2010高一第一学期期末 第一学期期末英语试题 2010-2011 年 高一第一学期期末英语试题
第一题 选择填空(共 15 题,每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 选择填空 第一题:选择填空
  1. Now they are having a discussion. A. peaceful A. took up A. to turn off A. organized A. noticing A. give it up B. peaceable B. saved up C. silent C. kept up D. quiet D. drew up D. turning on
  2. After he retired from office, Rogers painting for a while, but soon lost interest.
  3. Remember the lights when you leave the house. B. turning off B. set up B. noticed B. give it in C. to turn on
  4. The evening party was well and everyone had a good time in it. C. put on D. managed D. notice . D. give it away
  5. The little boy entered the classroom without . C. being noticed C. give it out
  6. Smoking is bad for your health.Yes, I know .But I simply can’t
  7. The visiting professor to students to meeting at time. A. preferred giving lectures/ to being invited B. preferred to give lectures/ to be invited C. preferred to giving lectures/ rather than being invited D. preferred giving lectures/ to be invited
  8. Many people in the world are still poverty now. A. suffering from A. such a A. will start A. graduated A. take B. such B. suffered from C. so C. living D. so a Yes . The train at 10:12 p.m.. C. should start D. starts D. graduates from D. living by
  9.It was cold that they had to put on more clothes.
  10. Have you read the timetable ? B. is going to start

  11. John Peking University. Now he’s looking for a job. B. graduated from C. has graduated C. spend D. pay
  12. Now more and more workers __their free time trying to improve themselves at school or college. B. cost
  13. Did you sleep well last night? No, can you imagine from too much noise while sleeping? A. to suffer A. on --B. suffering C. to C. to prevent D. against D. preventing
  14. Don’t you realize it’s quite the rule to have him here? B. for
  15. I think David is coming to the party on time this evening. .He is always keeping his word. B. I’m not afraid so. D. I disagree with you.
A.I couldn’t agree more. C.I don’t agree with you.
第二题:完型填空(共 30 题,每小题
  1.5 分,满分 30 分) 第二题 完型填空 Telling the truth is a very good habit. If you 16 tell the truth 19 him. Once a man came to a prophet(预言家)and said, “Oh, prophet, I have many bad
  20. Which one of them should I 21 first?”The prophet said,“Give up telling 22 first and always speak the truth. ”The man promised to do so and went home. At night the man was about to go out to steal. Before setting out , he thought for a moment about the 23 he made with the prophet. “24 tomorrow the prophet asks me where I have been, what shall I say?Shall I say that I went out
  25?No, I cannot say that. But nor can I lie. If I tell the truth, 26 will start hating me and call me a thief. I would be 27 for stealing.” So the man 28 not to steal that night, and gave up this bad habit. Next day, he 29 drinking wine. When he was about to do so, he said to himself, “What shall I say to the prophet if he asks me what I did during the day?I cannot tell a lie, and if I speak the truth people will 30 me, because a Muslim is not 31 to drink wine.”And so he gave up the 32 of drinking wine. In this way, 33 the man thought of doing something bad, he
  35. A. always A. time A . great A. educated A. habits A. take in A. stories A. plan A. Because A. stealing A. none A. controlled A. refused A. talked about A. understand A. allowed A. chance A. wherever A. forgot A. good B. hardly B. money B. bad B. bothered B. friends B. bring back B. truths B. secret B. Unless B. drinking B. someone B. admired B. tried B. felt like B. like B. encouraged B. whenever B. doubted B. attractive C. sometimes C. trouble C. strange C. tested C. purposes C. give up C. reasons C. promise C. Since C. walking C. anyone C. punished C. decided C. adapted to C. hate C. invited C. whatever C. regretted C. practical
speak the truth, you can save yourself
from a lot of 17 ! Here is a story of a man who did a lot of 18 things, but his promise to
his promise to tell the person.
truth. One by one, he gave up all his bad habits and became a very 35
D. never D. energy D. stupid D. saved D. collections D. depend on D. lies D. mistake D. If D. dancing D. everyone D. killed D. agreed D. broke down D. respect D. advised D. idea D. however D. remembered D. generous
B. disadvantage C. adventure
第三题 阅读理解(共 20 小题,满分 40 分) 阅读理解 A In American schools there is something called Homecoming Day. Many high schools and colleges with a football team have a homecoming game. This can be the most important event of the year except graduation or commencement(毕业典礼) day. Students plan homecoming day for many weeks in advance(预先). Several days before Homecoming, students start to decorate(装饰) the school. There are signs to wish luck to the team, and many other signs to welcome all the graduates. Many people still come to Homecoming twenty or thirty years after their graduation. The members of school clubs build booths(摊位) and sell lemonade, apples and sandwiches. Some clubs help to welcome visitors. During the day people like to look for teachers that they remember from long ago. Often they see old friends and they talk together about those happy years in school. Everyone soon comes to watch the football game. When the game is half over, the band comes onto the field and plays school songs. Another important moment is when the Homecoming Queen or King appears. All the students vote a most popular student Homecoming Queen or King. It is a great honor to be chosen. Homecoming is a happy day, but it is not perfect unless the football team wins the game. Even if the team loses, the students still enjoy Homecoming . Some stay at the school to dance, and others go to a party. For everyone it is a day worth remembering.
  36. The most important event of the year in high schools and colleges is . A. Homecoming B. the football game C. graduation D. winning the game
  37. When do students begin to arrange everything for Homecoming? A. The day before Homecoming . C. When the guests arrive. A. To see old friends. C. To watch the football game. B. Many weeks before the day. D. In the days before Homecoming. B. To call on teachers they remember. D. To go home to see their family.

