1.make sure 确定;
  2.find out 弄清楚;
  3.turn off 关掉(灯,水龙头,煤气等) ;
  4.turn on 打开;
  5.follow one's instruction 听某人的指点;
  6.come about 产生(近义词 come into being; give birth to);
  8.change into 变成;
  9.explain sth to sb 想某人解释;
  10.have a good trip 旅途愉快;
  11.tie??to 把??系到??上;
  12.take off 起飞;脱掉; (反义词 land .v 着陆) ;
  13.be made from 用??制成 (看不出原材料) be made ; of(看得出原材料) ;be made into 被制成;
  14.get to 到达=reach=arrive in/at;
  15.break the rule 违反规定;
  16.knock down 撞倒,拆除;
  17.carry away 使入迷,冲走;
  18.cover with 用??覆盖;
  19.begin/start with 以??开始;
  20.make fun of 取笑某人;
  21.write to 给??写信;
  22.pick up 拾起,接收,接送;
  23.give advice 提出建议;
  24.go with 与??相配;
  25.set free 释放;
  26.break away from 摆脱;
  27.join up 联合;
  28.be against 反对;
  29.be for 支持;
  30.be tired of sth/doing sth 对??厌烦;
  31.get along/on with 进展得??;
  32.tell lies 说谎;
  33.take exercise 锻炼;
  34.look out/be careful/take care 当心;
  35.break out 爆发;
  36.get burnt 被烧伤;
  37.escape from 逃跑;
  38.worry about 为??而担忧;
  39.lose one's life 牺牲;
  40.collect money for 为??捐钱;
  41.belong to 属于;
  42.look well 看起来气色不错;
  43.call on sb 拜访某人;
  44.try on 试穿;

  45.pay back 偿还;
  46.lose one's job 失业;
  47.sound like 听起来像;
  48.keep record 保持纪录;
  49.come across 偶然碰见;
  50.cut down 减少;
  51.make progress 取得进步;
  52.be forced/obliged/made to 被迫;
  53.go on to do sth 接着做另一件不同的事情;
  54.go on doing 接着做同一件事情;
  55.keep on doing sth 继续作某事;
  56.be sure of/about sth 确信,肯定;
  58.colse with 以??结束;
  59.be puzzled 感到迷惑不解;
  60.be separated by 被??所分离;
  61.separate??from 把??和??分隔开来;
  62.die of 死于(病,情感,饥寒,年老等身体内部原 因) ;die from 死于(受伤,事故,严寒等身体外部原 因) ;
  63.keep in touch with 保持联系; lose touch with 失去联 系;
  64.lead/live a …life 过着??的生活;
  65.play a part/role in 起??的作用,扮演??的角色;
  66.be fond of 喜欢;
  67.get together 聚会,聚欢;
  68.feel like doing 想要做;
  69.date from 始于,起源于,追溯到;
  70.be marked with 被标上,标明有;
  71.make every effort 尽力;
  72.be busy doing sth 忙于;
  73.research into 研究,分析;
  74.hang up 挂断电话,悬挂;
  75.knock??out of 把??从??中敲出来,淘汰;
  76.point out 指出,说明;
  77.turn over 打翻;
  78.go against 违背,违反;
  79.give a talk 做报告;
  80.send out 分发;
  81.ring up 给??打电话;
  82.get through 拨电话,完成,通过;
  83.hold on 别挂断
  1.be surprised at 对??感到惊讶;
  2.be lucky to 碰巧;
  3.make up 编造,弥补;
  4.be an expert on/in 在??方面是专家;
  5.turn down 把??调小,拒绝;

