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Part I Reading Comprehension Directions: There are 4 reading passages in this part. Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D) You should decide on the best choice and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center. Passage One Questions 1 to 5 are based on the following passage: Testing has replaced teaching in most public schools. My own children’s school week is framed by pretests, drills, tests, and retests. They know that the best way to read a textbook is to look at the questions at the end of the chapter and then skim the text for answers. I believe that my daughter Erica, who gets excellent marks, has never read a chapter of any of her school textbooks all the way through. And teachers are often heard to state proudly and openly that they teach to mandated state test. Teaching to the test is a curious phenomenon. Instead of deciding what skills students ought to learn, helping students learn them, and then using some sensible methods of assessment to discover whether students have mastered the skills, teachers are encouraged to reverse the process. First one looks at a commercially available test. Then one distills(去 除)the skills needed not to master reading, say, or math, but to do well on the test. Finally, the test skills are taught. The ability to read or write or calculate might imply the ability to do reasonably well on standardized tests. However, neither reading nor writing develops simply through being taught to take tests. We must be careful to avoid mistaking preparation for a test with the acquisition of that skill. Too many discussions of basic skills make this fundamental confusion because people are test obsessed(着迷的)rather than concerned with the nature and quality of what is taught. Recently many schools have faced what could be called the crisis of comprehension or, in simple terms, the phenomenon of students with phonic and grammar skills still being unable to understand what they read. These students are competent at test-taking and filling in workbooks and ditto masters. However, they have little or no experience reading or thinking, and talking about what they read. They know the details but can’t see or understand the whole. They are taught to be so concerned with grade that they have no time or ease of mind to think about meaning, and reread things if necessary.
  1. The author gives an account of Erica’s performance in her study in order to .
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A) illustrate her cleverness in test-taking B) reveal the incompetence of teachers C) show there is something wrong with current practice in teaching D) demonstrate the best way to read textbooks
  2. Which of the following is true according to the passage? A) The phenomenon of teaching to the test has aroused curiosity in many educators. B) Skills in general are not only useless but often lead students astray. C) Ability to do well on standardized tests is one thing, and ability to read and write is quite another. D) Preparation for a test of a skill does not necessarily mean the acquisition of that skill. The author insists that . A) mandated state tests be replaced by some more sensible methods of assessment B) teachers pay more attention to the nature and quality of what is taught. C) students not be concerned with grades but do more reading and thinking D) radical changes be brought about in the general approach to teaching We can safely conclude that may cause educational problems. A) test obsession B) standardized tests C) test-taking D) preparation for mandated state tests By “crisis of comprehension” the author means that many students . A) are too much concerned the real goal of education. B) fail to understand the real goal of education C) lack proper practice in phonic and grammar drills D) are unable to understand what they read, although they do reasonable well on standardized tests



Passage Two Questions 6 to10 are based on the following passage: In the United States, people now resort to the Internet to see real-time results. The Pathfinder mission to Mars and the problems with the Mir space station drew millions of people to the Web for more up-to-date detail than were available elsewhere. A change like this is often generational. Where older people have to learn something new outside their everyday experience, kids who grow up with a new technology simply treat it as given. College campuses in particular are providing the ingredients to generate the critical mass for a Web-ready culture.
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Today in the United States, there are over 22m adults using the Web, about half of whom access the Internet at least once a day. Meanwhile, the variety of activities on the Web is broadening at an amazing rate. There is almost no topic for which you cannot find fairly interesting material on the Web. Many of these sites are getting excellent traffic flow. Want to buy a dog? Or sell a share? Or order a car? Use the Internet. Where are we going to get the time to live with the Web? In some instances, people will actually save time because the Web will make doing things more efficient than in the past. Being able to get information about a major purchase, for example. Or finding out how much your used car is worth. Or what is your cheapest way of getting to Florida. That is very easy to find on the Web, even today. On other instances, people will trade the time they now spend reading the paper, or watching television, for information or entertainment they will find on the computer screen. Americans, particularly young ones, will spend less time in front of a television screen, more on the Web.
  6. Millions of people turn to the Web because they . A. want to see how the Pathfinder mission is going B. How the Mir space station works far in the universe C. want to see the real-time results of their general election D. want to get first-hand and up-to-date information
  7. What does the author imply in the second paragraph? A. Web-culture is generational and the older people cannot possibly bridge over it. B. Web-culture is dominated by the young people because they are more eager to learn it. C. Young people find it easy to absorb newly-established technologies. D. Older people are obstinate and they don’t want to acquire new knowledge.
  8. According to the passage, what activities can be done on the Internet? A. Online purchase. C. Find information about the world. B. Get information about traveling. D. All above.

