2008 年 9 月公共英语三级真题及答案
Section Ⅱ Use of English Directions: Read the following text. Choose the best word or phrase for each numbered blank and mark A, B, C or D on ANSWER SHEET
  1. A webcam is a digital camera that sends video images to other computer users. It’s about the (
  26) of a golf ball and typically (
  27) on top of your computer monitor. Once the webcam is (
  28) to the USB port of your computer with the necessary software, (
  29) images of you can be sent to one or more users over the Internet (
  30) an instant messaging(IM) service. A webcam costs about $
  50. More expensive models come with added (
  31) , such as better picture resolution. Two leading makers, Logitech and Creative, offer a range of models, (
  32) software is included. There is no extra Internet (
  33) to send or receive video images, though you’ll have to (
  34) for a free instant messaging service. Everyone can see and hear one another in (
  35) time. Grandparents can see their grandkids more (
  36) Webcams can work with almost any computer bought in the past five years and can (
  37) long distance phone bills. (
  38) you have broadband, that is, a high-speed cable-modem or DSL connection, images may (
  39) a long time to download, (
  40) a slide show rather than a movie. While webcams are easy to link to your computer, learning to (
  41) the software can take time. You have to make. some rearrangement with the configurations. (
  42) you have a 56k modem and the people you want to (
  43) won’t mind seeing live shots instead of perfect video, a webcam is still fun, (
  44) before you buy, be sure everyone, (
  45) for the same IM service.
  26.A weight B size C volume D space
  27.A rests B remains C stays D sits
  28.A joined B attached C connected D fastened
  29.A live B living C lively D lovely
  30.A via B with C from D in
  31.A devices B features C designs D attachments
  32.A so B but C for D and
  33.A limit B charge C registration D rate
  34.A check in B log in C sign up D draw up
  35.A true B actual C genuine D real
  36.A recently B frequently C realistically D immediately
  37.A reduce B reform C remove D retain
  38.A Although B Because C Unless D Whereas
  39.A waste B have C spend D take
  40.A resembled B resembling C to resemble D resemble
  41.A use B write C download D fix
  42.A because B though C if D unless
  43.A reach B touch C know D show
  44.A nevertheless B so C besides D but
  45.A register B pays C seeks D asks Section Ⅲ Reading Comprehension Part A Directions: Read the following three texts. Answer the questions on each text by choosing A,
B,C or D. Mark your answers on ANSWER SHEET
  1. Text 1 A former town hall worker made legal history last week when she was awarded 67,000 pounds for stress brought on by her work. The ruling made Beverley Lancaster the first person to get their employer to accept legal responsibility for stress-related personal injury in a British court. It is likely to start a flood of other worker’s claims; Mrs. Lancaster’s union already has 7,000 stress-related cases on its books. The 44-year-old mother of two started a legal case against Birmingham City Council after falling ill while working as a troubleshooter in a neighborhood housing office. Dealing with rude and abusive members of the public pushed her into periods of gloom and she suffered anxiety, Birmingham county court heard. Mrs. Lancaster joined the council at 16, working her way up from junior clerk to senior draughtswoman. Her problems began when she was promoted to housing officer in Sutton Oldfield. "With no continuity, a constant high workload and little clerical support, I found it difficult to switch from one problem or situation to another," she said. "My concentration swung and I suffered sleepless nights. It made me feel like I was in a hole with no key to open the door. I would break down in tears. I was being in paperwork and at times my mind would just go blank." In awarding compensation of 67,491 pounds, assistant recorder Frances Kirkham said she understood the position of troubleshooter was very different from Mrs. Lancaster’s precious job. She rejected claims from the council that Mrs. Lancaster would be able to go back to her former profession, saying she accepted that the possibility of future work would be less capacity. After the hearing Mrs. Lancaster said she was relieved and pleased. She added, "I hope this will act as a warning to employers. Everything I did was right. The council made promises to me and they failed me. I felt isolated, let down, that I was not good enough, not wanted." The payout, the first of its kind to be decided in a county court, covers loss of wages and future loss of earnings. A spokesman for Birmingham City Council said action had been taken by the authority to review its staff and management procedures.
  46.Mrs. Beverley Lancaster was awarded 67,000 pounds for . A.illness caused by her job B.her successful and good luck C.the courage she showed in court D.the amount of work she did
  47.Mrs. Beverley Lancaster took legal action against the city council because . A.it refused to award her for her job B.she had to deal with rude members of the council C.it was responsible for her problems D.it denied her any clerical support
  48.The Lancaster case shows that employees have the right to get compensation if they . A.are given work that they are unable to do B.suffer mental injury caused by their work C.are forced to do work that they don’t like D.feel isolated, let down and extremely anxious

  49.It can be inferred that . A.Mr Lancaster will find a better paid job in the future B.the job of draughtswoman is very demanding C.the court may hear more stress-related cases D.the job of housing officer causes mental injuries
  50.If Birmingham City Gouncil plans to move an employee to a new job, it will definitely make sure that . A.there is continuity between the two jobs B.no complaints from the employee occur C.the amount of work is reduced for the new job D.the employee is prepared for any mental problems Text 2 Life learning (sometimes called un-schooling or self-directed learning) is one of those concepts that are almost easier to explain by saying what it isn’t, than what it is. And that’s probably because our own schooled backgrounds have convinced us that learning happens only in a dedicated building on certain days, between certain hours, and managed by a specially trained professional. Within that schooling framework, no matter how hard teachers try and no matter how good their textbooks, many bright students get bored, many slower students struggle and give up or lose their self-respect, and most of them reach the end of the process unprepared to enter into society. They have memorized a certain body of knowledge long enough to rush back the information on tests, but they haven’t really learnt much, at least of the official curriculum. Life learners, on the other hand, know that learning is not difficult, that people learn things quite easily if they’re not compelled and forced, if they see a need to learn something, and if they are trusted and respected enough to learn it on their own timetable, at their own speed, in their own way. They know that learning cannot be produced in us and that we cannot produce it in others?no matter what age and no matter whether we’re at school or at home. Life learning is independent of time, location or the presence of teacher. It does not require mom or dad to teach, or kids to work in workbooks at the kitchen table from 9 to noon from September to June. Life learning is learner-driven. It involves living and learning? in and from the real world. It is about exploring, questioning, experimenting, making messes, taking risks without fear of making mistakes, being laughed at and trying again. Furthermore, life learning is about trusting kids to learn what they need to know and about helping them to learn and grow in their own ways. It is about providing positive experiences that enable children to understand the world and their culture and to interact with it.
