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2008 年 12 月英语六级真题
Part I writing (30 minutes) How to Improve Students' Mental Health
  1. 大学生的心理健康十分重要
  2. 为此,学校可以……
  3. 我们自己应该…… Part II Reading Comprehension(Skimming and scanning) (15 minutes) Supersize surprise Ask anyone why there is an obesity epidemic and they will tell you that it's all down to eating too much and burning too few calories. That explanation appeals to common sense and has dominated efforts to get to the root of the obesity epidemic and reverse it. Yet obesity researchers are increasingly dissatisfied with it. Many now believe that something else must have changed in our environment to precipitate(促 成) such dramatic rises in obesity over the past 40 years or so. Nobody is saying that the "big two" ? reduced physical activity and increased availability of food ? are not important contributors to the epidemic, but they cannot explain it all. Earlier this year a review paper by 20 obesity experts set out the 7 most plausible alternative explanations for the epidemic. Here they are.
  1. Not enough sleep It is widely believed that sleep is for the brain, not the body. Could a shortage of shut-eye also be helping to make us fat? Several large-scale studies suggest there may be a link. People who sleep less than 7 hours a night tend to have a higher body mass index than people who sleep more, according to data gathered by the US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Similarly, the US Nurses' Health Study, which tracked 68,000 women for 16 years, found that those who slept an average of 5 hours a night gained more weight during the study period than women who slept 6 hours, who in turn gained more than whose who slept
  7. It's well known that obesity impairs sleep, so perhaps people get fat first and
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sleep less afterwards. But the nurses' study suggests that it can work in the other direction too; sleep loss may precipitate weight gain. Although getting figures is difficult, it appears that we really are sleeping less. In 1960 people in the US slept an average of
  8.5 hours per night. A 2002 poll by the National Sleep Foundation suggests that the average has fallen to under 7 hours, and the decline is mirrored by the increase in obesity.
  2. Climate control We humans, like all warm-blooded animals, can keep our core body temperatures pretty much constant regardless of what's going on in the world around us. We do this by altering our metabolic(新陈代谢的)rate, shivering or sweating. Keeping warm and staying cool take energy unless we are in the "thermo-neutral zone", which is increasingly where we choose to live and work. There is no denying that ambient temperatures(环境温度)have changed in the past few decades. Between 1970 and 2000, the average British home warmed from a chilly 13C to 18C. In the US, the changes have been at the other end of the thermometer as the proportion of homes with air conditionings rose from 23% to 47% between 1978 and 19
  97. In the southern states ? where obesity rates tend to be highest ? the number of houses with air conditioning has shot up to 70% from 37% in 19
  78. Could air conditioning in summer and heating in winter really make a difference to our weight? Sadly, there is some evidence that it does-at least with regard to heating. Studies show that in comfortable temperatures we use less energy.
  3. Less smoking Bad news: smokers really do tend to be thinner than the rest of us, and quitting really does pack on the pounds, though no one is sure why. It probably has something to do with the fact that nicotine(尼古丁)is an appetite suppressant and appears to up your metabolic rate. Katherine Flegal and colleagues at the US National Center for Health Statistics in Hyattsville, Maryland, have calculated that people kicking the habit have been responsible for a small but significant portion of the US epidemic of fatness. From data collected around 1991 by the US National Health and Nutrition Examination
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Survey, they worked out that people who had quit in the previous decade were much more likely to be overweight than smokers and people who had never smoked. Among men, for example, nearly half of quitters were overweight compared with 37% of non-smokers and only 28%of smokers.
  4. Genetic effects Yours chances of becoming fat may be set, at least in part, before you were even born. Children of obese mothers are much more likely to become obese themselves later in life. Offspring of mice fed a high-fat diet during pregnancy are much more likely to become fat than the offspring of identical mice fed a normal diet. Intriguingly, the effect persists for two or three generations. Grandchildren of mice fed a high-fat diet grow up fat even if their own mother is fed normally-so you fate may have been sealed even before you were conceived.
  5. A little older… Some groups of people just happen to be fatter than others. Surveys carried out by the US National Center for Health Statistics found that adults aged 40 to 79 were around three times as likely to be obese as younger people. Non-white females also tend to fall at the fatter end of the spectrum Mexican-American women are 30% more likely than white women to be obsess, and black women have twice the risk. In the US, these groups account for an increasing percentage of the population. Between 1970 and 2000 the US population aged 35 to 44 grew by 43%. The proportion of Hispanic-Americans also grew, from under 5% to
  12.5% of the population, while the proportion of black Americans increased from 11% to
  12.3%. These changes may account in part for the increased prevalence of obesity.
  6. Mature mums Mothers around the world are getting older. In the UK, the mean age for having a first child is
  27.3, compared with
  23.7 in 19
  70. Mean age at first birth in the US has also increased, rising from
  21.4 in 1970 to
  24.9 in 20
  00. This would be neither here nor there if it weren't for the observation that having an older mother seems to be an independent risk factor for obesity. Results from the US National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute's study found that the odds of a child
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being obese increase about 14% for every five extra years of their mother's age, though why this should be so is not entirely clear. Michael Symonds at the University of Nottingham, UK, found that first-born children have more fat than younger ones. As family size decreases, firstborns account for a greater share of the population. In 1964, British women gave birth to an average of
  2.95 children; by 2005 that figure had fallen to
  79. In the US in 1976,
  9.6% of woman in their 40s had only one child; in 2004 it was
  17.4%. This combination of older mothers and more single children could be contributing to the obesity epidemic.
  7. Like marrying like Just as people pair off according to looks, so they do for size. Lean people are more likely to marry lean and fat more likely to marry fat. On its own, like marrying like cannot account for any increase in obesity. But combined with others- particularly the fact that obesity is partly genetic, and that heavier people have more children--it amplifies the increase form other causes.
  1. What is the passage mainly about? A)Effects of obesity on people's health B)The link between lifestyle and obesity C)New explanations for the obesity epidemic D)Possible ways to combat the obesity epidemic
  2. In the US Nurses' Health Study, women who slept an average of 7 hours a night. A)gained the least weight C)found their vigor enhanced B)were inclined to eat less D)were less susceptible to illness

