一、Vocabulary and Structure(10 points,1 point each)从下列各句四个选项中选出 一个最佳答案,并在答题纸上将相应的字母涂黑。
The traffic was held up for more than thirty minutes,caused me to arrive late.

A. B. C. D.
it that what which
he has many friends,he is often feeling lonely. A. As B. When
C. While D. Since
Poor speaker of English though he was at the time,he still managed to make himself.
A. B. C. D.
understand understood understanding to understand
There are many sales this season,during which stores will lower theirprices.
A. B. C. D.
normal general ordinary usual
As for family education,parents are encouraged to rely onrather than punishment.
A. criticism B. intimidation C. persuasion
D. scolding
Scientists doubt whether it’sto regulate one’s biological clock by drinking.

A. feasible
B. incredible C. fashionable D. valuable
You’d better leave thingsif you don’t know how to deal with them. A. lonely B. only
C. lone D. alone
The room was quiet,the occasional coughing from my throat. A. in case B. except for
C. by far D. instead of
So far scientists have only acquiredunderstanding of the physical processes that cause earthquakes.

A. B. C. D.
a partial a changeable an original an individual
The profit-sharing plan is designed tothe staff to work hard. A. calculate B. demonstrate C. speculate
D. motivate 二、Cloze Test(10 points,1 point each)下列短文中有十个空白,每个空白有四个选 项。根据上下文要求选出最佳答案,并在答题纸上将相应的字母涂黑。
Shopping for clothes is not the same experience for a man as it is for a woman.A man goes shopping1he needs something.His purpose is settled and decided
  2.He knows what he wants and his objective is to find it and3it;the price is a secondary
  4.Most men5walk into a shop and ask the salesman6what they want.If the shop has it in stock,the salesman promptly7it,and the business of trying it on

  8.All being well,the9can be and often is completed in less than five minutes,with hardly any bargain and to their satisfaction.For a man,slight problems may begin when the shop does not have what he wants,10 does not have exactly what he wants.In that case the salesman,as the name implies,tries to sell the customer something else.
  1). (A).
(B). (C). (D). (
  2). (A). (B). (C). (D). (
  3). (A). (B). (C). (D). (
  4). (A). (B). (C). (D). (
  5). (A). (B). (C). (D). (
  6). (A). (B). (C). (D). (
  7). (A). (B). (C). (D). (
  8). (A). (B). (C).
before unless because
in advance in addition in contrast in return
book order buy take
transaction consideration regulation possession
simply necessarily
reluctantly inevitably
of with for at
leaves makes prevents produces
at once at first at best
(D). (
  9). (A). (B). (C). (D). (
  10). (A). (B). (C). (D).
at least
sale deal payment request
and or but as
三、Reading Comprehension(30 points,2 points each)从下列每篇短文的问题后所给 的四个选择项中选出一个最佳答案,并在答题纸上将相应的字母涂黑。
My husband Christopher was once a financial planner.Even though he couldn’t balance our budget,his clients trusted him completely and he made them feel secure.In exchange they paid him very well.We had a nice life then.At that time,my

yoga studio(瑜伽馆)was just starting to make a profit,and I had recently decorated it.At last,I was in control of my working life and poured my heart and soul into making it succeed. When we first met,I fell hard for Christopher right away,although I wouldn’t call it love.I’d never been with a man who was prettier than I was,but after a while I got used to this,and it didn’t bother me so much.I was recovering from a broken heart and needed something to help me move on.If it wasn’t love,it was good enough,and when he asked me to marry him I jumped at the chance,knowing that it might be my last. Things started out so well.I was working steadily and Christopher was patiently climbing up the ladder in his department.Then,without any warning,one gray winter afternoon in year five,he just upped and left his desk at the bank,handed in his resignation,and came home and told me he wanted to start an interior design business. He has always loved mixing and matching,and has a real eye for color,texture,and shape,but the idea of turning a hobby into a business wasn’t something we had ever discussed.I thought the stress of his job was becoming too much and perhaps he would take a few months off over the spring and summer to relax and get the idea out of his system.I didn’t believe he could be serious.But once he had a few clients,he began to draw up plans,ordering catalogues and turning our empty workshop into a kind of makeshift studio with all of his sketches pinned to the wall.After spending a lot of time and money on all of this preparation,and really doing quite a nice job of it,he called each client in turn and apologized,saying he wouldn’t be able to design their living spaces after all.
  1). As a financial planner,Christopher. (A). paid his clients very well (B). was trusted by his clients (C). was making his yoga studio profitable (D). could make his family’s budget balanced (
  2). The woman in the passage. (A). fell in love with Christopher at first sight (B). managed a yoga studio with her husband (C). felt really uncomfortable with a smart man (D). married Christopher because of a broken heart
  3). His wife thought Christopher suddenly quit his job because he. (A). couldn’t wait to get promoted (B). had experience in interior design (C). wanted to do something he enjoyed (D). couldn’t bear the pressure from his job (
  4). The womanher husband’s decision. (A). was supportive of (B). was indifferent to (C). was satisfied with (D). was negative about (
  5). It can be inferred from the last paragraph that Christopher. (A). was more likely to change his mind (B). would return to his office in the bank (C). made a big success in interior design (D). was not wellprepared for his business
In a quiet,darkened lecture room,you begin a frustrating fight against fatigue.The overhead projector hums,and you cannot concentrate on the slides.You stop absorbing information and become absentminded.The professor lost you a long time ago.You are bored. Virtually everyone gets bored once in a while.Most of us chalk it up to a dull environment.“The most common way to define boredom in Western culture is ‘having