  6.have/take a look at 看一看;
  7.get sth with sb 随身携带;
  8.have difficulty/trouble (in)doing sth 做某事有困难;
  9.have the idea of 有??的念头;
  10.provide sb with sth/ provide sth for sb 给??提供 ??;
  11.supply sb with sth/supply sth to sb 把??供给;
  12.come to 谈到;共计
  13.have no luck/bad luck 运气不好;
  14.be well-known as 以??身份而闻名;
  15.be pleased with 对??感到满意;
  16.join the line/queue 排队;
  17.go on a visit to 去??参观;
  18.be angry with sb 对某人生气;
  19.get a wonderful view 获得很好的视角;
  20.work by=controlled by 由??控制;
  21.burn sth down 烧毁,烧塌;
  22.compare??to/with 同??-相比;
  23.give up 放弃;
  24.carry out 实施;
  25.take the drug 服药;
  26.be/get used to 习惯于;
  27.call for 需要;
  28.stop/keep/prevent sb from doing sth 阻止某人做某 事;
  29.put up 张贴,住宿;
  30.take??for example 以??为例;
  31.shake hands with 与??握手;
  32.get ready for 为??做好准备;
  33.put up one's hand 举手;
  34.look up 查看;
  35.take pictures/photos of 照相;
  36.hand sth to sb 将某物地给某人;
  37.develop the films/photos 冲洗胶卷/相片;
  38.be popular with sb 受某人欢迎;
  39.fill in 填;
  40.keep up with 保持与??同样的速度;
  41.put on 船上,表演;
  42.be uncertain about 对??没有把握;
  43.be honored for 因为??而获得赞誉;
  44.pick up 采集,拾起;
  45.run after 追赶,追求;
  46.bring up 培养,教育;
  47.be on show 在展出;
  48.make contributions to 为??做出贡献;
  49.think of 想起,考虑;
  50.fill??with 把??里面放满;

  51.make use of 利用;
  52.offer sb a lift home 捎带某人回家;
  53.clear up=tidy up 整理,收拾;
  54.ought to 应该;
  55.take it easy 别紧张;
  56.give first aid 实施急救;
  57.hold up 阻挡;
  58.come to 恢复知觉;
  59.have a day off 休假一天;
  60.be present 出席;
  61.die out 灭绝;
  62.cause damage to 对??造成损坏;
  63.give back 归还;
  64.put sb to the trouble of doing sth 麻烦某人做某事;
  65.apologize to sb for (doing) sth 因某事向某人道歉;
  66.be after 寻求;
  67.take off 脱下;get off 下车
  68.depend on 依靠,相信;
  69.put down 记下;
  70.do up 系紧;
  71.come off 从??脱落;
  72.be suitable for 适合;
  73.be anxious about 为??而忧虑;
  74.wash away 冲走;
  75.press against one's foot 挤脚;
  76.be likely to do 很有可能;
  77.get everything back to normal 使一切恢复正常;
  78.push over 推倒;
  79.wake up 醒来; [编辑:熠]
  80.bring down 使倒下;
  81.cut off 切断;
  82.call in 召集;
  83.cut through 剪断,穿过;
  84.take the place of 代替;
  85.see to sth. 照料,注意;
  86.make noise 吵闹,发出嘈杂声;
  87.stare at 凝视;
  88.bend over 俯身于??的前方;
  89.fall over 跌倒;
  90.speed up 加速;
  91.fight for 为??而战斗;
  92.lead to 导致;
  93.praise sb for sth 因某事表扬某人;
  94.take??-nationality 入??国籍;
  95.be bent on doing sth 专心致志地做某事;
  96.compare notes 商量,交换意见;
  97.put an end to 结束,停止;

  98.get sth ready 准备某东西;
  99.fold up 折叠起来; 1
  00.connect to 接在??上,连在??-上
  1.look into 调查研究;
  2.keep out of 防治,避免;
  3.be filed with 充满,装满;
  4.send up 使上升,发射;
  5.put away 收拾起来;
  6.remember sb to sb 代??向??问好;
  7.pay/make a visit to 拜访,参观;
  8.be well-known to 为??所熟知;
  9.be supposed to 应该,理应;
  10.break into 破门而入,闯入;
  11.send for 派人去请;
  12.leave school 毕业;
  13.hold one's breach 屏住呼吸;
  14.be made up of 有??组成;
  15.take in 吸收,吸入;
  16.go off 熄灭,消失;
  17.search for 搜,找寻;
  18.put in 插嘴;
  19.vote for 投票赞成;
  20.have/do/perform an operation on 对??走手术;
  21.play on words 说俏皮话;
  22.leave for 出发去某地;
  23.be in time for 及时赶到;
  24.treat??-as 把??作为??对待;
  25.be bad for 对??不利;
  26.come up 产生,上升;
  27.set an example to sb 为某人树立了榜样;
  28.go on 继续;
  29.put/cast/throw/send/take sb. in prison 把某人关进监 狱;
  30.get on 上(车,马等) ;
  31.give in 让步,投降;
  32.turn out 生产,结果证明;
  33.be determined to do sth 决心做某事;
  34.come true 实现;
  35.do well in 在??做得好;
  36.join sb in doing sth 和某人一起做某事;
  37.start/begin with 从??开始;
  38.have/get/catch a cold 患感冒;
  39.light a fire 点火;
  40.be afraid of 畏惧,害怕;
  41.take up 拿起,占据;
  42.burn sth to the ground 烧为平地;
  43.hear from 受到??的来信;

