2009 年成人高等学校专升本招生全国统一考试 英 语
答案必须答在答题卡上的指定位置, (答在试卷上无效) 。 I.Phonetics(5 points) Directions:In each of the following groups of words,there are four underlined letters or letter combinations marked A,B,C and D.Compare the underlined parts and identify the one that is different from the others in pronunciation.Mark your answer by blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.
  1.A.quiet B.society C.yield D.diet 【答案】C
  2.A.fourteen B.source C.yours D.tournament 【答案】D
  3.A.customer B.cushion C.culture D.currency 【答案】B
  4.A.chess B.character C.chorus D.chemist 【答案】A
  5.A.hurry B.imply C.identify D.occupy 【答案】A 【点评】本题考查语音题,单词都属于常用词汇,稍有点词汇量的学员,本题满分应该 不会有问题。 II.Vocabulary and Structure(15 points) Directions:There are 15 incomplete sentences in this section.For each sentence there are four choices marked A,B,C and D.Choose one answer that best completes the sentence and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.
  6.We travelled on the
  6:45 a.m.train to Boston,arrived at
  8:30 p.m. A.that B.which C.it D.what 【答案】B 【翻译】我们乘坐早晨 6 点 45 分的火车去波士顿,8 点 30 分到达。 【解析】本题考查非限定性定语从句,that 不能引导非限定性定语从句,it 不可引导从 句, what 不引导定语从句。故 B 项正确。 【点评】本题考查非限定性定语从句,咱们在安通保过班、系统班都讲过类似题。
  7.The boys spent the whole morningpossible answers to the question. A.discuss B.to discuss C.discussing D.discussed 【答案】C 【翻译】男孩们花了一个上午的时间讨论这个问题可能的答案。 【解析】本题考查短语 Spend time doing something 【点评】此题考查短语固定搭配,spend 属于常见动词的固定搭配,咱们在安通精品班 课堂上多次强调过。
  8.It's a pity that some of the peoplecannot come tO the party. A.inviting B.invited C.to invite D.were invited 【答案】B 【翻译】很遗憾,邀请的一些客人不能参加聚会。
【解析】本题考查分词作定语,people 与 invite 是被动关系,过去分词表被动,现在 分词表主动。 【点评】本题是一个分词做定语的语法题,非常简单,只要上过安通课的学员应该不会 有问题。
  9.It was matter that I had no choice but to talk it over with my parents. A.a such serious B.a so serious C.such serious a D.SO serious a 【答案】D 【翻译】现在除了跟我父母聊天我别无选择。 【解析】本题考查的是 such 与 so 的区别, such + a /an + adj + n ,而 so + adj + a /an + n,根据上述公式,选 D 【点评】本题属于 so 和 such 的固定搭配,属于常规题。
  10.Jane isn’ t feeling well today.I dare not do to upset her. A.anything B.something C.nothing D.a thing 【答案】A 【翻译】简今天不开心,我不敢做任何令他难过的事。 【解析】本题考查 some 构成的词用于肯定句,any 构成的词用于否定句,no 构成的词 本身含有否定意义。 【点评】考查 anything ,something ,nothing 的区别,咱们在安通课堂上强调过。
  11.More and more families have moved elsewhere because they cannotthe noise from the neighbouring airport. A.come up with 【答案】B 【翻译】越来越多的家庭搬到别的地方去了,因为他们难以忍受附近机场的噪音 【解析】考查动词短语的区别,A、C、D 都有“跟上”的意思,显然不符合题意。B“容 忍,忍受” 【点评】这个属于常见动词的动词短语,属于简单题,咱们在安通课堂上原题复习过。
  12.Walk another block and cross the traffic lights,you will see the museum rightthe left. A.by 【答案】C 【翻译】在向前走一个街区,穿过十字路口,你会看到博物馆在左边。 【解析】本题考查介词的用法,在左边 on the left,在右边 on the right ;
  13.The Intemet users visiting our website areyoung people between the age B.in C.on D.for B.put up with C.catch up with D.keep up with
of 13 and A.most 【答案】C

  20. B.almost C.mostly D.at most
【翻译】长登陆我们网站的用户主要是 13 至 20 岁的年轻人 【解析】Most 大多数 almost 几乎,差一点; mostly 以……为主, 主要; at most 最多不过,充其量 【点评】most 属于常见词,它的各种形式区别咱们都在课堂上讲过。
