龄化社会时,其人均国内生产总值还不到 1000 美元。目前,在中国, 7-8 个职工养一个老人。到 2040 年,这个比例将降至 2 比
  1。 如今,多数中国人仍恪守传统的孝道。许多老年人仍期望与子女共同生活,由晚辈照 顾。这就加大了中国实行机构化养老的



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