2009 年中考英语-模拟试卷
四、语言知识运用(一)单项填空(共 18 分,每小题 1 分)
  18. ?At what age do start school in your country? ?They usually begin school at the age of six. A. adults B. boys C. children D. girls
  19. When I saw later, she changed a lot. A. her B. hers C. him D. his
  20. What beautiful music! He to the concert, and that’s a pity. A. came B. didn’t come C. will come D. doesn’t come
  21. Jack wanted to take his MP4 to school, but his mother told him . A. not to do B. not to do it C. not do it D. didn’t do it
  22. She did a good job, she was spoken highly of. A. but B. or C. for D. and
  23. Our class held an English evening party New Year’s Eve. A. at B. on C. to D. in
  24. ?Shall I go and meet you at the airport? ?No, thanks. I take a taxi home. A. need B. must C. should D. can
  25. Today most young people the mobile phones which have color screens and are able to receive pictures. A. used B. will use C. are using D. have used
  26. Chinese people believe that on Mid-autumn Day, the moon is and than usual. A. big, round B. biggest, roundest C. bigger, rounder D. the biggest, the roundest
  27. ?It’s said that our school’s paper once a week. ?Right. I hope you can write something for it. A. comes back B. comes down C. comes on D. comes out
  28. Jenny was very me just because I forgot to go to her party last Friday. A. excited at B. angry with C. afraid of D. sure of
  29. in the world is impossible if you set your mind to do it. A. Everything B. Something C. Anything D. Nothing
  30. I went to see a doctor because I didn’t feel well these days. The doctor asked me . A. if I had too much work every day B. how much sleep did I have every night C. how much food do I have every day D. if I take too much exercise these days
  31. you get inside my father’s room, you will see several shelves books on different subjects. A. Until, decorated with B. Before, covered with C. When, full of D. As, made of
  32. Don’t worry. We all know you’ve done your best, and your parents will understand you no matter result you get. A. who B. which C. how D. what
  33. An expert says that humans serious problems in the future if animals well. A. will have, aren’t treated B. will have, won’t be treated C. have, treat D. have, will treat
  34. ?Few films made at home are interesting, they? ?But I don’t think every film from Hollywood is worth seeing, some of them are as as ours. A. aren’t, terrible B. are, boring C. are, enjoyable D. aren’t attractive
  35. ?Maybe we could help clean Beijing Station this weekend, Lin Tao? ? . Let’s meet at the school gate at 7:00 this Saturday morning, shall we? A. So can I B. My pleasure C. Good idea D. A good decision
(二)完形填空(共 12 分,每小题 1 分) 通读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从短文后各题所给的四个选项中选择最佳的一项。 I was filled with uncertainties and worries until my grandfather told me to stand tall. I wasn’t looking forward to (期待) entering ninth grade. High school is well known It was no 36 for being a place for serious competitions, where everyone seems to be 37 physical changes and love self-esteem(自尊). For me, 38 was my greatest problem. I had always felt no confidence and out of places as one of the taller members of my class, standing a head 39 the other girls. My grandfather would watch me grow 40 uncomfortable, but he didn’t laugh at my self-consciousness(不自在)or try to comfort me. Instead, he would give me advice. “Stand straight and tall,” he’d say, 41 I unsuccessfully, tried to make myself smaller and shorter. And each time, I would carefully 42 his words. Even at age 15, I understood that his advice was about more than just inches(英寸). his hometown of My grandfather joined the army to fight for his country when German soldiers 43 Tarnow in Poland. “Stand straight, stand tall,” meant something else back then. After the war, he left for America. 44 in a new country, he was frightened about his future. Walking into the crowded and noisy streets of New York, “Stand straight, and stand tall,” he would tell himself. Thanks to the help of a 45 friend, he got a job in a jewelry(珠宝)shop on a busy street. Within months, my grandfather was selling jewelry as if he’d been doing it his whole life. family name. My grandfather’s I am so proud to be one of those children who carry on 46 unusual and special experiences have changed the way I think about my own life. His advice to me has become much more than a challenge to 47 my posture(姿势). It tells me to be proud of who I am.
  36. A. wonder B. reason C. guess D. question
  37. A. going through B. starting with C. showing up D. making out
  38. A. shape B. appearance C. height D. shyness
  39. A. of B. among C. over D. above
  40. A. increasingly B. slowly C. greatly D. surprisingly
  41. A. before B. when C. after D. since
  42. A. listen to B. understand C. follow D. catch
  43. A. stayed B. took C. broke D. beat
  44. A. Being homesick B. Without money C. Full of hopes D. All alone
  45. A. interesting B. amazing C. tiring D. caring
  46. A. my B. his C. our D. their
  47. A. form B. build C. improve D. choose
五、阅读理解(共 22 分,每小题 2 分) 阅读下面 A、B、C 三篇短文,然后从其后各题所给的四个选项中选择最佳选项。 (A) Last year some groups of students made a survey(调查)about “How do you spend your free time?” The following diagrams show some results of it. Diagram (
  1) : Hours for people of different ages who surf the Internet in a week.
1037 agram (
  2): Different days students go to the library. (Library Attendance)
Diagram (
  3): Different programs people like.

