2010-2011 学年度七年级英语下册 Units 1-6 阶段测试
A 满分 100 分 时间 90 分钟 根据首字母提示写出单词( 一. 根据首字母提示写出单词(10 分) ??
  1. There is a l in our school. We often do some reading in it. ??
  2. Go s and turn left, it’s next to the pop music. ??
  3. He is l on a beach and reading a book. ??
  4. She wants to be a shop a. ??
  5. The supermarket is a from the bank. ??
  6. What o animals do you like? ??
  7. They come from C. They live in Toronto. ??
  8. T don’t like policemen. ??
  9. Lucy is watering flowers in the g. ??
  10. Where do you often go for your v? 单项选择( 二. 单项选择(15 分) ( )
  1. The people there are very to us. A. friend B. friendly C. friends ?? ( )
  2. ?What she ? --She is a teacher. A. is…do B. is…doing C. does…do ?? ( )
  3. Do you like in China? A. working B. work C. works ?? ( )
  4. The students their classroom every afternoon . A. are cleaning B. clean C. cleans ?? ( )
  5. The child his homework in the evening . A. does B. do C. makes ?? ( )
  6. right at First Street, the bank is the left. A. Go, on B. Turn, in C. Turn ,on ?? ( )
  7. ?Look at the monkeys. they cute ? A. Isn’t B. Aren’t C. Don’t ?? ( )
  8. a good girl. All friends like her. A. She, her B. She’s, she’s C. She’s, her ?? ( )
  9. Peter and I chess . A. am playing B. are playing C. are play ?? ( )
  10. Which girl a red sweater? A. has B. have C. having ?? ( )
  11. Mary her grandparents sometimes. A. goes to see B. go to see C. want to see ?? ( )
  12. There is “h” in the word “hour”. A. an B. a C. the ?? ( )
  13. She likes exciting jobs, so she wants to find a job a reporter. A. like B. as C. be ?? ( )
  14. She likes , so she wants to be a . A. cooking , cook B. cook, cooking C. cook, cook ??
( )
  15. Jane want to be officer. A. isn’t , an B. doesn’t, a C. doesn’t, an ?? 完形填空。 三. 完形填空。(6 分) One afternoon John plays football in front of a house with his classmates. A young1comes up and asks him, "John, is your2at home?" "Yes, he is, " answers John.3the young woman goes over to press the bell.4bell rings and rings but no one comes to open the door. The young woman gets 5 and calls to him, "You tell me your father is at home, don't you?" "Yes, my father is
  6. But my home isn't here." ( )
  1. A. boy B. girl C. man D. woman ( )
  2. A. mother B. father C. grandpa D. grandma ( )
  3. A. Then B. But C. Or D. As ( )
  4. A. A B. An C. The D. One ( )
  5. A. happy B. nice C. angry D. sad )
  6. ( )
  6. A. at home B. in home C. at house D. in house 阅读理解、( 、(10 四、阅读理解、(10 分) A Hello! I’m Li Lin. I’m a girl. I am twelve years old. I am short and slim. I am from China. Now I learn English in London, England. I like English very much. There are six people in my family. They are my father, my mother, my brother, my sister and I. They are in Beijing. Hello! I’m Helen. My Chinese name is Hai Lun. I’m an American. My parents(父母)live in London. I’m twelve. I’m fine. I am very tall and (父母) strong. Am I a girl? Yes, I am. I’m in Nanjing, China now. I want to learn Chinese. I know China is a great and an old country with a long history (历史悠久).I like music. I want to be a singer(歌手). 历史悠久) (歌手) 根据短文所提供的的信息补全句子,每空一词,首字母已给出。 根据短文所提供的的信息补全句子,每空一词,首字母已给出。
  1. Li Lin is a Chinese g.
  2. Li Lin is in E now.
  3. His family is a b family.
  4. Hai Lun is H Chinese name.
  5. Helen is from A. B This is a picture of a classroom. You can see a teacher’s desk, five desks and six chairs. You can see a girl and a boy, too. Four English books are on the teacher’s desk. One pencil-box is on a desk.
Two pens and two rulers are in the pencil-box. A schoolbag is behind a chair. A ball is on the floor. The girl is Lily. She is
  12.The boy is Mike. He is
  11.They are in Class
  5. They are good friends. Their teacher is Mr. King. He is not here. 根据短文内容选择正确答案 ( )
  1. What picture is it? A. It is a picture of boys and girls. C. It is a picture of pens and pencils. ( )
  2. Where are the two pens? A. They are in the pencil-box. C. They are behind the chair. ( )
  3. Who is eleven? A. Lucy. ( B. Lily. C. Mike D.I don’t know. B. They are on the teacher’s desk. D. They are on the floor. B. It is a picture of desks and chairs. D. It is a picture of a classroom.
  4. Who is their teacher? A. Mrs Green. B. Mrs King. C. Miss King. D. Mr King.
  5. Are Lily and Mike good friends?
A. No, they are. B. Yes, they aren’t. C. No, they aren’t. D. Yes, they are. 五. 句型转换 (10 分)?? ?
  1. Where is your cousin from? ??Where your cousin from ? ?
  2. How’s the weather in Chaozhou ? ?? the weather in Chaozhou ? ?
  3. Please give me your money. ??Please give your money . ?
  4.They like koalas because they’re very cute. ?? they like koalas? ?
  5. She is cleaning the room now. ?? she now ? 六. 完成句子 (10 分)?? ?
  1. 挨着旅馆的是一个带漂亮花园的小房子。 挨着旅馆的是一个带漂亮花园的小房子。 ??the hotel there's a small house. 有时护士们在医院读报纸和杂志。 ?
  2. 有时护士们在医院读报纸和杂志。 ?? the nurses read . 作为学生,我们应努力学习。 ?
  3. 作为学生,我们应努力学习。 ?? students , we should . 他们在照相吗? ?
  4. 他们在照相吗 ?? they ?
这孩子看起来很高兴 高兴. ?
  5. 这孩子看起来很高兴 ??The child . 七. 读写综合 (29 分) 写一封信, 介绍一下你的情况.词 假如你是 David, 请你给一位新的笔友 Miller 写一封信 介绍一下你的情况 词 左右.? 数 50 左右 ??
1-6 单元测试答案 单元测试答案
  1. library
  2. straight
  3. lying
  4. assistant
  5. across
  6. other

  7. Canada
  8. Thieves
  9. garden
  10. vacation 二. 1-5 B C A B A 三. D B A C C A 四.A)
  1. girl
  5.America B) D A C D D? ? 6-10 C B C B A 11-15 A A B A C?? ?
  3.to me
  4.Why do
  5.What is, doing 六.
  1.Next to, with a beautiful garden
  2.Sometimes, newspapers and magazines ??
  3.As, study hard ?? 七.Dear Miller, ?My name is David. I live in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China. I am thirteen years old. I can speak English and a little Chinese. I like apples and oranges best. I think they’re healthy food. And my favorite animal is panda. Because it is very shy and smart. ?Please write and tell me about yourself. My E-mail address is David @sina.com. ?? ?? Yours, David
  4.Are, taking photos ??
  5.looks happy


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