2009 年英语专业四级真题 PART I DICTATION [15 MIN] PART II LISTENING COMPREHENSION [20 MIN] SECTION A CONVERSATIONS Questions 1 to 3 are based on the following conversation.
  1. Mark is unhappy because of A. his Chemistry homework. B. a girl in his class. C. Linda's words. D. Friday night's party.
  2. Which of the following is CORRECT? A. Linda is Jane's friend. B. Mark is Jane's boyfriend. C. John is Jane's boyfriend. D. Mark and John are good friends.
  3. Did Mark eventually take Linda's advice? A. No. B. Partly. C. Completely. D. Not mentioned. Questions 4 to 7 are based on the following conversation.
  4. About the scratch on the product, the shop assistant thinks that A. the customer made it himself. B. there was definitely not one then. C. the customer should have checked. D. the customer was making trouble.
  5. The customer was when told he might not have worn the headphones properly. A. annoyed B. surprised C. indifferent D. worried
  6. How many complaints did the customer make about the product altogether? A. Five. B. Four. C. Three. D. Two.
  7. The shop could exchange the product if the customer A. makes no more complaints. B. can produce the receipt. C. is still unhappy with it. D. brings it back within a week. Questions 8 to 10 are based on the following conversation.
  8. Joe Smith telephoned Victoria for A. the menu. B. the place. C. the reception. D. the campaign.
  9. When will the lunch be held? A. Friday next week. B. Thursday next week. C. April 30th. D. This week.
  10. All the following information is new to Victoria EXCEPT A. how many people to attend it. B. why to hold it. C. where to hold it. D. what to cook. SECTION B PASSAGES Questions 11 to 13 are based on the following passage.
  11. People choose London for post-Christmas shopping because A. shops open early in the morning. B. shops stay open for longer hours.
C. they can buy really cheap things.
  12. We learn from the passage that A. people are very keen on sales.
D. they can shop with their friends. B. post-Christmas sales start at 3:30am.
C. post-Christmas sales last for a day. D. sales include only a few items.
  13. Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the passage? A. Some people buy Christmas presents in the sales. B. Some people shop online during the sales. C. Some people buy presents for next Christmas. D. Online retailers offer better post-Christmas sales. Questions 14 to 17 are based on the following passage.
  14. Ballroom dancing used to be associated with A. TV shows. B. old people. C. celebrities. D. professional dancers.
  15. According to the passage, recent popularity of ballroom dancing is the result of A. the participation of celebrities. C. the benefits it brings. B. the designing of colourful costumes. D. a TV programme.

  16. Which of the following is NOT mentioned about the TV show? A. Performers have to be formally dressed on the show. B. Each professional dancer dances with a celebrity. C. People on the show perform a different dance every week. D. The show runs for about four months.
  17. According to the passage, the TV show has the greatest impact on A. old people. B. middle-aged people. C. kids and young people. D. all of the above. Questions 18 to 20 are based on the following passage.
  18. According to New Zealand's rules about naming children, which of the following names is NOT acceptable? A. Spiderman. B. Gandalf. C. 2win. D. Arsenal.
  19. According to the passage, unusual names come from A. popular culture. B. parents' invention. C. sports. D. all of the above.
  20. All of the following countries have strict rules about naming children EXCEPT A. Algeria. B. Germany. C. Japan. D. Argentina. SECTION C NEWS BROADCAST Questions 21 to 23 are based on the following news.
  21. Why were the fishing crew stranded on Oct. 10th? A. They went to a remote area. B. Their fishing boats collided.
C. They tried to repair their boats.
D. They decided to stay in the boats.

  22. How did they survive during those three months? A. On supplies they brought with them. B. On supplies sent to them by rescue teams. C. On supplies left at the military base. D. Not mentioned in the passage.
  23. How were the crew rescued eventually? A. By helicopter. B. By boat. C. By radio contact. D. By a search team. Questions 24 and 25 are based on the following news.
