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Section A
  1.A,At 6:40 B,At 6:48 C,At 7:00 D,At 7:20
  2.A,Horror movies are interesting B,Horror movies make her crazy. C,She doesn't like watching movies. D,She prefers love stories.
  3.A,At a hotel. B,At an office. C,At home D,At a restaurant.
  4.A,A travel agent. B,A school teacher. C,A customer officer. D,A receptionist.
  5.A,$115 B,About $75 C,$150 D,About $3
  6.A,Eat out with the man B,Study at home. C,Watch a movie with friends. D,Watch TV at home.
  7.A,At the airport. B,On a ship C,At the office D,In a car.
  8.A,She is not going to the theater. B,She won't get sleepy when driving. C,The theater is right off the road. D,They don't have to drive there.
  9.A,He can drive there in less than 20 minutes. B,The traffic is very heavy at this time of the day. C,The museum is not open today. D,The woman should ask another driver for help.
  10.A,He has never taken a train. B,He will go to the wedding by plane. C,He can take the woman to the airport. D,He can't provide any useful information.
Section B
Passage One Questions 11 to 13 are based on the passage you have just heard.
  11. A,It can be a lot of fun B,It can be uncomfortable. C,It can be disappointing. D,It can be dangerous.
  12. A,Because it may not be what you like best. B,Because it may be faulty. C,Because you cannot return anything you bought. D,Because you can save some money.
  13. A,Because they may not be fashionable. B,Because they may not be worth the money. C,Because they may be too tight. D,Because they may not fit.
Passage Two Questions 14 to 16 are based on the passage you have just heard.
  14. A,A Swedish engineer B,An American engineer. C,A British firm D,A German technician.
  15. A,Because it has plastic wheels B,Because it has plastic tires. C,Because it has a plastic frame D,Because it has no metal parts.
  16. A,It is more comfortable to ride than a metal bike. B,It is lighter than the ordinary metal bike. C,It never needs oil at the center of the wheel. D,It will be burned by the cigarette burns.
Passage Three Questions 17 to 20 are based on the passage you have just heard.
  17. A,To find out what he thinks of her apartment. B,To complain about her new roommate. C,To help the man find a new apartment D,To ask the man to help her find an apartment.
  18. A,She finds it too far from the university. B,She doesn't like sharing it with someone. C,She likes living on campus better. D,She finds the traffic too noisy.
  19. A,An apartment on campus. B,An apartment with furniture. C,An apartment to herself.
D,An apartment far from the traffic.
  20. A,About $100 per month. B,About $140 per month. C,Below $200 per month. D,Below $250 per month.
Part II Vocabulary

  21.The old lady was sitting in the of a large tree looking very relaxed and happy. A,shape B,shelter C,shade D,shadow
  22.Good parents should let the children make their own decisions instead of . A,interfering B,interrupting C,interpreting D,interviewing
  23.After filling in the application form, I was requested to a recent photograph to the form. A,attach B,obtain C,attain D,retain
  24.These changes will affect all managers and to a lesser some ordinary workers. A,range B,scale C,degree D,scope
  25.We are still dealing with problems errors made in the past five years. A,leading to B,resulting from C,bringing about D,coming across
  26.The contract is very important for our company, so let's the details carefully. A,go after B,go off C,go through D,go for
  27.The young actress is very about her success; she says it's as much the result of good A,anxious B,shy C,modest D,sensitive
  28.The age of the students in night school ranged from 19 to 45 with a(n) age of
A,middle B,same C,average D,legal
  29.Yesterday I put my woolen skirt in the washing machine by mistake and now it has . A,shivered B,shined C,shifted D,shrunk
  30.Foley will retire in two weeks. No one knows who will him as Speaker of the House. A,hold B,succeed C,take D,follow
  31.With her own car, she is now much more than before. A,mobile B,active C,movable D,altered
  32. The rent for the apartment is 100 dollars a month service charges. A,containing B,involving C,bearing D,including
  33.It is difficult for small, independent bookstores to with the big national chains. A,concern B,compete C,connect D,communicate
  34.In this country, our company has the rights to market Elton John's records. A,only B,unique C,sole D,absolute
  35.The value of labor in capitalist society does not represent the real value of labor. A,actual B,true C,genuine D,real
  36.I hadn't seen Julia for years, but I her voice on the phone immediately. A,realized B,recognized C,recalled D,recovered

  37.The professor wrote a letter of for his student who was applying to a famous company for the post of a secretary A,protest B,recommendation C,credit D,complaint