  48. People aged spend the least time surfing the Internet every week. A. 4~15 B. 16~34 C. 35~65 D. over 65
  49. On most of the students go to the library. A. Sunday B. Monday C. Wednesday D. Thursday
  50. According to the third diagram, about of people like watching Tom and Jerry. A. 16% B. 19% C. 13% D. 37% (B) What does it mean when parents fight? It’s hard for most people to hear their parents shouting at each other. You might worry more about one parent or the other during an argument(争吵). Or maybe you worry that one parent could become angry enough to lose control(控制). It’s understandable to feel this way when there’s fighting around you. If your parents are arguing about you, you might mistakenly think the argument is your fault(错误). But your parents’ arguments are never your fault. If your parents’ fighting really troubles you, you might find it hard to sleep or go to school. If things are going like this, try talking to one or both of your parents about what they are doing. They may not even realize how bad you feel until you tell them how their arguments affect(影响)you.
If the fighting goes too far, let someone else know what’s going on. Talking to other relatives or a teacher about the fighting can be helpful. Sometimes parents who fight can go so far that they hurt each other or other family members. If this happens, letting someone else know will allow the family to be helped and protected from such harmful fighting. Family members can learn to listen to each other and talk about feelings and differences without shouting at each other. They can get help from others with the problem of fighting. Though it may take some work, time, and practice, people in families can always learn to get along better. If your family argues from time to time, try not to worry too much: No family is perfect. Even in the happiest home, problems come up and people argue. Usually the family members get what’s troubling them out in the open and talk about it. Hopefully, they can reach some agreement. Everyone feels better and life is OK again. Being part of a family means everyone tries to make life better for each other. Arguments happen and that’s OK. But with love, understanding, and some work, families can solve almost any problem.
  51. When parents are arguing about us, we’d better . A. worry about our mother B. not become angry enough to lose control C. try to find out our mistakes D. understand that it’s not our fault
  52. If your parents fight, you . A. shout at them B. go to school C. talk to them D. go to sleep
  53. What will happen when the fight goes too far? A. Someone in the family may get hurt. B. The relatives may know it and come to help. C. Parents may realize how bad the children feel. D. Parents may reach some agreement and stop fighting.
  54. Which is not true according to the passage? A. People argue even in the happiest families. B. It’s OK for parents to argue from time to time. C. People reach some agreement after fighting. D. Love and understanding can prevent parents’ fighting. (C) Have you ever dreamt about the day you can buzz(嗡嗡作响)around in your very own flying machine? Well, that day may be sooner than you think. The people at NASA have built something called “The Highway in the Sky.” It’s a computer system(系 统)designed(设计)to let millions of people fly whenever they please, and take off and land from wherever they please, in their very own vehicles(运载工具). And here’s the good news ? a lot of people are building machines you’ll be able to buy. One of those people is Woody Norris, inventor of a new personal flying machine called the AirScooter. Norris asked one of his test pilots(飞行员)to show us the AirSoccter on a hilltop in California. It can fly for 2 hours at 55 miles per hour, and go up to 10,000 feet. A lot of inventors have tried to cash in on personal flying machines, but they failed to catch on because they were too expensive and hard to fly in bad weather. More important, there was no way to manage all the traffic from millions of them buzzing around ? that is, until now, thanks to “The Highway in the Sky.” Here’s how it works: You watch one main screen, almost like a videogame. Keep the plane inside the box, away from other vehicles, and the plane’s computers do the work of flying where you want to go. This $130-million program can also help pilots fly in bad weather. It’s a breakthrough that will some day allow more people to fly than ever before.
All this new technology(技术)has given new life to the race to build the personal flying machine of tomorrow. What kind of inventions are people working on today? If you can imagine it, someone’s trying it, everything from machines that can fly straight up and down to ones that can go very fast. In Texas one inventor is testing the CarterCopter. It can fly straight up and down like a helicopter (直升机) , but can go as fast as an airplane, too. Even the cows are surprised when they see it! If you’re interested in something smaller, a strange-looking flying machine called the Springtail is a 21st Century flying backpack. When it takes off, it’s loud and makes a lot of wind, but the inventors say it’s designed to fly for two hours, at 90 miles per hour, 400 feet above the ground. AirScooter inventor Woody Norris, like many of the inventors that we’ve met, believes today’s planes will soon become old and useless, and that “The Highway in the Sky” will be filled with flying machines that we can’t even begin to imagine.
  55. The future flying machine will be able to fly . A. without pilots B. inside a box C. from a highway D. like a helicopter
  56. According to what mentioned in the passage, can fly higher. A. A NASA invention B. Norris’s invention C. The CarterCopter D. The Springtail
  57. The underlined words cash in mean “”. A. invent B. sell C. make money D. save money
  58. Which would be the best title? A. Planes on the High Way B. Flying Cars Ready to Take off C. High Way in the Future D. Traffic Problem to be Solved 第 II 卷(非机读卷 共 44 分) 一、语言知识运用(
  2)(共 10 分,每小题 2 分) 根据中文提示完成句子。
  1. 对不起,我的自行车出了点儿毛病,请再等我五分钟。 I’m sorry, my bike. Please wait for me five more minutes.
  2. 学会如何交友对于青少年来讲很重要。 teenagers to learn how to make friends.
  3. 我们应该在恰当的时间赴约。不要太早,也不要太晚。 We should come to the party just at the right time, .
  4. 六月的考试一结束,我父母就带我去大连度假。 the examination in June is over.
  5. 在每月的“排队日”,车站上排队候车的人越来越多,这有助于阻止个别人的加塞儿行为。 On Queuing Day of each month , it can help the queue. 二、口语交际(共 10 分,每小题 2 分) 根据上下文补全对话,在横线上写出所缺少的内容。 A: Excuse me, 6 Qianmen Underground Station? B: Sure. It’s rather a long way from here. A: 7? B: Let me see. You can take a bus. A: Which one, please? B: 8



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