一. 考试说明
1 .考试题型及分值分布 Part I. Vocabulary and Structure (15*
  1) Part II. Reading Comprehension (20*
  2) Part III. Cloze (10*
  1) Part IV. Word Forms (10*
  1) Part V. Translation (E-C) (5*
  2) Part VI. Writing (
  2.单项说明 l Part I. Vocabulary and Structure
  1).Vocabulary about 5 items
  2).Structure about 10 items 例题:
  1. I don’t think this software is appropriate children under 12 years old. A. for B. among C. to D. with
  2. Passengers should allow for travel time to the airport in rush hour traffic. A. actual B. exact C. additional D. accurate
  3. I was advised to my flight number at least 24 hour in advance when I was visiting Paris. A. justify B. confirm C. identify D. convert
  4. As soon as he comes back I’ll tell him when and see him. A. you come B. do you come C. you will come D. will you come
  5. We are past the period of evolution when only the fittest can . A. endure B. function C. remain D. survive
  6. The name originated from the days this house belonged to the local policeman. A. which B. when C. that D. what
  7. Mr. Black has arrived New York and will meet with the Minister of Trade on Monday morning. A. Still B. yet C. already D. barely
  8. Tom told me that he was really rich and owned a Ferrari, but I him at once. A. saw off B. saw out C. saw over D. saw through
  9. It was not until December 13we finally got a letter from him. A. that B. when C. which D. then
  10. Miss Poole had no friends and seldom visitors, the girls who came over occasionally for high tea. A. except B. besides C. in addition to D. apart from
  11. Never for the moment that it could happen to her. A. has she imagined B. she did imagine C. had she imagined D. she would imagine
  12. Because the equipment to be shipped to France is very delicate, it must be handled with. A. care B. pleasure C. ease D. confidence
  13. You come to meet me here at the station. The tube is quite convenient in this city. A. needn’t B. needn’t have C. didn’t need to D. don’t need to
  14. At one time we had about eighty people here who did nothing but into his family history. A. to research B. researched C. researching D. research

  15. harder, you should have passed this exam. A. Were you worked B. Had you worked C. If you worked D. If you have worked l Part II. Reading Comprehension
  1. 题材:叙述型实用型为主
  2. 难易分布:易~难
  3. 篇幅:总字数 10
  4~5 篇;总题数 20 题;至少一篇实用性文章
  4. 问题类型:事实型,推理型 例题: (
  1)Now, online learning has become acceptable and common-place. It is seen by students’ and employees as a more flexible and convenient way to take classes; it will allow courses to be delivered more cost-effectively; and teachers figure they’d better start teaching online or be left without a job. Whether any of this is true or not doesn’t matter?online learning is “hot ”and everybody wants to be a part of it . The following questions are intended to guide you in your decision about whether an online course is a good match for you. ?Yes NO ?□□
  1. I have excellent organizational skills. ?□□
  2. I am a very self-directed learner. ?□□
  3. I tend to get things done ahead of time rather than waiting to the last minute. ?□□
  4. I can figure out written instructions very well on my own. ?□□
  5. I prefer immediate feedback on assignments and get frustrated when I have to wait. ?□□
  6. I like learning about new technologies; they don’t threaten me. ?□□
  7. I can perform the basic computer tasks. ?□□
  8. I can find at least 10to 15 hours a week to devote to each online I may take. ?□□
  9. I have Internet Explorer
  5.0 or later or Netscape
  4.x or later on my computer and my Internet access is via a 56K modem or better. ?□□
  10. I have frequent access to a computer and to the Internet. (
  2)If you answered YES to most if these questions, it is a good sign that you have the learning Characteristics needed to succeed in an online course. If you answered NO to most of these questions, it’s possible that taking a fully online course may not be your best choice. You may wish to try online learning in a web-enhanced course to determine if a fully online course is the best choice to meet your educational needs. If you plan to take an online course at Armstrong Atlantic State University, you will have access to technology help with your course through Student Technology Services. They can be reached by phone 927-5321 or by email at techhelp@mail.armstrong.edu.
  26. From the passage we can learn that online learning has become “hot ”because. A. a lot of student like its flexibility and facilities B. it doesn’t require classrooms or other on-side facilities C. everybody wants to be a part of it D. more teachers start teaching online
  27. Those who may not be successful when they take a fully online course. A. have easy and convenient access to a computer B. can find 12 hours a week on line C. are poorly self-organized D. are self-directed
  28. If someone answered NO to most of these questions, he’s advised to . A. take a fully online course B. try a web-enhanced course C. get access to technology help D. choose courses on computer science