  24. Juan Carlos has been King of Spain A. since 19
  81. B. for 32 years. C. for 70 years. D. for 17 years.
  25. What is the news item mainly about? A. The King's birthday. B. The stability of the monarchy. C. Criticism from both the left and the right. D. The King's public defence of his reign. Questions 26 and27 are based on the following news.
  26. The three suicide bombings occurred in A. November and December. B. October and November. C. November. D. December.
  27. Did people die in the bombings? A. No one died in the bombings. C. Yes. In two of the bombings. B. Yes. In one of the bombings. D. Yes. In all the bombings.
Questions 28 to 30 are based on the following news.
  28. What is the purpose of the national survey? A. To collect data on sources of pollution. B. To identify pollution in rivers and lakes. C. To help control environmental pollution. D. To help control industrial wastes.
  29. According to the news item, efforts of environmental protection are especially affected by A. lack of technology. C. unknown pollution sources. B. rapid economic growth. D. shortage of manpower.

  30. Which of the following details is CORRECT according to the news item? A. Census offices are set up by government departments. B. A main centre receives reports from provinces. C. A database is set up for each province. D. Data will be reviewed and analyzed in mid-20
  09. PART III CLOZE [15 MIN] Scientists around the world are racing to learn how to rapidly diagnose, treat
and stop the spread of a new, deadly disease. SARS -- Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome was (
  31) for the first time in February 2003 in Hanoi, (
  32) since then has infected more than 1,600 people in 15 countries, killing
  63. At this (
  33) , there are more questions than answers surrounding the disease. Symptoms start (
  34) a fever over 1
  00.4 degrees F, chills, headache or body (
  35). Within a week, the patient has a dry cough, which might (
  36) to shortness of breath. In 10% to 20% of cases, patients require (
  37) ventilation to breathe. About
  3.5% die from the disease. Symptoms (
  38) begin in two to seven days, but some reports suggest it (
  39) take as long as 10 days. Scientists are close to (
  40) a lab test to diagnose SARS. In the meantime, it is diagnosed by its symptoms. There is no evidence (
  41) antibiotics or anti-viral medicines help, (
  42) doctors can offer only supportive care. Patients with SARS are kept in isolation to reduce the risk of(
  43) Scientists aren't sure yet, but some researchers think it's a (
  44) discovered coronavirus, the family of viruses that cause some common colds. Most cases appear to have been passed (
  45) droplets expelled when infected patients cough or sneeze. Family members of infected people and medical workers who care (
  46) them have been most likely to (
  47) the illness. But recent developments in Hong Kong suggest that the (
  48) might spread through air, or that the virus might (
  49) for two to three hours on doorknobs or other (
  50). Health experts say it is unlikely, though, that sharing an elevator briefly with an infected person would be enough to pass the virus. (
  31) (
  32) (
  33) (
  34) (
  35) (
  36) (
  37) (
  38) (
  39) (
  40) (
  41) (
  42) (
  43) (
  44) (
  45) (
  46) A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. detected B. caught C. disclosed D. revealed but B. and C. or D. yet time B. point C. aspect D. instance from B. over C. upon D. with hurt B. sore C. aches D. feelings process B. advance C. progress D. convert automatic B. artificial C. mechanical D. controlled regularly B. ordinarily C. traditionally D. generally will B. might C. should D. must cultivating B. fostering C. developing D. designing which B. that C. whether D. what so B. but C. still D. yet communication B. transportation C. transformation D. transmission lately B. newborn C. newly D. renewed under B. through C. beneath D. from for B. over C. after D. about
  47) A. acquire B. receive C. obtain D. contract (
  48) A. ailment B. ill-health C. disease D. infection (
  49) A. continue B. linger C. delay D. persist (
  50) A. exteriors B. outside C. surfaces D. coverings PART IV GRAMMAR & VOCABULARY [15 MIN]
  51. What a nice day! How about the three of us a walk in the park nearby? A. to take B. take C. taking D. to be taking
  52. If there were no subjunctive mood, English much easier to learn. A. could have been B. would'be C. will be D. would have been
  53. She fifty or so when I first met her at a conference. A. had been B. must be C. has been D. must have been
  54. the boss says, it is unreasonable to ask me to work overtime without pay. A. Whatever B. Whenever C. Whichever D. However
  55. A new laptop costs about of a second-hand one. A. the price of three times B. three times the price C. as much as the three times price D. three times more than the price
  56. I was very interested in she told me. A. all that B. all which C. all what D. that
  57. We consider he should have left without telling anyone beforehand. A. strange why B. it strange what C. it strange that D. that strange
