开放作文试题的要求: 开放作文试题的要求: 文章扣题:
  1)文章扣题: 描述有的放矢,突出主题; 描述有的放矢,突出主题; 思维活跃:
  2)思维活跃: 发散思维空间,学生从不同的、全新的角 发散思维空间,学生从不同的、 度看 待分析一个事物或现象。 待分析一个事物或现象。 内容健康充实:
  3)内容健康充实: 内容要点乐观向上, 内容要点乐观向上,以积极的态度进行表 达。
Describe a picture Interpret its implied meaning Point out its implications in our life Give your own comment/suggestion/solution
Structure Structure
读 图 与 立 意
漫画的画面 漫画的画面 细节 漫画的夸张 漫画的夸张 寓意 (与现实的矛盾之处) 与现实的矛盾之处) 与现实的矛盾之处
细节 细节 夸张
Don’t copy other’s way of solving the problem. Do everything in the right way.
The students as well as their parents only focus on their academic achievements, neglecting psychological quality and moral standards.

  1. Don’t be too confident in real life.
  2. Be honest and modest.
  3. Don’t judge a book by its cover.
Describe the picture:
with the details and for the theme
As is vividly shown in the picture, As can be seen in the picture In the picture, there are…/…is (are) doing…

  1. In the picture we can see a bottle of less water whose label is written full.
  2. From the picture we can see that there is a bottle. It has two hands and tries to put an label written “full”on its body. A smile is on the neck of the bottle. Inside the bottle is there a little water.
  3. …, a glass bottle, with only a little water in it, is trying to attach a label to its body, to announce to the world it is full. Its expression suggests that it’s very proud and looking down on the others.
How To Develop Your Arguments
Sample 1:
The bottle wants to cover its weakness and wants to say something good to it.(purpose) Actually, what the bottle does is very stupid.(attitude/ judgment) Nowadays, there are some people like the bottle in society. They always cover their disadvantages to make others think they are perfect and full of abilities. But if we get along with them for a while, we’ll find that they almost can do nothing but tell lies. (reality/purpose) So, in my opinion, we should show others the real ability of us, and shouldn't cover our weaknesses. What’s more, we also need more knowledge to make us full.(suggestion)
Sample 2:
The picture is trying to convey the information to us that we should not be fooled by the appearance. We should know what they really are. (Theme)Just like the bottle in the picture, only seeing the label we are easy to consider the bottle full of water. But actually it is half-empty. (Explanation)In our daily life, people tend to focus on the appearance, so what we should do is trying to dig out the truth. (Reality/Solution) Just as the proverb goes, “don’t judge a book only by its cover.” (Proverb) Don’t be taken in by the false. (Suggestion)
How To Develop Your Arguments
Interpret its implied meaning Point out its implications in our life
Give your own comment/ suggestion/solution
Interpretation and implication
By providing By analyzing By providing examples/proverbs/ the practical purpose and explanation significance/ reasons or effects reality /attitude/judgment
Analysis For the Whole Passage (Description) As is shown in the picture, there is a halfempty bottle is going to stick a label on its body, feeling proud and confident. (details) (Interpretation&Implication) The picture seems to be reflecting a kind of social phenomenon. We might often meet some people who look confident, trying to impress others with their “rich” knowledge. (reality/purpose) However, just like the bottle in the picture, what they really know is just a little. There is no doubt that they need to learn more because what they have in their mind is far from enough. (result)As an old Chinese saying goes, “empty bottles makes the loudest noise.” (proverb) (Suggestion) As a result, it is wise to enrich ourselves with knowledge and try to make our heads full.
In your spoken English class, your teacher shows you this picture. You are asked to describe the picture and explain how you understand it.
  1. As is vividly shown in the picture,
  2. As can be seen in the picture
  3. In the picture, there are…/…is (are) doing… Transition sentences:
  1. The picture shows that…It is the exact reflection of…
  2. It seems very ridiculous that… However, this kind of story is performed everywhere. Opinion/suggestion/solution: As far as I’m concerned,/ From my point of view, ? It is better/advisable to… ? I consider it necessary…
Possible version: (negative)
In the picture a boy with a heavy bag is typing quickly on a computer which hangs over his chest.Though it seems convenient since he can use the computer wherever he wants, there is no doubt that he can’t get rid of the attraction of the computer. The funny picture is the exact reflection of the kids in modern society, that is the addiction to the electronic products. Some kids rely on them so much that they can hardly keep their hands off them. Benefits as the advanced products have brought, being addicted to them does no good to the kids. Actually a waste of time in playing them will have a bad effect on kids health and study, worse still lead to committing crimes.
As far as I’m concerned, it is acceptable to spend proper time in playing the electronic products. However, overdoing is to spoil the future. Instead, the kids should join in some other meaningful activities to enrich their life.
Possible version: (positive)
In the picture we can see clearly a boy playing happily with a computer, which hangs over his chest. I guess he is walking on the way home after school, with a schoolbag on his back. It is obvious that he is enjoying something interesting like watching a TV program through the powerful Internet. As is known to all, with the rapid development of science and technology, advanced electric products like computers are becoming smaller and lighter. Thus it is more convenient for the students to carry wherever they go. You may take it for granted that the boy is too addicted to computer games. But I adopt a positive attitude. For one reason, young people including students are always the first to try new products.
Another reason is that the students’ burden is so heavy that they have little time to relax themselves. Personally, in their spare time, as long as they use computers properly without interfering with learning, they can have fun with computers, like the boy in the picture.
评分标准: 评分标准: 文章是否扣题描述与主题一致 描述与主题一致, 文章是否扣题 描述与主题一致,自圆其说 结构是否完整三部分 结构是否完整 三部分 内容是否健康乐观向上 内容是否健康 乐观向上 逻辑是否清晰议论要有逻辑性 逻辑是否清晰 议论要有逻辑性 语言是否准确用词恰当 用词恰当, 语言是否准确 用词恰当,无语法错误 交际是否得体情境 情境, 交际是否得体 情境,身份等



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