2010―― ――2011 学年度第一学期 ――
同庆中心小学六年级英语期中自查卷 同庆中心小学六年级英语期中自查卷
(答题时间 60 分钟) 听力部分 一、听音,根据你所听到的内容,选择相符合的一项,并将其字母编号写在题前 的括号里.(5 分) ( )
  1.A. B. C.
  2. A. B. C.
( ( (
  3. A. stop B. story C. store )
  4. A. My birthday is in Dec. B. My birthday is in Nov. C. My birthday is in Oct. )
  5.A. Traffic light B. Traffic rules C. Traffic lights
二、根据你听到的内容,判断图片或句子是否相符,相符的打“√” ,不相符的打“×”(5 。
6( ) 7( ) 8 ( ) 9 ( ) 10( ) 三.听录音,选出与你所听到的句子意思相同或相近的选项最佳的选项.(5 分) ( )
  11. A. Mr Wang went to Beijing last Sunday. B. Mr Wang will leave Beijing tomorrow. C. Mr Wang will leave Shanghai tomorrow. ( )
  12. A. The teapot 茶壶) is full of hot water. ( B. The teapot is in hot water. C. We need a teapot to hold hot water. ( )
  13. A. Lucy doesn’t like her mother. B. Mother doesn’t like Lucy at all. C. Mother and Lucy don’t look the same. ( )
  14. A. My friends went to the park on time yesterday. B. My friends enjoyed themselves in the park yesterday. C. My friends stayed in the park for a long time. ( )
  15. A.The train left at
  10. B. I missed the train. C. I caught the train on time. 四.对话理解,听小对话,并结合所供问题,选择正确的选项。(10 分) 听第第一段材料,回答
  16~17 题。
  16.Which is Wang Mei’s favourite festival? A. Chinese New Year. B. Mid-Autumn Festival. C. Dragon Boat Festival.
  17. Why does she like it?
A.Because she can eat moon cakes. B. Because she can get a lot of presents. C. Because she can eat some rice dumplings. 听第第二段材料,回答
  18~20 题。 ( )
  18.What’s the date today? A.March
  5. ( B.March
  15. C.He has broken his leg.

  19.What’s wrong with Wu Dong? A.He has got a bad cold. B.He was badly hurt. C.He has broken his leg.
  20.What are they going to do after school? A.Play basketball. B.Go to see Wu Dong. C.Go to the cinema.
五.听录音,选择最合适的答语。 分) (5
( ( ( ( ( )
  21.A.It's not far. B. I can go by bike. C. It's south of the park. )
  22.A.This afternoon. B. On Sundays. C. In May. )
  23. A.I go by subway. B. I go by plane. C. I go by bike. )
  24. A.Yes, it is. B. No, it is. C. Yes, she is. )
  25.A. I'm going to buy a comic book. B. I'm going to buy a post card. C. I'm going to buy a pair of sandals. 六、听短文,判断句子的对错, 对的打“√”,错的打“×”(10 分) 。 ( )
  26. Chen Jie is going to the Baijia Supermarket. ( )
  27. The Baijia Supermarket is near the cinema. ( )
  28. The bookstore is in Flower Street. ( )
  29. Sarah can go to the supermarket by the No.36 bus. ( )
  30. Sarah is going to buy an English dictionary. 笔试部分(
  60) 笔试部分(
  60) 七.语音.找出一个划线部分的读音与所给音标一致的选项。(5 分) ( )
  31.[ ] A.hat B.card C.class D.father ( )
  32.[ ] A.under B.ruler C.hurry D.bus ( )
  33.[ ] A.thank B.think C.these D.thin ( )
  34.[ ] A.teacher B.see C.these D.eleven ( )
  35.[ ] A.egg B.he C.desk D.leg 八、单项选择(10 分) ( )
  36. I have interesting story book. ( A. the B. a C. an )
  37. Here a letter you. A. are; to B. is; for C.is;to
( ( ( ( ( ( (

  38. Let’s football after school. A. play B. playing C. to play )
  39. money do you have? A. How many B. How much C. What )
  40. The fruit shop is across the bookshop. A. to B. from C. on )
  41. The pay phone is cinema and the supermarket. A. next to B. near C. between )
  42. Do you like to talk people? A. at B. for C. with )
  43. A nurse often a white uniform and helps doctors. A. put on B. wear C. wears )
  44. ? works with people and money? ?A bank clerk. A. Whose B. Who C. Where )
  45. I can English and Chinese. And I can cook Chinese food.
A. speak B. say C. talk 九.词汇填空.(根据所给的汉语或图意,在横线上写出一个正确的英语单词.10 分)
  46.Let’s go to (一间快餐店)for lunch.
  47.I always tell you ,“
  48.What are you going to do 之后)
  49.He likes
  50.Excuse me ,where is the 十.句型转换。 (10 分)
  51. The library is between the school and the supermarket. (对划线部分提问) the library?
  52. They are cleaning the classroom. . (对划线部分提问) are they ?
  53. Li fang is sitting in a chair. (对划线部分提问) is in a chair?
  54. He did some shop just now. (改为否定句) He just now.
  55. How can I get to the museum ? (同义句) tell me the the museum ? 十一.情景会话。 (一)根据情景,选择正确的答案。 分) (5
.(三思而后行) ?(二十年
(集邮)。 ?