  58. It is going to be fine tomorrow. . A. So is it. B. So it is. C. So it does. D. So does it.
  59. Little about her own safety, though she herself was in great danger. A. she cared B. she may care C. may she care D. did she care
  60. The couple had no sooner got to the station the coach left. A. when B. as C. until D. than
  61. Aren't you tired? I you had done enough for today. A. should have thought B. must have thought C. might have thought D. could have thought
  62. "It seems that she was there at the conference." The sentence means that A. she seems to be there at the conference. B. she seemed to be there at the conference. C. she seems to have been there at the conference. D. she seemed to being there at the conference.
  63. Which of the following adverbs can NOT be used to complete " everybody came"? A. Nearly B. Quite C. Practically D. Almost
  64. In "How much do you think he earns?" how much is of the sentence. A. the subject B. the adverbial C. the object D. the complement
  65. "The man preparing the documents is the firm's lawyer" has all the following possible meanings EXCEPT
A. the man who has prepared the documents... B. the man who has been preparing the documents... C. the man who is preparing the documents... D. the man who willprepare the documents...
  66. During the TV interview, the singer announced that he was going to his new album soon. A. release B. renew C. relieve D. rehearse
  67. Afterworking for the firm for ten years, he finally the rank of deputy director. A. achieved B. approached C. attained D. acquired
  68. Winter is the season at most hotels in this seaside town, because very few tourists come to stay. A. slow B. slack C. low D. quiet
  69. Come on, Jack, tell me the story. Don't keep me in . A. suspense B. suspending C. suspension D. suspender
  70. The football match was because of the heavy rain. A. called over B. called up C. called out D. called off
  71. We had a good time there, and the food was plentiful and . A. conducive B. wholesome C. helpful D. appreciative
  72. It was strange that she would such an absurd idea. A. allow B. stick C. take D. entertain
  73. The scientists have made an study of the viruses that cause the disease. A. exhausted B. exhausting C. exhaustive D. exhaustion
  74. Do you own your apartment or are you a ? A. tenant B. customer C. client D. proprietor
  75. Representatives from the companies indicated that they should go on working together in . A. unity B. entity C. partners D. partnership
  76. We all know that Mary has had a strict . A. growth B. upbringing C. development D. cultivation
  77. The drink was packaged in champagne bottles and was being as the real stuff. A. passed out B. passed by C. passed over D. passed off
  78. Last Sunday she came to visit us out of the blue. The italicized phrase means A. unexpectedly B. unhappily C. untidily D. unofficially
  79. The person he interviewed was his former schoolmate. A. no other than B. no more than C. none other than D. none the less
  80. The young employee has a(n) quality - he is totally honest. A. respectable B. admirable C. decent D. approachable PART V READING COMPREHENSION [25 MIN] TEXT A Do you realize that every time you take a step, the bones in your hip are subjected to forces between four and five times your body weight? When you
are running, this force is increased further still. What happens if through disease a hip-joint ceases to be able to resist such forces? For many years hip-joints and other body joints have been replaceable either partially or completely. It is after all a simple ball and socket joint; it has certain loads imposed on it; it needs reliability over a defined life; it must contain materials suitable for the working environment. Any engineer will recognize these as characteristic of a typical engineering problem, which doctors and engineers have worked together to solve, in order to bring a fresh lease of life to people who would



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