年小学英语毕业试卷 2008 年小学英语毕业试卷
学校: 班级: 姓名: 学校: 班级: 姓名:(时间:40 分钟) 时间: 分钟) I 在每组中找出不同类的一个, 并把它写在括号中. 1( 2( 3( 4( 5( 6( 7( 8( 9( 10 ( ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) basketball ride fish cake flower summer heavy cabbage swimming pool bird fly football lunch chicken ice cream sandals cloud light donuts gym runners walk banana party swimsuit winter win body leaves walk
II 情景选择. ( ) 1 当你想知道橡皮放在那儿时,问: B. Where is the pen? C. Where is it from?
A. Where is the eraser? (
) 2 当你想知道商店有多远时,问: B. How far is the store?
A. How long is the store? C. How much is the store?
) 3 当你想知道这个周六的天气如何时,问: B. What is the weather like this Saturday?
A. What is the Saturday? C. It's Saturday today? (
) 4 当你想了解别人是否需要一杯茶时,问: B. What do you like best?
A. What are you looking for? C. Would you like a cup of tea? (
) 5 当你想了解别人多长时间去一次肯德基时,问: B. How long do you go to the KFC?
A. How do you go to the KFC?
C. How often do you go to the KFC? ( ) 6 当你想告诉别人你不会游泳时,你会说: B. I can't swim. C. I don't like to swim.
A. I don't swim. (
) 7 当你想知道对方的爸爸是做什么的,问: B. What is your father?
A. Who is your father?
C. What does your father like? ( ) 8 当你想知道这些苹果多少钱时,问: B. It's so cheap.
A. How much are these apples? C. How many apples are there? III 选择合适的词完成句子. season swim ski
1 My favourite is fall.
2 It's cool. I wear my . 3 I can in the lake in summer. 4 In spring, we can kites. 5 do you like winter? Because I can . IV 看图,选出合适的答句,并写在横线上. 1 Are Jenny's hands high or low? .
2 Yesterday Li Ming went to the store. What did he buy? .
3 What are they doing? .
4 What does this cloud look like? .
5 How much are the socks? .
They are five dollars.
They are skipping. It looks like an airplane.
Jenny's hands are high. 5 He bought a new T-shirt. V 阅读理解,并选择正确答案. 1 One day after school the teacher says to his students, " Tomorrow morning if anyone of you can answer my first question(问题), he or she can go home early." The next day, when the teacher comes into the classroom, he finds the blackboard(黑板) very dirty, he is very angry(生气), " Who did it? Please stand up!" " It's me." Says Tom. " Now, I can go home. Goodbye, sir!" ( )
  1. Tom is the teacher's . A. friend ( B. student C. son
  2. Tom makes dirty. A. the desk B. the chair C. the blackboard
  3. The teacher is very angry because . A. Tom can answer(回答) his first question. B. Tom doesn't stand up. C. The blackboard is very dirty.
  4. The teacher asks the student to . A. stand up B. sit down C. go home
  5. Which is true(正确的)? A. It is good for Tom to do it. B. Tom is a naughty(淘气的) student. C. Tom goes home early every day. 六年级试题参考答案
( 3×10=30 分) 1 runners 6 cloud 2 lunch 7 win 3 banana 8 body 4 party 5 flower
9 leaves 10 bird
II (
  2.5×8=20 分) 1A 2B III 3B 4C 5C 6B 7B 8A
  2.5×6=15 分) 3 swim 4 fly 5 why 6 ski
1 season 2 sweater IV ( 4×5=20 分)
1 Jenny's hands are high. 2 He bought a new T-shirt. 3 They are skipping. 5 They are five dollars. V ( 3×5=15 分) 1B 2C 3C 4A 5B 4 It looks like an airplane.



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