名词性从句 主语从句?表语从句?宾语从句和同位语从句在复合句中的功能相当于名词,分别作主语 ?表语?宾语和同位语。因此,这四种从句可以叫做名词性从句。从形式上看,这四种从 句和主句之间不用逗号。引导名词性从句的关联词有以下三类:
  1. 从属连词 : that, whether, if
  2. 连接代词 : who, whom, whose, what, which

  3. 连接副词 : when, where, how, why
Ⅰ. 主语从句 主语从句在复合句中充当主语。 可以引导主语从句的关联词有: 连接词 that, whether; 连 接代词 what, which, who, whom, whose; 连接副词 when, where, why, how; 复合代词 whatever, whoever 等。 ① That he will succeed is certain. 他会成功是肯定的。 ② Whether she will go there is not known. 还不知道她是否去那里。 ③ What she said is not true. 她说的话不真实。 ④ Who broke the window has not been found out. 是谁打破了窗子还没有查出来。 ⑤ How he escaped is still a mystery. 他如何逃脱仍然是一个谜。 ⑥ Where he hid the money is to be found out. 他把钱藏在了什么地方有待查明。 ⑦ Whom she borrowed money from still puzzled him. 她从谁那里借的钱仍然使她困惑不解。 ⑧ Whoever comes is welcome.
无论谁来都受欢迎。 注意:
  1)主语从句放在句首往往显得句子头重脚轻,因此通常借助于 it 作形式主语,把 真正的主语从句移到句末。 ① It is not known who he is. 不知道他是谁。 ② It does not matter when he leaves. 他什么时候动身都没有关系。
③ It is a pity that he can’t attend the party.
④ It is hard to say how much money is needed.
很难说将需要多少钱。 ⑤ It is known to all that money can’t grow on the tree. 众所周知,钱不会长在树上。
⑥ Has it been decided where the meeting is to be held?
  2)主语从句如果是用连接代词 what, whatever, whoever 等引导的,表示的是一 个具体的东西或人,这种主语从句不能用 it 来替换。 ① What he said interested me greatly. 他所说的使我很感兴趣。 ② Whoever is tired may rest. 谁累了都可以休息。
  3) 如果句中作主语的是一个从句,则谓语动词要用单数形式。 ① How close parents are to their children has a strong influence on the character of the children. 父母跟孩子的亲密程度对孩子的性格有着强烈的影响。 ② How and why he did the experiment is unknown to all.
  4)it 作形式主语置于句首时的结构 ⑴ “It+be+形容词+that 从句”结构,常用于这种句型的形容词有:fortunate, It+be+形容词 形容词+that
possible, (un) likely, strange, probable, true, doubtful 等。如:
① It is strange that no one wants to go there. 真奇怪,竟然没有人想要去那里。 ② It is likely that he will come. 他似乎要来。 ③ It is best that you finish your homework first. 你最好先完成你的家庭作业。 ④ It’s hard to say how much money is needed. 很难说将需要多少钱。 (
  2) It+be+名词词组+that 从句” “It+be+名词词组 名词词组+that 从句” 结构, 常用于这种句型的名词及名词词组有: good
news, common knowledge, an honour, a pity, a shame, no wonder, a mystery mystery
等。 ① It is common knowledge that the earth turns around the sun. 地球围着太阳转是常识。 ② It is a pity that he can’t attend the party. 真遗憾,他不能参加晚会。 ③ It is a fact that she won the first place. 她赢得了第一名是一个事实。
It+be+过去分词 过去分词+that ⑶ “It+be+ 过去分词 +that 从句 ”结构,常用于这种句型的过去分词有:said,
believed, reported, pointed out, discussed, proved, decided 等。如: ① It is known to all that money can’t grow on the tree. 众所周知,钱不会长在树上。 ② It is said that he was a famous writer.
据说他曾是一位著名的作家。 ③ It is reported that there will be a storm this afternoon. 据预报今天下午有暴风雨。 ④ It is suggested that the meeting (should) be held this afternoon. 有人建议应该在今天下午开会。 ⑤ It is demanded that he (should) leave at once. 根据要求他应该立即离开。 ⑷ It+seem/happen 等不及物动词+that 分句。如: ① It seems that it is going to rain soon. 看起来天马上要下雨了。 ② It now appears that they are in trouble. 看起来, 他们现在是处在困境中。
  2. 表语从句 在句子中作系动词的表语的从句叫表语从句。 引导表语从句的关联词有: 连接词 that,
whether, as if, as though; 连接代词 what, which, who, whom, whose; 连接副词 when, where, why, how 等。
① The problem is that he is also short of money. 问题是他也缺钱。 ② That is what I want to tell you. 那就是我要对你讲的。
③ The problem is whether he will agree to the suggestion or not.
问题是他是否会同意这个建议。 ④ That is why she left her hometown in her teens. 那就是她十几岁离开家乡的原因。 ⑤ It looks as if it is going to rain. 天看起来要下雨了。
⑥ It turned out that she was wrong.
⑦ This is where Mao Zedong once lived.
  3.宾语从句 在句中用作宾语的从句叫做宾语从句。 除谓语动词可跟宾语从句外, 介词, 不定式, 分词以及某些形容词(如:sure, glad, pleased, certain, afraid, surprised, satisfied 等)的后面也可以带宾语从句。
① I really feel that he needs more experience.
我确实感到他需要更多的经验。 ② I want to know whether/if she still lives there. 我想知道她是否还住在那里。
③ I don’t know who all those people are.
我想知道那些人是谁。 ④ I wonder whom he wants to see. 我不知道他要见谁。 ⑤ He asked whose handwriting was the best. 他问谁的书法最好。 ⑥ She wants to know which film I like best. 她想知道我最喜欢哪一部电影。 ⑦ Please tell me when he heard the news. 请告诉我他是什么时候听到那个消息的。
⑧ I am not interested in what he is doing.
我对他做的事不感兴趣。 (作介词宾语) ⑨ I don’t know why he didn’t come. 我不知道他为什么没来。
⑩ I am certain (that) he is at home now.
我敢肯定他现在再家。 注意 :
  1)在“动词+宾语+宾语补足语”句型中,若宾语是一个名词性从句,常常借 动词+宾语+ 助于 it 作形式宾语,而把真正的宾语从句移到宾语补足语的后面。如; We think it a pity that a man like him should not work harder. 我们觉得像他那样的人不更加努力地工作真是可惜。
  2) that 引导的宾语从句通常不能充当介词的宾语, 但在介词 except, but 和
in 后可以跟 that 引导的宾语从句。
① I know little about him except that he is an American. 除了知道他是一位美国人之外,我对他一无所知。 ② He would have failed but that you helped him. 若不是你帮助他,他会失败的。 (but that “若不是” ) ③ Men differ from animals in that they can think and speak. 人之所以区别于野兽,是因为他们能够思考和说话。 (in that 可看成复合连词, 意为“因为”) 。 ④ Theory is valuable in that it can provide a direction for practice. 理论之所以有价值,是因为它能为实践指出方向。
  4. 同位语从句 与前面的名词所指相同, 且叙述的是前面名词的具体内容的从句, 叫做同位语从句。 That 常用来引导同位语从句, 与具有概括性的抽象名词连用。 news, fact, idea, 如:
suggestion, warning, hope, promise, thought, doubt, belief, truth, request, (请求) proposal(提议),demand(要求),possibility, proof(证据) 等等。 请求) proposal(提议),demand(要求),possibility, proof(证据) ),demand(要求
① The fact that he won the first prize can’t be denied. 他取得第一名的事实不容否认。



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