江苏大学硕士研究生学位英语试卷 (2009-12-
  23) )
Part I Listening Comprehension (20%) Section A Directions: In this section, you will hear ten short conversations between two speakers. After you have heard each conversation, try to choose the best answer and mark it on the Answer Sheet. You will hear each conversation once only.
  1. A) At a theatre B) At a booking office. C) At a railway station. D) At a restaurant.
  2. A) The man is inviting the woman to dinner. B) The woman is too busy to join the man for dinner. C) The woman is a friend of the Stevensons’. D) The man is going to visit the Stevensons’.
  3. A) The professor’s presentation was not convincing enough. B) The professor’s lecture notes were too complicated. C) The professor spoke with a strong accent. D) The professor spoke too fast.
  4. A) The furnished apartment was inexpensive. B) The apartment was provided with some old furniture. C) The furniture un the market was on sale every Sunday. D) The furniture he bought was very cheap.

  5. A) The man is thinking about taking a new job. B) The man likes a job that enables him to travel. C) The man is sure that he will gain more by taking the job. D) The man doesn’t want to stay home and take care of their child.
  6. A) Take the GRE test again in 8 weeks. B) Call to check his scores. C) Be patient and wait. D) Inquire when the test scores are released.
  7. A) She read it selectively B). She went over it chapter by chapter C). She read it slowly D) She finished it at a stretch.
  8. A) He was kept in hospital for a long time. B) He was slightly injured in a traffic accident. C) He was seriously wounded in a mine explosion. D) He was fined for speeding.
  9. A) Wait for a taxi. B) Buy some food. C) Go on a trip. D) Book train tickets.
  10. A) It’s not as hard as expected. B) It’s too tough for some students. C) It’s much more difficult than people think. D) It’s believed to be the hardest optional course.
Section B
Directions: In this section, you will hear 3 short passages. At the end of each
passage, you will hear some questions. Both the passage and the questions will be spoken only once. After you hear a question, you must choose the best answer from the four choices marked A), B), C) and D). Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.
Passage one Question 11 to 13 are based on the passage you have just heard.
  11. A) Anxious and worried. B) Proud and excited. C) Nervous and confused. D) Inspired and confident.
  12. A) His father scolded him severely. B) His father took back the six dollars. C) His father made him do the cutting again. D) His father cut the leaves himself.
  13. A) One can benefit a lot from working with his father. B) Manual labourers shouldn’t be looked down upon. C) One should always do his job earnestly. D) Teenagers tend to be careless.
Passage Two Questions 14 to 16 are based on the passage you have just heard.
  14. A) He ran a village shop.
B) He worked on a farm. C) He worked in an advertising agency. D) He was a gardener.
  15. A) It was stressful. B) It was colorful. C) It was peaceful. D) It was boring.
  16. A) His desire to start his own business. B) The crisis in his family life. C) The decline in his health. D) His dream of living in the countryside.
Passage Three Questions 17 to 20 are based on the passage you have just heard.
  17. A) Because there are no signs to direct them. B) Because no tour guides are available. C) Because all the buildings in the city look alike. D) Because the university is everywhere in the city.
  18. A) They set their own exams. B) They select their own students. C) They award their own degrees. D) They organize their own laboratory work.
  19. A) Most of them have a long history. B) Many of them are specialized libraries. C) They house more books than any other university library.
D) They each have a copy of every book published in Britain.
  20. A) Very few of them are engaged in research. B) They were not awarded degrees until 19
  48. C) They have outnumbered male students. D) They were not treated equally until 18
Part II Cloze Test (15%)
Directions: There are 15 questions in this part of the test. Read the passage through. Then, go back and choose one suitable word or phrase for each blank in the passage and mark it on the Answer Sheet. Although there are many skillful Braille readers, thousands of other blind people find it difficult to learn that system. They are thereby shut the world of books and newspapers, having to 22 21 from
on friends to read aloud to
them. A young scientist named Raymond Kurzweil has now designed a computer which is a major Cyclops, has a camera that 23 25 in providing aid to the 24 . His machine, any page, interprets the print into sounds, and 26 through a speaker. By pressing
then delivers them orally in a robot-like the appropriate buttons any 28 27
Cyclops’s keyboard, a blind person can “read”
document in the English language. 29 forward in the
This remarkable invention represents a tremendous
education of the handicapped. At present, Cyclops costs $50,0
  00. 30 , Mr. Kurzweil and his associates are preparing a smaller that will sell Kurzweil 33 32 31 improved version
less than half that price. Within a few years,
the price range will be low enough for every school and library
one. Michael Hingson, Director of the National Federation for the 35 will be able to buy home models of Cyclops for the
Blind, hopes that
price of a good television set.
  21. A) up
  22. A) dwell B) down B) rely C) in C) press D) off D) urge C) breakthrough C) invisible D) process D) sightless

  23. A) execution
  24. A) paralyzed
  25. A) scans
  26. A) behavior
  27. A) on
  28. A) visual
  29. A) stride
  30. A) Likewise
  31. A) but
  32. A) on B) at
B) distinction B) uneducated B) enlarges B) expression C) in
C) sketches
D) projects D) voice
C) movement
D) from C) virtual C) haul D) spoken D) footprint C) However D) then D) to C) counts D) retain D) companies D) determines D) Though
B) printed B) trail
B) Moreover C) or C) through B) considers C) invest
B) than B) for