  38.The law requires equal treatment for all, of race, religion, or sex. A,regardless B,aware C,doubtful D,innocent
  39.Yesterday evening the old wooden house was burned and the mother died trying to her child from the fire. A,hide B,rescue C,help D,prevent
  40.Neither the children nor the old like having their daily upset A,routine B,habit C,custom D,practice
Part III Structure

  41. Ten years later I met Mr. Brown again and found that he looked the same. A,aall B,pretty C,very D,mmuch
  42. The time limit for the task was only one week, but somehow I managed to get it . A,do B,to be done C,done D,doing
  43. To be frank, I'd rather everything on that day. A,hadn't happened B,didn't happened C,not happened D,would not happen
  44. Despite the wonderful acting and great stars the movie couldn't hold the audience's attention. A,two-hour B,two hours C,two-hours
  45. Their requirement is that every member at least one meeting per year. A,will attend B,attend C,must attend D,attends
  46. Professor Pile to Hangzhou before, so I went to meet him at the airport. A,didn't go B,hasn't been C,wouldn't go D,hadn't been
  47. Bryson decided to get some work experience first go straight on to university. A,rather than B,other than C,more than D,better than
  48. I can use a computer, but it comes to repairing them, I know nothing. A,after B,until C,since D,when
  49. A man is reported in the local newspaper by three youths as he walked home from work yesterday A,was robbed B,having been robbed C,to be robbed D,to have been robbed
  50. We so much ? three dishes and a mixed salad would have been enough for us. A,didn't have to order B,didn't need to order C,needn't to have ordered D,needn't have ordered
  51. for your assistance, I wouldn't be able to do so well. A,If it isn't B,Weren't it C,If it wasn't D,Wasn't it
  52. The Mona Lisa, in Italy, is now kept in Louvre, a museum in Paris. A,who painted B,who was painted C,that was painted D,which was painted
  53. Scientific research indicates that two-thirds of the earth surface with water. A,covered
B,are covered C,covers D,is covered
  54. Einstein was the man Theory of Relativity has influenced our ideas of time and space. A,who B,that C,whose D,of whom
  55. we'll do is to leave Mum a note to tell her that we won't be back till tomorrow morning. A,What B,If C,that D,Whether
  56. he completed his education abroad, he has been working for a travel agency in Shanghai. A,As soon as B,Since C,By the time D,When
  57. All the teachers and students , the ceremony was declared open. A,had arrived B,arrived C,having arrived D,arriving
  58. any reply, Mary decided to visit the company herself. A,Having not B,Not having got C,Not having D,Having not got
  59. When he knew that he had passed the exam, he felt a great weight off his mind. A,taken B,took C,to take D,taking
  60. Goods from abroad are not always better than those made in China. A,importing B,which import C,imported D,which imported
Part IV Reading Comprehension
Passage One Questions 61 to 65 are based on the following passage: Adverse (不良的) drug reactions may cause the deaths of over 100,000 US hospital patients each year,
making them a leading cause of death nationwide, according to a report in the Journal of the American Medical Association. "The incidence (发生率) of serious and fatal adverse drug reactions (ADRs) in US hospitals was found to be extremely high," say researchers at the University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada. They carried out an analysis of 39 ADR-related studies at US hospitals over the past 30 years and defined an ADR as "any harmful, unintended, and undesired effect of a drug which occurs at doses (剂量) used in humans for medical treatment.". An average
  6.7% of all hospitalized patients experience an ADR every year, according to the researchers. They estimate that "in 1994, overall 2,216,000 hospitalized patients had serious ADRs, and 106,000 had fatal ADRs." This means that ADRs may rank as the fourth single largest cause of death in America.. The control of ADRs also means spending more money. One US study estimated the overall cost of treating ADRs at up to $4 billion per year. Dr. David Bates of Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, believes that healthcare workers need to pay more attention to the problem, especially since many ADRs are easily preventable. "When a patient develops an allergy (过敏症) or sensitivity, it is often not recorded," Bates notes, "and patients receive drug to which they have known allergies or sensitivities with disturbing frequency." He believes special computerized systems ? still work-in-progress at many of the nation's hospitals ? should help cut down the frequency of these types of errors.
