2009 年海淀区初三一模英语试卷分析 年海淀区初三一模英语试卷 试卷分析 二、单选

  19. would you like to go for a walk with ? sure. I’d love to. A:I B: me C: my D: my
答案:B 解析:考察代词宾格。 20 Li Lei often goes to school 7:30 in the morning. A: at B: for C: on D: of
答案:A 解析:考察介词在时间前面的用法
  21.I usually have an egg and two of milk for breakfast. A: bottle 答案:C 解析:考察不可数名词前量词的用法
  22. I’m looking for a jacket for my son. What color do you like , the blue one or the red one? A: the best 答案:D 解析:考察比较级的用法,两者比较用比较级
  23. James hasn’t got Jay’s CDs, his sister has. A: so B: but C: and 答案:B 解析:考察连词的用法,前后两句是转折关系因此用 B 24 ? He is a computer engineer. A, What does your father do B: How old is your father D: How does your father go to work D: ot B: good C: best D: better B: a bottle C: bottles D: the bottles
C: What does your father look like
答案:A 解析:考察对职业进行提问。
  25.-- did you put my glasses just now ,Bill? On the table A: What 答案:D 解析:特殊疑问词的用法,根据回答是地点,因此选 D
  26.My mother will take me to the movie if she free this weekend. A: is 答案:A 解析:考察时态的用法,此题中考察主将从现 27 Where’s Susan , Mike? She in the kitchen. A: cooks 答案:C 解析:考察时态,她应该是正在做饭。因此用进行时。
  28. you play the piano? No. But I can play the guitar. A: Can 答案:A 解析:考察情态动词的用法。根据回答 I can play the guitar,可知上文问会不会弹钢琴
  29. Do you know the MP3 player last week? Sorry, I have no idea. A: how much did she pay for C: how much she paid for 答案:C 解析:考察宾语从句中语序和时态的问题。语序用陈述语序。 30 I didn’t see you at the meeting. I had a bad cold. The doctor asked me in bed.
B: Why
C: When
D: Where
B: will be
C: was
D: would be
B: cooked
C: is cooking
D: has cooked
B: May
C: Must
D: Should
B: how much will she pay for D: how much she will pay for
A staying 答案:B 解析:考察动词的用法,ask sb to do sth
  31.?What’s the best food you have had in Beijing, Alex? Roast duck!. I to a famous restaurant to have it last week. A: have gone 答案:D 解析:考察时态,因为是时间是上周,因此用过去时
  32. There is water in the glass. Let’s go and get some. A few 答案:D 解析:考察名词和句意。Water 是不可数名词,因此从 B D 中选,让我们去拿些吧,说明 没有了,因此选 D
  33. It is reported that China’s largest museum of modern art at the end of 20
  10. A is built 答案:B 解析:考察将来时的被动语态
  34. It is known to all that you exercise regularly, you won’t stay in good health. A: unless 答案:A 解析:考察状语从句连接词的用法,根据句意应该是“除非你进行有规律的运动,否则你不 会保持健康状态的。 ” B: if C: until D: as B: will be built C: builds D: will build B: much C: many D: little B: go C: will go D: went B: to stay C: stayed D: to staying
三、完形填空: 完形填空:
Every year on my birthday, from the time I turned twelve, a while gardenia was delivered to my house. No card came with it. Calls to the flower shop were not __35 at all. After a while I stopped trying to __36 the sender’s name and just delighted in the beautiful white flower in soft pink paper. However, I never __37 imagining who the giver might be. Some of my happiest __38 were spent daydreaming about the sender. My mother encouraged these imaginings.
She’s asked my if there was someone for whom I had shown special __
  39. Perhaps it was the old man across the street whose maul I’d delivered during the winter. As a girl, though, I had more fun imagining that it might be a __40 I had run into. One month before my graduation, my father died. I felt so sad that I became completely__41 in my upcoming graduation dance, and I didn’t 42 if I had a new dress or not. But my mother, despite her own sadness, would nut let me 43 any of those things. She wanted her children not only to be lovable but to feel __
  44. In truth, my mother wanted her children to see __45 much like the gardenialovely, strong and perfect with perhaps a bit of mystery. My mother died ten days after I was married. I was twenty-two years old. That was the year the gardenia stopped __
  35. A. careful
  36. A. take out
  37. A. stopped
  38. A. moments
  39. A. practice
  40. A. visitor
  41. A. uncomfortable
  42. A. want
  43. A. leave
  44. A. needed
  45. A. herself
  46. A. coming
  35. 答案:B 分析:考察上下文理解,作者收到花,在猜想谁是送花人是谁。打电话给花店也没有得 到什么信息
  36. 答案:C 分析:考察上下问理解。试着找出谁是送花人
  37. 答案:A
B. helpful B. work out B. began B. festivals B. housework B. child B. uninterested B. hope B. miss B. noticed B. myself B. sending
C. exciting C. find out C. kept C. seasons C. kindness C. lady C. unbelievable C. know C. have C. loved C. ourselves C. giving
D. interesting D. put out D. loved D. holidays D. exercise D. boy D. unimportant D. care D. hear D. moved D. themselves D. growing
  38. 答案:A 分析:最开心的时刻是。。与假期、节日、季节无关。 。
  39. 答案:C 分析:妈妈总是问我是否我我原来为别人做了好事,因此选择 kindness
  40. 答案:D 分析:作为一个女孩,作者更乐于想象是她碰到的是一个帅哥。
  41. 答案:B 分析:因为父亲去世,作者因此对其他的事情都不再感兴趣。因此选择 uninterested
  42. 答案:D 分析:对舞会不感兴趣,对于有没有新衣服也不再关心,不在乎,因此选择 care,
  43. 答案:B 分析: 从后文看作者母亲希望子女坚强, 因此母亲不想让我错过那些事情。 因此选择 miss, 此题需要联系后文内容,否则易错。
  44. 答案:C 分析:她想要她的孩子去感受到被爱,和让人感到可爱。此题有学生做错。
  45. 答案:D 分析:本句中出现了一个 children,因此要选择复数。此题易错。
  46. 答案:A 分析:此句 that was 先不看,后面需要选择的动词的主语为 the gardenia ,因此不能选 择 send,give,而 grow 与本文无关。此题易错。
  45.46 题易错。尤其是 46 题大部分学生做错。
(A) Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are two big national holidays in many western countries. And it’s interesting because they are not the same in every country. In England, Mothering Sunday is in March. In America and other countries, it’s one Sunday in May. Father’s Day is in the middle of June. How do you celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day? Let’s learn something more about it from the following introduction.
In England, we call Mother’s Day Mothering Sunday, because it’s always on a Sunday. I don’t really know the origin of it but I remember that my mother had a cup of tea early in the morning. And then we would go to church. And at the end of the church service, the children would collect a daffodil and take it back and give it to our mother who would normally be sitting in the service in the church. And really that’s all we did to celebrate the day. As Ann said, I remember taking cups of tea to my mother. The idea in general is that the washing-up would be done, perhaps some cooking would be done on Mother’s Day. We would try to relieve her of all those jobs to make it a special day for her, so that whenever she looked around. There was something to eat, somethng to drink, or something to read, or something interesting for her to do. Father’s Day is always in June, a Sunday in the middle of June. On Father’s Day, the idea is to find something fun that the children could do with their father together. I remember going to baseball games. I think that on Father’s Day it’s particularly focused on doing things together because that is supposed to be relaxing and fun for Dad.
  47. In ,Mothering Sunday is in March. C America D China
A Germany B England