  33. A) estimates
  34. A) settle
  35. A) schools
B) own
B) children
C) families
Part III
Reading Comprehension (20%)
Directions: There are 4 passages in this part. Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices. You should decide on the best choice and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.
Passage One Questions 36 to 40 are based on the following passage. People living on part of the south coast of England face a serious problem. In 1993, the owners of a large hotel and of several houses discovered, to their horror, that their gardens had disappeared overnight. The sea had eaten into the soft limestone cliffs on which they had been built. While experts were studying the problem. the hotel and several houses disappeared altogether, sliding down the cliff and into the sea. Erosion(侵蚀)of the white cliffs along the south coast of England has always been a problem but it has become more serious in recent years. Dozens of homes have had to be abandoned as the sea has crept farther and farther inland. Experts have studied the areas most affected and have drawn up a map for local people, forecasting the year in which their homes will be swallowed up by the hungry sea. Angry owners have called on the Government to erect sea defenses to protect their homes. Government surveyors have pointed out that in most cases, this is impossible. New sea walls would cost hundreds of millions of pounds and would merely make the waves and currents go further along the coast, shifting the problem from one area to another. The danger is likely to continue, they say, until the waves reach an inland area of hard rock which will not be eaten as limestone is. Meanwhile, if you want to buy a cheap house with an uncertain future, apply to a house agent in one of the threatened areas on the south coast of England. You can get a house for a knockdown price but it may turn out to be a knockdown home.
  36. What is the cause of the problem that people living on parts of the south
coast of England face? A) The rising of the sea level. B) The experts' lack of knowledge. C) The washing-away of limestone cliffs. D) The disappearance of hotels, houses and gardens.
  37.The erosion of the white cliffs in the south of England. A) will soon become a problem for people living in central England B) has now become a threat to the local residents C) can be stopped if proper measures are taken D) is quickly changing the map of England
  38. The experts study on the problem of erosion and A) warn people whose homes are in danger B) provide an effective way to slow it down C) help to its eventual solution D) lead to its eventual solution
  39. It is not feasible to build sea defenses to protect against erosion because . A) house agents along the coast do not support the idea B) it is too costly and will endanger neighboring areas C) the government it too slow in taking action D) they will be easily knocked down by waves and currents
  40. According to the author, when buying a house along the south coast of England, people should .
A) take the quality of the house into consideration B) guard against being cheated by the house agent
C) examine the house carefully before making a decision D) be aware of the potential danger involved Passage Two Questions 41 to 45 are based on the following passage. Sport is not only physically challenging, but it can also be mentally challenging. Criticism from coaches, parents and other teammates, as well as pressure to win can create an excessive amount of anxiety or stress for young athletes. Stress can be physical, emotional, or psychological and research has indicated that it can lead to burnout. Burnout has been described as dropping or quitting of an activity that was at one time enjoyable. The early years of development are critical years for learning about oneself. The sport setting is one where valuable experiences can take place. Young athletes can, for example, learn how to cooperate with others, make friends, and gain other social skills that will be used throughout their lives. Coaches and parents should be aware, at all times, that their feedback to youngsters can greatly affect their children. Youngsters may take their parents' and coaches' criticisms to heart and find a flaw in themselves. Coaches and parents should also be cautious that youth sport participation does not become work for children. The outcome of the game should not be more important than the process of learning the sport and other life lessons. In today's youth sport setting, young athletes may be worrying more about who will win instead of enjoying themselves and the sport. Following a game many parents and coaches focus on the outcome and find fault with youngsters' performances. Positive reinforcement should be provided regardless of the outcome. Research indicates that positive reinforcement motivates and has a
greater effect on learning than criticism. Again, criticism can create high levels of stress, which can lead to burnout.
  41. An effective way to prevent the burnout of young athletes is A) to reduce their mental stress B) to increase their sense of success C) to make sports less competitive D) to make sports more challenging

  42. According to the passage sport is positive for young people in that . A) it can help them learn more about society B) it enables them to find flaws in themselves C) it can provide them with valuable experiences D) it teaches them how to set realistic goals for themselves
  43. Many coaches and parents are in the habit of criticizing young athletes . A) believing that criticism is beneficial for their early development B) without realizing criticism may destroy their self confidence C) in order to make them remember life's lessons D) so as to put more pressure on them
  44. According to the passage parents and coaches should . A) pay more attention to letting children enjoy sports B) help children to win every game C) train children to cope with stress D) enable children to understand the positive aspect of sports
  45. The author's purpose in writing the passage is . A) to teach young athletes how to avoid burnout B) to persuade young children not to worry about criticism C) to stress the importance of positive reinforcement to children
D) to discuss the skill of combining criticism with encouragement
Passage Three Questions 46 to 50 are based on the following passage. It was the worst tragedy in maritime (航海的) history, six times more deadly than the Titanic. When the German cruise ship Wilhelm Gustloff was hit by torpedoes (鱼雷) fired from a Russian submarine in the final winter of World War II, more than 10,000 people -? mostly women, children and old people fleeing the final Red Army push into Nazi Germany ?? were packed aboard. An ice storm had turned the decks into frozen sheets that sent hundreds of families sliding into the sea as the ship tilted and began to go down. Others desperately tried to put lifeboats down. Some who succeeded fought off those in the water who had the strength to try to claw their way aboard. Most people froze immediately. “ I’ll never forget the screams,” says Christa Ntitzma



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