  44.persuade sb to do sth 说服某人做某事;
  45.be eager to do sth 渴望做某事;
  46.have a word with sb 和某人说句话;
  47.thank sb for doing sth 感谢某人某事;
  48.turn into 变成;
  49.be due to 由于,因为;
  50.remind sb of doing sth 提醒某人想起某事;
  51.have/take a look at 对??瞧一眼;
  52.cut up 切碎;
  53.say good-bye to sb 向某人道别;
  54.be open to 向??开放;
  55.ring sb back 给某人回电话;
  56.drop in at a place 顺便拜访某地;
  57.do with 兑付,处置;
  58.blow out 吹灭;
  59.come around/round 来访;
  60.help out 支援,帮助克服困难;
  61.live on 靠吃??生活,靠??维持生活;
  62.play a trick on sb 捉弄某人;
  63.tear sth into pieces 把某物撕成碎片;
  64.be remembered as 作为??被铭记;
  65.work on 继续工作,努力做;
  66.work at 从事,用功;
  67.devote one's life to 把生命贡献给??;
  68.go over 跃过,温习;
  69.have ??to do with 和??有关;
  70.give off 发出;
  71.go by 走过,流逝;
  72.set off 动身,出发;
  73.pay off 还清;
  74.insist on sth.坚持(做某事,认为) ;
  75.stick to sth. 坚持(原则,诺言,思想,论点等) ;
  76.fall ill 得病;
  77.prepare for 为??准备;
  78.take??by surprise 出其不意的袭击;
  1.take an interest in 对??感兴趣;
  2.set out 动身,开始;
  3.set sail 启航,扬帆;
  4.be worth doing 值得;
  5.end up doing 以??结尾;
  6.feed on 以??为主食;
  7.be known as 作为??而出名;
  8.hand down 传下来;
  9.be/become experienced at/in 在??有经验;
  10.be intended for 为??而??;
  11.give birth to 生产;
  12.keep out 防治;

  13.round up 把??集中在一起;
  14.take sb's order 请??点菜;
  15.earn one's living 谋生;
  16.make sense 讲得通,能被理解;
  17.agree with 同意(某人意见,看法) ;
  18.go with 与??同行;
  19.think up 想出,编造;
  20.try out 试验;
  21.question sb on/about sth 询问某人某事;
  22.get rid of 摆脱;
  23.break up 分裂;
  24.break down 分解;
  25.take down 拆除,取下;
  26.be skilled at/in 擅长于;
  27.waste??in doing sth.浪费??做某事;
  28.keep off 远离;
  29.fail to pieces 垮台;
  30.watch over 看守;
  31.carry on doing 继续下去;
  32.take on 呈现;
  33.get in 渗入,收获;go on a tour of 漫游;
  34.keep one's word/promise 信守诺言;
  35.come up 走过来,发芽;
  36.take charge of 掌管;
  37.do exercises 做练习,锻炼;
  38.knock into 撞倒;
  39.lose one's voice 失音;
  40.be proud of 为??感到骄傲/自豪;
  41.turn up 到场;开大点
  42.be safe with sb 秘密;
  43.hold out 伸出;
  44.be perfect for 对于??是十分理想的, 完美无缺的;
  45.break off 突然停止,打断;
  46.find oneself 发现自己处于某种状态,不自觉地;
  47.be in love with 与??恋爱;
  48.make a promise 许诺;
  49.argue about sth 议论;
  50.take one's seat 就座;
  51.take away from 从??拿走;
  52.be seated/seat oneself 做下;
  53.use one's head 动脑筋;
  54.do ??deed 做??事;
  55.keep up 保持,维持;
  56.show off 炫耀,表现自己;
  57.lie in 在于;
  58.go to sleep 睡着;
  59.have no choice but to do 别无选择,只好??;

