2009 年高考试题??英语听力(上海卷)
  1. M: I am so sick of calling the ticket office, the line is always busy. W: Why don't you order through the Internet? Question: What does the women suggest the man do?
  2. W: What was the best moment of the race for you? M: Oh, when I got to the finishing line, definitely. Question: What kind of person is probably the man?
  3. W: I'd like to mail this package special delivery .投递; 邮件, 发送的货物; 分娩; 讲话方式. Can it arrive within two days? M: Sure, no problem. Question: Where does this conversation probably take place?
  4. W: My brother is thinking of eating out with us Saturday night. Any suggestions? M: It is up to you. 它是由你决定 I don't know the restaurant around here that well. Question: What does the man mean?
  5. W: The floor is awfully wet, what happened? M: The moment I got into the shower, the phone rang. Question: What does the man imply vt.暗示,?
  6. M: I'm going to a party at Carol's house. W: you can't be serious. We've got two tests at school tomorrow. Question: How does the woman feel about the man's idea?

  7. W: Where shall we go today then? M: Shall we try the Royal Garden, recommended in the leafletn.传单,散页印刷品,小册子 v. 发传单等 ? Question: What will the two speakers do next?

  8. M: I have come to repair your doorbell. W: You should have come earlier. I'm just going out.
Question: What does the woman imply?

  9. M: It has been pouring for days now. W: Tomorrow is my day at the beach. I will just have to forget about it if it doesn't clear up Question: What does the woman imply?

  10. W: When I'm playing the piano, I don't worry about anything. How about you? M: I go to the gym everyday. It helps me deal with stress. Question: What are the two speakers talking about? 11-13 When I was 12, my parents moved out of London to a small village in Oxford. I was the only Asian girl in my school, and I suddenly felt a bit lonely. Luckily, I had a brilliant art teacher who encouraged me to go to art college. However, on the day of my college interview in Bath, I woke up late. I left the house wearing two odd shoes and didn't notice that my bottle of chocolate milk had poured all over the painting in my bag. Then when I finally got to the station, I got on the wrong train. Who knows, if I had gone to Bath that day, I might have become a professional artist. But I went to Swenden instead. I told the woman next to me on the train about what had happened, and she suddenly cried with laughter. It turned out she was a producer of a comedy program on the radio. To cut a long story short, I got an invitation a week later to attend an interview for the show, and the rest, as they say, is history. I am very lucky my life has been full of happy accidents. Now I am in charge of a very popular TV comedy program.
  11. Why did the speaker feel lonely in her new school?
  12. Where did the speaker plan to go for her college interview?
  13. What incident had changed her fate?
14-16 Today, I will make a speech on zoos. Many people think zoos are cruel, and have no place in the modern world. It is my own opinion that zoos, although not perfect, do have a useful function. Firstly, zoos are places of education. Zoos can help children to appreciate nature. Further more, research into animal behavior is done in zoos, and has increased on knowledges of zoology, genetics and even psycology. Above all, zoos can protect the future of many species of animal. Many species today are in danger of extinction, and thanks to zoos, they have a chance of survival. Opponents of zoos say that they are cruel. First of all, they argue, zoos can not recreate the environment in which animals live and because of this, animals are bored and depressed. Secondly, animals have frequent contact with human visitors. Which can be stressful? However, in my opinion, most zoos have improved recently. It is now quite rare to see animals in cages, and most zoos try hard to recreate the environment in which different animals live.
In conclusion, although zoos are not perfect environment for animals, I believe that they have more advantages than disadvantages. In an ideal world, zoos would not be necessary. But as long as man hunts animals for profit and destroy their environments, zoos are essential. 14: What is the most important function of zoos according to the speaker? 15: Why are some people against zoos? 16: What does the speaker think of zoos?
17-20 W: Good morning, I'd like to rent a family car, please. M: Yes, man, for how long? W: Em, 14 days. M: Where do you want to leave the car? W: Can I leave it at the downtown office? M: Sure, may I see your driver's license? W: I have an international driver's license. M: Fine, thank you. W: Now, do you want a personal accident insurance? M: Yes, please. W: Right, can you sign your name here? M: There you go! W: How do you want to pay? M: Cash please.
21-24 M: In England today, are schools mixed, or single sex? W: Well, there are both. 50 years ago, all schools used to be single sex. I mean, girls only or boys only. Then in the 1970s, many schools changed and became mixed. M: Do parents still prefer mixed schools? W: No, things have changed. Today, many parents, especially parents of girls, think their children get a better education in single sex schools. M: Why do girls do better at single sex schools? W: Because girls learn to be more self-confident and less worried about their appearance. M: What about boys? W: Well, today many parents of boys want to send them to mixed schools. They think that the girls will be a positive influence on boys. M: So generally speaking, who does better at mixed schools? W: Oh, the girls. They get better exam results than boys.



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   取得专业英语四级作文高分的七点注意事项 在平时,总有很多同学写信来询问同样的一个问题:“我怎样才能够在短时间内提高我 的专四写作水平?”答案其实是否定的。首先我们必须明确:冰冻三尺,非一日之寒;英语 学习是一个长期积累的过程,短期的突击无异于舍本逐末、杯水车薪。然而,这并不意味着 我们不能够通过掌握考试规律来调整我们的临考状态、提高我们的应考能力。以下,我想就 如何利用应试规律、最大限度地发挥同学们的写作水平谈 7 点个人的看法。 1.心理 . 古人云,不战而屈人之兵,很大程度上取决于心理因 ...


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