  9. Which one of the following statements is not true? A. 98% of the people who use the Web are young ones. B. The Web provides entertainment to people in addition to other kinds of service. C. Using the Web can greatly save your time. D. About 11 million people access the Internet at least once a day.
  10. According to the passage, what plays a particular role in bringing about the Web-culture? A. Young people. C. Online business. B. The United States. D. College education.
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Passage Three Questions 11 to15 are based on the following passage: Entering the 21st century, the developed countries are facing a common problem: shortage of talent, not funds, and lack of latest knowledge, not latest information. Knowledge has become a crucial factor in the process of a country. The systematic application of relevant knowledge to economy and industries makes what we now generally call “knowledge economy” or “knowledge industries”. Knowledge as a factor in production is as old as land and labor. Yet, because of the fast growth and drastic changes of modern knowledge in its integration with economy, industries, science, technology and innovation, “knowledge-based economy” has evolved with overall impacts. To play a key role in the global knowledge economy, we must grasp the following four major factors. The first is a new society, namely, an open society. Without an open society there can be no new-type economy. In fact, the United States remains the world’s most competitive economy just because it is the world’s most open society. It is more open than Germany and Japan, and much more than Taiwan and mainland China. The second factor is a reasonable order of priority. Investment from governmental and non- governmental sources must focus on innovation, science and technology. Therefore, domestic Research and Development and life-long education must receive ample emphasis. The third factor is new opportunities. With globalization going on and the Internet spreading far and fast, opportunities are springing up for investment, strategic alliance (战略 联盟), and other things. And lastly, a new soul. Knowledge economy is sure to make new billionaires. The stocks’ worth of Microsoft had reached US $590 billion by the end of last year, exceeding the year’s GDP of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines put together. It is no longer a myth that an individual person can be as rich as a country. When knowledge ? not business profits exclusively ? becomes the leading force of economic activities, society is likely to see the coming of knowledge economy “with a soul”. The ‘soul’ represents the conscience of society. “Knowledge economy with a soul” is one that seeks the participation of the community, social justice and social responsibility in addition to profits.
  11. The general concept of knowledge economy is the systematic . A) application of information to economy B) use of knowledge in economy C) investment of funds in education D) training of talents in economy
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  12. According to the article, why does the United States remain the most powerful country? A) Because it has Microsoft with tremendous stock’s worth. B) Because it has more opportunities. C) Because it is an open country. D) Because it focuses on education.
  13. To develop knowledge economy, we should give priority to . A) reforming the society to a more open one B) developing domestic technology and education C) creating more opportunities for investment D) allowing new billionaires to spring up
  14. “knowledge economy with a soul” refers to . A) one that makes new billionaires B) one that profits are the exclusive purpose of business C) one that integrates profits with conscience D) one that seeks the participation of the community
  15. What is the best title for the article? A) Knowledge Economy with a Soul B) Four Factors of Knowledge Economy C) Significance of Knowledge Economy D) How to Develop Knowledge Economy Passage Four Questions 16 to 20 are based on the following passage: The motor vehicle has killed and disabled more people in its brief history than any bomb or weapon ever invented. Much of the blood on the street flows essentially from uncivil behavior of drivers who refuse to respect the legal and moral rights of others. So the massacre on the road may be regarded as a social problem. In fact, the enemies of society on wheels are rather harmless people or ordinary people acting carelessly, you might say. But it is a principle both of law and common morality that carelessness is no excuse when one’s actions could bring death or damage to others. A minority of the killers go even beyond carelessness to total negligence. Researchers have estimated that as many as 80 percent of all automobile accidents can be attributed to the psychological condition of the driver. Emotional upsets can distort drivers’ reactions, slow their judgment, and blind them to dangers that might otherwise be evident. The experts warn that it is vital for every driver to make a conscious effort to keep one’s emotions under control. Yet the irresponsibility that accounts for much of the problem is not confined to drivers.
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Street walkers regularly violate traffic regulations; they are at fault in most vehicle walker accidents. And many cyclists even believe that they are not subject to the basic rules of the road. Significant legal advances have been made towards safer driving in the past few years. Safety standards for vehicle have been raised both at the point of manufacture and through periodic road-worthiness inspections. In addition, speed limits have been lowered. Due to these measures, the accident rate has decreased. But the accident experts still worry because there has been little or no improvement in the way drivers behave. The only real and lasting solution, say the experts, is to convince people that driving is a skilled task requiring constant care and concentration. Those who fail to do all these things pose a threat to those with whom they share the road.
  16. The word “massacre” in line 3 paragraph one means . A) mass-killing B) disaster C) tragedy D) accident
  17. What is the author’s main purpose in writing the passage? A) To show that the motor vehicle is a very dangerous invention. B) To promote understanding between careless drivers and s



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