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2009 高考英语模拟训练专项(七) 情态动词及虚拟语气

  1. ?How about paying a visit to Mr. Richardson, our former history teacher? ?Good idea. I will e-mail him today so he know to expect us. A. may,when B. would, why C. will, how D. shall, why

  2. When he was there, he go to that coffee shop at he street corner after work every day. A. would B. should C. had better D. might

  3. ?John come here tonight? ?I’m not sure, but he stay at home. A. May, might
  4. You you B. Can, must C. Must, might D. Can, migh
scold such a pupil who always keeps silent so seriously that hurt him.
A.should; can
B.may; will
C.mustn’t ; may
D.can’t must

  5. ?I don’t think you should use the dictionary while reading newspapers. ? , but I can’t do without it. B.Yes, I shouldn’t D.Yes, I should
A.No, I should C.No, I shouldn’t

  6. ?Dad, would you buy me an MP3 player if I do well in the final exam? ?I A.would , I promise. B.shall C.should D.will

  7. ?Is there a fog in the evening ? ?There A.must be . I’ll make a phone call to find it out . B.would C.will D.might

  8. ?Why didn’t you put your cellphone in your overcoat pocket? ?I A.had put , but I was afraid it would be stolen. B.put C.would have D.could have

  9. -You must say sorry to Mary, Jack. -Why I say sorry to her? It’s her who hurt me first. A.should B.would C.could D.might
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  10. ?Has your father got up? ?Sorry, I’m not sure. He got up. Please go and see for yourself. A.must have B.can’t have C.would have D.might have

  11. ?Why aren’t they here yet? ?They A.can have missed C.may have missed the bus. B.must be late for D.might be late for

  12. ?Where Margaret have put the empty bottles? ?She them away. They must be somewhere. A.can; can’t have thrown C.must; must have thrown B.must; needn’t D.can; must throw

  13. ?We need a person badly to think up such an idea . ? A.Shall the new comer have a try ? B.May C.Should D.Need . D.don’t

  14. I’d rather you did some housework when you are free ,but you A.didn’t
  15. The door A.isn’t shut C.won’t be shut
  16. ?What’s the matter with you ? ?Oh, I’m not feeling well in the stomach . I A.shouldn’t eat C.shouldn’t have eaten B.shouldn’t C.weren’t
. Better have it repaired . B.hasn’t been shut D.won’t shut
so much fried fish just now . B.mustn’t have eaten D.mustn’t eat in love , at the age of seven , with the

  17. It is hard for me to imagine what I would be doing today if I library in my hometown . A.wouldn’t have fallen C.had not fallen
  18.? What caused the a cciden t? ? It wa s my fau lt, sir. I to the left. A. ought no t to ha ve tu rned B.should not fall D.were not to fall
B. need n ’t ha ve tu rned
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C. shouldn’t tu rn D. cou ldn’t turn
  19. ?Did you meet with the famous space hero , Yang Liwei ? ? A.If only I had come here earlier ! B.If not C.But for D.For fear

  20. My demand is that the information referred to in my report to Mr. Brown without delay. A.to be e-mailed B.e-mailed C.be e-mailed D.being e-mailed

  21.?Would you like to work in my company? ?Sorry, I’d rather here, but I’d A. staying, goes B. to stay, to go rather my brother to your company. C. stay, went off the bike . B.would fall D.would have fallen D. to stay, goes

  22. I supported him in time , otherwise he A.might fall C.should have fallen

  23.?You have set aside more time to play with our kids. ?I wish I , but you know how busy I was. A. should, would B. could, did C. might, should D. should, had

  24. If he that he to work there, everything would be OK now. A. insisted, be sent B. insisted, was sent C. had insisted, be sent D. had insisted, was sent

