2009 年高三英语单项选择精选冲刺 1000 题(一)

  1、? Jack? ? . A. Present, Sir. B. I am, Sir C. Here, Sir D. Yes, Sir.

  2、?What are you busy with? ? We are carrying out a research the causes of cancer. A. into B. onto C. to D. in

  3、? the paper ? w.w.w.k.s.
  5.u.c.o.m ? No, I have still got one page to finish. A. Have you done B. Do you do C. Did you do D. Had you done

  4、 in all parts of the state, pines are the most common trees in Georgia . A. Found B. Finding them C. To find them D. They are found

  5、They the game. A. are disappointed at losing C. are disappointing
  6、? Will it rain tomorrow? ? No. I don’t doubt . A. whether it will rain B. that it will rain C. whether it rains D. that it rains
  7、Jasper is a great painter. He is Picasso. A. as a great as B. as great painter as C. as great a painter as D. so great a painter as B. disappoint D. are disappointed

  8、The great use of the school education is not so much to teach you things to teach the art of learning. A. rather than B. than C. nor D. as

  9、Travelling from England to Scotland you . A. needn’t a passport C. needn’t to take a passport B. don’t need to have a passport D. don’t need take a passport

  10、The radio doesn’t work well; it needs. A. fixing B. being fixed C. to fix D. fixed

  11、? I was trying to repair that stupid machine, but I failed.
? Well, you. A. needn’t do that B. needn’t have done
  12、The children had basketball. A. a great fun playing C. great fun to play B. great fun playing D. a great funny playing C. needn’t have D. needn’t

  13、it is to jump into the water in hot summer! A. What fun B. How funny C. What a fun D. How fun

  14、He has done a job which is as the one I have done. A. as well B. as good C. as better D. so best

  15、The news finally came,which them all! A.disappoints B.disappointing C.disappointed D.disappoint

  16、? the letter on your way to office. ?O K. I . A. Don’t forget posting; will C. Do forget to post; do B. Do remember to post; will D. Do remember posting; do

  17、He has collected six hundred dollars. A. as many as B. so many as C. so much as D. as much as

  18、The Whites are leading a very happy life; the farm is big enough for them to . A. live on B. live C. live in D. live with

  19、He took a second driving test and finally . A. succeeded in passing it C. succeeded to through
  20、They have got so far. A. as many equipment as we do B. as much equipment as we are B. succeeded in it D. succeeded to pass it.
C. as many equipments as we have D. as much equipment as we have
  21、After graduation in 1997, he took degree in Florida . A. another B. the pother C. other D. others

  22、There we found one lion lying near the river, and under a tree. A. one B. the one C. the other D. another tiger w.w.w.k.s.

  23、I know nothing about him except that he works in company.
A. certain
B. some
C. one
D. an

  24、One the last day he . A. decided a big decision B. decided greatly C. made a decision D. had made a decision

  25、He picked up an envelope 50 dollars in it. A. containing B. contained C. which contains D. which was contained
  26、Tom received an invitation from Carrol but he . A. refused to go to the party B. refused her C. refused her to the party D. refusing to go

  27、They treated her very well one of the family members. A. like B. as C. as if D. seems

  28、After he won all the money they treated him a king. A. like B. as C. as if D. seemed

  29、Is this the piano your familoy for over eighty years? A. belonged to B. belongs to C. belonged D. belonging to

  30、they have been working hard to find? A. Is that what B. Is that C. It is that D. Is it that

  31、The key you have just got the front door. A. is used to opening B. is used to be opened
C. is used to being opened D. is used to open
  32、There is a saying which like this: “ Still waters run .” A. goes; deeply B. comes; deep C. goes; deep D.comes; deeply

  33、The animal of this kind is ; we’d better . A. dangerous; keep away C. dangerous; keep away from it B. is danger; keep away from it D. in danger; keep away

  34、Driving the halfway I my car was out of gas. A. noticed B. find C. found out D. saw

