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2009 年高考英语语言知识考点经典试题(三)
1 Would you have gone shopping had it been possible? Yes, but I busy doing my homework. A. was B. were C. had been D. would be

  2. How I wish it! If it in a couple of days, the crops would survive. A. will rain; rained C. should rain; rains B. would rain; should rain D. would rain; had rained

  3. ? If only you hadn’t made such a terrible noise. . Were you trying to sleep? 高.考.资.源.网 A. That’s all right B. Why not C. Sorry D. It’s none of your business

  4. Tom , would you like to go to our former English in the hospital? . A. Yes, I would C. No, I can’t come B. Certainly, with pleasure D. Sure, it’s my pleasure

  5. There were a lot of computers at the exhibition, to my satisfaction, of which would have suited me perfectly. A. none B. either C. any D. neither

  6. Is this the reason at the meeting for his carelessness in his work? A. he came up with C. how he came up with B. what he came up with D. why he came up with

  7. I tried to in my speech how grateful we all were for his help A. make B. convey C. carry D. pass

  8.?I’m not feeling myself .I feel pain here and there. ?Oh , . Nothing serious. A. Take your time C. don’t move B See you D. Take it easy

  9. I have great difficulty figuring out the answer to this problem. my advice, you less difficulty with such problems. 高.考.资.源.网
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A. If you had followed, would have had C. If you had followed, would have
  10. ? Have we got any gas in the car? ? It . I’m afaid we can’t go much farther A. has ran out C .has been used up B. is running out D. has used up
B. If you followed, would have D . If you listen, will have

  11..I didn’t see Mr White at the meeting . he come, he would have given a lecture. A .Would B . Did C .Should D .Had

  12.Jane doesn't intend to hunt work in no time because she supposes that if she a job she probably wouldn't be able to care for her sick parents as often as possible. A. has to get B. had got C. were to get D. could have got
  13.The hospital's patients , mainlyroad accident victims, have been recovered from their injuries A. made up of B. made of C. made from D. consisted of

  14. The headquarter of the bank is in Guangzhou, but it has all over the country, even all over the world. A firms B .branches C .organizations D .basea
15 By accident, he he had done something wrong and that he hadn’t been prison for a few weeks. A. let out B. made out C. made sure D. took care
(B) )
  1. In front of the temple which came here to be in search of the wanted person . A. several police cars were C. was several police cars B. were several police cars D. several police cars was

  2. This film tells life story of John Dover, who left college and got a job as reporter in a newspaper office r. A. the ;the; a B. a ;the; the C. the ;不填; a D. a ;不填; a

  3. ?May I have a talk with one of your reporters?
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?Sorry, but all of them are out to the main events of the day. A. find B. get C. cover D. search

  4.Students are
for new knowledge to suit themselves to the future jobs in various
fields which they are unfamiliar. 高.考.资.源.网 A. hoping; to B. anxious; with C. eager; with D. proud; to

  5.His speech was extremely boring that it was A. constantly B. ever C. seldom
interrupted by applause and cheers. D. even

  6. ? What do you think made him put into prison? ? stealing the valuables. A. Because he was accused of B. accused of C. Being accused of D. Because of being accused of
  7. ?It angered me that a neighbour accused me kicking her pet. ?Oh, you had the right to defend yourself her accusation. A. of; against
  8. B. for; from C. against; for D. for; against
I passed the interview!
Good luck to you. next time! A. If only
  9. B. Only if C. If D. When
,I can’t express myself in words.
A. So long as I am fond of B. Now that I am fond of C. Much as I am fond of her D. As I am fond of very much
  10.So difficult was close to giving up . A. he have felt C. he did feel B. have he felt D. did he feel it to acquire a large vocabulary without the help of a teacher that he

  11. ?Well, I do think the iPod is a smart, convenient and intelligent.
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? .
A. So it is B. So is it高.考.资.源.网 C. So does it D. So it does
  12. Not until midnight A. he did come B. he came C. didn't he come D. did he come
  13. Don’t try to persuade your boss; he won’t have the of employing me ? a fresh student. A. intention B. attention C. sense D. attraction back from work, drunken .

  14. Our teachers don't A. agree B. approve of
us smoking cigarettes in the school C. agree to D. promise

  15. When he first went for treatment at the hospital he seemed to be a hopeless . A. situation B. case C. condition D. state
  1. A 问句是一个与过去事实相反的虚拟语气,答语中的 “but”, 引出了一个过去事实, 说明不去购物的理由。w.w.w.k.s.
  2. B wish 后接引导的宾语从句, 用 would+动词原形, 表示与将来事实相反的愿望; 再由 “in a couple of days”和 “would survive”可知, if 从句要用 should +动词原形或一般过去时, 表 示与将来事实相反的假设。
  3. C 问句的意思为 “但愿你没有弄出这么大的动静”, 事实上 “你弄出了吵闹声影响了
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对方休息”, 用 “sorry”, 表示道歉。A “没关系”, B “为什么不呢”, D

