年高考英语语法专题知识练习特殊句式 2009 年高考英语语法专题知识练习--特殊句式
  1、I was really anxious about you.You A、mustn’t leave C、couldn’t have left home without a work.
B、shouldn’t have left D、needn’t leave

  2、I would never come to this restaurant again.The food is terrible! A、Nor am I
  3、When first A、 introducing . B、Neither would I C、Same with me D、So do I
to the market,these products enjoyed great success. B、 introduced C、 introduce D、 being introduced

  4、Only by practising a few hours every day A、you can
  5、Not only B、can you polluted but crowded.
be able to master the language. C、you will D、will you
A、was the city;were the streets C、was the city;the streets were
  6、 A、Only
B、the city was;were the streets D、the city was;the streets were
did we go swimming in the Changjiang River. B、Once C、Seldom D、when attracted the audience’s

  7、It was how the young man had learned five foreign languages interest. A、so that B、that . C、neither shall I C、what D、in which

  8、If you don’t go there, A、so won’t I
B、nor do I
D、so don’t I to make your life more difficult or less

  9、This new book is designed to help you.In no way fun. A、does it mean B、is it intended
C、it can intend
D、it means .

  10、If you are to give a party in your own home,then it must be done perfectly or A、above all B、not at all C、after all
D、not in the least

  11、I can’t find Mr White.Where did you meet him this morning? It was in the office A、when B、that he worked. C、where D、which

  12、It is the ability to do the job A、one B、that
matters not where you come from or what you are. C、what D、it ?

  13、I don’t think she had a good time there this summer, A、do I B、had she C、did she
D、didn’t she .

  14、The boy wanted to ride his bicycle in the busy street,but his mother told him A、not to B、not to do C、not do it D、do not to

  15、The new bridge,when A、completes B、completing
,will greatly benefit the development of this area. C、completed D、to be completed
1115CBCAC 精练二

  1、Was it in this house A、which B、where
you were born? C、that D、in which ? D、don’t you

  2、The women carrying babies,come in first, A、will you
  3、 B、will they C、don’t they
snacks and drinks,but they also brought cards for entertainment when they had a picnic
in the forest. A、Not only they brought C、Not only brought they B、Not only did they bring D、Not only they did bring

  4、Susan,will you please go and empty that drawer? A、How is it ? B、What is it C、What for you want me to say? C、How is it that D、How it is that D、How come

  5、Why!I have nothing to admit. A、What is it that
B、What it is that
that no fish can live in it. B、the lake is shallow D、is the lake shallow
A、shallow is the lake C、shallow the lake is
,he never seems able to do the work beautifully. B、As he tries C、Try as does he D、As try he does .
A、Try as he does

  8、Dr Black comes from either Oxford or Cambridge.I can’t remember A、where B、what C、which D、that ?

  9、There used to be a lot of trees around the village, A、usedn’t they
  10、”Never Jim. A、I expected B、expected I B、weren’t there
C、didn’t it
D、didn’t there
to hurt your feeling while I was expressing myself in the discussion,”explained
C、had I expected
D、did I expect

  11、Was it two months ago Spain?
you luckily got an opportunity to spend your holidays in
.John was the lucky dog. B、that;Not me C、that;yet D、when;Not I an expensive fur coat. D、in came;on
A、when;Not really

  12、The door opened and A、came in;in
a middle-aged woman
B、in came;in
C、came in;on
for the free tickets,I would not have gone to the film so often. B、Were it not ? B、didn’t I ? C、did we D、didn’t we C、Had it not been D、If they were not
A、If it is not
  14、You and I did it, A、didn’t you

  15、The car needs repairing,
A、needn’t it 15CABCA
B、doesn’t it 610AACCD
C、mustn’t it 精练三
D、won’t it

  1、You don’t think he can finish the work, A、don’t you B、can he C、do you
? D、can’t he

  2、Write to me when you get home. A、I must . B、I should C、I will D、I can

  3、Can you place an order for these color TV sets now? Sorry,I A、suppose not
  4、 . B、hope so C、hope not D、think so
,mother will wait for him to have dinner together. B、However late he is D、However he is late ?
A、However late is he C、However is he late

  5、Tom must have practised swimming with his father last Sunday, Yes,he A、didn’t he;did C、wasn’t it;was
  6、Is this the reason A、he explained C、how he explained . B、hasn’t he;hasn’t D、mustn’t he;must at the meeting for his carelessness in his work? B、what he explained D、why he explained cheaper tailoring than in Hong Kong.

  7、Nowhere else in the word A、a tourist can find C、a tourist will find
B、can a tourist find D、a tourist has found

  8、You ought to have given them some advice. ,but who cared what I said? B、So I ought C、So it was D、So I did
A、So ought you
  9、Long A、close;live
  10、No sooner A、she had fallen
the friendship B、live;/
between us two countries! C、will;live D、lives;/
asleep than she heard a knock at the door. B、had she fallen C、she fell D、she did fall

  11、Do you know Jim quarrelled with his mother? I don’t know. A、Nor don’t I care C、I don’t care neither . B、Nor do I care D、I don’t care also

  12、Aren’t you the manager? No,and I A、don’t want to . B、don’t want to be C、don’t want be D、don’t want

  13、He came here earlier than A、have expected
  14、If A、giving B、expected
. C、expecting D、he expected
the same treatment again,he is sure to get well. B、give C、given D、being given

  15、Will you go to the party? Of course I will A、if invited 15CCABA . C、if I was invited 1115BBBCA 精练四
  1、The enemy had no choice but A、lie down;give in C、to lay down;give in
  2、 their arms and . D、if I will be invited
B、if having invited 610ABDBB
B、lay down;gave in D、to lie down;to give in
troublesome the problem is,he faces it with patience. B、Although C、However . C、John doesn’t too D、nor does John ? D、No matter

  3、Mary never does any reading in the evening, A、so does John B、John does too

  4、There was a loud scream from the backstage immediately after the concert ended, A、wasn’t there
  5、Never before A、 this city been has B、was there C、didn’t it D、did it
in greater need of modern public transport than it is today. B、 city has been this C、 was this city D、 city was this

  6、What should I do with this passage? the main idea of each paragraph. B、Found out C、Find out D、To find out
A、Finding out

  7、Let’s go to a movie after work,OK? . B、Why not? C、Never mind D、What of it?
A、Not at all
about wild plants that they decided to make a trip to Madagascar for farther research. B、So curious were the couple D、The couple was such curious
A、So curious the couple was C、How curious the couple were
,Carolina couldn’t get the door open. B、As she might try D、Try as she might they know about German.
A、Might she as try C、She might as try

  10、They have a good knowledge of English but little A、have B、did C、had D、do

  11、When asked by the police,he said that he remembered A、to arrive;leaving C、arriving;leaving B、to arrive;to leave D、arriving;to leave
at the party,but not

  12、Father,you promised!
Well, A、so was I
.But it was you who didn’t keep your word first. B、so did I C、so I was D、so I did

  13、In the dark forests A、 stand many lakes
,some large enough to hold several English towns. B、 many lakes lie C、 many lakes lie D、 many lakes stand
that he managed to get the information?
Oh,a friend of his helped him. A、Where was it
  15、 B、What was it C、How was it D、Why was it
,he talks a lot about his favorite singers after class. B、Quiet student as he may be D、Quiet as he may be a student 1115CDBCB
A、A quiet student as he may be C、Be a quiet student as he may be 15CCDAA 610CBBDD



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