  35、The policemen are searching for the car on the highway. A. damaging B. damaged C. destroying D. destroy

  36、In the last ten years she like this; she is killing her health.
A. works b. has been working C. worked
D. is working

  37、She did not take the advice that she at rush hour, so she got lost. A. not travel B. did not go C. should travel D. goes shopping

  38、? Have they found out the of the fire? ? Yes. It was a cigarette end that the fire. A. cause; started C. causing; caused B. reason; caused D. reason; cause

  39、?Do you know ? ? Someone wants to find his dog back. A. what the notice says C. what is the notice written B. what the notice writes D. what does the notice say

  40、? You seem to have made another decision. ?You are right. I am considering . California , you know, is my first choice. A. to move out B. getting out of here C. to move my house D. moving family
  41、She won’t come over for a visit unless. A. being invited B. invited C. inviting D. was invited

  42、?Does it matter if I give it up this time? ? It if you do. You won’t have chance. A. does; the other B. does ; second
C. does matter; another D. does matter; the other
  43、They have made medicine from a new plant a cure for fever. A. used it as B. using as C. and used as D. used as

  44、the house was started before she went to Africa and now it is still under construction. A. Working B. Working at C. Working on D. Work on

  45、The new law has come into ; surely it will have on industry of the country. A. affect; an effect B. effect; affect C. effect; an effect D. an effect; an effect
  46、As we know, the coming of radio in this century made ocean sailing much . A. cheaper B. safer C. easier D. faster

  47、? I hear there will be talk on English study tomorrow morning.
?Do you mean speech our teacher asked us to listen to? A. a; the b. the; a C. the; the D. a; a

  48、? Steve. We will take an examination in physics next week. ? Yes, but don’t work too hard. . A. It doesn’t matter B. All the best C. Take it easy D. Try your luck

  49、? Mary told me she would computer study. ?Really? I’ll try my best to ask her to such foolish ideas. A. pick up; give up B. put away; give up C.give up; put away D. give up; pick up
  50、China daily is popular with students of English because it helps to improve English. A. our B. my C. one’s D. their

  51、When the people all over the world are of one heart, becomes easy. A. something B. anything C. nothing D. everything

  52、It is thought that a new system the place of the old one in that company. But things are getting worse and worse. w.w.w.k.s.
  5.u.c.o.m A. must have taken B. will take C. won’t take D. had taken

  53、The young lady spoke so fast that I understood of her speech. A. a little B. little C. a bit D. lot

  54、The largest collection, in England , was one of about 200 000 silver pennies. A. to be found B. has found C. being found D. ever found

  55、? I can see the problem. But I hope to win and . ?Well put. . A. so do I; So shall I C. so I shall; So do I B. so I shall; So shall I D. so do I; So I do

  56、Bruce his leg when he in a football match yesterday afternoon. A. broke; played B. has broken; was playing
C. broke; was playing D. was breaking; played
  57、We were very busy yesterday. Otherwise we part in the discussion. A. would take B. did take C. had taken D. would have taken

  58、? Look! What are those boys doing the table? ?Well, they are playing cards.
A. on
b. around
C. under
D. beside

  59、The famous scientist was going out he found himself surrounded by lots of young people. A. when B.before C. while D. after

  60、A computer cannot remember who; it simply does what . A. will use it; it is told B. uses it; it has told C. used it; it is told D. has used it; it told

  61、The little girl couldn’t work the problem out. She wasn’t clever. A. that B. much C. many D. too

  62、As soon as the manager enterd his office, he began to the telephone. A.look up B. look upon C. look through D look for

  63、for his expert advice, he was able to help a great number of people with their personal affairs. A. Being known B. Having known C. Well known D. Knowing

  64、?Excuse me, Madame. Is this plane take off soon? ?Oh, yes. In five minutes. A. about to B. starting to C. beginning to D. to