  38. Which of the following is NOT done on Homecoming ?

  39. Who can probably become Homecoming Queen or King ? A. The student who os liked most by the others. B. The guest who is most popular with the students. C. The student who is most liked by the guests. D. The player who plays best in the football game. B Can you communicate with others when you live in a foreign country with no or little knowledge of its language? Of course, it is possible. You can communicate your moods and intentions to one another without words, because all human beings share a lot of common visual(看见的)signals. These signals are as effective(有效的)as words during communication. The gestures of the head play a key role in body language. The movements of eyes and eyebrows
are as important as head movements in body language. Besides the gestures of the head or the movements of the eyes and eyebrows, the action of arms, hands and legs is also a large part of body language. Extending one's arm and shaking hands with others is a greeting in both formal and informal cases. This part of body language might date back to primary tribes(原始部落). Like handshaking, there are still many other forms of body language presented by hands. Raising one's hand and making a circle with his thumb(拇指)and for finger signals, that something is OK. Clasped(握紧的)hands raised above the head, a traditional picture accepted by sportsmen after winning a fight, is a display of triumph that grows out of a kind of feeling following a victory. Waving one's hands, a speaker can make his words more powerful and vigorous(有活 力的). Besides hand gestures, there are times when a person says something with his legs as well as with his head and eyes. The leg gestures often reflect one's attitude towards something or someone that person is with. According to the above facts, body language has offered a more reliable(可靠的)way to understand one's mind by means of gestures. Though it is soundless and wordless, once you understand it, you will feel the world is bigger than you realized.
  40. Which of the following is the proper title for this passage? A. Body Language B. How to Communicate with the People around You D. Gestrures And Languages C. The History of Body Language

  41.After reading the passage we can conclude that . A. hand shaking suggests that the speaker is excited B. head plays a less important part in body language C. actors and actresses are good at gestures D. people began to use body language long long ago
  42.What's the characteristic(特点、特征)of body language? A. Soundless and wordless. C. Powerful and vigorous. B. Difficult to understand. D. Effective and normal

  43.When sports men win a match, they probably . A. clasp their hands to announce their victory B. clasp their hands to express their excited feeling C. have a picture taken as soon as possible D. show a sign of thankfulness C What to do if you don't feel popular? ●Try to take part in activities. Call your friends. Plan to do something. The worst feeling is staying home alone, because it makes you feel even more lonely. ●Try to make new friends. Choose friends carefully , not just because you think they're popular. And remember, making good friends takes time. Choosing a popular person to be friends with is okay. If they are nice.
●Be yourself(保持独立). If you want to become friends with someone who's popular, don't make yourself into someone you are not just to impress that person. ●Be nice. Be friendly. Be outgoing(开朗的). But don't overdo it!Talk to trusted friends if you are feeling really bad. Or you might want to write it down in a journal(期刊)or diary. ●Do something special for yourself. You could take pictures of your friends, or collect their school pictures, and take a collage(拼贴画)to hang on your wall. This will remind(提醒) you, when you are feeling unpopular, that you really do have friends. ●Think up your own ideas. These suggestions might not work for everyone. What to do if you have a problem with your teacher? ●Talk to your parents, or another adult who will listen to you and perhaps can help. Talk to your friends. Maybe they have had problems with the same teacher, too. ●Don't give the teacher a reason to have problems with you. Do your work, complete your task, attend the class seriously and take notes. Maybe you just need to give the teacher a chance. ●Try to find out what the problem is. ●Talk to the teacher if you feel comfortable doing this. Don't be nasty(闹别扭的), but express your concerns(关心). Listen to the teacher, as well. ●Just accept the fact that you're not going to love all your teachers.
  44. What do we mean by saying“ not feeling popular?” A. Not liked by our classmates or workmates. C. Not showing any interest in anything.
  45. What does the underlined word“overdo”mean? A. Do something too much or in an extreme way. B. Try your best to do something. C. Do something carefully. D. Work too hard.
  46. The writer . A. believes that your friend will help you out if you take their pictures B. suggests that you discuss the reason of problem with your teacher when you feel uncomfortable C. wants you to know that students usually hates teachers D. is not too sure if his advice will certainly work on you
  47. What's the best title of this passage? A. Why We Have Problems at School? C. How to Handle Problems at School? B. Always be Yourself. D.Don't Be Afraid of Problems With Others. D Paul couldn’t sleep last night. He woke up early and sat up, and then he lay down again. He felt terrible. “I must be sick,” he thought. “but I must study for that test.” He got up and looked for his history notebook. He finally found it under a pile of clothes on a chair. He went over his history notes, but he couldn’t remember any of the facts in the notes. “What shall I do?” he thought. He felt terrible. Just then Paul’s telephone rang. He put down his notebook and picked up the telephone.
B. Not doing what we want. D. Not so happy.
“Good morning,” Jack’s voice said, “You must be wrong about that test.” “What do you mean?” Paul asked weakly. “We’re not going to have the test today.” Jack said. “I wrote down the date in my notebook. The test will be next Wednesday; it isn’t today. How do you feel this morning?” “Fine,” said Paul. “Just fine!” Suddenly he really felt fine.
  48. Paul felt uneasy because he A. was seriously ill. C. was worried about the coming test.
  49. It seemed that Paul A. was good at history. C. lost interest in history.
  50. What made Paul feel fine at once? A. The telephone call. C. Jack’s notebook A. knew Paul. B. the c



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