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2010 高考英语二轮专项复习单项选择题及详解
  1. Lu Xun was medical student before he turned great writer. A. the; the B. the; a C. a; / D. a; a 选 C.第一空 a 表泛指,第二空 turn 后是名词,不加冠词。 on the children as as the old.
  2. The TV programme has A. a good effect; good B. a positive effect; well C. a good affect; well D. affect; well 选 B。have an effect on“对……有影响”;as well as “和……一样”。
  3. , I think, and all the problems could be settled. A. If you make more efforts B. Making more efforts C. A bit more effort D. To have made more efforts 选 C。句中有并列连词 and,故应选择 C 项。其中名词短语相当于一个祈使句,完整的句子为:Make more efforts, I think, and all the problems could be settled.如选 A , and 要删去。 4 at in this way, the present situation about birds flue doesn’t seem so disappointi ng. A. Looking B. Looked C. Having looked D. To look 选 B。根据“分词短语作状语,其逻辑主语须与主句的主语保持一致”的原则,因主语 the present situ ation 与 look at 之间为被动关系,故答案为 B。
  5. you I owe a thousand apologies having doubted your ability. A. For; to B. To; for C. For; for D. To; to 选 B。本句的结构是:owe sb. sth. for doing sth. 或 owe sth. to do. for doing sth.。
  6. He the person referred to be put in prison. A. said B. demanded C. agreed D. thought 选 B。referred to 为过去分词作后置定;be put in prison 前省去了 should,在宾语从句中作谓语,在 四个选项中,只有 demand 后跟虚拟语气,结构为:(should) + 动词原形。
  7. It is not enough only the rules of grammar if you want to learn English well. A. keeping in the mind B. to keep in mind C. to keep in your mind D. keeping in your mind 选 B。keep sth. in mind 为固定短语,意为“记住,记在心里。”only to keep sth. In mind 为动词 不定式作主语。
  8. ?He to the meeting. Have you informed him of it? to. ?Sorry. I
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A. hasn’t come; am going B. didn’t come; have forgotten C. hasn’t come; forgot D. doesn’t come; will have 选 C。第一句话 Have you informed him of it? 暗示了时间状语 so far;而第二句话暗含时间状语 then,指当时发生的动作。 we’ve never heard of
  9. Many people have been ill from a strange disease these days, before. A. one B. that C. it D. this 选 A。one 作同位语,指代前面的 disease。
  10. She stepped into the bedroom quietly she might wake up her roommates. A. for fear that B. so long as C. on condition that D. in order that 选 A。so long as 只要;on condition that…只要;in order that…为了;for fear that…唯恐,以 防。
  11. ?Did you look up the time of trains to Shanghai? to leave at 5:30 am. ?Yes, the earliest train is A. likely B. about C. possible D. due 选 D。be due to do 意为“应该…/预期的”;be about to do 不和时间状语连用;possible 主语应为 i t;而 likely 与句意不合。
  12. ?Would you rather come on Friday or Saturday? . ? A. Yes, of course B. The other is better C. What’s the matter D. Either would suit me 选 D。句意为:两者中任何一个都合适。
  13. ?I want to go to the library but I am afraid I am not in the right . . Go ahead. ? A. way; No B. distance; No C. side; Yes D. direction; Yes 选 D。in the right direction“向着正确的方向”。C 项不能构成搭配,其他项与句意不符。
  14. The man we followed suddenly stopped ad looked as if whether he was going I the rig ht direction. A. seeing B. having seen C. to have see D. to see 选 D。 as if 引导的状语从句是一个省略句,只剩下了目的状语 to see。
  15. Everyone was on time for the meeting Chris, who’s usually ten minutes late for everything. A. but B. only C. even D. yet 选 C。本句话的意思是:每个人都准时来参加会议了,甚至经常干什么事都迟到十分钟的 Chris 也准时来 了。