  3. The popular belief about obesity is that . A)it makes us sleepy B)it causes sleep loss
C)it increases our appetite D)it results from lack of sleep
  4. How does indoor heating affect our life? A)It makes us stay indoors more. C)It makes us feel more energetic. B)It accelerates our metabolic rate. D)It contributes to our weight gain.

  5. What does the author say about the effect of nicotine on smokers?
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A)It threatens their health. C)It suppresses their appetite. B)It heightens their spirits. D)It slows down their metabolism.

  6. Who are most likely to be overweight according to Katherine Flegal's study? A)Heavy smokers B)Passive smokers D)Those who quit smoking
C)Those who never smoke

  7. According to the US National Center for Health Statistics, the increased obesity in the US is a result of . A)the growing number of smokers among young people B)the rising proportion of minorities in its population C)the increasing consumption of high-calorie foods D)the improving living standards of the poor people
  8. According to the US National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, the reason why older mothers' children tend to be obese remains .
  9. According to Michael Symonds, one factor contributing to the obesity epidemic is decrease of .
  10. When two heavy people get married, chances of their children getting fat increase, because obesity is . Part III Listening Comprehension (35 minutes) Section A
  11. A) He is quite easy to recognize. C) He looks like a movie star.
  12. A)Consult her dancing teacher C)Continue her dancing class B) He is an outstanding speaker. D) He looks young for his age. B)Take a more interesting class D)Improve her dancing skills

  13. A)The man did not believe what the woman said B)The man accompanied the woman to the hospital C)The woman may be suffering from repetitive strain injury D)The woman may not have followed the doctor's instructions
  14. A)They are not in style any more C) They no longer suit his eyesight B)They have cost him far too much D) They should be cleaned regularly
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  15. A)He spilled his drink onto the floor B)He has just finished wiping the floor C)He was caught in a shower on his way home D)He rushed out of the bath to answer the phone
  16. A)Fixing some furniture C)Reading the instructions B)Repairing the toy train D)Assembling the bookcase

  17. A)Urge Jenny to spend more time on study B)Help Jenny to prepare for the coming exams C)Act towards Jenny in a more sensible way D)Send Jenny to a volleyball training center
  18. A)The building of the dam needs a large budget B)The proposed site is near the residential area C)The local people feel insecure about the dam D)The dam poses a threat to the local environment Question19 to21 are based on the conversation you have just heard
  19. A)It saw the end of its booming years worldwide B)Its production and sales reached record levels. C)It became popular in some foreign countries D)Its domestic market started to shrink rapidly.
  20. A)They cost less. B)They tasted better. D)They were widely advertised. B)It is bound to revive. D)It will see no more monopoly
C)They were in fashion.
  21. A)It is sure to fluctuate.
C)It will remain basically stable.
Question 22 to 25 are based on the conversation you have just heard.
  22. A)Organising protests B)Recruiting members D)Saving endangered animals.
C)Acting as its spokesman.

  23. A)Anti-animal-abuse demonstrations B)Surveying the Atlantic Ocean floor C)Anti-nuclear campaigns
  24. A)By harassing them. D)Removing industrial waste. B)By appealing to the public
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C)By taking legal action.
  25. A)Doubtful Section B Passage One
  26. A)The air becomes still. C)The clouds block the sun. B)The air pressure is low. D)The sky appears brighter. D)By resorting to force. C)Indifferent D)Supportive

  27. A)Ancient people were better at foretelling the weather. B)Sailors' sayings about the weather are unreliable. C)People knew long ago how to predict the weather. D)It was easier to forecast the weather in the old days. 28 A)Weather forecast is getting more accurate today. B)People can predict the weather by their senses C)Who are the real experts in weather forecast. D)Weather changes affect people's life remarkably Passage Two
  29. A)They often feel insecure about their jobs. B)They are unable to decide what to do first. C)They are incompetent to fulfill their responsibilities. D)They feel burdened with numerous tasks every day
  30. A)Analyze them rationally. C)Turn to others for help. B)Draw a detailed to-do list. D)Handle them one by one.

  31. A)They have accomplished little. B)They feel utterly exhausted. C)They have worked out a way to relax. D)They no longer feel any sense of guilt. Passage Three
  32. A)Their performance may improve. B)Their immune system may be reinforced C)Their blood pressure may rise all of a sudden.
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D)Their physical development may be enhanced.
  33. A)Improved mental functioning B)Increased susceptibility to disease C)Speeding up of blood circulation D)Reduction of stress-related hormones
  34. A)Pretend to be in better shape. B)Have more physical exercise . C)Turn more often to friends for help D)Pay more attention to bodily sensations.
  35. A)Different approaches to coping with stress. B)Various causes for serious health problems. C)The relationship between stress and illness. D)New findings of medical research on stress. Section C One of the most common images of an advanced, Western-style culture is that of a busy,



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