  14.No culture exists in.It all comes from someplace.Ancient customs were modem one time. A.vacuum 【答案】A 【翻译】任何风俗都有源头,古老的风俗也曾一度具有现代的一面 【解析】本题考查词汇。但这些词都属于常见词汇,有点基础的学生不难做对此题。 15 . There are several means of mass communication . The newspaper is' one.Television is. A.the Other 【答案】D 【翻译】新闻传播媒介有好几种,报纸和电视都是其中之一。 【解析】本体的答案由 several 决定,两者时用 one….the other , other 后必须有 名词, another 前不能加 the,故选 D
  16.the government agrees to give extra money, the theatre will have to be closed next month. A.Unless B.If 【答案】A 【翻译】除非政府同意额外补贴钱,否则,剧院下个月就要倒闭了。 C.Since D.As B.the another C.other D.another B.emptiness C.blank D.space
【解析】A.Unless 除非 B.If 如果 C.Since 既然 ;自从……以来 于; ……的时候,根据翻译不难选出正确答案 A
D.As 由
【点评】本题考查引导从句的连词,选项中的连词都属于常见词,只要能翻译此句子, 这道题不难做对。
  17.It is important to our awareness about environmental protection. A.improve 【答案】D 【翻译】唤起大众的环保意识非常必要。 【解析】考察动词的区别,A.improve 提高 D.raise 唤起, 提高,不难选出正确答案 D B.make 使,制造 C.form 乡城 B.make C.form D.raise(唤起, 提高)

  18.Seldom any mistakes during my past five years of service in the company. A.I did make 【答案】C 【翻译】过去 5 年在这家公司工作期间,我很少出错。 【解析】 本题的答案由 seldom 决定, 由于 seldom 含有否定意义, 空格中应用倒装语序。 时间状语 my past five years 决定用一般过去时。 【点评】本题属于综合题,一个考查到 seldom 的倒装,有考查到时态问题,考生稍不留 神很容易出错。
  19.I raw fish,but I’ d like to try it one day. A.never eat 【答案】D 【翻译】我从未吃过生鱼片,想哪天尝尝。 【解析】从未吃过,应用现在完成时 【点评】 本题考查时态的判断,属于简单题,在安通听过课的学员不应该出错。 B.never ate C.was never eating D.have never eaten B.I would make C.did I make D.would I make

  20.Interestingly,many people hold the belief that imports are to domestic goods. A.contrary 【答案】C 【翻译】有趣的是,许多人 认为,进口的商品比国产的质量好 【解析】本题考查短语的固定搭配空格后的 to 决定正确。Superior to, “优于……” 【词汇与结构总评】 词汇与结构部分考查词汇与短语的有
  7,11 ,13 , 14 , 17 , 20 题 ; 第 9 题是 2003 年成考高起点的原题, 其它的考题是语法或与语法相关的词汇考题, 较难的题是第 8 题, 考查分词作定语, 第 18 题考查否定的词汇置于句首强调,主谓语应倒装。2009 年词汇与语 法题没有 2007 ,2008 年难。 这些考点在安通学校的考前辅导班上都讲过, 只要上课认真 听,下课认真复习,这部分都能考出优异的成绩 Ⅲ.Cloze(30 points) Directions: each blank in the following passage, For there are four choices marked A,B,C and D. Choose the one that is most suitable and mark your answer by blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet. Every woman dreams of receiving a huge priceless diamond.Now space scientists 21 that they have discovered the largest diamond in the universe.But it’s well 22 the reach of the most loves truck men because it's 50 light years away, to be
  23. Measuring 2,500 miles across and weighing five million trillion pounds, rock the Was found on Valentine’ s Day 24 in the core of a white dwarf star, and it has excited the 25 world. “It’s the mother of all diamonds, ”said Travis Metcalfe,26 led the team of researchers at the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre, “and you would need a jeweler’ S loupe(专用放大镜),the size of the Sun,to 27 this diamond. ” The largest diamond 28 on earth was the
  3,106-carat(克拉)Cullinan.It Was cut 29 nine major stones,including the 530-carat Star of Africa,now a part of the Crown Jewels.Diamonds were 30 discovered in India more than 2,800 years ago.The Ancient Romans 31 that the stones were broken pieces of stars that had 32 to earth. Ancient Egypt, In diamonds were used in funerals. In the Middle Ages, men 33 them to symbolize their courage and strength.The 34 of giving them as presents dates from 14
  77,35 Maximilian,the prince of Austria, gave a diamond B.relevant C.superior D.essential
ring to Mary of Burgundy.
