年高考英语语法专题知识练习数词与连词 2009 年高考英语语法专题知识练习--数词与连词
  1、It is reported that the United States uses A、as twice B、twice much energy as the whole of Europe. D、twice as much
C、twice much as .

  2、The writer of the novel is a professor in his A、thirtieth B、thirty C、thirty’s

  3、How many pens would you like,Madame? Well,I want A、three dozen these. B、three dozen of C、three dozens D、three dozens of

  4、Paper produced every year is A、the three times weight of C、as three times heavy as
  5、Three of
the world’s production of vehicles. B、three times the weight of D、three times as heavier as
students are needed to plant trees this afternoon. B、hundreds;the C、hundred;/ D、hundred;these
  6、There were A、two scores
passengers waiting at the bus stop. B、two scores of . C、scores D、two score of

  7、His bed-room is always A、at six and seven C、at sixth and seventh
B、at sixes and sevens D、at sixths and sevenths you understand the writer who wrote it. D、unless

  8、You can’t understand the novel well A、though B、whether

  9、I hope you don’t mind me asking. A、So B、And
where did you buy those shoes? C、Yet D、But

  10、Was his father strict with him when he was at school? Yes.He had never praised him A、after B、unless high! C、144 metres D、144-metres he became one of the top students in his grade. D、when

  11、The great Pyramid is A、144 metre
  12、It will take
B、144-metre to finish this course.
A、one and half year’s time C、a year and a half of time
B、a year and a half’s time D、a year and a half time

  13、Mr. Zhang stays at on floor at Chang Qing Hotel A、Room 203;second C、Room 203;the second
  14、He was asked A、the second B、203 Room;the second D、the Room 203;two
time to hand in his dictation. B、a first C、the first D、a second

  15、 A、For
that my head had cleared,my brain was also beginning to work much better. B、Now 610DBDDC C、Since D、So
1115CBCDC 精练二

  1、With the help of the German experts,the factory produced before. A、 twice many as B、 many as twice as
cars in 1993 as the year
C、 twice as many as then.
D、 twice as many

  2、He won a gold medal in the Olympic Games,but he was just A、at the age of 17 years old C、a boy of 17 B、a 17-years-old boy D、a 17-year boy

  3、Would you like to come to the dinner party here on Saturday? Thank you.I’d love to, I’ll be out town at the weekend. A、because B、and C、so the old one. B、three times as big as D、as big as three times D、but

  4、The enlarged school campus is A、as three times big as C、bigger three times than
people in the would are sending information by email every day. B、 Many millions C、 Several millions D、 Many million
A、 Several million
of the land in that district B、 Two fifth;are
covered with trees and grass. C、 Two fifths;is D、 Two fifths;are
A、 Two fifth;is

  7、She was really too buy at the time, A、or B、but C、though
she’d have came and helped with the cooking. D、however of desert C、 number;have journey. D、three hours covered the land. D、 quantity;have

  8、As a result of destroying the forests,a large A、 number;has B、 quantity;has

  9、It took us quite a long time to get here.It was A、three-hour B、a three hour time.
C、a three-hour

  10、Our holiday comes in A、two-weeks
  11、The moon is
B、two weeks’ the earth.
D、two week’s
A、as big as forty-nine times C、as big as one-third
B、forty-nine times bigger than
D、one-third the size of she were expecting trouble. C、even as D、now that

  12、She had a tense expression on her face, A、even though
  13、About A、two-fifth;is B、as though
of the land surface of Africa B、two-fifths;is
covered with desert. D、two-fifths;are
C、two-five;is .

  14、The Olympic Games are held once
A、every four years C、every-four-year
B、each fourth year D、every four year .

  15、I was having a meeting A、on the two floor C、at two storey 15DCDBA
B、on the second floor D、in the second storey
1115DBBAB 精练三

  1、I do every single bit of housework A、since B、while C、when
my husband Bob just does the dishes now and then. D、as the doctor works faster. D、that

  2、The men will have to wait all day A、if
  3、 B、unless
excited us Chinese greatly that Liu Xiang,a Chinese,won the Olympic Champion of the
110-metre hurdle race. A、What B、That C、It D、As

  4、Sara and Kathleen, A、as B、though
nearly three years apart in age,were as close as twins could be. C、yet D、since

  5、You can pay now or A、when B、then
you come back to pick up the bike. C、while D、as

  6、Excuse me for breaking in, A、so B、and
I have some news for you. C、but D、yet it is stopping.”

  7、My mother is always warning me when I go out,”Don’t get off the bus A、until B、before C、while D、after

  8、What should we pay more attention to if we go north in winter,Mum? Nothing much.Take warm clothes A、as long as B、now that C、if the weather is cold. D、in case

  9、Mum,can I go out to play football with Jessica? No,you can’t A、before your homework is being done. B、until C、as D、when

  10、The famous scientist grew up A、when
  11、 B、whenever
he was born and in 1930 he came to Shanghai. C、where D、wherever
we gave him something to eat,he would save it up for his little sister. B、However C、Whenever D、Whichever they grow older.

  12、Babies sleep 16 to 18 hours in every 24 hours,and they sleep less A、while B、as C、when D、after

  13、Did you remember to give Mary the money you owed her? Yes.I gave it to her I saw her.
B、the moment

  14、The WTO can not live up to its name fifth of mankind. A、as long as B、while C、if
it does not include a country that is home to one
D、even though

  15、When did he leave the classroom? He left A、the minute 15BBCBA you turned back to write on the blackboard. B、the time C、until D、before
1115CBBCA 精练四

  1、It was because of bad weather A、so B、so that C、why
the football match had to be put off. D、that eggs for the dinner. C、had;doaen D、persuaded;dozens

  2、Mr. Smith A、asked;dozen
me to buy several
B、suggested;dozens of

  3、Which is the car he drives? It’s A、car forty-four C、forty-fourth car
  4、I’ll write a letter to A、any B、all . B、the forty-four car D、the forty-fourth car people are on the list. C、whoever D、whichever you had dinner with me last night you left your

  5、Could it be in the restaurant in mobile phone? A、that;which B、where;that

  6、I would appreciate it A、until
  7、 B、if
you call back this afternoon for the doctor’s appointment. C、when D、that
the Internet is bridging the distance between people,it may also be breaking some home
or will cause other family problems. A、When B、While C、If D、As kiteflying spread to Japan,Thailand,Korea and India. C、in which D、and there

  8、China is the birthplace of kites, A、from there B、from where

  9、He was about to tell me the secret A、as B、until C、while
someone patted him in the shoulder. D、when she could remember who last borrowed

  10、The librarian promised to get the book for me it. A、ever since
  11、Turner B、in case have helped us C、if only
D、even if
he was short of money at the time. C、would;but that D、might;even if
A、should;but for

  12、A powerful earthquake has killed historic city of Bam. A、tens thousand C、ten thousand of
people in southeast Iran(伊朗)and flattened the
B、tens of thousands of D、tens of thousands yesterday.

  13、Waiter!Do you call this a full meal?You served me That was because you sat by the window! A、as twice much as
  14、 B、as much twice
C、twice as much
D、as much as twice
you keep on trying,I don’t really mind whether you can come top in your class. B、As soon as 610BBBDC C、Once 1114CBCA D、The moment
A、So long as 15DAADC



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