  47.B 可以从原文第一段中找到答案,In England, Mothering Day is in March.
  48. Ann remember that her mother A had a cup of tea B got up late in the morning on Mothering Sunday.
C collected a daffodil D had something to eat
  48.A 可以从原文中找到答案,i remember that my mother had a cup of tea early in the morning .
  49. what did Bill remember doing on Father’s Day? A Doing housework C Going to the church B Eating outside D Watching baseball games

  49.D 可以从原文第一段中找到答案. i remember going to baseball games.
  50. What’s the text mainly about? A The history of some national holidays B The stories of some interesting holidays.
C How to celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. D How to understand Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.
  50.C 可以从原文第一段中得知,How do you celebrate Mothers' Day? Let's learn something more about it from the following introduction.
(B) Ever since I was a child, my mouth has caused me trouble. I’m not a bad person; I have a hard time learning when to keep my mouth closed. My mon has told me again and again, “ Robert, your constant bad words are hurting me. If you continue to be this rude, you will get into big trouble.” It’s been a problem at school several times too when teachers have told me something I didn’t want to hear. I used to feel it was my duty to stand up for myself. One day I English class I began working on my homework until I heard a classmate talking behind me, It was Nathaniel, talking to himself as usual. I said ever so nicely, “Nathaniel, would you be quiet?” Nathaniel continued talking to himself. I quickly shouted “Nathaniel, shut up!” For the next five minutes, we threw hurtful words back and forth at each other. “At least I don’t have an ugly lazy eye like you!” I shouted. I knew this would upset him deep inside. It would hurt his feelings and shut him up. What I said filled him with anger. He tried to reach over my seat and grab me as he shouted, “That’s it! That’s it! ” Surpried at his reaction, I sat back in my seat. Never had I seen Nathaniel act like this before. Later on, we were taken to the principal’s office. There, Mr.Black, the principal, told us to discuss the matter. It wasn’t until then that I finally found that when I hurt someone physically, the wounds eventually heal. But when I hurt them with my words, sometimes the pain never goes aways. At the end of the discussion, I said sorry to Nathaniel. When I headed back to my room, I spent some time praying. I began to think about how often what I said hurt others. But I believe that as I keep praying and asking God to help me, he’ll tell
me when to keep my mouth closed.
  51. What’s the writer’s name? A Nathaniel B Robert C Black D Green

  51.B 可以从原文第二段中找到答案, “Robert,your constant bad words are hurting me.”
  52. One day in English class, Nathaniel homework. A read the text C talked to himself B listened to tht others D kept silent when the other classmates worked on their

  52.C 可以从原文第四段中找到答案, “It was Nathaniel,talking to himself as usual.”
  53. What’s the Chinese meaning of the underlined word heal. A 愈合 B 痛苦 C 和好 D 伤害
  53.A 可以根据原文中的 “when I hurt someone physically,the wounds eventually heal.” 因为是 wounds ,有根据后面 goes away,可知是, “愈合” 54 In the text the writer tried to tell us that A when you hurt someone, the pain never goes away B we should try to help each other at school C it is one’s duty to stand up for himself D words cause more pain than wounds
  54.D 根据原文, finally found that when I hurt someone physically,the wounds eventually “I heal.But when I hurt them with my words, sometimes the pain never goes away.”可知。 .
(C) Over the last 70 years, researchers have been studying happy and unhappy people and finally found out ten factors that make a difference. Our feelings of well-being at any moment are decided to a certain degree by genes. However, of all the factors, wealth and age are the top two. Money can buy a degree of happiness. But once you can afford to feed, clothe and house yourself, each extra dollar makes less and less difference. Researchers find that, on average, wealthier people are happier. But the link between money and happiness is complex. In the past half-century, the average income has sharply increased in
developed countries, yet happiness levels have remained almost the same. Once your basic needs are met, money only seems to increase happiness if you have more than your friends, neighbors and colleagues. “Dollars buy status



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