参考答案 听力材料:
  1. M: Lillian, how did you study for the last test? W: By making flashcards, I think it works.
  2. M: Jane, which do you think is the scariest, snakes, spiders or other insects? W: Spiders. But when I was young, I thought nothing was scarier than snakes.
  3. W: What’s the matter, Mr Baker? M: My daughter Susan is always working late. Do you think teenagers should work late at night? W: I think it’s wrong. Teenagers need enough sleep.
  4. M: What would you wear if you were invited to the party? W: I would wear a beautiful dress.
  5. W: Do you know whose book this is? M: I think it must be Tina’s. Look, her name is on it. 二、听句子选择恰当的答语
  6、Pass me the yogurt,please. I want to make a fruit salad
  7、Excuse me, can I ask you some question?
  8、Will you sing a song for us?
  9、Could you please clean the classroom?
  10、Our team won the football match yesterday 三、听小对话,选择正确的答案
  11、W: Lovely sunshine, isn’t it? M: But the paper says it’ll be rainy soon.
  12、M: Let’s go to visit grandpa this summer holiday, shall we? W: Great! I remember I used to play in the field, swim in the river and pick orange there.
  13、M: Excuse me. Could you tell me the planes to Thailand? W: Let me see. There are two every day. One is early in the morning , the other is late in the afternoon. M: I’ll take the earlier one. Please give me two tickets on July 21st.
  14、W: What would you do if you had a lot of money? M: I would buy a new bike, oh, no, a car first. Then I would give the rest to charies. 15M: Whose hair band is this? W: It must be Laura’s because she’s the only girl who has long hair. 听下面的小对话,完成
  16~17 小题 W:I’d like to book a table for three at 7:00 this evening. M: Let me check. Hold on, please. … Ok, that’s fine, Smoking Or non-smoking area? W: Non-smoking area, please. And we’d like a table by the window M: All right. May I have your family name? W:My family name is Zhong. M: Ok Questions:
  16、How many people are there in the woman’s group?
  17、Where do the group like to sit? 听下面的一段长对话,完成
  18~20 小题
W: I have a headache. M: How long have you been feeling this way? W: It all started the day before yesterday after I swam in the river. M: You seem to have a temperature. W: What should I do? M: It’s nothing serious. Take a few days off from work and stay in bed for a day or two. W: Is there anything else I should pay attention to? M: Yes. Drink as much water as you can. Questions:
  18、What’s wrong with the woman?
  19、When did the woman start to feel that way?
  20、What is the man’s advice? 四、听短文完成表格 Attention, please. This is the service center. Now Mrs Smith is looking for Betty Smith, a girl of 8 years old, who has short, brown hair and
  1.25 metres tall. She is wearing a pink blouse and blue jeans. If anyone sees her, please call our service center and the telephone number is 76691
  03. Betty Smith, if you hear our message, please come to Room205 on the fourth floor as soon as possible. Mom is waiting for you. Thank you! 参考答案: 参考答案: 1-5AAABB 6-10 BCCBC 11-15 BAACA 16-20 ABABC
  22、 brown
  25、7669103 26-30 BCCAB 31-35 ABBAA 36-40 BCDDD 41-
  45、ADCAD 46-
  50、DBBCB 51-
阅读 56-60 CABDA 61-65 BDBCB66-70A C C BD 阅读短文回答问题(共 10 分,每小题 2 分)
  71.Yes, many do./Yes.
  72. A CD (with photos and the Chinese compositions) to each of his students./CDs.
  73.Because they wanted others to read the words when they open the star.
  74.serious warm-hearted
  75.had that 补全对话 76-80 ECAGD
  86. Taking notes secrets
  87. our to
  88. have trouble talking 89 make mistakes 写作



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   参考答案 听力材料: 1. M: Lillian, how did you study for the last test? W: By making flashcards, I think it works. 2. M: Jane, which do you think is the scariest, snakes, spiders or other insects? W: Spiders. But when I was young, I thought nothing was scar ...


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