  29. Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the passage? A. Student who lack organizational skills are not likely to do well in online courses. B. Adequate computer hardware and software are necessary for an online course. C. Certain online courses are not well suitable for education purposes. D. Taking an online course requires a basic understanding of computers.
  30. This passage is probably. A. an application form for an online learner B. a survey report about online learning C. an analysis test on the characteristics required by online learning D. an advertisement of the online course at an American university 答案: ACBCD l Part III. Cloze
  1. 篇幅:200 词左右
  2. 类型:理解为主
  3. 侧重:考察以词义、篇章理解、逻辑关系为主;从词汇语义语篇考查
  4. 涉及:短语用法,词组辨析
  5. 难易:考察对文章的理解;在读懂的基础上 并不难
  6. 题材:叙述描述型,说明议论 例题:Mark Clements, 53, a garageman, had long and untidy hair. Laura Shira, 43, who gives haircuts, needed car repairs. Rather than 36 for service, the two residents helped each other. A the typical small-town favor, right ? No, the two didn’t know each other. They 37 Neighborhood Service Exchange (NSE), where members 38 their skills. The exchange need not be direct; members earn credit for hours 39 and can cash in later from anyone in the group. of The NSE may help people save a little money, but at its heart it’s building a(n) 40 community in a place that was losing that small-town feel. In a recent 41 ,
  78% said they didn’t feel comfortable asking a neighbor for help. “We want neighbor to 42 like neighbor again,” says Kathryn Myron, who 43 the group in 19
  98. It’s working. Hidi Hanson, 53, agreed to make “ 44 phone calls ” to Katie O’Brien, 66, who had suffered a stroke. The two became fast friends who now talk on the phone almost daily. “I don’t even bother to keep 45 my credits anymore,” says O’Brien.
  36. A. making B. looking C. paying D. calling
  37. A. applied for B. worked in C. learned about D. belong to
  38. A. trade B. accumulate C. train D. sell
  39. A. acquired B. exchanged C. got D. served
  40. A. idea B. sense C. degree D. environment
  41. A. interview B. election C. survey D. discussion
  42. A. act B. aid C. feel D. look
  43. A. found B. founded C. discovered D. operated
  44. A. effective B. urgent C. truly D. friendly
  45. A. in touch with B. control of C. track of D. away from 答案:CDADB CCBDC 答案 l Part IV. Word Forms
  1. 考察方向:基本构词法,以词缀为主
  2. 考察方式:每空一词或每线一词,不能多写。
  3. 词型转换为主(约 8 个) ,语法为辅(约 2 个) 。
  46. It’s said that every country has its own social and (economy) problems.

  47. We took some fantastic photos, but (fortunate) the film got damaged.
  48. (compare) with our small flat, Bill’s house seemed like a palace.
  49. She seems a lot (happy) now that she’s got a new job.
  50. Earthquakes are an unusual (occur) in England but are not totally unknown.
  51. He is a very diligent student, and often (study) deep into the night.
  52. Health and safety officers will investigate the site and (preparation) a report.
  53. Without (except) all our youngsters wanted to leave school and start work.
  54. I’d just as soon as you (do) not drive the car while I’m gone.
  55. All of them stared at him carefully, as though (try) to understand something. 答 案 : 46economic 47un~ly 48-d 49-ier 50?ence 51?ies 52prepare 53?ion 54did 55-in g l Part V. Translation
  1. 种类:英译汉
  2. 类型:简单句,复合句
  3. 语言:实用英语和基本结构句法题
  4. 要求:基本含义;通顺 例题:
  56. Please fill out the application form and return it to me at your earliest convenience. 请将这份申请表填好后在你方便的时候尽快退回给我。
  57. Much to our regret, we cannot at present entertain any fresh orders owing to the shortage of raw materials. 很遗憾,由于缺乏原材料,目前我们不能接受新的订货。
  58. We enclose here with a check for the amount of US $880 in payment of your commission. 随函附上金额为 880 美元的支票一张,以支付你方的佣金。
  59. They have raised a claim against the insurance company for the damage in transportation. 他们已向保险公司就运输中的损失提出索赔。
  60. Once a contract is signed, it has legal effect; no party who has signed a contract has the right to break it. 合同一旦签字便具有法律效力,任何签字一方均无权撕毁合同。 l Part VI. Writing
  1. 题材:实用英语
  2. 字数:100 词左右
  3. 分值分布:格式,表达,语言。
  4. 特征:中文信息充分;
  5. 特别注意:中文中隐含内容的英文体现。
  6. 其它:整体印象 例题: ? Directions: This part is to test your ability to do practical writing. You are required to write a memo based on the following information. You should write about 100 words on the Answer Sheet. ? 收件人:销售部经理安娜*格林(Anna Green)小姐 ? 发件人:总经理乔治*伍德(George Wood)先生 ? 事由:客户投诉 ? 日期:2005 年 3 月 15 日 ? 内容: 最近有客户投诉说收到的书本与订购的不一样。为保证这样的差错不再发生, 所有何物在发出前应当核对两遍。 我们的经营方针是尽一切努力使客户满意。 如需要增加人 员,可以与我约见面谈。 Model One: One possible version: (memo) From:
Miss Anna Green, Sales Manager To: Mr. George Wood, General Manager Subject: Customer Complaints Date: March 15, 2005 A number of customers have recently complained that they have received books different from what they ordered. In order to ensure that such mistakes are not repeated, it is available to have all the orders double-checked before they are sent to the customers. Bear in mind that it is always our business policy to do everything possible to satisfy our customers. If you find any problems in personnel arrangement or you need extra staff, please make an appointment to talk to me through my secretary. I appreciate how hard you work and if I can be of any assistant please don’t hesitate to let me know. ? Directions:This part is to test your ability to do practical writing. You are required to write a fax based on the following information. You should write about 100 words. ? 传真号:00
  3-7155679 ? 收件人:Mr.Black,销售经理 ? 发件人:John Smith ? 日期:4 月 20 日 ? 内容:4 月 24 日你将和你的同事 Mrs.Brown 乘 CA925 次航班前往东京参加 4 月 25 日的研讨会,13 点 50 分到达,请安排接机。Mrs.Brown 将常往东京。希望 Black 先生介绍 本公司产品在日本的销售情况,并洽谈下一步合作事宜。 Model Two ? One possible version: (fax) ? Fax No. : 0083-3-7155679 ? From: John Smith ? To: Mr. Black, Sales Manager ? Date: April 20th ? Dear Mr. Black, I’ll be taking Flight CA925 on April 24th to Tokyo to attend a seminar on April 25th. I’ll be arriving at 13:50 local time, and would it be possible to meet us at the airport? My colleague Mrs. Brown will go with me and she is going to be stationed there. Could you come to give us a brief introduction to the sales of our products in Japan? And I also hope to have a discussion with you about our future cooperation. Thank you for your help and look forward to seeing you soon.



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