  60.pass through 通过,穿过;
  61.get through 通过,穿过;
  62.go through 经历,遭受;
  63.turn a way 不理睬;
  64.take possession of 夺取,占有;
  65.leave??behind 留下,遗留;
  66.have an effect upon/on 对??有影响;
  67.hit sb on the head 打中某人的头;
  68.be held prisoner 被监禁;
  69.become of 发生;
  70.give out 分发;
  71.pass down 传下来;
  72.go back to 追溯到;
  73.dip into 蘸,浏览;
  74.come to 碰到;
  75.look out for 寻找,照料;
  76.refer to 指??而言;
  77.look over 审阅,检查,打量;
  78.talk through 讨论(经过充分考虑) ;
  79.get on/along(with sb/sth 或 in sth)相处如何,进展如 何;
  80.show sb around 带领某人参观;
  81.have a gift on 有??的才能;
  82.call in 请进,找来;
  83.bring ??into/in touch with 是??触摸,接触,认 识;
  84.look back upon/on 回顾,回想过去;
  85.get back 取回;
  86.owe sth to sb 欠某人某物,把??归功于/归因于; [编辑:熠]
  1.rush sb off the feet 事忙得不可开交;
  2.make a change 进行改变;
  3.take action 采取行动;
  4.fix up 修理,安排;
  5.sign an agreement with sb 和某人签署协定;
  6.make a/be home to 成为??的家园;
  7.take a degree 攻读/获得学位;
  8.share the memories of 共同怀念;
  9.keep??alive 是??延续下去;
  10.make up 编造,化妆,占;
  11.insist on doing sth 坚决做某事;
  12.turn to 转向,查阅,求助于;
  13.work on 从事于;
  14.be honored as 被誉为??;
  15.demand an end to sth. 要求结束;
  16.make political points 发表政治言论;
  17.experiment with 体验,试用;

  18.make personal gain from 从??中赚得个人利益;
  19.reach out for 设法获得;
  20.take up arms to do 拿起武器;
  21.mean by sth. sth.是何意;
  22.leave??in peace 别打扰;
  23.build up 增强;
  24.divide up 分,分配;
  25.check out 检查;
  26.look into the case 调查这个案子;
  27.leave over 遗留;
  28.communicate with 与??交际/通信;
  29.make a circle 转圈;
  30.be close to 靠近;
  31.perform/do a dance 跳舞;
  32.troop behind 成群跟在后边;
  33.make a beeline 径直去;
  34.head straight upwards 头径直朝上;
  35.do research into 对??进行研究;
  36.care for 喜欢;
  37.be attacked by 受??攻击;
  38.set??on fire 放火烧;
  39.be lost 迷路;
  40.follow the shape of 依??的形状;
  41.have no hope of 不抱??的希望;
  42.be beginning to do 将开始做;
  43.clear up 放晴,整理;
  44.point to 指着;
  45.stay the night 过夜;
  46.find ones way 到达;
  47.turn to sb for support 求某人予以支持;
  48.end up 结束;
  49.suit??to 使??适合;
  50.have skills with 有??的技能; 51



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   魅力上海,闪耀世博 Throughout its existence of more than 150 years, the Expo will bring new knowledge from a specific period of time and trend of development, reflecting the human civilization. The main attractions of the first session of the World Expo in ...


   弃我去者, 弃我去者,昨日之日不可留 乱我心者, 乱我心者,今日之日多烦忧 1. Typical of the grassland dwellers of the continent is the American antelope, or pronghorn.. 美洲羚羊,或称叉角羚,是该大陆典型的草原动物。 2. Of the millions who saw Haley’s comet in 1986, how many people will live long enough to ...



   武汉教育资源网 www.wh111.com Unit 1 Passage 1 I am 1 girl. I am twelve. I am 2 school. 3 name is Zhang Hua. I am in 4 .I am 5 Row Five. Jim is 6 English boy. He is eleven. He and I 7 in the same class. He is my friend . We 8 good friends. 9 is my teacher, ...


   第九单元 3/19 5 点 looking for There the recept he was still He 8/19 Because he needed Because he wondeved over To find 6 点 He wasn’t very 10/19 Because he was trying has blue he just help Tell the she 11/19 I’m confused she never 12/19 anything else so ...


   http://www.popmoon.com/html/englishWords/200907/20090723039230.html 剑桥少儿英语 第二级上 单词表 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 apartment apple April art August aunt back badminton balcony balloon barbecue barn baseball basketball bathroom bath ...


   2007 年 12 月英语四级真题答案 Part 1 Writing (30 minutes) Sample As Chinese universities are becoming more studentoriented,they offer undergraduates and even postgraduate a wide varty of optional courses in addition to their compulsory ones. Granted a high d ...


   一、一个星期七天 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 二、一年十二个月 January February March April May June July August September October November December 三、一年四季 1. spring 2. summer 3. autumn 4. winter 四、容易拼写错的数字 1. eighth 第八 2. ninth 第九 3. f ...