  61. Who wrote the reporter in the American journal? A,The American Medical Association. B,Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. C,Doctors at an American hospital D,Researchers at a Canadian university.
  62. What does the word fatal (Para.
  4) mean in the passage? A,Resulting in death. B,Lucky C,Leading to happiness. D,Worried
  63. Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage? A,ADRs cause a lot of Americans to die every year. B,The control of ADRs costs huge amount of money. C,Only hospitalized patients may experience ADRs. D,ADRs are one of the leading causes of death in US.
  64. What does Dr. Bates mainly imply in what he says? A,ADRs can be easily identified and prevented. B,Healthcare workers are too busy to notice ADRs. C,Hosptials may use computers to prevent ADRs. D,Doctors and nurses are partly responsible for ADRs.
  65. Which of the following might be the best title for the passage? A,Adverse Drug Reactions ? A Major Cause of Death B,Adverse Drug Reactions Are Medical Errors C,Doctors and Adverse Drug Reactions D,High Incidence of Adverse Drug Reactions
Passage Two Questions 66 to 70 are based on the following passage: Every human being has a unique arrangement of the skin on his fingers and this arrangement is unchangeable. Scientists and experts have proved the uniqueness of fingerprints and discovered that no exactly similar pattern is passed on from parents to children, though nobody knows why this is the case. The structure on a person's fingers does not change with growth and is not affected by superficial injuries. Burns, cuts and other damage to the outer part of the skin will be replaced in time by new skin which bears a reproduction of the original pattern. It is only when the inner skin is injured that the arrangement will be destroyed. Some criminals make use of this fact to remove their own fingerprints but this is a dangerous and rare step to take. Fingerprints can be made easily with printer's ink. They can be recorded easily. With special methods, identification (辨识) can be achieved successfully within a short time. Because of the simplicity and economy of this system, fingerprints have often been used as a method of solving criminal cases. A suspected man denies a charge, but his fingerprints can prove who he is even if his appearance has been changed by age or accidents. When a suspect leaves fingerprints behind at the scene of crime, they are difficult to detect with the naked eye. Special techniques are used to "develop" them. Some of the marks found are incomplete but identification is possible if a print in the size of a quarter of an inch square can be obtained.
  66. Which countries respected Deming's and Juran's ideas according to the passage? A, India and Brazil B,India and Japan. C,US and Japan. D,Japan and Brazil.
  67. Which of the following is true about the cost of software quality? A,It is higher in US than in Japan B,It is higher in Japan than in India. C,It is higher in India than in Brazil D,It is higher in Brazil than in US.
  68. What does the passage say about Watts Humphrey? A,He was responsible for software production while at IBM B,He has won more respect in US than overseas. C,His advanced system helped reduce the production cost. D,He was paid more in overseas companies after his retirement.
  69. What advice does the writer give to US software companies? A,They must pay their employees more for their hard work. B,They should tell their workers to pay more attention to production cost. C,They must try their best to attract more specialists. D,They should be more concerned with the quality of their products.
  70. What does the writer imply about software competition in the future? A,Brazi



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