中考英语要点总结 中考英语要点总结
石家庄市 武永喜 + doing practice doing look forward to doing 动名词作主语 be used to doing enjoy doing have trouble doing have fun doing feel like doing go on doing continue doing keep on doing spend … (in) doing 介词+doing (without, against, dream of, be good at, Thank you for …) prefer doing to doing (prefer to do) stop sb from doing prevent sb from doing keep sb from doing consider doing put off doing flying disk writing paper while + doing when + doing ….than doing (Speaking politely is more difficult than being direct.)
get (be) used to doing Would (Do) you mind (my) doing sth + to do be allowed to do sth be supposed to do sth be used to do sth be afraid to do sth decide to do sth how to do it what to do try one’s best to do sth do one’s best to do sth try to do sth afford to do sth have a chance to so sth It’s necessary for sb to do sth (interesting, exciting, important…) need time to do sth …is a good place to visit hurry to do sth refuse to do sth agree to do sth It’s less of a problem to be poor than to be dishonest. pretend to do sth attempt to do sth Units 6-10 I’m lucky to be here. I’m sorry to hear that. I’m sorry to trouble you. I’m glad to see you.
expect to do sth look forward to doing sth prefer to do sth hope to do sth wish (sb) to do sth get ready to do sth be ready to do sth be willing to do sth It’s best to do sth It’s better to do sth volunteer to do sth be (un)able to do sth offer to do sth It’s good to be a basketball player. Could you tell me how to get to the post office? It’s fun to do sth. It’s your turn to do sth. in order to do sth be made to do sth It’s rude to do sth forget to do sth It’s hard to do sth To start with,… To be honest,… To make things easier,… To tell you the truth,… Be sure to do sth The purpose of it is to give young overseas Chinese the chance to learn more about themselves. be suitable for sb to do sth
This a good way for sb to do sth. It’s polite to do sth. + do 情态动词+ do sth would rather do … than do… Would you please do sth? make sb do sth let sb do sth have sb do sth (have sth done) + 过去分词(v-ed)
  1. have my hair cut get my ears pierced make himself understood make himself heard
  2. This is the boy named Li Ming. The boy is named Li Ming.
  3. ?What’re on show, do you know? ?Some photos by an African man. A. taken B. are taken
  4. He joined “Animals Friends”??an organization to help homeless animals. A. was set up B. setted up C. set up 辨析
  1. used to do sth be used to doing sth be used to do sth be used for doing sth
  2. have been to
have gone to have been in
  3. frustrating frustrated exciting excited surprising surprised amazing amazed boring bored interesting interested terrifying terrified moving moved tiring tired scary scared
  4. be strict with Be strict in
  5. stop to do stop doing
  6. So do we. So we do. Neither do we. Neither we do.
  7. die dead death dying
  8. What….! How…!
  9. 表示推测 may be must be can’t be
  10. be full of be filled with fill…with…
  11. may be
  12. too much much too
  13. so… Such
  14. because because of
  15. have There be
  16. through across cross
  17. already yet
  18. cost, take, spend, pay
  19. speak, talk, say. Tell
  20. one day some day
  21. past pass (passed)
  22. in order to in order that…
  23. instead instead of ...
  24. so that so… that…
  25. in after
  26. beside besides except



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