  25.?Without your help, we this task on time. ?My pleasure. A. don’t finish B. will not finish C. didn’t finish D. would not have finished
  1. A may 用在 so、so that、in order that 后常表目的。 “我”给他发封 e-mail,这样他就可以知道什么时候接我们 了。故选 A。
  2. A would 可用来表示过去经常性、 习惯性的动作, 当他在那儿时, 他每天下班后都经常到街道拐角处的咖啡店。 故选 A。
  3. D can、 may、might 都可用来表达可能性,但 may、might 不用于疑问句,且 might 表示成为现实的可能性更 欢迎广大教师踊跃来稿,稿酬丰厚。www.ks5u.com 3
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小。由 I’m not sure 可知第二空应用 might。故选 D。
  4.. C mustn’t 表不准禁止之意;may 表推测可能性。故选 C。
  5.. C 对于否定式疑问句或前否定后肯定的反意疑问句的回答,应根据实际情况作答。若是肯定的事实,用 yes, 若是否定的事实,应用 no。此题中的后者也认为不应该用字典。故选 C。
  6.. D will 可用来表达意愿,本句的语义环境为:如你考得好,我会愿意给你买部 MP3 的。故选 D。
  7.. D 由 I’ll make a phone call to find it out 可知,答话人并不肯定。故选 D。
  8.. C 由语义环境可知,答话人本来想把手机放在大衣口袋里,但害怕被偷,所以未放。would have done 表示本 想做某事,但未做。故选 C。
  9.. A 答话人对要求他向 Mary 道歉表示不满。 “为什么应该是我向她道歉?”是她先伤害的我。故选 A。 1
  00.. D must have done 一定做过某事,用于肯定句中,疑问句否定句中用 can 或 could 来代替,表示对过去事实比 较肯定的猜测。might have done 可能做了某事,用于肯定句和否定句中,表示对过去事实不太肯定的猜测。 由 I’m not sure 可知并不肯定,故选 D。
  11.. C 他们未何还未到?可能是未赶上汽车。表示对过去事实的猜测。故选 C。
  12.. A 本题考查情态动词+have done 表示对过去事实的推测的用法。must have done 用于肯定句中,疑问句否定句 中应用 can could 代替 must。故选 A。
  13.. A shall 用于第一三人称的疑问句中,表示征询对方许可或提出建议。故选 C 。
  14.. D 由 I’d rather you did some housework 可知这是对现在事实的虚拟,表示与现在事实相反。故选 D。
  15.. D 表示意愿,既可用人作主语,亦可用物作主语,本句句意为“门关不上,你最好找人修一下。 故选 D。 ” 欢迎广大教师踊跃来稿,稿酬丰厚。www.ks5u.com 4
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  16.. C 本句语言环境为“我胃痛,刚才本来不应该吃那么多炸鱼” 。shouldn’t have done 本来不该做某事,而事实上 做了。故选 C。
  17.. C 本题考查虚拟语气在含有 if 从句的复合句中的用法。主句表示与现在事实相反,用 would do,从句与过去 事实相反,用 had done。故选 C。
  18.. A 本题的语意环境为:是我导致了这场事故,我本不该向左拐。ought not have done=shouldn’t have done 本不 该做某事;needn’t have done:本来没有必要做某事而做了。故选 A。
  19.. A If only:要是……该多好啊,用以表示对现在或未来的愿望,结构为:If only+S+did/情态动词+v;亦可表示 与过去事实相反的愿望,结构为 If only+S+had done;我未见到航天英雄杨利伟,要是我早点来该多好啊! “未见到”是过去的事情。故选 A。
  20.. C 本题考查虚拟语气在宾语从句中的用法。在 demandrequirerequestorder 等动词引导的宾语从句中及相应名词 所引导的名词性从句中,应用 should+v, should 可以省略,故选 C。
  21.. C 本题考查 would rather 的用法。would rather 后可直接动词原形,但若跟从句,则应用虚拟语气。若与现在 事实或将来愿望相反,从句中动词应用过去式;若与过去事实相反,则应用 had done。由句意知,二人是对 现在的工作进行讨论。故选 C。
  22.. D otherwise 否则,相当于 if not。本句可改为: if I hadn’t supported him in time, he off the bike。显然,这 是与过去事实相反,主句应用 would/could…+have done。故选 D。
  23.. D 本题考查虚拟语气在 wish 从句中的用法。 (与第 6 题 would rather 的用法相同。 )由句中 should have set aside 及 how busy I was 可知,该句表示与过去事实相反。故选 D。
  24.. C 本题考查虚拟语气在 insist 从句中的用法。若 insist 表示“坚持要求做事”从句中应用 should+v, should 可省 略;若 insist 表示“坚持说,坚持认为”则从句需根据句意选择合适的时态。本句句意为:如果他坚持要求 被派往那儿的话,现在一切都好了。事实上并非如此。故选 C。 欢迎广大教师踊跃来稿,稿酬丰厚。www.ks5u.com 5
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  25.. D without, but for;要没有…,相当于 if 从句。本句可改为 if you hadn’t helped us, we this task on time。 这是与过去事实相反的句子。选 D
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