  21.A.admit 【答案】D 【解析】许多天文学家透露,他们发现了宇宙中最大的钻石。Reveal 透露,泄露正确
  22.A.under 【答案】D 【翻译】但是,他超出了人类所触及的范围,因为,精确的说,离我们 50 光年。 【解析】 考查介词的区别, under A. “在……之下 “ B. over” “ Beyond 超出,超过 正确
  23.A.precise 【答案】A 【解析】to be precise 精确的,确切的
  24.A.buried 【答案】A 【解析】钻石发现于情人节,他隐藏在白矮星的核内。buried 隐藏 ;block 堵塞;街区; blend 混合
  25.A.physical 【答案】B 【解析】联系上下文,可以判断应该是“在科学界引起轰动” 。
  26.A.who 【答案】A 【解析】空格前是一个人的名字,故可判断为 who 引导定语从句。
  27.A.measure B.register C.grade D.weigh B.which C.that D.he B.scientific C.material D.natural B.blocked C.built D.blended B.certain C.clear D.correct C. beyond D. within B.over C.beyond D.within B.tell C.explore D.reveal
【答案】C 【解析】题中谈到用和太阳一样大的放大镜来鉴定钻石。 Grade 鉴定,分等级。
  28.A.cultivated 【答案】D 【翻译】地球上发现的最大的钻石是
  3,106 克拉的“库林娜” 【解析】空格后的 was 是本句的谓语,说明空格中不缺谓语,缺少分词作定语,然后根 据句子意思可以选出 D
  29.A.from 【答案】B 【解析】文中谈到他被切割成 9 块大石头。Cut……into, “切割” ,本题考查动词短语的 固定搭配。
  30.A.first 【答案】A 【解析】钻石最早是 2800 多年前在印度发现的。 ,根据日常推测及平时积累可以推测 出是最早,选 first
  31.A.questioned 【答案】A 【翻译】 古罗马人相信大石头被打成小星星,落到地球上。 【解析】 questioned, A. 提问; B. believed “相信” C. suspected “怀疑” D. confirmed “证实” ,根据翻译可知应选 B
  32.A.fallen 【答案】A 【解析】本题考查动词短语的固定搭配,fall 降落,飘落
  33.A.decorated B.viewed C.took D.wore B.dived C.left D.burned B.believed C.suspected D.confirmed B.last C.finally D.newly B.into C.by D.with B.drawn C.caught D.found
【答案】D 【解析】人们佩戴钻石,以此代表勇气和力气。
  34.A.practice 【答案】B 【解析】传统上,把钻石作为礼物始于 1477 年,当奥地利的王子把一枚钻戒送给勃艮第 的 Mary 时。
  35.A.what 【答案】D 【解析】hen 引导时间状语从句时,谓语动词可以是短暂的,也可以是延续的,但 while 引导的从句必须是延续的。动词 give 是短暂性动词。故选 when. 【完型填空总评】2009 年的完形题难度中等,我们已经在安通学校精讲班中对完型填空 各种题型做了模拟练习,相信安通的学员能考的不错。 IV.Reading Comprehension(60 points) Directions: There are five reading passages in this part. Each passage is followed by four questions.For each question there are four suggested answers marked A,B, C and D.Choose one best answer and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet. Passage One Before the conference began,a Japanese businessman was introduced to an American businessman at the lounge.The Japanese businessman,arms extending downwards from his shoulders,bowed from his waist toward the America



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