2008 年职称英语卫生类 A 级考试真题 部分: 第1部分:词汇选项 第
  1~15题,每题 分,共15分) 部分 词汇选项(第 ~ 题 每题1分 分 下面每个句子中均有1个词或短语划有底横线, 请为每处划线部分确定1个意义最为接近 的选项。 1 With immense relief , I stopped running A Some B enormous C little D extensive 2 The scientists began to accumulate data. A collect B handle C analyze D investigate 3 Jack eventually overtook the last truck A hit B passed C reached D led 4 Sometimes it is advisable to book hotels in advance. A possible B profitable C easy D wise 5 The reason for their unusual behavior remains a puzzle. A fact B mystery C statement D game 6 That guy is really witty. A smart B ugly C honorable D popular 7 The world champion suffered a sensational defeat. A reasonable B dramatic C humiliating D horrifying 8 It seems that only Mary is eligible for the job A prepared B trained C qualified D guided 9 This poem depicts the beautiful scenery of a town in the south A praises B writes C imitates D describes 1 0 The meaning is still obscurehttp://ks.examda.com A vague B transparent C alien D significant
11 Dumped waste might contaminate water supplies A destroy B decrease C delay D pollute 12 one theory postulates that the ancient Filipinos came from lndia and Persia A assumes B expects C predicts D considers 13 It is very difficult for a child to adhere to rules A remember B follow C understand D learn 14 I hope that I didn’t do anything absurd.1ast night A awkward B strange C stupid D awful 15 There should be laws that prohibit smoking around children A forbid B advocate C inherit D withdraw 部分: 第2部分:阅读判断 第
  16~22题,每题 分,共7分) 部分 阅读判断(第 ~ 题 每题1分 分 下面的短文后列出了7个句子,请根据短文的内容对每个句子做出判断:如果该句提供 的是正确信息,请选择 A;如果该句提供的是错误信息,请选择 B;如果该句的信息文中没有 提及,请选择 C。 Sleep Problems Plague the Older Set Older Americans often have difficulty getting a good night’S rest.It's a huge quality?of-life problem,experts say,because contrary to popular belief,seniors require about the same amount of sleep as younger adults. “Sleep problems and sleep disorders are not an inherent(固有的)pa rt of aging,”said Dr.Harrison G.Bloom,an associate clinical professor of geriatrics(老年病学)and medicine at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City.“It’S pretty much of a myth that older people need less sleep than younger people.” Yet.in a study published recently in The American Journal of Medicine,researchers found that more than half of older Americans have problems getting the sleep they need. older people tend to have“sleep fragmentation, ”meaning they wake up more often during the night,said study author Dr.Julie Gammck,an assistant professor of medicine in the Division of Geriatric Medicine at St.Louis University. They also seem to get less“REM”sleep,the type of sleep during which rapid eye movement occurs,Bloom added.
It’s unclear what role these naturally occurring changes in sleep patterns have on person’s quality of life, Bloom said.“What is important, though, that older people often have actual sleep is disorders and problems with sleep,”he said. And,experts say,there is usually more than one cause. “Sleep trouble in older adults is typically associated with acute and chronic illnesses, including specific sleep disorders like sleep apnea(呼吸暂停)and restless leg syndrome that appear with greater frequency in older populations,”said Michael V.Vitiello , a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences and associate director of the University of Washington’S Northwest Geriatric Education Center. Taking multiple medications,as many older people do,can also lead t0 fatigue a“ hypersomnia ,”or being tired all the time,Bloom added. Another big problem,he noted,IS depression and anxiety.“Those are very commonly associated with sleep problems.” Despite the prevalence(流行)of sleep difficulties in older adults, many patients Aren’t getting the help they need。As a result,problems like insomnia(失眠),restless leg syndrome and sleep apnea are underdiagnosed and undertreated,Bloom said.
  16. Sleep problems can seriously affect one’s quality of life A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned
  17. it is true that older people need less sleep than younger people A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned 18 Younger people in America seldom complain of sleep disorders. A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned
  19. The number of older Americans with sleep problems is not small. A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned
  20. “SIeep fragmentation” refers to a marked lack of “REM” sleep A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned
  21. The causes of sleep problems in older people remain unidentified. A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned

  22. Actions will soon be taken in America to better help people with sleep problems A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned 部分: 第3部分:概括大意与完成旬子 第
  23~30题,每题 分,共8分) 部分 概括大意与完成旬子(第 ~ 题 每题1分 分 下面的短文后有2项测试任务:(
  1~4段每段选 择1个最佳标题;(
  2)第27~30题要求从所给的6个选项中为每个句子确定1个最佳选项。 Depression and the Elderly 1 We all feel sad at times.However, clinical depression is a serious matter.Clinical depression, sometimes called major depression,is a biologically based brain disorder that affects one’s thoughts,feelings,behavior,and physical health.When people complain that they feel terrible, they have no interest or take no pleasure in things,have trouble sleeping,lack energy,have poor appetite,or cannot concentrate,depression is a definite possibility. 2 Depression in its many forms affects more than
  6.5 million of the 35 million Americans who are 65 years or older.Most older people with depression have been suffering from episodes(发作)of the illness during much of their lives。For others.depression has a first onset(起 病)in late life?even for those in their 80s and 90s. Depression in older persons is closely associated with dependency and disability and causes great suffering for the individual and the family 3 Many older people and their families don’t-recognize the symptoms of depression,aren’t aware that it is a medical illness,and don’t know how it is treated Others may mistake the symptoms of depression as sighs of dementia(痴呆).Also, many older people think that depression is a character flaw(缺陷)and are worried about being stigmatized(给…带来耻辱),SO they blame themselves for their illness and are too ashamed(羞耻的)to get help,Others worry that treatment would be too costly. 4 Older persons with depression rarely seek treatment for the illness。Unrecognized and untreated depression has fatal consequences in terms of both suicide and non-suicide mortality(死 亡率).The highest rate of suicide in the US is among older white men?Depression IS the single most significant risk factor for suicide in that population。 Tragically, many of those people who go on to commit suicide have reached out for help -20%see a doctor the day they die,40%the week they die,and 70%in the month they die. Yet depression is frequently missed.