  51.It is implied in the text that it is hard to . A.carry life learning though B.tell the nature of life learning C.learn without going to school D.find a specially trained teacher
  52.According to the author, the schooling framework often . A.produces slow students with poor memories B.ignores some parts of the official curriculum C.fails to provide enough knowledge about life
D.gives little care to the quality of teaching materials
  53.Life learners recognize that learning will not be difficult if they are . A.clear about why to learn B.careful to make a time table C.able to respect other people D.cautious about any mistakes
  54.According to the author, life learning . A.could prevent one from running risks B.could be a road full of trials and errors C.makes a kid independent of his parents D.teaches a kid how to avoid being scorned
  55.Through life learning, children . A.will grow without the assistance from parents B.will learn to communicate with the real world C.will be driven to learn necessary life knowledge D.will be isolated from the negative side of society Text 3 To find Kim Hyung Gyoon’ s office in Samsung’s R&D complex, just follow the baskets of dirt clothes. No, Kim is not running the company laundry. As chief of Samsung’s Washing & Cleaning Technology Group(WCTG), he’s the man behind a new washing machine that deposits tiny silver particles(small pieces of things) ?about 1 / 10,000 the thickness of a human hair? onto clothes to make them germ-and-odor-free without the need of hot water. The device represents the first mass-produced application of this tape of nanotechnology ? the science of very small structures?to home appliances. "In summer of 2002, I asked everyone in the office to take off their socks," says Kim. "took one sock from each person and placed it in a regular washing machine; the others were washed in a machine with the Ag+ Nano System. The next day, I asked everyone to check the odor of their socks after a day’s wear. One began produce a strong unpleasant smell, and the other was odorless." Kim says he came up with the idea five years ago while on a business trip to Japan, where he learned of a brand of socks that retained their freshness even after many days of unwashed wear and tear. Tiny sticks of sliver with germ-killing chemicals were woven into the fabric. When he got back to Seoul, Kim applied the principle to washing machines. According to the Korea Testing & Research Industry, Samsung’s device kills
  99.9% of germs. Kim says garments stay germ-free for up to a month after being laundered. The Ag+ Nano device went on sale in March 2003 and costs around $1,150; the revolutionary technology is also being used in Samsung’s refrigerators and air conditioners. No wonder: consumers seem to a little sliver in their spin cycles. Since Samsung’s nano-armed products were first launched, they have brought in an estimated $779 million in revenue. Overall, nanotech has been one of science’s fastest-growing fields in recent years, with potential applications in fields as diverse as energy production and toothpaste manufacture. The nanotech market is projected to be worth $1 trillion by 20
  56.Which of the following best describes the nature of Kim Hyung Gyoon’s work? A.Product developmen B.Market investigatio
C.Research designin D.Sales promotio
  57.One advantage of nano-armed washing machines is that . A.one wash-load is much larger than before B.the clean-up is done with an additional benefit C.cleaning powder is no longer necessary D.a lot of water could be saved
  58.In terms of nanotechnology, Kim was the first . A.to use it in washing machines B.to come up with the idea C.to introduce it to Korea D.to apply it to socks
  59.The author believes that the future of nanotechnology will be . A.conspicuous B.distinctive C.foreseeable D.promising
  60.This text centers on . A.the success of an enterprise B.the application of a technology C.the market share of Samsung’s WCTG D.the mass-production of a home appliance Part B Directions: Read the following texts in which 5 people expressed their opinions about the concept of "happiness". For questions 61 to 65, match the name of each person (61 to
  65) to one of the statements (A to G ) given below. Mark your answers on ANSWER SHEET
  1. Heather McCoy Entering a bookstore, one cannot help but notice entire shelves devoted to books boating knowledge of the true path to happiness. Whether this wave of infomercials and books can actually make people happier is the question. Happiness cannot be found by adhering to a narrow set of steps or rules. Finding happiness is not as simple as following a how-to manual, it’s something that every person must find in his or her own way. Gary Russell Does happiness grow proportionally with wealth? Hardly. Experiences teaches us material satisfaction comes only when one finds himself wealthier than those around him; and, in a like manner, one feels of being lowered when confronting a billionaire, while a worker with a monthly salary of several hundred dollars becomes the envy of the villagers in remote mountainous regions. David Niven True happiness is not a result from human action. Results are temporary whereas happiness is everywhere and can neither be created nor destroyed. True happiness is realized by understanding on



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