nothing to do,’”says psychologist Stephen Vodanovich of the University of West Florida.And indeed,early research into the effects of boredom focused on people forced to perform dull tasks,such as working a factory assembly line. But boredom is not merely an natural property of the circumstances,researchers say.Rather this perception is subjective and rooted in aspects of consciousness.Levels of boredom vary among people:some individuals are far less liable to boredom than others?and some,such as extroverts(性格外向者),are more likely to have this feeling. Thus,a new generation of scientists is coping with the psychological interpretations of this most tedious of human emotions?and they have found that it is more complicated than is commonly known.Researchers say that boredom is not a unified concept but rather comes in several flavors.Level of attention,an aspect of conscious awareness,plays an important role in boredom,such that improving a person’s ability to focus may therefore decrease boredom.Emotional factors can also contribute to boredom.People who are poor in understanding their own feelings and
those who become sucked in and distracted by their moods are more easily bored,for example. Staying away from tedium is not easy.People who are liable to boredom are more likely to suffer from ills such as depression and drug addiction;they also tend to be socially awkward and poor performers at school or work.
  1). The purpose of the first paragraph is to. (A). illustrate why people are less able to focus (B). show how boring a lecture in a dark room is (C). tell people how fatigue affects concentration (D). describe a situation where people can get bored (
  2). It can be concluded from Para.2 that. (A). doing nothing leads people to get bored easily (B). western people pay little attention to boredom (C). boredom only affects the assembly line worker (D). people are liable to get bored in a dull situation (
  3). Researchers hold that boredom results from. (A). natural surroundings (B). various kinds of factors (C). sensitive personalities (D). subjective perceptions (
  4). Improvement of people’s ability to focus may. (A). affect their moods (B). distract their minds (C). reduce their boredom (D). increase their depression (
  5). The passage mainly involves. (A). effects of boredom on people’s life and work (B). various ways to conquer the feeling of boredom (C). studies of possible reasons why people get bored (D). the importance of scientific research into boredom
Storytelling is one of the few human features that are truly universal across culture and through all of known history.Anthropologists find evidence of folktales

everywhere in ancient cultures,written in Sanskrit,Latin,Greek,Chinese,Egyptian and Sumerian.People in societies of all types weave stories,from oral storytellers in huntergatherer tribes to the millions of writers bringing out books,television shows and movies.And when a characteristic behavior shows up in so many different societies,researchers pay attention:its roots may tell us something about our evolutionary past. To study storytelling,scientists must first define what constitutes a story,and that can prove tricky.Because there are so many diverse forms,scholars often define story structure,known as narrative,by explaining what it is not.Exposition contrasts with narrative by being a simple,straightforward explanation,such as a list of facts or an encyclopedia entry.Another standard approach defines narrative as a series of causally linked events that unfold over time.A third definition draws on the typical narrative’s subject matter:the interactions of intentional agents?characters with minds?who possess various motivations. However narrative is defined,people know it when they feel it.Whether fiction or nonfiction,a narrative engages its audience through psychological realism?recognizable emotions and believable interactions among characters. “Everyone has a natural detector for psychological realism,”says Raymond A.Mar,assistant professor of psychology at York University in Toronto.“We can tell when something rings false.”But the best stories?those retold through generations and translated into other languages?do more than simply present a believable picture.These tales attract their audience,whose emotions can be closely tied to those of the story’s characters.Such immersion(沉浸)is a state psychologists call“narrative transport”.Researchers have only begun figuring out the relations among the variables that can initiate narrative transport.
  1). The passage indicates that storytelling. (A). is becoming less and less popular in modern societies (B). attracts researchers’attention all through human history (C). is the best way to show the evolutionary past of human beings (D). is a common cultural phenomenon all through the known history (
  2). The phrase“a characteristic behavior”in Para.1 refers to. (A). telling stories (B). writing books (C). studying folktales (D). producing movies (
Exposition is characterized by.
(A). (B). (C).
believable pictures diverse subject matters a simple and direct explanation
a number of causally linked events
  4). How many approaches are mentioned to define a narrative? (A). One. (B). Two. (C). Three. (D). Four. (
  5). The best stories attract their audience because they. (A). present a believable picture (B). express the audience’s emotions (C). are translated into other languages (D). are retold from generation to generation 四、Word Spelling(10 points,1 point for two words)将下列汉语单词译成英语。每 个单词的词类、首字母及字母数目均已给出。请将完整的单词写在答题纸上。
能力,能耐n.a_ _ _ _ _ _ 吹嘘,自夸v.b_ _ _ _ 取消,删除v.c_ _ _ _ _ 危险的,不安全的a.d_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 过多的,过分的a.e_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 设备;便利n.f_ _ _ _ _ _ _ 喂草,放牧v.g_ _ _ _

几乎不,几乎没有ad.h_ _ _ _ _ 包括,包含v.i_ _ _ _ _ _ 律师n.l_ _ _ _ _ 较大的,主要的a.m_ _ _ _ 国家的,民族的a.n_ _ _ _ _ _ _
操作,经营n.o_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 透入,渗入v.p_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 拒绝,谢绝v.r_ _ _ _ _

幸存,存活n.s_ _ _ _ _ _ _
技术员n.t_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 在楼上,往楼上ad.u_ _ _ _ _ _ _ 老兵,老手n.v_ _ _ _ _ _ 获胜者,优胜者n.w_ _ _ _ _
五、Word Form(10 points,1 point each)将括号中的各词变为适当的形式填入空白。 答案写在答题纸上。
It was(care)of her to leave her purse lying on the desk.




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