  23. Paragraph 1
  24. Paragraph 2
  25. Paragraph 3
  26. Paragraph 4A How common is depression in later life?
B What is depression? C What relieves depression in older people? D Why does depression in older people often go untreated? E Can depression in older people be treated? F What are the consequences of untreated depression in older people?
  27. Clinical depression is different from
  28. Depression in older people is strongly linked with
  29. Depression is regarded by many older people as
  30. Many older people commit suicide as a result ofA a character flaw 论坛 B normal sadness and grief C a definite possibility D dependency and disability E a significant risk factor F unrecognized and untreated depression 部分: 第4部分:阅读理解 第
  31~45题,每题 分,共45分). 部分 阅读理解(第 ~ 题 每题3分 分 下面有3篇短文,每篇短文后有5道题。请根据短文内容,为每题确定1个最佳选项. 第一篇 Centers of the Great European Cities. The centers of the great cities of Europe are meeting places by tradition.People gather there to drink coffee and chat late into the night.A mixture of locals and tourists make for an exciting, metropolitan atmosphere. Squares,plazas(广场)and arcades(拱廊)form the heart of Europe’S cities. Venice in Italy has the Piazza San Marco?a beautiful square surrounded by shops, churches, restaurants and ca 怆 s.1n Barcelona, Spain, Bosqueria is a lively market with hundreds of stalls La selling all kinds of goods.London’s Covent Garden is filled with fruit and vegetable stalls by day
and musicians,acrobats(杂技演员)and artists by night.The government buildings at the center of many cities Often are architecturally impressive.In London,they serve as a beautiful backdrop(背 景)to the coffee tables that line the streets and the banks of the Thames. These vibrant(有活力的)hearts are the product of centuries of evolution, social historian Joel Garreau told US News and World Report recently.“The reason people think Venice is SO great today is you don’t see all the mistakes,”said Garreau.“Those have all been removed.”Most European cities were laid out before the invention of the car,SO bars,restaurants and caf6s were near to people’s homes.To day, the focus of many Europeans’life has moved away from the centers.They live in the suburbs and outskirts, driving to supermarkets to get their supplies. But on a continent where people treasure convention, there are still those who hold onto traditional ways, living and shopping locally.These people, together with tourists, provide the city centers with their reason for existence. Coffee culture plays a part in keeping these city centers flourishing.This is particularly true of Paris whose citizens are famous enthusiastic conversationalists,This skill is developed over many hours spent chatting over espressos(浓咖啡)and cigarettes. Religion also plays a role in developing sociable atmosphere.People in Roman Catholic countries used to visit the Church on an almost daily basis.Entire communities would gather in the same building and then move out to the markets.caf6S and bars In the surrounding streets.An enormous example of this relationship between church and society is the Duomo.The huge marble cathedral in Florence,Italy is surrounded by bakeries and coffee shops,and caters not only to the tourist crowds,but also the local community.
  31. It can be inferred from the first paragraph that each big city in Europe. A. has many large squares. B. has many very magnificent sky?scrapers. C. draws tourists in large numbers every year. D. has a center where tourists meet their spouses. 32 Which statement is NOT true of Covent Garden? A. It is crowded with people. B. It is located in London. C. It is filled with stalls. D. It is surrounded by shops,churches,restaurants and caf6s.
  33. Why do people think that Venice is SO great?
A. Because it is a famous tourist attraction. B. Because you can reach anywhere by boat. C. Because it is well?known for its merchants. D. Because all the mistakes have been removed.
  34. what are Parisians famous for? A .Their pursuit of independence. B. Their enthusiasm for conversation. C. Their ability to keep the city flourishing. D .Their devotion to developing a multiple culture. 35 The writer cites the Duomo in the last paragraph as an example to illustrate that. A. there is a tight link between church and society. B. all churches are magnificent. C. old churches are very popular. D. high?rise churches are impressive. 第二篇 Mental Retardation(智力迟钝). Mental retardation is a condition in which people have lower than normal intelligence and are unable to function at the level expected for their age。People with mental retardation are usually born with it。or it develops early in their life.They may also have some difficulty with daily living skills such as learning to read and write and caring for them selves. Doctors and other professionals determine that a person has mental retardation based on their intelligence and how well they can do everyday activities. Intelligence is the ability to learn and understand.Levels of intelligence are measured by special tests called intelligence tests.The score a person gets on one of these tests gives a numerical(数字的)measure of a person’s intelligence.This is called an intelligence quotient(智 商)Or IQ. An average score on an IQ test is about 90 to 1
  10.A person with mental retardation will usually score below 75 on an IQ test.
The IQ test alone does not determine whether someone is mentally retarded.A person must also have trouble with everyday activities such as geeing dressed,eating,washing,or learning basic reading,



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