2009 年 12 月大学英语六级考试答案 Part II Reading Comprehension(Skimming and scanning)
  1. Benefits of the practice of teleworking。
  2. more businesses have adopted remote working solution
  3. Access to broadband every where。
  4. They look for reliable business-only providers。
  5. offering sophisticated voice services
  6. support its employees with children to take care of
  7. keep highly qualified staff
  8. home life
  9. productive
  10. increase her own productivity Part III Section A
  11. They prefer to carry cash when traveling abroad。
  12. Rod was eliminated in the selection process。
  13. The concert is very impressive。
  14. They have known each other since their schooldays。
  18. Stop for the night。 Survey results。 He would rather the woman didn’t buy the blouse。 The notice may not be reliable。 Listening Comprehension (35minutes) (15 minutes)

A manager at a computer store。 Handling customer complaints。 She wants to be with her husband。 Early next month。 It will be a major economic power by the mid-21st century。 The huge gap between the haves and have-nots。 they attach great importance to education。
Section B
  35. She engaged in field research on environmental pollution。 The job restricted her from revealing her findings。 Many toxic sites in America have been cleaned up。 Her ability to communicate through public speaking。 The accelerated pace of globalization。 Gain a deep understanding of their own culture。 The labour market is getting globalised。 Brown-haired women are rated as more capable。 They are shrewd dishonest。 They hinder our perception of individual differences。
Section C
  36. derived
  37. immense
  38. convenient
  39. accuracy

  40. largely
  41. instinct
  42. recalls
  43. texture
  44. This means that any thought about a certain subject will often bring up more memories that are related to it。
  45. The associations do not have to be logical. They just have to make a good link。
  46. If you remember the shape of Italy, it is because you have been told sometime that Italy is shaped like a boot。 Part IV Reading Comprehension(Reading in Depth) (25minutes)

  47. a driver’s attention
  48. equivalent in difficulty to driving
  49. more time
  50. careful thinking/consideration
  51. punishing
  60. the shrinking primary care resources the more doctors taking care of a patient, the better see more patients at the expense of quality The current system works against primary care Bridge the salary gap between specialists and primary care physicians The air quality around Berkeley’s school campuses is poor。 A heated debate。 They didn’t know who to believe。 Daily accidents pose a more serious threat to children。

the uncertain Cloze (15minutes)
Part V 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73
launching brands condemn in industry exclude including unnecessary to incentives strategic spokesman
74 underway 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 responsibility on minimize so individual despite tackle Translation (5 minutes)
Part VI

  82. It depends on how often you wear it
  83. to be a challenge to many traditional concepts
  84. could have attended the meeting in person (by himself)
  85. balanced diet is essential to health
  86. regretful did I feel



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