仁爱版七年级英语下册期末选择填空题专练( ) 仁爱版七年级英语下册期末选择填空题专练(
  1. will the Smiths go on a trip? In summer holiday . A. When B. How C. What D. Why ( )
  2. us have a plan for our summer holidays. A. All of B. Each of C. Every of D. One of ? ( )
  3. ? Help yourself to some fish, Amy! , A. Me, too. B. That's OK. C. Thank you. D. The same to you. ( )
  4. ? I want to visit Beijing soon . ? A. OK. B. Best wishes to you. C. Have a great time. D. Thank you. you'll catch up with (赶上 your classmates . 赶上) ( )
  5. Work hard , 赶上 A. or B. and C. but D. because ( )
  6. ? do you often stay at home in a week ? ? About 2 days. A. How often B. How soon C. How long D. How far ( )
  7. Each of us a computer now. A. had B.; has C. have D. B and C ( )
  8. ? Who cleaned the classroom just now ? ?I . A. did B. was C. does D. am the things on the bed . ( )
  9. It's time for us to go to bed ,please A. put on B. put up C. put away D. take off ( )
  10. ? There is going to be an English film (电影 this evening . 电影) 电影 ? It sounds really . A. wonderful B. well C. happily D. sadly ( )
  11.She is girl A. a seven-years B. an eight- year C. a seven year D. an eight- years ( )1
  2. The boy was born a sunny day . A. at B. on C. in D. of ( )
  13. ? What are the students doing? ? They are busy ready for the exam(准备期末考试 准备期末考试). 准备期末考试 A. to get B. geting C. getting D. got ( )
  14. I saw the boys in the river on home . A. swim ,my way to B. swimming ,my way C. swim ,his way toD. swimming ,her way ( )1
  5. of us has a good plan for the holidays. A. Each B. Every C. Two D. All ( )1
  6. Everyone to visit some places of . A. likes, interest B. like , interesting C. likes, interests D. like, interested ( )1
  7. ? We'll have a picnic next Sunday . ? It really interesting! A. listens B. listens to C. hears D. sounds ( )
  18. If it rain tomorrow ,we will have a picnic . A. won't B. don't C. didn't D. doesn't ( )1
  9. There was a rain last night . Yes ,it rained at that time . A. heavy, heavily B. heavily, heavy C. heavily , heavily D. heavy, heavy is the food on the table ? ? It was wonderful. ( )
  20. ? A. How B. What C. When D. How long ( )
  21..?How do you go to school? A. By a car B. In a car ? . C. On a foot
D. By buses
( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
  22.?Must I
go now? B. mustn't B. swimming
?No, you . C. can't C. D. needn't
A. may not A. swim A. How often A. run A. Why not
  23. It is a good time in summer . to swim D. swims ?Every afternoon . C. How long runing D. running ?. D. Have a good time D. playing ,playing D. How many time )
  24.? do you go out for a walk ? B. How many times B. to run C. )
  25. He's good at . )
  26.? Mum, I' m going to Maria' s birthday party this evening. B. Good idea C. Come back early )
  27. He likes football , but he doesn't like it this afternoon. A. playing ,to play A. at A. heavily, stay A. No, I can't A. I don't think so A. a, a )
  33. He has B. in B. heavy, B. to play , playing C. to play ,to play C. on to stay D. during at home. C. strong, stay D. strongly, to stay ?, but I'm too busy. C. I'd like ?. C. Thanks a lot C. an, a D. Yes D. Why not )
  28. He was born December 10, 19
  98. )
  29.It's raining outside. Please
  30.?Would you like to go for a walk with us? B. Yes, I'd love to B. No )
  31.. ?I wish you'll have a great time.
  32.. There's "r" in the word "hour" and hour has sixty minutes. B. the, an D. an, an friends in the new school, he always feel lonely .
A. a little B. little C. a few D. few ( )
  34. Who are you ? A waiting B waiting for C am waiting for D to wait ( )
  35. English is math. A. same as B. different from C . no difference D . the same 词的适当形式填空,其中有 个是多余的. (10 二. 用方框内所给 12 个词的适当形式填空 其中有 2 个是多余的. ( 分) Invite, for, hear, sorry, take, stay, such, very, so, happy , it, go
Dear Wang Yan, Thank you very much for 1 me to your party. But I am very 2 I can't come. My mother is ill. The doctor asks her 3 in bed 4 several days. I have to 5 care of my mother. Thank you 6 much for sending me 7 a beautiful postcard. I like 8 very much. I am 9 to put it on my desk. Could I 10 from you soon? Give my best wishes to your family. Yours, Li Min

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