  16. The politician has been warned that he would be getting into great trouble stick to his standpoint.
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★桐乡市凤鸣高级中学★【资料】??????2010 届高三毕业生奉献母校
A. were he to B. he will C. he was to D. would he 选 A。表示对将来情况的虚拟,条件从句的形式是:should + 动词原形;were to + 动词原形或一般过去 时态。把 if 去掉,应使用倒装形式,故答案为 A。
  17. Jane was disappointed that most of the guests when she at the party. A. left; had arrived B. left; arrived C. had left; had arrived D. had left; arrived 选 D。客人在她 arrived 之前就已离开;过去的过去,用 had left。
  18. ?Bruce was killed in a traffic accident. ? I talked with him yesterday morning! A. What a pity! B. I beg your pardon? C. Sorry to hear that. D. Is that so? 选 D。答语的后半部分是感叹句,说明惊讶的原因。D 项 “Is that so?” 是用问句的语气表示惊讶;C 项与后面的语气不一致,是干扰项。
  19. It was quite a long time I made it out what had happened. A. after B. before C. when D. since 选 B。“It + be + 时间名词+before / since”从句句型中,连词 before 与 since 混淆。用 before 引 导时,句意是 “过了多久才……”,主句中的 be 动词为过去时或将来时态;用 since 引导时,其句间是 “自从……以来已经多久了”,主句中的 be 动词多为现在时(或现在完成时)或一般过去时(此时 since 从 句要用过去完成时)。 caused by careless driving.
  20. It was quite a serious accident, A. which I think was B. I think which was C. which I think it was D. I think which it was 选 A。本题考查由 which 引导的非限制性定语从句,which 替代先行词 accident 在定语从句中作主语。I think 是插入语,放在 which 后面。 第二套
  1.? Why didn’t you come to Mike’s birthday party yesterday? ? Well, I , but I forgot it. A. should B. must C. should have D. must have 选 C。should have 的后面省略了 come。should have come 表示“本应该而实际上没有”。
  2.A computer is so useful a machine we can use everywhere. A. that B. which C. as D. what 选 C。本题考查句子结构和关系代词的选用。首先表示认清句子结构,use 后面应该接一个及物动词,先 行词应该充当宾语,而前面出现 so useful 不能用 that 与 which 来修饰,可以排除。另外,what 不能引 导定语从句。
  3. You are really very kind. I’ll never forget the you have done to me. A. favour B. deed C. help D. good 选 A。本题主要是对词义及搭配的考查。favor 的意思是“恩惠,善意的行为”。do sb. a favor 或 do a favor for sb. 的意思是“帮某人一个忙”,因此本题的正确答案选 A。
  4. He arrived here at noon, in the day, and he went out and came back in the day. A. late; late B. late; later
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C. later; late D. later; later 选 C。later 为副词,意为“后来”,come back late “回来晚了”。
  5. part that women in society is great. A. The; play B. A; take C. A; play D. The; take 选 A。词组 paly… a part in(起……的作用)分开使用了。Part 在这里是特指,由定语从句所修饰, 所以用 the。
  6. He’s unlucky, and he’s always suffering luck one after another. A. a sick B. an ill C. sick D. ill 选 D。 ill 意为“生病”不可作定语;但意为“坏的,恶劣的”可作定语,在此修饰不可数名词 luck。
  7. Why did you put the wood near the fire? It’s dangerous. Don’t worry. Wet wood won’t . A. burnt B. be burnt C. be burning D. burn 选 D。容易选 B。本题考查动词的主动形式表示被动含义的用法。Burn 可以用主动形式表示被动意义。 类似的动词还有 read, write, sell, open 等。
  8. Mother made a promise I passed the college entrance examination she would buy me a mobile phone. A. that B. if that C. that if D. that whether 选 C。名词 promise 后是同位语从句,用 that 引导;if 引导条件状语从句。
  9.Everything depends on we have enough time. A. that B. how C. if D. whether 选 D。介词之后以及动词 discuss 之后的宾语从句一般用 whether,而不用 if 来引导。