  65、So far the young man hasn’t had any success; he will keep trying. A. whenever B. no matter C. wherever D. however

  66、?Can I , sir? ?Yes, please. Two dinks. A. order you B. have your order C. obey your order D. order
  67、Against advice from his friends, he insisted alone at the rush hour. A. a; on traveling B. the; to travel C. the; on traveling D. at; to travel
  68、The man insisted that he nothing wrong and that he free. A. had done; be set B. did; was C. had done; would be D. did; would be

  69、The telephone lines were brought down by the trees and branches. A. fall B. fallen C. fell D. falling

  70、Don’t touch the wire. It’s dangerous. A. alive B. lives C. lived D. live

  71、They live on their small farm the family with corn. A. providing to B. provided C. providing D. provided to
  72、It’s hard for us to make a choice, which means we have not decided . A. to take a step B. to take which step C. which step to take D. to take what
  73、?It’s getting dark, Tim. Mum must be expecting me home. ?Don’t worry. I’ll in my car. A. send you home C. take you home B. send you to home D. drive you to home

  74、Standing on top of the mountain, we watched the sun the horizon. A. sink below B. sinking under C.sinking below D. sink under

  75、Leaves flying in the air, it the old good days I spent in the mountain village. A. suggests B. suggest me C. thinks D. thinks of

  76、Though his salary is , he always money, in debt. A. good; lends B. fine; borrows C. fine; lends D. good; borrows

  77、When I suggested that someone in the village his wine, he didn’t believe. A. must have drunk B. should drink C. have drunk D. has drunk
  78、I don’t know if he us; if he , I’ll let you know. A. will come and help; comes B. comes and helps; will come
C. will come and help; will come D. comes and helps; comes
  79、 the meeting he gave us some suggestions, one of which was that we someone to At check the information. A. sent B send C. would send D. should have sent

  80、Of the Kar’s boys, Robert is the richest; in other words, Andrew and Krist are . A. less rich B. less richer than he C. more poor D. not richer as he is.
  81、Seeing this, the boss and he Tod to serve the customer this and that. A. got excited; got B. got exciting; made C. excited; had D. exciting; force
  82、? is that used for? ? the floor. A. Why; To cleaning B. What; Cleaning C. Why; To clean D. What; clean

  83、?Don’t you think it a very nice motorbike?
?Yes, but would you please it on my lawn? w.w.w.k.s.
  5.u.c.o.m A. not to park B. not parking C. not park D. to not park

  84、After a long time for many years, he is now . A. sickness for his home C. illness for his home B. sicking for his home D. sick for his home

  85、?Where do these books ? ?Put them back they were. A. go; where B. lay; where C. lie; in which D. lie; which

  86、? Let’s go skating, shall we? ?That’s not a good idea; the ice is too thin your weight. A. to bear B. bearing C. bore D. born

  87、?Have you ? ?Yes. Let me take you to a place to celebrate. A. paid B. got paid C. got paying D. pay
  88、It’s right of you to do that; you know, it one to be honest. A. gives B. takes C. pays D. offers

  89、I am bad names. A. in B. in remembering C. to remember D. at remembering

  90、He finished his school in 1992; he was that year. A. fifteen years of age C. fifiteen years age B. at the age of fifteen D. fifteen old

  91、? What are doing over there? ? I am eating my meal. Would you come? A. to join B. and join me C. joining D. to take part in

  92、The vase rolled over the table, fell onto the floor and . A. was broken b. broke C. breaking D. broken

  93、They traveled , all the way up to Wisconsin . A. the north B. in the north C. north D. the south

  94、The old man came, a big dog. A. followed B. following by C. and following D. followed by

  95、Finally they managed to find a path . A. to follow B. following C. to go D. going

  96、 surprise you have brought us! A. What a B. What C. How a D. How

  97、? Are you married? ?No, still. A. one B. single C. separate D. myself.

  98、 several years he has been working like this. A. In B. After



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