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2010 学年度下学期 学年度下 六年级英语知识测试卷 六年级英语知识测试卷 知识 Listening 听力部分 30%
五、Read and write.
写出与划线部分同类的词或词组。 ( 写出与划线部分同类的词或词组。 9 分)

  1. He was clapping happily.
  2. Yesterday I had bad day. Because I caught a cold. ) ) ( ( ( look cool ( ) ( toothpaste
  3.Tom was waiting for his friend at the hair salon. 选择题。 六、Choose the answer.选择题。 22 分) 选择题 ( )
  1.Too much junk food is . A. healthy B. good C. unhealthy C. were… dentist’s office )
  2. Ben at the at 3:00 because he wanted to get a haircut. A. was… hair salon B. was… bookstore )
  3. Jenny and Tony are very excited. What happened to him? They the basketball game yesterday. A.wins ( B. win C won )
  4. What were you doing at 8:00 yesterday evening? I TV with my friends. A. watched ( ( ( A. across from A. corner B. was watch B. across to B. bus stop C. was watching C. cross C. traffic light )
  5. The shopping mall is the park. )
  6. When you cross the street, you should look at the . )
  7. Why are you , Gogo? Because I saw a long snake in the tree. A. excited ( ( ( ( A.good A. quickly A. Are A. eat am B.scared B. better B. slowly B. Was B. eats was C. angry C. best C. happily C. Were C. ate was )
  8. I practiced the trumpet a lot. So you are than me. )
  9. Tony hurt his foot. So he was running . )
  10. you clapping loudly last night? Yes, I . )
  11.You should more healthy food.
听录音,用阿拉伯数字按顺序标号。 (10 一、Listen and number. 听录音,用阿拉伯数字按顺序标号。 ( 分) don’t worry ( ( ) ) history museum hair salon ( ( ) get exercise ) more chicken ( ( ) riding a camel ) digging slowly ( ( ) pardon me
听录音,选择最佳答案。 (12 二、Listen and choose. 听录音,选择最佳答案。 ( 分) ( )
  1. Excuse me. Where’s the bank? A. Turn left. B. Go straight. C. Turn right. ( )
  2. Where were you yesterday? A. at home B. at work C. at school ( )
  3. Why are you scared? A. heard a noise B.won the game C. stayed up late ( )
  4. What’s good for you? A. ice cream B. vegetables C. cola ( )
  5. Which is cheaper? A. the sunglasses B. the flowers C. the chocolates ( )
  6. Is he healthy? A. Yes, he does. B. No, he isn’t. C.Yes he is. 三、Listen and write. 听录音,填上单词。 (8 听录音,填上单词。 分) (
  1. Where did he buy that hat? He it at the shopping .
  2. are you so excited? Because I a good grade.
  3. Gogo was at the yesterday morning.
  4. Lisa with her friend at the lake.
Reading & Writing
( ( ( ( )
  1. A. woke )
  2. A. dig )
  3. A. dress )
  4. A. ask B. forgot B. with B. tree B. fast C. lost C. tired C. drink C. game
笔试部分 70%
选出划线部分发音不同的一项。 划线部分发音不同的一项 ( 四、Read and choose. 选出划线部分发音不同的一项。 4 分)
组问句的正确答句。 七、Read and match. 从 B 组中找出 A 组问句的正确答句。 (12 分) ( )
  1. What happened to Lisa? A. Too much cola. ( )
  2. Are ‘ Greens ’ good for us? B. Get exercise every day.. ( )
  3. Why did you go into the hole? C. She lost her money.. ( )
  4. What’s bad for him? D.Yes, they were in my bag. ( )
  5. How much is that bunch of flowers? E.No, I was laughing loudly. ( )
  6. What will make you healthy? F. It’s fifty yuan. ( )
  7. Did you find your keys? G.Because it’s great. ( )
  8. Were you crying loudly? H.Yes, they are. 八、Read and complete the dialogue. A: A: I’m very happy. B: are you so happy? Because today my birthday. B: Did you have a party this evening? A: Yes, I . B: What did you do at the party? A: A: I had with friends, had some caddy and sang songs. I a kitten from my friend, Lisa. 阅读下面两篇短文,按要求完成。 阅读下面两篇短文,按要求完成。 (共 10 分) B: What did you get from your friend? B: Wow, that’s really . 九、Reading. 完成对话。 完成对话。 (7 分)
eats enough vegetables and rice, a little meat. He drinks green tea. Sometimes he gets some exercise after dinner. 根据短文选择正确答案。 根据短文选择正确答案。 5 分) 确答案 ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. What does the Chinese diet include? A. A lot of vegetables. B. Coffee. B. A lot of sugar C. Green tea. C. Yes, they do. C. No, they don’t. C. Yes, he is. C. Hot dogs. )
  2. What does an old Chinese drink? A. Jiuce. A. Yes, he does. A. Yes, he does. A. Yes, he does. )
  3. Does an old Chinese eat enough hamburgers? B. No, he doesn’t. B. No, he doesn’t. B. No, he isn’t. )
  4. Does an old Chinese have a lot of meat? )
  5. Is an old Chinese healthy?
书面表达。 任选一题) (任选一题 ( (不少于 个句子) 十、Writing. 书面表达。 任选一题) 不少于 6 个句子) 6 分) ( (
  3:00 时图中人物 在做什么,仔细观察图并写几句话。
Yesterday evening, I was watching TV. Suddenly (突然)I heard a noise. I came out of my room and saw a man running away. “A thief (小偷) I thought and right to stop him.. !” When the thief saw me, he ran away as quickly as possible, I ran after him shouting. 判断对错 对的写“ ” 错的写“ ” ( 判断对错,对的写“T” ,错的写“F” 。 5 分) ( )
  1. I was watching TV last night. ( )
  2. The noise came from my room. ( )
  3. I saw my friend running away. ( ( )
  4. The thief ran away when he saw me. )
  5. I ran after the thief.
  2.图中的小朋友 Jim 生活习惯健康吗?你能给他一些建议吗?请以 “Healthy life”为题写一写。
The Chinese diet(食物) is often considered(被认为) to be healthy. It includes a lot of vegetables and fruits. Generally speaking (一般来说) once an old Chinese has dinner, he ,



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