2009 学年第二学期小学六年级英语期末综合练习听力朗读材料 综合练习
一、听句子三次,找出句子中所含有的信息,把所选答案的编号写在括号内。10% 听句子三次,找出句子中所含有的信息,把所选答案的编号写在括号内。
  1. We are going to visit the History Museum next Wednesday.
  2. Dr Sun Yatsen was against the emperor.
  3. In our school some pupils like reading books about animals.
  4. My mother was thinner and taller than my aunt.
  5. Are there more tigers in the new zoo than in the old one?
  6. Is your cousin going to the No. 106 School by underground?
  7. The old woman often sits there and does nothing.
  8. The ninth boy and the twelfth girl are the pupils of Class Two.
  9. We watched TV and listened to the radio yesterday evening.
  10. You look heavier than before. You should go on a diet. 二、听句子三次,根据所听到的顺序在相应的括号内写上英文大写字母编号。6% 听句子三次,根据所听到的顺序在相应的括号内写上英文大写字母编号。 A. We are sure we could get more gold medals in 2010 Asian Games. B. The girl puts the seeds into the pot when spring comes. C. I have to practise the piano after school. D. We should keep quiet in class when the teacher speaks. E. The teacher hopes Jane will become a good dancer. F. One day a dog ran after Tom and bit his leg. 三、听句子三次,写出句子所缺的单词。5% 听句子三次,写出句子所缺的单词。
  1. We should plant more trees and save the earth.
  2. The rich should help the poor.
  3. We were surprised when the little boy won the race.
  4. Suddenly a hare ran out of the wood and died.
  5. Our parents hope we are clever and brave. 四、听问句三次,选出相应的答语, 把所选答案的字母编号写在括号内。5% 听问句三次,选出相应的答语 把所选答案的字母编号写在括号内。
  1. What did your grandfather do in 1930?
  2. Where was Tom’s sister?
  3. How is Janet’s bedroom now?
  4. What time do you usually go to school?
  5. Who made an important speech in Guangdong in 1979? 五、听短文三次,判断下列的句子是否符合短文的意思,如符合请写 T,否则写 F。 听短文三次,判断下列的句子是否符合短文的意思, , 。 4% Mary is an American girl. She came to Beijing last summer. She learned Chinese in a language school. One morning Mary went out to see a flower show in the park. But she didn’t know how to get there. She asked a Chinese boy the way. At first the boy couldn’t understand her. Then she took out a pen and a piece of paper. She drew a park and flowers
on the paper. Then she gave the picture to the boy and said something about it. Finally the boy understood her and told her the way.



   20082009 学年度第二学期小学六年级英语综合练习卷 学年度第二学期小学六年级英语综合练习 综合练习卷 听力部分 你将听到一个句子 根据你所听到的内容,选择相符合的一项 听到一个句子, 合的一项, 一、 你将听到一个句子,根据你所听到的内容,选择相符合的一项,并将其 ( 字目编号填在题前的括号内。 共 10 题,每小题 1 分) 编号填在题前的括号内。 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )1、A. food 、 ) 2、A. train 、 ) 3、A. actor 、 ) 4、A. ligh ...


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   abandon v. 放弃;抛弃 例句:The search for the lost car was abandoned when the night came. 同义词:desert v.放弃 abbreviation n. 缩写,节略 同义词:abridgment 节略 解析:abbreviate v.节略 联系记忆:adapt改写,改编 adopt抚养;收养;采用(建议/意见) abide v. (by)遵守,坚持意见 同义词:bear v.忍受 解析:vt.(常用于否定句和疑问句中) ...


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高中英语语法 代词

   代词 1. Alice is in the office. Please take the newspaper to . A. she B. her C. he D. him 2. Work harder at it and success is . A. his B. hers C. your D. yours 3. She taught Japanese when she was young. A. herself B. hers C. his D. he 4. Excuse me, i ...


   如何培养孩子学习英语的兴趣 6??8 岁 初上小学的孩子,是父母最为担心的阶段,但又是语言学习的黄金时 期, 这个年龄段的孩子相对来说个性已趋于鲜明, 有明显情绪的反应, 对于学习更是喜欢寻找新鲜有趣的游戏式教学, 那么对于这样的孩子 我们提供给您的是什么办法呢? 1、语言学习从兴趣开始 培养孩子的兴趣最重要的是要孩子养成习惯,在潜意识中,声音进入 孩子的耳朵,再能过耳朵进入大脑,加深孩子的印象,最后你将发现 孩子对英语的兴趣越来越浓了。 2、语言学习需要外界环境 任何语言的学习都需要一个环 ...


   最新必背英语短语?? ??是高三学生必看 2009 最新必背英语短语??是高三学生必看 网站首页 | 我的作品 | 学海导航 | 英语精品 | 英语题库 | 站长简介 | 英文金曲 | 时 文泛读 高考必背短语 双击自动滚屏 发布者:admin 发布时间:2008-9-27 阅读:443 次 此文里所有的短语摘自英语考试大纲,是高考必须要掌握的英语常见短语. 高考必背短语 1. be able to do sth. 有能力做某事;能。 Will you be able to come? 你能 ...