  4. B would you like to do sth 是表示意愿的句型。用 Certainly, with pleasure 回答,表示乐 意,愿意。A、C 不符合英语表达习惯;D 项 “it’s my pleasure”是致谢时的用语。
  5.C 由 “to my satisfaction”和 “a lot of computers”可知, 答案为 C。any 强调任何一个; none 表示三者或三者以上都不;either 仅表示两者中的任一个;neither 表示两者都不。
  6. A 尽管表原因的 the reason 为先行词,但它在从句中作 came up with 的宾语, 用 that/which 引导定语从句,that/which 也可以省略。
  7.B convey(=express a thought, feeling or idea)的意思为 “传达,传递,表达”。句意为: 在演讲中我努力表达了我们对他帮助的谢意。
  8. D Take it /things easy ( =relax; not work too hard or do too much) 放松; 不紧张;从容。 用 来安慰别人, 符合本题语境。Take your time “不急忙,慢点”(don’t hurry/ rush; slow down) 。 See you “再见”,
  9.C 这是一个混合型的虚拟语气。主句与从句的动作发生在不同的时间,这时主,从句 谓语动词的虚拟语气形式因时间不同而不同, 从句与过去事实相反的假设, 而主句是与现在 事实相反的假设。说话者现在解决问题有困难,是因为(过去)没有听从建议。
  10.B 根据语境 I’m afaid we can’t go much farther 可知, 汽油快要用光了, 用现在进行时 表示将来的动作, 故答案为 B。A 和 C 项表示已经用光。use up 为及物动词短语,后应接宾 语,D 项要用被动语态.。w.w.w.k.s.
  11. D 根据语境可知, 后一句是一个表示与过去事实相反的假设。if 条件从句用过去完 成时 had done 主句用 would have+ 过去分词, 又知 if 条件句中如有 were, should, had,可以 省去 if,并使用倒装语序, 即 were, should, had+主语+谓语动词。故答案为 D。 12 C 本句的意思是:“珍不打算马上寻找工作,她认为要是找了工作,就不能经常照顾 她的生病的父母了”。 这说明,珍目前没有工作。句中假设的情况在近期内并不会存在。该 条件句应当用表示将来情况的虚拟语气。 条件从句的谓语用 should 或 were to 引出。 因此 C. were to get 是本题答案。 选项 A. has to get 是陈述语气的现在时, 不能用于虚拟条件句中。 选项 B. had got 是虚拟语气的过去时,不能表示将来时间。选项 D. could have got 不能用于 虚拟语气的条件从句中。
  14. A be made up of 的意思为 “由……组成”, 本题 made up of…是 过去分词作后置定语, 相当于非限制性定语从句 which are made up of…。B、C 两项意思为 “由……制成”; D 项 consist of sth 意思为 “组成”, 用主动形式, 此处应改为表主动的
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consisting of。

  13.B 此处 branch 意思为 “分行; 分支”,其他均不合题意。句意:该行的总部在广州, 但是它在全国各地乃至全世界均有分行。
  14.A let out 泄露,透露;发出(叫声) ,此题根据句意应为“无意中透露出……”,故答 案选 A。take care 后不能接宾语从句;而 make sure 与 accidentally 矛盾。take care 当心; make sure 有把握,一定;make out 弄清楚;理解,明白。
  15.D 句意为: 有些鸟的翅膀正面有色彩鲜艳的漂亮图案。pattern 图案;图样。picture 图画;shape 形状;painting 油画。 w.w.w.k.s.
  5.u.c.o.m (B)
  1.B 此题考查地点状语置于句首,句子要全部倒装,即直接把谓语动词置于主语之前。
  2.C 考查定冠词的有无含义不同、特指和泛指的用法。第一空为特指,强调 John Dover 的生活故事。第二空仍考查 leave the college 与 leave college 的区别。leave the school/college 离开这所学校/院校;leave school/college 毕业、退学、离校。后一空填不定冠词,表示类别 或身份,不是特指。
  3.C cover 此处的意思为 “(记者)采访……; 报道……”, 根据语境可知 C (cover)为正确答 案。
  4.C be eager for sth 对……渴望; be unfamiliar with.sth 对……不熟悉。
  5.C seldom 意思为 “很少;从不”, 与 “extremely boring”相吻合 。
  6.C 认真分析第一句可知, what 在句中作主语, 答语应该是能作主语的选项, 只有 C 项可以用作主语。完整的句子为:Being accused of stealing the valuables made him put into prison。
  7.A accuse sb of doing sth 因……指责或控告某人; defend sb/oneself against sth 为自己/ 某人辩解反驳……; 保护自己/某人免于……
  8.A if only 常常用来表达强烈的愿望或遗憾,主要用在虚拟语气中,用以表达强烈 的愿望或非真实条件。常被译为“但愿”、“要是……该多好啊”,根据 passed 一词的时态 可以判断出答案为 A; only if 引导条件状语从句,表示“只有……(才) ;只有在……的时 候”的意思,类似 if 引起的一般条件句。
  9.C 依据主、从句之间的逻辑关系不难判断此处应表示让步。as 引导让步状语时,可将
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副词提前构成部分倒装,故 D 项语序错误;so long as 表示条件;now that 表示原因,均不 符合语境。题意:尽管我很喜欢她,但我无法用语言表达这份情感。
  10.D 在 so...that 结构中,若将表示程度的状语“so+adj./adv.”置于句首,主句中需用倒装 语序,从句中的时态决定着主句中须用一般过去时。w.w.w.k.s.
  11.A 根据题意,第一个人说“我认为音乐播放器是件时髦的、方便的,并且是件智能化 的玩意”。第二个人回答“的确是这样的”。so 在本题中的意思是“的确是这样的”, ,答句应用 正常语序: So it is。D 选项的助动词 does 不合题意。
  12.D not …until...句型中, 若把 not until 置于句首, 主句要用部分倒装, 将该句改写为正 常语序为:He did not come back, drunken until midnight.。
  13.A have the intention of doing sth 打算做某事,有做某事的意图。
  14.B approve of 意思为 “赞成” , 后接名词或动名词, 本句中 us 为 smoking 的逻辑主语。 注意以下结构:agree to do sth, agree with sb to do sth, promise sb to do sth。
  15.B 由 treatment at the hospital case 可知,case 此处意思为 “病例”。 a hopeless case 意思 为:a person who could not be cured.



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