2009 年全国中学生英语能力竞赛初赛 初二年级参考答案
听力部分 I. 1?5 BDCCD II. 6?10 CAADB III. 11?15 CBDAC 16?20 CBABD IV. 21?25 BDAAC
  26. people's lives
  27. burgers
  28. Cola
  29. fish
  30. water 笔试部分 I. 31?35 CDDBC 36? 40 DBBAD 41?45 ADCAB II. A) 46?50 BDCAE B)
  51. Britain/ the UK
  52. can't move or talk
  53. a (special) computer
  54. maths
  55. 他喜欢购物,特别是给自己的女儿买衣服.
  56. Not stylish.
  57. 提高/改善
  58. Some of the dishes were in the style section of "Food and Living" magazine.
  59. Because the reviewer left the table for 20 minutes.
  60. 那时侯已经是凌晨三点,你是最后一个离开餐馆的人.
  61. It was a quiet place (with only 20,000 people).
  62. Tools that people needed to look for gold.
  63. He needed a gold rush.
  64. Because nearly everyone left (their job) and became a gold digger.
  65. In August 18
  48. III.
  66. age
  67. happy
  68. started
  69. younger
  70. laughed at
  71. was good at
  72. never
  73. copy
  74. nothing
  75. didn't know
  76. or
  77. over/ around
  78. with
  79. and
  80. it IV.
  81. Did; have
  82. Don't stay
  83. How much
  84. older than
  85. spent; cleaning V.
  86. Riding a bike to school is good for our health./It is good for our health to ride a bike to school
  87. When I got home, I was all wet/ wet all over.
  88. The woman is too sick to look after herself.
  89. her voice sounds like the singing of a bird.
  90. They had fun in the zoo yesterday afternoon. VI. 91?95 CDGAF VII.
  96. A. f B. h
  97. A. side B. tall
  98. strongly encourage/ urge 或强烈地建议或积极地 鼓励
  99. D 1
  00. m VIII. A) One possible version My name is Jack. I am a friendly and hard-working guy. I speak good English and I am a good swimmer. Every day I ride my bike to school, so riding a bike is easy for me. I started learning to play the piano when I was 6, so I can play it quite well now. I am sure I will have a great summer with you. Jack B) One possible version My New year's Plan In the coming year 2010, I plan to do a lot of thing. First, I want to do well in my studies. I'm a little weak in English, but I am going to make a change next term. Second, I am going to start a football club in my class. It is a lot of fun to have friends with the same interest. Third, I want to be a good helper to my mum after school. She is very tired after work. Those are my top three New Year's plans. What are yours?



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2005年全国中学生英语能力竞赛初赛 初二答案

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九年级上册英语Unit 4 Quiz(基础题)

   Unit 4 Quiz Name: Score: 一、语法填空及例句翻译。(1'*8+3'*4) If 在表示“如果”的意思时,引导的条件状语从句分为状语从句和非真实条件状语从句。当其引 导非真实条件状语从句时要用语气,用来表示一种不真实或者成为事实的可能性很小的假设。若表示与 现在事实相反的情况: 从句(即 if 引导的条件句)中谓语动词用式(若是 be 动词要用) 。 主句谓语动词形式为, , , +动词原形。 例句: 1. 如果地球上没有空气和水,没人能在地球上生活。 2. 如果我是你 ...


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高一英语(上)Unit 4词组

   Unit 4 Phrases and expressions 1. What do you know about…? 对。。你了解多少? 。 2. television studio 电视演播室 3. the answer to the question 问题的答案 4. at the studio 在演播室 5. start doing / start to do 开始做。 。 6. must feel worried about 肯定担心 7. Can he feel worried a ...


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