  10.Personally I think it is the sales manager, rather than the sales girls, to blam e. A. is B. that is C. are D. who are 选 B。rather than 与 the sales girls 形成比较结构,去掉 rather than the sales girl 旧可以看出宾 语从句实际上是一个强调句,被强调的部分是宾语从句中的主语 the sales manager,后面的 rather tha n the sales girls 也对句子谓语动词形式的选择形成了一定的干扰。考虑到主谓一致的原则,应该选 B。
  11.I can hardly imagine so pretty girl like you boxing. A. like B. to like C. liking D. to have liked 选 C。本句中的 so pretty 和 like you 都是用来修饰限定 a girl 的。本句可以简化为:I can imagine a girl liking boxing.即,考查 imagine sb doing sth 结构。 th
  12. he told us is the news China has got 32 gold medals in the 28 Olympic Ga mes in Athens, , of course, made the nations feels very excited. A. What; which; which B. That; that; which C. What; that; which D. That; that; what 选 C。第一空用 what 作 told 的宾语构成主语从句;第二个空用 that 引导同位语从句,说明 the news 的 具体内容;第三个空用 which 引导一个非限制性定语从句,先行词为前面整个句子所表达的内容。
  13. Can you attend tomorrow’s meeting? I am sorry, but I will have too much work . A. to see to to come B. seeing to come C. to see to coming D. doing to come 选 A。to see to 与 have too much work 搭配,即:have too much work to see to (有太多的工作要 处理),其中 see to(处理,照看)为不定式作定语,修饰 work.不定式 to come 与 much 前的 too 搭配, 构成 too…to 句型表示“太……而不能”的意思。
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  14.In my opinion, all Mr Tom good to his students in his class at present. He is ver y strict in their study. A. does does does B. does do do C. does does do D. did do does 选 C。 Tom does 为定语从句修饰 all,后面的 does do 是谓语动词的强调形式。 good to 是 Mr Do “对……. 有好处”的意思。
  15.Elbert Einstein, for life had once been very hard, was successful later in scienc e . A. whom B. whose C. which D. his 选 A。容易选 B。原因是受思维定势的影响认为 whose life 是一个整体。定语从句的主语应该是 life, 本句可以改写为: life had once been very hard for him, 所以在定语从句中介词 for 还缺少了一个宾 语。所以选 A。
  16. I had done it I knew I had made a mistake. A. Hardly B. Directly C. Mostly D. Nearly 选 B。第一眼看四个词从形式上看都是以-ly 结尾的形容词,但从句子结构看,空白处需要填连词。但不 少学生受 hardly…when…影响,可能很容易选 A。其实,directly/immediately 等少数副词具有连词的功 能用来连接两个句子,意思是“一…….就…..”,相当于 as soon as, the moment 等用法。
  17.I began to fish before memory began, I know I have always fished. A. so far B. so as far as C. as far as D. so 选 B。本题中逗号前是一个主从复合句,后面也是主从复合句,因此其间需要一个并列连词,so 是并列 连词,B,D 两项中有 so,如果选 D,I know 后面的部分成了宾语从句,不符合题意。而 B 项的 so 连接两 个分句,as far as 为 I know 的从属连接词,故 B 为正确答案。
  18.Spacecraft “Discovery” has failed in the course of launch. ? They have been preparing for the test. A. How come B. When C. How D. Why not 选 A。how come 在这里的意思是“怎么回事?”,表示不解,惊讶。
  19.This is the very toy car which he came here the other day. A. by B. in C. for D. on 选 C。容易误选 A 或 B。根据常识,我们知道他是不可能坐 toy car 到这儿来的。所以选 C。用 for 表示 来的目的。
  20.Children’s brains can’t develop properly they lack protein(蛋白质). A. when B. since C. because D. unless 选 A。本题考查 when 的一个特殊用法。在本题中的 when 引导的是一个条件状语从句,相当于 if。整个 句子的意思是:如果孩子缺少蛋白质,大脑就不能正常发育。 第三套
  1. ?Waiter! ? ?I can’t eat this. It’s too salty. A. Yes, sir? B. What? C. All right? D. Pardon? 选 A。这是在餐馆里的会话。“Yes, sir?”意为“先生,什么事?”,yes 用升调。
  2. I the hobby of fishing as a child. A. built up B. set up C. kept up D. took up
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