Section A 注意:此部分试题请在答题卡 2 上作答。
  11. A.Fred forgot to call him last night about the camping trip. B.He is not going to lend his sleeping bag to Fred. C.He has not seen Fred at the gym for sometime. D.Fred may have borrowed a sleeping bag from someone else.
  12. A.Summer has become hotter in recent years. B.It will cool down a bit over the weekend. C.Swimming in a pool has a relaxing effect. D.He hopes the weather forecast is accurate.
  13. A.Taking a picture of Prof. Brown. B.Commenting on an oil-painting. C.Hosting a TV program. D.Staging a performance.
  14. A.She can help the man take care of the plants. B.Most plants grow better in direct sunlight. C.The plants need to be watered frequently. D.The plants should be placed in a shady spot.
  15. A.Change to a more exciting channel. B.See the movie some other time. C.Go to bed early. D.Stay up till eleven.
  16. A.Both of them are laymen of modern art. B.She has beamed to appreciate modem sculptures. C.Italian artists’ works are difficult to understand. D.Modern artists are generally considered weird.
  17. A.They seem satisfied with what they have done. B.They have called all club members to contribute. C.They think the day can be called a memorable one. D.They find it hard to raise money for the hospital.
  18. A.The man shouldn’t hesitate to take the course. B.The man should talk with the professor first. C.The course isn’t open to undergraduates. D.The course will require a lot of reading. Questions 19 to 21 are based on the conversation you have just heard.
  19. A.Current trends in economic development. B.Domestic issues of general social concern. C.Stories about Britain’s relations with other nations. D.Conflicts and compromises among political parties.
  20. A.Based on the poll of public opinions. B.By interviewing people who file complaints. C.By analyzing the domestic and international situation. D.Based on public expectations and editors’ judgment.
  21. A.Underlying rules of editing.
B.Practical experience. C.Audience’s feedback. D.Professional qualifications. Questions 22 to 25 are based on the conversation you have just heard.
  22. A.The average life span was less than 50 years. B.It was very common for them to have 12 children. C.They retired from work much earlier than today. D.They were quite optimistic about their future.
  23. A.Get ready for ecological changes. B.Adapt to the new environment. C.Learn to use new technology. D.Explore ways to stay young.
  24. A.When all women go out to work. B.When family planning is enforced.. C.When a world government is set up. D.When all people become wealthier.
  25. A.Eliminate poverty and injustice. B.Migrate to other planets. C.Control the environment. D.Find inexhaustible resources. Section B 注意:此部分试题请在答题卡 2 上作答。 Passage One Questions 26 to 28 are based on the passage you have just heard.
  26. A.To help young people improve their driving skills. B.To alert teenagers to the dangers of reckless driving. C.To teach young people road manners through videotapes. D.To show teens the penalties imposed on careless drivers.
  27. A.Road accidents. B.Street violence. C.Drug abuse. D.Lung cancer.
  28. A.It has changed teens’ way of life. B.It has made teens feel like adults. C.It has accomplished its objective. D.It has been supported by parents. Passage Two Questions 29 to 31 are based on the passage you have just heard.
  29. A.Customers may get addicted to the smells. B.Customers may be misled by the smells. C.It hides the defects of certain goods. D.It gives rise to unfair competition.
  30. A.Flexible.
B.Critical. C.Supportive. D.Cautious.
  31. A.The flower scent stimulated people’s desire to buy. B.Stronger smells had greater effects on consumers. C.Most shoppers hated the small the shoe store. D.84% of the customers were unaware of the smells. Passage Three Questions 32 to 35 are based on the passage you have just heard.
  32. A.A goods train hit a bus carrying many passengers. B.Two passenger trains crashed into each other. C.A passenger train collided with a goods train. D.An express train was derailed when hit by a bomb.
  33. A.The rescue operations have not been very effective. B.More than 300 injured passengers were hospitalized. C.The cause of the tragic accident remains unknown. D.The exact casualty figures are not yet available.
  34. A.There was a bomb scare. B.There was a terrorist attack. C.A fire alarm was set off by mistake. D.50 pounds of explosives were found.
  35. A.Follow policemen’s directions. B.Keep an eye weather. C.Avoid snow-covered roads. D.Drive with special care. Section C 注意:此部分试题请在答题卡 2 上作答。 English is the leading international language. In different countries around the globe, English is acquired as the mother (
  36) , in others it’s used as a second language. Some nations use English as their (
  37) language, performing the function of (
  38) ; in others it’s used as an international language for business, (
  39) and industry. What factors and forces have led to the (
  40) of English? Why is English now considered to be so prestigious that, across the globe, individuals and societies feel (
  41) if they do not have (
  42) in this language? How has English changed through 1,500 Years? These are some of the questions that you (
  43) when you study English. You also examine the immense variability of English and (
  44) . You develop in-depth knowledge of the intricate structure of the language. Why do some non-native speakers of English claim that it’s a difficult language to learn, while (
  45) ? At the University of Sussex, you are introduced to the nature and grammar of English in all aspects. This involves the study of sound structures, the formation of words, the sequencing words and the construction of meaning, as well as examination of the theories explaining the aspects of English usage. (
  46) , which are raised by studying how speakers and writers employ English for a wide variety of purposes.
听力答案 Section A 短对话
  11. D) Fred may have borrowed a sleeping bag from someone else.
  12. B) It will cool down over the weekend.
  13. C) Hosting a TV program.
  14. D) The plants should be put in a shady spot.
  15. C) Go to bed early.
  16. B) She has learned to appreciate modern sculptures.
  17. A) They seem satisfied with what they have done
  18. A) The man shouldn't hesitate to take the course. 长对话 19 B)Domestic issues of general social concern. 20 D)Based on public expectation and ... 21 D) Professional qualification 22 A)Their average life span was less than 50 23 C)learn to use now technology. 24 D) When all people become wealthier 25 C)Control environment 短文听力
  26. B) 27 .A)
  28. C) 29 .B)
  30. B)
  31. A)
  32. C)
  33. D) 34 .A)
  35. D)
  36. tongue
  37. official
  38. administration 39 commerce 40 spread 41 disadvantaged 42 confidence 43 investigate
  44. come to understand how it is used as a symbol of both individual identity and social connection
  45. infants born into English-speaking communities acquire their language before they learn to use folks and knives
  46. You are encourage to develop your own individual responses to various practical and theoretical issues
  47.From TV and fashion magazines.
  48. eating disorders
  49. impossibly proportioned
  50. three years
  51. make money



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