  56.( )当你的朋友到你家做客时,你应该说: A.How old are you? B.What's your name?C.I don't forget you. D.Sit down, please.
  57.( )当别人夸奖你的帽子漂亮时,你应说: A.Oh, no. B.Thank you. C.You're right D.Don't worry.
  58.( )你的好朋友建议你大礼拜去游玩,你非常赞同,用英语如何表达? A.Great! B.Thank you! C.Let's go! D.Really?
  59.( )当你的妈妈过生日时,你应该对她说: A.Thank you. B.That's OK. C.Excuse me. D.Happy birthday to you.
  60.( )你想借同学的橡皮用一下,你该怎么说呢?A.May I have a book? B.May I use you eraser?C.Is this your eraser? D.Here is your eraser. (二)根据句话内容,在横线填上一个正确的句子。 (10 分) A:Hello!This is Amy. B:Hi!Amy,(
  61)? A:I am listening to the weather report. B:(
  62)? A:It is sunny today. B:Oh?Let’s go to the museum.There is a kite show. A:I went there last week. B:(
  63)? A:I went there by father’s car. B:(
  64)? A:I am going to buy a book about planting trees this evening. B:(
  65)? A:Yes,I like planting trees very much. 十二.根据短文内容,选择恰当的答案。(10 分) My name is Jack. I like traveling. I am going to have a seven-day holiday from Sunday to Saturday .I am going to travel with my parents.Tomorrow is the start of the holiday.On Sunday,we’re going to Shanghai by car .My father can drive .On Monday ,we are going to Beijing .We will visit the Great Wall .That is my favourite place .And then ,we’ll go to Hongkong by air .We are going to do shopping there .I want to buy many things.
(一),判断对错,对的打√,错的打×。 ( )
  66.Jack and his parents are going to Shanghai. ( )
  67.They are going to Hongkong by plane. (二)根据上面的短文内容,在下面横线上填上一个正确的单词,使句子意思完整。
  68.Jack will spend a holiday.
  69.Jack the Great Wall .
  70.Jack’s father his car to the Great Wall .And then they will Hongkong .
2010 听力材料
一、 (听音,根据你所听到的内容,选择相符合的一项,并将其字母编 号写在题前的括号里。 ( B )
  1. You must turn right here. ( C )
  2. Where is the post office ? ( B )
  3. Stop at a red light. ( C )
  4. My birthday is in Oct. ( B )
  5. Traffic rules 二、听录音,根据你听到的录音内容,判断图片或句子是否与录音内容 相符,相符的请在图片下面的括号内打勾,不相符的打叉。
  5. Go at a green light. I go to school by subway . My birthday is November 9 th. I am going to the bookstore tonight. Mike usually goes to school by bike .
三.听句子,选出与你所听到句子意思相同或相近得选项。 (5%)
  6. Mr Wang left Shanghai for Beijing last Sunday. (A)
  7. The teapot is filled with hot water. (A)
  8. Lucy doesn’t look like her mother at all. (C)
  9. My friends had a good time in the park yesterday. (B)
  10. When I got to the station at 10, the train had left. (B)
四.对话理解,听小对话,并结合所供问题,选择正确的选项。(10 分) 听第第一段材料,回答
  16~17 题。 M: Hello, Wang Mei! W: M: W: M: W: Hello, Luo Sang! Which is your favourite fastival? I like Chinese New Year best. Why do you like it? Because I can get a lot of presents from my parents and friends.
  18~20 题。 M: W: M: W: M: What’s the date today? It’s March
  25. Is everyone here? No. Wu Dong is ill. Sorry to hear that. What’s wrong with him?
W: M: W:
He has got a bad cold. Let’s go and see him after school. All right.
五.听录音,选择最合适的答语。 分) (5

  1.Where is the cinima ?( C)
  2.When are you going to the bookstore.(A)
  3. How do you go to BeiJing ?(B)
  4. Is your home far from the school?(A)
  5.What are you going to buy in the shoe store?(C) 六、 听录音,根据录音内容判断句子的对错, 对的请在题前的括号里打 勾,错的请打叉。 A: Good morning,Sarah. Where are you going this afternoon? B: I'm going to the Bai Jia Supermarket .Where is it? A:It's in Flower Street.It's near the cinema. B:How can I get there? A:You can go by the No.38 bus. What are you going to buy? B:I'm going to buy an English dictionary.Goodbye . (×√××√)



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