2010?2011 七年级英语期末试题 第I卷 一 选择题(每题 1 分,共计 20 分)
  1. -- do you go to bed ? At 10:00 in the evening. A.When B. What C.Where D. How

  2.-Which animal lives only in China ? -. A.Monkey B.Elephant C. Tiger D.Panda

  3.How is the wheather here? . A.warm and snow B.cool and rain C.cold and windy D.hot and sunny

  4.Is your shool your home ? No, it’s near my home. A. near from B.far to C.far from D. near to

  5. does she go to work ? She ofen walks to work . A. when B. What time C.What D.How

  6. What’s the date today ? A. warm B. Friday
It’s. D.snowy tree.
C.July the fourth

  7.Where does a bird live ? A. lives B. living C. is live
A birdin a D. to live China. .

  8.Where is Beijing ? In the of A. north B. south C. west D.east

  9.Which country’s flag has a leaf ? . A. the U.K. B.the U.S C.Australia D. Canada

  10.We feel very . A. thirty B. hungry C.sad
Let’s go and eat some food. D. happy

  11. What do you
know Canadians ?
I know they English and French. A. about ,speak B .of, say C.of, speak D.about ,say

  12.? A. What are
Yes, I you doing
want some erasers.
B.Where are you doing D.May I help you
C. What’s the matter
  13. I like some milk .
Sorry , we don’t have A. some , some C. some, any B.any ,any D.any, some
Would you like juice ?

  14.?What’s favorite movie ? She likes “Titanc (泰坦尼克)” A. she B. he C. his D. her

  15. May I borrow your pen ? . A. No,you’re welcome C. Sure, Here you are
  16. is this coat ? A. How much B.How many B.Yes, you can’t D. Not at all. $
  40. C.What D.How

  17. What does Jenny’s father do? A. a doctor B.Jim Smith
--He’s . D.very old
C.a tall man

  18. Would you like some tea ? . A. Hello B.No,thanks C.No,please D.Yes,I like --Yes, a lot D.Does ,like

  19. your sister hamburgers ? A.Do ,like
  20. --? A.What are you C.What are you doing B.is ,like C.Does ,likes
-- I’m listening to the teacher. B .How old are you D.Where are you going
二.完形填空.(10 分) Jenny and Bruce are good friends . They _1 from Canada. They speak English. They can speak a little Chinese .They __2__ to play with their dolls. Jenny likes English very much . Bruce likes math . They _3in Beijing , China now. The weather in Biejing is very good in October . They _4 go to school five days a week(周).They like to play games(游 戏)5_Thursdays. They __6__ to school on Saturdays or Sundays . They have two Chinese friends. _7__ names are Li Ming and Liu Dan. They are __8__ the same class. They like their school. They like China . They say , “The 9_ people(人民) are very kind(友好). The food is good, _10__.”
  1.A .come
  3.A. do
  4.A. goes
  5.A. at
  6.A. do
  7.A.His B. is B.are B. are B.go B.in B. don’t B. Their C.live C.be D. aren’t D. like D.be D. are going D.for D.aren’t
C. don’t C. going C. on
C. doesn’t C.They

  10.A. much
B.in B.China B. very
D. for D.Chinese’s D.too
C. China’s C. nice
三.阅读理解(20 分) (A) Mrs.Brown is English .She is from Manchester. Manchester is a city in the north of England. Now she works in London . She teaches English in a middle school and her students are between 12 and 16 years old. She can speak English and French. She has two children .Her son is 15 years old ,and her daughter is 12 years old. She likes to watch movies and sing songs .
  1.Mrs . Brown is . A.French B. English C.Chinese D.Canadian

  2.Mrs .Brown can
speak . B.two languages D.four languages
A.one language(语言) C.three languages

  3.Mrs.Brown comes from . A.London B.Manchester C.New York D.Ottawa

  4.Mrs .Brown has . A.one son and two daughters C.two sons
  5. Mrs.Brown likes . A.watching Tv and listening to the radio . B.watching movies and playing on the computer C.listening to the radio and singing song . D.watching movies and singing songs. B.two sons and two daughters D.one son and one daughter
( B ) Tom and mother are sitting at the table ..They are having lunch “I don’t like this cake .I don’t want to have it .”says Tom .“All right .” says his mother ,“please don’t have it .” After lunch, Tom’s mother work on the farm . They work hard .In the evening Tom’s mother gives him a cake .“Oh, this cake is good .” says Tom.
  6. Where is Tom sitting ? A. On the farm . C. In the room . B. Under the tree . D. At the table

  7. What is Tom doing ? A . He’s having lunch . B. He’s reading .
C. He’s talking to his parents. D.He’s doing his homework
  8.Does Tom like the cake at noon? A. Yes, he does. B. No, he doesn’t
C. He likes it very much . D. He doesn’t know
  9. In the evening Tom’s mother gives him. A.another cake . C. the same cake B. another fork. D. the same fork

  10.. Tom and his mother work on the farm. A. In the moring C. In the evening 第二卷 四. 根据句意和首字母补全单词。(10 分) B. In the afternoon B.On Sunday

  1. J is the first month of the year.
  2. C and America are English-speaking countries.
  3. My birthday is N
  4. Wang Ping likes to play on the c.
  5. On Saturday afternoon, I like to play with my f.
  6. I am very t , I want to drirk.
  7. Y was December
  8. The weather is cold and w.
  9. Let’s go to the movie t to watch a movie.
  10. My grandmother is old, but I’m y. 五.词形转换(10 分)
  1. hot(反义词)
  3. blow (现在分词)
  5. watch (复数)
  7. is (过去式)
  9.do (第三人称单数)
  10. take (现在分 词) 六.按要求填空 (每空 1 分,共 10 分)
  1. I like French fries . It is (west) food.
  2. “I” (be) a letter.
  3. I like (go) to the market.
  4. (not)do your homework now.
  5. Are the shoes new? (用 old 改为选择疑问句) Are the shoes new ?
  2. leaf (复数)
  4. sun (形容词)
  6. twelve (序数词)
  8. Jim (所有格)

  6. The donut is four yuan .(对画线部分提问) is the donut ?

  7. These are my pens. (对画线部分提问) are 七. 情景对话.(10 分) A:Good moring, Mr Green! B : Good moring . What’s your __1__, please ? A: My name is Li Ming . __2__ are you , Mr Green ? B: Fine, thanks. __3__ you? A: I’m fine, __4__. Thank you. B: What __5__ are you in ? A: I’m in Grade Two. B: Are you in Ciass 3? A: __6__. I’m in Class
  1. B: How __7__ are you ? A: I’m eleven. B: __8__ do you go to school ? A: By bike . B: By the way , is this __9__ key to the bike ? A: Yes, it’s mine. Thank you. B: You’re __10__. 八、书面表达(10 分) 假设你是 Ruth King,想寻求笔友. 请根据下面的表格, 发送一封介绍你自 己的电子邮件.60 词左右. these?
Ruth King
Age 14 From The USA Language English Appearance(外貌) Big blue eyes,long hair, small face Favourite Sport football Favourite Subject math Favourite Movie Harry Potter



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